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H&K or AK? The PTR 32 is an interesting blend of East and West. Dec 20, 2015 2574
Trijicon's new red dot: how does the MRO stack up? Dec 1, 2015 1231
Sig legion pistols: aiming toward perfection: legion models improve on proven designs. Nov 20, 2015 2739
Zhukov's Kalashnikov: century arms has created an AK worthy of Russia's most decorated officer. Nov 10, 2015 2935
Leupold's LCO: high-end glass for high-end guns. Nov 1, 2015 1229
SIG Sauer's 'Avtomat': the SIG556xi Russian is a tough, modular rifle chambered for a Soviet classic. Oct 20, 2015 2495
9mm +AK=AKX-9: a pistol-caliber AK with a few tricks up its sleeve. Oct 10, 2015 2570
New garb for an old warhorse: Springfield's M1A gets an Archangel stock and expanded capabilities. Oct 10, 2015 3829
Upgrading the scar: we play with goodies from Midwest, Geissele and Kinetic. Sep 20, 2015 4252
Make your AR 'buffer': a different buffer and adjustable gas block might just be what your carbine needs to run its best. Sep 10, 2015 3151
Be ready! Sneak peak: the fall issue of be ready! offers more of the in-depth preparedness coverage you won't find in other titles. Aug 20, 2015 2635
AR + AK = mutant: CMMG'S 7.62X39MM MK47. Aug 10, 2015 2515
POF-USA's Puritan. Cover story Jul 20, 2015 3387
The 'K': Atlantic firearms' interesting take on a roller-locked classic. Jul 10, 2015 2832
Building the perfect range bag: having the right gear can save the day. Jun 20, 2015 2883
Why so serious? We look at three fun blasters from MasterPiece Arms. Jun 10, 2015 2855
Battlefield Berettas. May 20, 2015 3389
Behind the scenes with be ready! A peak inside the next issue: SGN spinoff Be Ready! is into its third year of providing meaty and useful information about the tools and skills you'll need to survive an emergency. May 10, 2015 2305
A tribute to the USMC M40 sniper rifle: the 66 Company's M40-66 rifle and Hi-Lux's M40 USMC Scope make an impressive pair. Apr 20, 2015 3458
Customized cricket: a fun afternoon project building an ultra-light backpacking gun: this minimalist survival rifle weighs just a kilogram, but is accurate enough for survival foraging, and breaks down into a tiny package. Apr 10, 2015 2299
Aero survival guns: an interesting pair of 9mms from TNW firearms. Mar 20, 2015 2600
Putting your AK's side rail to work. Mar 10, 2015 2762
M-LOK. Feb 20, 2015 3214
Five things to buy. Feb 10, 2015 2488
IWI US, Inc.'s impressive new Galil ACE. Jan 20, 2015 3659
Ruger takedown 10/22: if you can find .22 long rifle ammo to feed it, this is a handy 10/22 model to have for survival or just for plinking fun. Jan 10, 2015 3155
Rock out with your glock out these are great days to be a glock fan: it started as a simple, soldier-proof military pistol, but the aftermarket has provided dozens of ways to upgrade your glock. Dec 20, 2014 3590
An AK from vermont: century arms is manufacturing an ak variant with some notable differences from the original. you may like those l or you may like that it's american-made. or both. Dec 10, 2014 1696
Shotgun news road trip: I.O. INC: fortier travels to florida to take a peek at the company's new facility and hear about the quest for quality. Nov 20, 2014 3471
Hi-lux's super cool micro-max b-dot: finally a red dot sight with a 5 year battery life at a reasonable price. Nov 20, 2014 578
A useful combination savage arms model 42. Nov 10, 2014 4893
AR-7: the original survival rifle: this product of the jet age remains a viable choice when you are looking for minimum cost, minimum weight and maximum fun in a survival rifle. Oct 20, 2014 1499
The pmagunov definitive firearms takes the .223 Rem. AK to a whole new level: has your .223 AK given you the magazine blues? here's a new conversion that lets you use AR magazines with fast insertion and last-shot holdback. Oct 10, 2014 2549
Dave's mixed bag what's in it this time: a Mexican-made .22 autoloader, a spur-trigger .22 revolver, and an American-made AK. Sep 20, 2014 3118
Midwest industries lightweight M-LOK 16: Midwest Industries now offers complete rifles to go with its popular accessories. Fortier tests one that's exceptionally lightweight. Sep 10, 2014 2649
Behind be ready: check your newsstand this week for the latest installment of SGN's preparedness title. what's inside will help you prepare for a wide range of potential emergencies. Aug 20, 2014 2491
Steel-case 6.5mm grendel an economical load is now available from wolf: no one's a bigger cheerle, ader for this cartridge than fortier; but even he had to admit ammo was expensive and hard to find. Now that's changed. Aug 10, 2014 3107
Not-A-Stock: always wanted a Short Barrel Rifle but won't jump through the hoops? Here's your solution. Jul 20, 2014 2023
Prepping just in case? From wool blankets to Jerry cans Prepandmore has you covered. Jul 20, 2014 1007
Optics trump irons: selecting a variable power scope for your black rifle. Jul 10, 2014 2517
ARs now is the time to buy: if you regret missing out on some deals in the past, spend your money while prices are low. Jun 20, 2014 3667
Ambidextrous ar from quality arms: Right-handed? left-handed? how about both? with this rifle, you can have it your way. Jun 10, 2014 2807
The original intermediate cartridges: while the 7.92x33mm Kurz was groundbreaking, the 7.62x39mm was the real success. May 20, 2014 1415
American Tactical Imports' hard-hitting .45 ACP Titan LW 1911. May 10, 2014 1582
Rebel lightning: a distinctive quick handling AR from rebel Arms Corp: Fortier sometimes gets the AR blahs, but this new rifle from a Pennsylvania maker perked him up with its fast handling and smooth operation. Apr 20, 2014 2601
Yevgeny dragunov's famous svd: SGN travels to lzhevsk to look at its roots and future; the classic sniper rifle is still going strong after 50 years. Travel narrative Apr 10, 2014 3244
Ar trends: What's hot and what's not: After a couple of years during which anything AR would sell, it's a good time to step back and look at some trends that mav endure and others that are iust fads. Mar 20, 2014 3255
Russian rifles relevant again: yes, they do apparently have 3-Gun shooting in Russia, and they are building firearms for it. After a long dormant period, Russian gun design is getting interesting. Mar 10, 2014 2980
The new 9x19mm CT9 is well suited for self-protection or recreation: pistol-caliber carbines are fast-handling and fun to shoot, and now Taurus offers a worthy new competitor in the category. Feb 10, 2014 2120
MMC armory's quick-handling 3GCR 17.1 was bred for competition: MMC Armory is a new name in the gun industry, but is part of a large and impressive manufacturing operation with many years of experience. Jan 20, 2014 2803
Arsenal Inc.'s SAM7SF an interesting combination of OLD school and new tricks: if you want an AK just to pop the occasional can with surplus ammo, you'll probably find this one too expensive. If you want an AK you can be proud of, this one is well worth the cost. Jan 10, 2014 2512
Christmas shopping: not finised? not a problem as we look at stocking stuffers for last minute shoppers. Dec 20, 2013 2535
Red dots with the star of david: few nations have as many opportunities to test gear in combat as Israel. When it comes to sighting systems, it produces some of the best. Here are two that take contrasting approaches to fast, accurate sighting. Nov 20, 2013 3404
Tow discreet Kel-Tec 9mms: sound design, innovative thinking and low price have made Kel-Tec one of the country's top pistol manufacturers. Fortier tries out two of its compact 9mms. Nov 10, 2013 2176
Kennesaw Cannon Company's 26.5mm chamber inserts these inserts can add versatility to your flare gun: flare guns are fun, but what if you could use them as emergency firearms? Kennesaw Cannon converters let you give your flare gun a limited, but useful, conventional ammo capability. Oct 20, 2013 2103
Long range hunter hill country rifles' .338 Lapua Mag: if you've been wanting to try the .338, but are put off by the heavy tactical rifles in which it's been chambered, here's a relatively light bolt-action with precision accuracy. Oct 10, 2013 2019
Big fun: Safety Harbor firearms' SHF R50: nothing brings 'em running at the range like touching off a .50 BMG. Safety Harbor makes one that will get you in the game easily and economically. Sep 20, 2013 2970
The Polymer Taurus PT24/7 G2 9x19mm: continuing his search for popular-priced firearms for the current economic slump, Fortier checks out this plastic-framed pistol. Sep 10, 2013 1678
Turning up the power tenfold: IOR's impressive 1-10x26mm eliminator-LTS pushes the boundaries. Aug 20, 2013 2662
HomeWrecker: your home protector: classic looks and impressive performance are combined in this snubnose 12-gauge autoloader. If you're jaded on plastic furniture and pistol grips, this could be your defense shotgun. Aug 10, 2013 2631
An affordable thermal sight? Maybe not affordable, but ATN is getting there with the ThOR line: remember how computers and digital cameras fell in price? The same market laws are starting to affect thermal sights, which is good news for hog and varmint hunters who stalk at night. Jul 20, 2013 3104
Charter Arms' 9mm Pitbull: if you're looking for commonality with existing pistols and carbines, you just might, Fortier says. It won't displace the .38 Spl., but it has some interesting features. Product/service evaluation Jul 10, 2013 2844
140 years of the Single Action Army we put an 1873 SAA reproduction to work: continuing his series on guns you can actually find in gun stores these days, Fortier steps back to the 19th century for a classic revolver. Jun 20, 2013 2796
Auschwitz: so we don't need guns to protect us from tyranny? Here's a reminder of what happens when the state has a monopoly on force. Travel narrative Jun 10, 2013 1839
Fortier looks at two polish submachine guns: he was mainly there to look at AKs, but Fortier enjoyed the chance to try out some classic Polish SMGs when he visited the factory. Product/service evaluation May 20, 2013 2718
A Tokarev for the 21st Century: it's a little old-fashioned, but rugged, reliable and priced right. In 9mm, you'll be able to find a variety of ammo for everything from plinking to home defense. May 10, 2013 3103
ArmaLite's AR-30A1: a cure for the panic buying blues: ARs and AKs bought out in your area? Bored with conventional bolt guns? Try a little something different with lots of long-range potential. Product/service evaluation Apr 20, 2013 2155
Best for the Blackout: Hi-Lux's CMR-AK762 scope: it was originally intended for AKs, but this new Hi-Lux product is every bit as suited for mounting on an AR chambered for the red-hot 300 Blackout. Product/service evaluation Apr 10, 2013 2533
The Hebrew hammer: IWI'S Tavor bullpup comes to the USA. Mar 20, 2013 3437
Savage's Long Range 6.5mm Creedmoor Precision rifle: if you want gilt-edged accuracy right out of the box, Fortier says this combination of cartridge and rifle will get it done. Product/service evaluation Feb 20, 2013 2234
Squeeze this: aftermarket AR triggers: it used to be you just had to grin and bear the mediocre trigger pull of an AR. Now there are dozens of aftermarket triggers you can install yourself that will give an excellent pull, whether for competition or combat. Jan 20, 2013 6184
Century Arms' PW87 an affordable lever-action 12 gauge built for fun: Fortier used to amuse friends with his original; he finds that a Chinese copy is still lots of fun. Jan 10, 2013 3107
Century's Serb sniper an American made M76 and two 7.92mm precision loads: a small range of ammo choices limited the appeal of this Balkan precision rifle, but with Hornady offering a match load, there's a lot more to like. Dec 20, 2012 3632
Marlin's 795SS nothin' fancy: just a reliable working rimfire: Fortier made an idle visit to the pawn shop that led to a meaningful relationship with this moderately priced but reliable rimfire. Dec 10, 2012 1843
LWRCI's great SIX8: people thought it was a great concept, but the 6.8mm never quite achieved its potential. Now a Maryland company has applied a lot of imagination and engineering horsepower, and the 6.8 is a horse of a different color. Product/service evaluation Nov 20, 2012 4291
SCCY's CPX-2 9x19mm: tough conditions are perfect for an inexpensive defensive pistol, but it needs to be reliable. Fortier says the SCCY has a lot of good points, but the bugs don't seem to be worked out yet. Product/service evaluation Nov 10, 2012 2659
Kel-Tec's sensational SUB-2000 an ultra-compact folding 9x19mm carbine for your Bug-Out Bag: you don't have to be a doomsday prepper to like this neat little package of handy firepower. Company overview Oct 10, 2012 3833
SlideFire stock: the easy way to become a bump-fire bandit: there's nothing quite like a real machine gun, but if you can't afford one or live where you can't have one, this simple AR accessory helps you bring the noise. Sep 20, 2012 3096
300 Blackout vs. 7.62x39mm: how does this this American cartridge stack up against the Soviet classic? It may surprise you to hear there's not much gap between the two. Sep 10, 2012 3501
Three rifles Stoner didn't design: got the AR blahs? Fortier says consider these black rifle alternatives! Aug 20, 2012 3861
Advantage Arms' .22 LR conversion kit: there's nothing like economical practice with your carry gun, and if that's a Glock, this unit makes it easy. Aug 10, 2012 3011
Coming soon: AKs from Radom. Jul 20, 2012 4370
Prepping: it's not all about a stash of guns and a mountain of ammo; to prepare for real-world crises, you need a wider field of view. Jul 10, 2012 3362
7.62x51mm NATO--too much or just right: lots of shooters are looking to step up from AKs and ARs to something with a lot more punch. Is the classic NATO round the answer? Jun 10, 2012 3240
My favorite cartridges: regular readers will know most of these, but there may be a surprise in the group. May 20, 2012 4435
MGI's hydra QCB-D a quick-change barrel rifle for HTE working: previous multi-caliber guns have been horrendously expensive and availability of spare barrel and parts has been negligible. Here's a swap-barrel gun that uses standard AR barrels. May 10, 2012 3019
Windham weaponry ARs: it looked like the unemployment line was the future for workers at the Bushmaster factory in Maine until their former toss rode to the rescue. Apr 20, 2012 3224
Trends in AR handguards and rail systems: few parts of the AR have seen as much development as the handguards. Fortier takes a look at some of the latest versions, and discerns some trends. Mar 20, 2012 3470
AK accessories: evolving, improving: Kalashnikov gizmos trailed in the wake of accessories for the AR-15, but now have come into their own, Fortier said, making the AK a far more useful and fun to shoot rifle. Mar 10, 2012 2998
The most interesting .22 rimfire ammunition in the world: I don't always shoot A.22 long rifle, but when I do ... Fortier says this Mexican manufacturer offers some of the most interesting rimfire ammunition available, whether for plinking or small game. Feb 27, 2012 2885
Build or buy? Maybe you should assemble your next AR: you're probably going to customize it some anyway, so why not just build it your way from the ground up? Feb 20, 2012 3066
American muscle: the 300 Win Mag. is it an economical alternative to Europe's pricey .338 Lapua? Jan 20, 2012 4384
A red dot sight on your carry pistol? TSD Combat Systems might make you rethink your concept of a fighting pistol: red dots are very old news in competition, but have yet to achieve popularity on defensive pistols. This accessory for Glocks may change all that. Product/service evaluation Jan 16, 2012 2588
Optics-friendly M1A Springfield Armory's MA9827 loaded M1A: shooters nurtured on ARs want a rifle that can fit the whole trick bag of accessories. Springfield provides it with a gun that can mount all sorts of scopes, night vision, lights, bipods--whatever you can dream up. Dec 20, 2011 2405
Mil dot mania: they've become essential for military snipers, but what do these complicated reticles offer for the civilian shooter? Dec 10, 2011 4303
Stand-out accesories for the AR: the world is awash in AR accessories, but Fortier says these really stand out from the crowd. Product/service evaluation Nov 20, 2011 2876
Taking another look at Trijicon's proven ACOG: the world is awash in 1-4X scopes, and Fortier has written about a lot of them. Does the ACOG still come out on top? Nov 10, 2011 2428
We trek to Nova Scotia to visit ELCAN's master distributor Armament Technology: you've seen the cylindrical ELCAN scope on U.S. machine guns throughout wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now you can have a similar scope at a reasonable price. Oct 20, 2011 2137
Steyr's SSG 08 .338 Lapua Mag.: is it the missing link to Russia's new sniper rifle program? Oct 10, 2011 3228
AK optics fresh new solutions to a difficult problem: there's no need to squint at the issue iron sight of your AK. Fortier says those new mounting systems let you equip you" Kalashnikov with effective red dots or scopes. Sep 20, 2011 3988

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