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Fort Edmonton.

The preservation of the old Hudson's Bay fort at Edmonton, and the marking of all historical spots in the province is the subject of a resolution that was introduced at the Canadian Club luncheon at the King Edward this afternoon.

Over 100 years ago the Hudson's Bay Company built the old Fort Edmonton on the bank of the river below Ninth Street. This building is still standing but is rapidly falling to pieces. It has been used for a year or two by the provincial government for store houses, but is now being vacated. It is the intention to have steps taken to preserve the building.

The resolutions regarding the Hudson's Bay fort and the marking of historical spots are as follows: "That the club take action to co-operate with other patriotic organizations of the city to secure the preservation of the Hudson's Bay fort at Edmonton, and to devise ways and means of marking spots of historical interest in the Province of Alberta."

--Edmonton Capital, January 20, 1911.
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Title Annotation:Canadian Club resolves to help preserve old Hudson's Bay Company fort
Publication:Alberta History
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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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