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Forthcoming articles.

Fall, 33:3, 2005

Evaluating the factor validity of scores on the spiritual well-being scale in a community sample of African Americans. Shawn O. Utsey (Virginia Commonwealth University, Dept. of Psychology, 808 W. Franklin St., P.O. Box 842018, Richmond, VA, 23284), co-authored with Angela Lee, Mark A. Bolden, and Yzette Lanier (Howard University). Accepted for publication April 5, 2005.

Winter 33:4, 2005 -- Special Issue: Gender and Christianity. Special Issue Editors: Tamara L. Anderson, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Lewis Hall, Ph.D.

Spring 34:1, 2006 -- Special Issue: Love of God, Love of Neighbor-as-self. Special Issue Editor: Alan C. Tjeltveit, PhD.
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Publication:Journal of Psychology and Theology
Date:Jun 22, 2005
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