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Forty-Ninth Canadian Regional Conference.

The 49th Regional Conference was held in Charlottetown, PEI from July 13-19, 2011. More than eighty federal, provincial, territorial and international delegates attended the conference which was host by Speaker Kathleen Casey of Prince Edward Island. Other Speakers in attendance included George Hickes (Manitoba), Roger Fitzgerald (Newfoundland and Labrador), Bill Barisoff (British Columbia), Dale Graham (New Brunswick), Ken Kowalski (Alberta), Don Toth (Saskatchewan), Steve Peters (Ontario), Gordie Gosse (Nova Scotia), Paul Delorey (Northwest Territories) and Hunter Tootoo (Nunavut).


Special guests included David Jones, Deputy (Guernsey), Greg Aplin MP (New South Wales), Speaker M.R. Polley (Tasmania), Senator Danny Maharaj (Trinidad and Tobago), John Hyde, MLA (Western Australia), Shakila Abdalla MP (Kenya) and Waruna Bandara Dhammika Dasanayake, Deputy Secretary General of Parliament in Sri Lanka.

The first business session featured a presentation by Preston Manning, President and CEO of the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. His topic was "A Model Parliament for Canada: a national institution for training future parliamentarians and a laboratory for testing parliamentary reforms'.

Fatima Houda-Pepin (Quebec) addressed the topic of "How to give more value to the role of elected members and parliamentary institutions in the face of growing cynicism among citizens'.

The third session focussed on the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and consisted of presentations by Blair Armitage, Executive Secretary of the Canadian Regional and Raynell Andreychuk, Canadian Representative on the CPA Working Party.

In other sessions David Faurschou (Manitoba) spoke about the 1-in-300-year flood experience of Manitoba in 2011; Linda Reid (British Columbia) gave a presentation on Committee reform and the estimates process; Randy Weekes (Saskatchewan) spoke about The Role of the Whip in the Westminster Parliament and John Betts (New Brunswick) looked at Government Reform: Increasing the Role of Caucus

The final business session consisted of a presentation by former House of Commons Speaker, Peter Milliken. He reflected upon presiding over minority parliaments and on his tenure as the longest serving federal Speaker in Canadian history.

Aside from the business sessions several optional tours were organized to give delegates an opportunity to visit various sites on the Island. On the final evening everyone was invited to a lobster dinner at the Stanhope Beach Resort followed by a dance with the Rogers Jones Band.

Delegates thanked Speaker Casey and her team for the very successful business programme and for the traditional Island hospitality which is second to none in Canada.

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