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Forthcoming from THe Mythopoeic Press: A Gedenkschrift for David Oberhelman edited By Jason Fisher and Janet Brennan Croft: Summer 2019.

This multi-contributor volume will collect essays discussing the depiction and function of books and libraries, librarians and archivists, literacy, research methods, and other related topics in science fiction and fantasy. This contribution to an overlooked niche in the study of F&SF will honor the focus of David's professional life as a librarian, his personal passion for the study and teaching of the works of the Inklings, and his long involvement with the Society as a member of the Council of Stewards, as well as make a unique contribution to both genre studies and library studies. Topics that will be covered include the depiction of libraries in Middle-earth, Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, research methods in Discworld and the Whedonverse, Rachel Caine's Great Library series, and much more!

(What is a Gedenkschrift? It's a collection of essays commemorating a friend and colleague who has died. The word is not very common in English. Normally, such a book is called a Festschrift, but in circumstances like these, that word does not feel quite appropriate. It means something like "celebration-writing," which feels a little too cheerful after an untimely death. Gedenkschrift means something closer to "remember-writing.")

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Date:Sep 22, 2018
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