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Forum tackles need to protect big data.

Forum tackles need to protect big data !-- -- As data continues to explode at an incredible rate in the digital era, resolving data management has always been one of the major problems facing organizations and enterprises from different sectors today. That's why Veritas Technologies recently held its Executive Forum in Singapore, where leaders and experts in technology and data protection shared their insights on data management solutions.

Underscoring the vital importance of utilizing an organization's data, Ravi Rajendran, managing director of Asia South Region of Veritas, said that making strategic choices in terms of data protection, data collection, and data storage is critical to organizations that have enormous amount of data. He emphasized that it is essential for organizations to utilize their data as it will "inspire innovation" and "drive business into the competitive future.

" "The wealth of data and the insight it provides will help companies gain advantages in the market that they never thought possible," Rajendran added. Saying that data is the lifeblood of every organization today, David Noy, Veritas' vice president and general manager of product management and alliances, discussed various ways by which Veritas can help provide solutions to managing and protecting an organization's massive amount of data, whether within the premises of data centers or cloud.

"We provide solutions to protect data, regardless of where it resides," Noy said. Aside from that, he also announced Veritas' newest innovation called Predictive Insights that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to reduce unplanned downtime and ensure faster time to fault resolution through the "Always On" feature.

He explained that by using encrypted data from thousands of Veritas appliances that they have produced throughout the years, Veritas' Predictive Insights' cloud-based artificial intelligence and machine learning engine can easily monitor system health and provide proactive remediation way before a problem even begins. "We can tell you, before you even know you have a problem, [that] something is happening," Noy said.

According to him, Predictive Insights' harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and continuous machine learning models to provide predictive analytics to IT staff that can then proactively support and remediate a wide array of potential issues even before it happens. With Veritas' latest offering, customers can now simplify their data and infrastructure management while reducing risks and costs associated with downtime and access to critical business data.

The "Always On" feature ensures that customers have an enriched support experience via its intelligent, data-driven capabilities. "Advances today in machine learning that use statistical techniques to give IT systems the ability to "learn" from data without being explicitly programmed, can be useful to organizations to ESG," Christophe Bertrand, senior analyst for data protection at ESG said.

Veritas Predictive Insights is now available on Veritas NetBackup Appliances and will be available on Veritas Access and Flex appliances in the coming year. Veritas, a global leader in the enterprise data protection and software-defined storage market, provides a wide array of services to the global Fortune 500 such as their 360 Data Management Suite that combines data protection that ensure backup and recovery on any workload, data visibility, digital compliance, business continuity, workload mobility and storage optimization.
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Publication:Philippines Star (Manila, Philippines)
Date:Nov 25, 2018
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