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1. A journey must begin Yes, let it begin
with a single step the sacramental breaking of cookie

2. Don't be afraid to trust the tiny article of faith inside
take that big step find riches, fame, romance

3. If you can't decide let fortune guide you
up or down to the edge of reason
try moving across that beguiling divide

4. Many a false step full of portent
is made by standing still jump

"Fortune" can be read three ways: each column separately and each line across. The column on the left consists of actual fortunes from fortune cookies. Copyright [c] 2007 by Veneta Masson and reproduced with permission of the author.

Veneta Masson, MA, RN, a nurse practitioner, is author of Rehab at the Florida Avenue Grill (poems from the nursing life) and Ninth Street Notebook: Voice of a Nurse in the City (lessons, stories, and reflections from the real world of health care).
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Title Annotation:End NOTE
Author:Masson, Veneta
Publication:Nursing Education Perspectives
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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