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Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Standardizes on Bluesocket for Unified Wireless Network.

Improved Operations and Expanded Patron Services Drive Wireless Network Deployment across Regional District

BURLINGTON, Mass. -- Bluesocket, Inc., the leader in trusted wireless access and enterprise mobility, today announced that the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District (FVRL) has selected Bluesocket's BlueSecure product family to launch a wireless local area network (WLAN) across 13 locations. The new network unifies wireless services and management across the library's many branches, making it more cost effective and less time consuming for the IT staff to offer high-bandwidth Internet connectivity to the district's 1.5 million annual visitors.

To support its wireless needs, FVRL has deployed a BlueSecure Controller at its main location and more than 34 BlueSecure 1500 Access Points (APs) across its remote locations. The IT staff set up two networks for use across the 13 locations - one for visitors and one for staff members - both of which can be managed from the main data center, thereby reducing travel, manual labor and operational challenges.

Prior to the Bluesocket deployment, only two of the district's locations were equipped with wireless access, which was run with an open source hotspot program. Continuous Wi-Fi network outages and costly troubleshooting time prompted library IT administrators to seek a more robust wireless network to support the needs of its staff and patrons. FVRL chose Bluesocket because of the reliability, scalability and ease of use of its wireless solution.

"A great benefit in working with Bluesocket is the wide-ranging capabilities of its wireless products. There are so many features that we haven't even touched yet and we are extremely confident that the solution will continue to support our expanding network and mobility needs," said Kwang Kye, technology director for FTRL.

Using Bluesocket's high-performance Controller and APs, FVRL's IT staff was able to implement a high availability secure, manageable WLAN solution. Leveraging the BlueSecure Controller's Web-based administration capabilities, the district's IT administrators can quickly and easily manage APs at the library's branch locations, eliminating the need for travel or on-site manual configuration. The solution's support of the SIP2 protocol, also allows administrators to authenticate visitors' wireless access using either their library cards/PIN or e-mail address, enhancing the administration of visitor services.

As for future infrastructure plans, the library district is in the process of replacing two branch buildings and constructing a new main library building, and will be expanding their Bluesocket WLAN network to these three locations. In the long-term, they are also considering adding voice applications to the network in order to extend mobility capabilities to the staff and visitors.

"The Fort Vancouver Regional Library District deployment is a great example of how customers with many regional locations benefit from the security, flexibility and scalability of the Bluesocket solution," said Mads Lillelund, CEO at Bluesocket. "As we move into the next generation of wireless technology, Bluesocket remain committed to successfully meeting and exceeding the demands of a variety of vertical markets, such as the library sector, where our strengths deliver unmatched security and an enhanced user experience."

Libraries around the world rely on Bluesocket solutions for their wireless needs, including: The Columbus Metro District Library, Long Beach Public Library, Whitby Public Library, Fort McMurray Public Library, Berkeley Public Library, Simcoe Public Library and Santa Clara Public Library. For more information on Bluesocket library deployments, please visit

About Bluesocket

Founded in 1999, Bluesocket is a leader in open, standards based enterprise mobility solutions. Bluesocket is the first company to deliver an enterprise communication solution that unifies secure wireless LAN, SIP-based enterprise Voice over IP and fixed mobile convergence. Its complete wireless network and voice solution portfolio bring trust and simplicity to increasingly complex wireless networks maximizing customer ROI and increasing their competitive edge. For more information, please visit

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Date:Mar 3, 2008
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