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Former driveway is now a private entry court.

Former driveway is now a private entry court

A relatively simple step--relocating a garagedoor--allowed an exposed front yard to become a private court. The door had been placed in a side wall of the garage, so the driveway--which doubled as entry walk--had to swing around awkwardly. This put almost nothing but concrete out in front of the house.

Sacramento landscape designer MichaelGlassman moved the door from the side to the front of the garage. This gave the driveway a direct path from street to garage and freed up the space occupied by the old driveway for better use.

Flush with the end of the garage, a woodenfence and gate with an understated Oriental look now cut across the old driveway. The fence encloses more than 900 square feet of garden. On the street side, Glassman planted low-maintenance black pines, fortnight lilies (Dietes), and bamboo in beds of ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea). Shade plants ring the expansive redwood deck within the fence.

Photo: New fence, ground cover, and entry walk transform old approach to house. Early in project (left), both old and new garage doors are in place

Photo: The old driveway has become a shaded entry deck. Flanking the double gates, 6-by-6 fence posts rise to support a short overhead trellis
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Date:Aug 1, 1987
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