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Articles from Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table (June 22, 2008)

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"Ancient wisdom" to "supreme fiction": ideas of God in the poetry of H.D. and Wallace Stevens. Thomas, Heather Harrison 5579
"What in me is dark/illumine" (PL 1:22-23): the "other" body of Samson Agonistes. Fernandez, Jane Lilly Critical essay 9301
"Who's got the chalk?": beginning mathematics teachers and educational policies in New York City. Haydar, Hanna 6486
A comparative analysis of the influence of high stakes testing mandates in the elementary school. Inserra, Albert; Bossert, Kenneth R. Report 7247
A consideration of tenure and its effect on women faculty members: a proposal for increasing parity between men and women on college campuses. Wilson, Patricia A. 14562
A policy for sustainability of low volume traffic roads in an Australian context. McManus, Kerry John Report 5116
A tragic optimism: the existential vacuum and God in the poetic vision. Heavilin, Barbara A.; Heavilin, Charles W. Report 5238
A worldly view for preventing tragedies in periods of paradigm shift: reviewing the thoughts of Shan-tao and Kitaro Nishida. Matsuda, Masanori; Akiyama, Hiromasa Report 8871
Affirmative action, the academy and compromised standards: does affirmative action lower standards in university hiring, tenure and promotion? Hanks, Lawrence J.; Sullivan, Jas; Spencer, Sara B.; Rogers, Elgin 7931
Agricultural trade liberalization and human rights: economic analysis for poverty reduction in LDCs--a survey. Matsumura, Atsuko Report 16046
Alienated neighbours: interpreting the Cronulla race riots for Christ's sake. Pearson, Clive Robert Report 9290
Alignment in teacher education and distribution of leadership: an example concerning learning study. Nilsson, Ingrid Report 5144
Apply Deming's methods to K-12 curriculum and improve student achievement. Kelly, Thomas F. Report 7748
Are state and national standards leaving the advanced learners behind? The crisis ahead. Watkins, Sandra; Sheng, Zhaohui 6341
Beyond insanity: creating all male classrooms and schools as a policy option in the portfolio of local school districts. Goff, Wilhelmina D.; Johnson, Norman J. Report 7033
Bildung and moral self-cultivation in higher education: what does it mean and how can it be achieved? Bohlin, Henrik Report 6121
Biliteracy and the attainment of sustainable development in multilingual Nigeria. Onukaogu, Chukwuemeka Report 10929
Blending assessment with standards-based instruction as an approach to adding equity to No Child Left Behind (NCLB). Meyen, Edward L.; Greer, Diana L.; Poggio, John C. Report 8111
Bringing the Two Cultures together through A World of Light and Color. Mian, Shabbir M.; Marx, Jeffrey D.; Pagonis, Vasilis Report 8771
Building an international conscience: Great Britain and the Atlantic slave trade. Ellis, Marvin L. Report 8279
Can universities survive the 21st century? Summerlee, Alastair J.S.; Murray, Jacqueline Report 5466
Central America Central Bank: proposal of monetary integration of Central America. Castro, Juan 10914
Child poverty and education attainment disparity in the state of Alabama, USA (1990-2006). Izeogu, Chukudi V. Report 8197
Climate change and sustainability: connecting atmospheric, ocean and climate science with public literacy. Batteen, Mary Louise; Stanton, Timothy Peter; Maslowski, Wieslaw Report 5195
Commodification of knowledge in developing economy: the case of the University of Botswana. Botshelo, I.S. 5381
Complexity and the universe of education. Martinez, Alejandro J. Gallard Essay 6294
Consequences of trade liberalization in integration groups created by the Russian Federation. Czerewacz, Katarzyna Report 8066
Correlation of affect, verbal commitment, knowledge, locus of control and attitude to environmentally responsible behavior in designers of the built environment: is knowledge enough? Weidenboerner, Kathy Report 7480
Cosmopoetics and politics: were those "unacknowledged legislators of the world" actually women? Smith-Hubbard, Julie L. Critical essay 3680
Creating change in the large urban public schools of the United States. Heyman, Ernest L.; Vigil, Peter 8431
Creator and fallen angel: the Christian atheism of Mark Twain. Plotkin, Diane M. Report 8248
Dead men walking: Soviet elite cemeteries and social control. Vladimirov, Katya 4725
Developing social resilience amidst climate change and global insecurity: finding peaceful pathways to the future. Reck, Ruth A. Report 3652
Discounting the value of federal fencing and minutemen watching illegal immigrants crossing the U. S.-Mexican border. Villanueva, A.B. 4977
Double interpretation of history and "the War of the Monuments": Estonia's case I. Meimre, Aurika; Belobrovtseva, Irina Report 3233
Dr. Benjamin Franklin--embodiment of the two cultures: how his example continues to be relevant in today's world. Ruck, Viola Report 2888
Embracing the stranger: Hispanics, American Christianity, and immigration. Morales-Gudmundsson, Lourdes E. Report 11521
Enhancing the learning proficiency of students in higher education. De Corte, Erik; Masui, Chris 6810
Evaluation of post-Kyoto frameworks focusing on sector-based approaches and national numerical targets. Matsuhashi, Ryuji; Mori, Hiromasa; Misumi, Kohei; Yoshida, Yoshikuni Report 3018
Everyone but Rizzo: using the arts to transform communities. Smith, W. Alan Report 11694
Evolution of priorities in higher education and R&D in the European Union: case of Poland. Musialkowska, Ida Report 9057
Evolution, religion, and race: critical thinking and the public good. Graves, Joseph L., Jr.; Bailey, Gary 14622
Expedited citizenship for immigrant soldiers: tribute or bounty? Malfatti-Rachell, Gabrielle Report 5531
Fairer trade & the human right to development--a perfect match or misconceived twins. Chen, Jianfu 15670
Fear, flight, frustration and dedicated service: a brief history of international disease control activities, 1918-2008. MacDougall, Heather Report 9217
Flannery O'Connor's quest. Thomas, Mattie Daniels Report 4241
Genocide and reconciliation in Rwanda: from complicity to credibility. Lowe, Stephen D. Report 10245
Gentrification: the new colonialism in the modern era. Wharton, Jonathan L. 5626
George Eliot's enthusiastic bachelors: topical fictional accounts of nineteenth-century homoerotic Christian masculinities and the manhood question. Gouws, Dennis S. Report 9161
God of our Yankees: the evolution of God in Robert Frost. Nahra, Nancy Report 3585
Habitat restoration: an aspect of sustainable management. Thorpe, H.R. 3342
Heaven in a grain of sand'--Patrick White's contemporary vision. vanden Driesen, Cynthia 4192
Historical impact of race and ethnicity upon immigration in the United States: theoretical perspectives and the application to contemporary Latinos. Alexander, Rudolph, Jr. Report 9131
Human rights--the road ahead. Naik, C.N. Krishna; Prabhakar, G.V.; Bhargavi, G. Swapna Report 5248
Improving campus sustainability: the authentic results from higher education on environmental sustainability, student engagement, and financial effectiveness. Kreidler, Steven S.; Perry, Lane G., III; Ault, Bob J. Report 7898
Increasing male academic achievement. Jackson, Barbara Talbert Report 7909
Institutionalising environmental space at the global level. Buhrs, Ton 12316
Interfaith dialogue and salvation: is there one heaven in our future? Strieder, Leon Report 6692
Introducing Charlotte Mason's use of narration. Smith, J. Carroll Report 7103
Invention, technology, and the GI bill. Parkin, Robert E. Report 5145
Is the No Child Left Behind Act adversely impacting the academic performance of Latino students in the U.S.? Yes, indeed! Casas, Martha 9521
John Dewey's philosophy of history as a guide to the international order. Stone, George C. Report 11735
Language networks as complex systems. Lee, Max Kueiming; Ou, Sheue-Jen Report 2391
Literature and ethos of public space: is there a heaven space for the woman? Umoren, Anthonia I.; Acholonu, Rose 4013
Managing human rights and human resources: the dual responsibility of global corporations. Palthe, Jennifer Report 4764
Mathematics and literature: educators' perspectives on utilizing a reformative approach to bridge two cultures. Nesmith, Suzanne J. Report 4971
New problems and solutions in basic university teaching. Olesen, Mogens Noergaard Report 5134
Plant biotechnology helps quest for sustainability: with emphasis on climate change and endangered plants. Leung, David W.M. Report 2286
Race, class and legal risk in the United States: youth of color and collud ing systems of social control. Heitzeg, Nancy A. 10104
Remaking the world: personal diplomacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt with the Allies during the Second World War. Huxen, Keith Report 10605
Rethinking groundwater supplies in light of climate change: how can groundwater be sustainablly managed while preparing for water shortages, increased demand, and resource depletion? Meyland, Sarah J. Report 5847
Science and religion as concepts: a history. Green, Roger H. 8834
September 11th aftermath changes traditional Sioux movement patterns. Zielske, Daniel P. Report 12172
Social science and religion: epistemology, metaphysics and considerations of the public good. Duhs, L.A. 9646
State building in the government of Tang Taizong. Hwa, Lily 11996
Status of modern science and religion. Ramalingam, Paul S. Report 3474
Stepping out of the third wave: A contemporary Black feminist paradigm. Howard-Bostic, Chiquita D. Essay 3038
Strategic human resources and human capital development: strategies for managing the 21st century workforce. Roberts, Kristie; Woods, Shamiah; Richardson, Allyson Earvin; Murray, Sheena; Moss, Michael; Smith, Report 8264
Sustainability of Gaia: a question of balance. Leclerc, M.Y.; Holland, E.; Foken, T.; Pingintha, N. Report 11644
Sustainability: a challenge for domestic households in daily life. Leicht-Eckardt, Elisabeth Report 4995
Sustainable mining through innovation in waste disposal. Azam, Shahid Report 3491
Teenage suicide missions: the role of religion in the recruitment of young suicide bombers. Emilsen, William W. Report 8959
The activity of the Islamic order al-Sanusiyah at the turn of the 19th century. Zalewski, Zygmunt Stefan Report 15384
The agnostic musings of African American popular novelist Frank Garvin Yerby. Hill, James L. 4444
The attitude of liberal clergymen in Hungary to politics in 1848/49. Zakar, Peter Report 4846
The bail jurisprudence of Ghana, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia. Amoo, Samuel Kwesi Report 16482
The cleric and the lady: the affair of Lady Byron and F.W. Robertson. Thomas, Marilyn Report 5674
The international law commission and state responsibility: application of a comparative paradigm on oil and watercourses. Singh, Connie S. Report 14932
The intersection of school desegregation and economic globalization in America. Brown, Frank 9555
The link between human health and sustainability. Samuel, May Linda Report 5004
The major influences of the boundless-extended family system on the professional experiences of black Zimbabwean women leaders in higher education. Chitiga, Miriam Miranda Report 15266
The moral of Virginia: on her majesties' solemn obligations to the Virginia Indian Nations. Vest, Jay Hansford C. 5194
The private servant, the public servant, and the "good and faithful servant" in Dickens's Our Mutual Friend. Lewis, Linda M. Critical essay 5642
The procession of allusions to God in British poetry from the beginning: God's acts and the response of poets. Blain, Rob Critical essay 5238
The public management of water resources in South Africa. Pienaar, G.J.; van der Schyff, E. Report 7429
The silence of God in the modern Catholic novel: Graham Greene and French Catholic novelists adopting a Pascalian Deus Absconditus perspective on faith, truth and reason. Loddegaard, Anne Critical essay 6234
The symbiotic relationship between liberal studies and science. Unah, Jim I. 8620
The Virgin of Guadalupe: linking the past and present by exploring the role of religion in the cultural heritage of Mexican consciousness. Valdes, Annmarie 7353
The War of the Monuments: Estonian case II. Belobrovtseva, Irina; Meimre, Aurika Report 3630
Towards energy sustainability: a quest of global proportions. Rosen, Marc A. Report 8732
Trade and declining worker rights In Nigeria's textile industry: 1997-2006. Nmadu, Teresa Mwuese Report 5294
Trade liberalization and human rights: a case study of a rural region in Atlantic Canada. Selouani, Sid-Ahmed; Hamam, Habib Case study 7580
Trends and choices--Taiwanese and Chinese identities: an examination of language and culture textbooks in Taiwan. Ou, Sheue-jen Report 9520
Unintended consequences of no child left behind mandates on gifted students. Beisser, Sally R. Report 6812
Use of the historic range of variability to evaluate ecosystem sustainability. Meyer, Carolyn B.; Knight, Dennis H.; Dillon, Greg K. Report 5408
What does quality programming mean for high achieving students? Samudzi, Cleo Report 5478
Who are the women who have broken through the military's "brass" ceiling? Iskra, Darlene M. Report 9189
Why band-aids don't work: analyzing and evaluating No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in light of constructivist philosophy, theory, and practice. Shapiro, Arthur; Thompson, Alana S. Report 4679
Wind power and seawater, save corn from ethanol production: marine resources recovery and offshore integrated plant for sodium fuel, fresh water, ethanol, vegetable, and fish production with wind energy and seawater. Murahara, Masataka Report 2805
Women's voices of resistance: an analysis of process and content in national higher education policy. Pasque, Penny A. Report 11817
World religions in war and peace in conflict and concord. Fry, George F. Report 10834
Yankee migration: causes and reverse trends in urbanization. Ukpong, Onoyom Godfrey Report 7640

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