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Fortune, Forbes 500 companies have more than 100 Arkansas operations.

Fortune, Forbes 500 Companies Have More Than 100 Arkansas Operations

The Jefferson Smurfit Corp. only sounds like a company that produces cartoons.

It actually is a subsidiary of Jefferson Smurfit Group, a global conglomerate based in Ireland with subsidiaries in 14 countries.

JSC, a privately held corporation headquartered in St. Louis, operates 187 paper and paperboard mills in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the United States. JSC has operations in four Arkansas cities - Fort Smith, Bryant, Crossett and Jonesboro.

The Fortune 500 lists more than one 100 huge corporations such as JSC with operations in Arkansas. About half of them have more than one facility in the state.

More than a dozen Fortune 500 companies produce corrugated paper or paper products. Among the other giants of the paper and pulp industry operating in Arkansas are Georgia-Pacific Corp. (nine plants), Union Camp Corp. (three plants), Stone Container Corp. (four plants), International Paper (eight plants) and Bemis Co. (one plant).

The top Fortune 500 company, based on annual revenue, is General Motors. GM has no facilities in Arkansas. Neither do the next four companies on the list.

The company with the highest ranking that has operations in Arkansas is No. 6 General Electric.

GE ranked first on another industry list, the Forbes Super 50, which is based on revenue, net income, assets and market value.

GE employs about 298,000 people worldwide, some 235,000 of them in the United States. The company employs 450 people at plants in Jonesboro, Camden and Texarkana.

The lumber, paper and poultry industries dominate Fortune 500 operations in Arkansas. Industry giants such as Weyerhaeuser Co. are involved in the production of lumber products.

Eight Fortune and Forbes 500 companies actually are based in Arkansas. Two of them, Tyson Foods Inc. and Hudson Foods Inc., are major players in the poultry industry.

PHOTO : RANKING RAILROAD: Union Pacific Railroad Co., ranked No. 127 on the Forbes 500, employs 2,694 Arkansans.
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Title Annotation:Fortune and Forbes magazines' listings of top 500 corporations ranked by revenue
Author:Gibson, Carolyn
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 17, 1991
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