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Former UN Tourism Queen Opens WABIO Beauty Place.

In her resolve to take beauty essence to the next level, former Mrs Tourism Nigeria and Mrs Tourism United Nations, Mrs Ebele Enemchukwu, has opened a three-in-one beauty outfit, christened WABIO Place in Oniru, Lekki.

WABIO Place, according to Enemchukwu is an idea of a beauty palour that began when people started making enquiries on her make-up artist, but were surprised to hear that she always makes it herself.

'People started requesting that I should make them up too, because they liked my makeup. I realised that when I make myself up,its is more beautiful than when my make-up artist do it, so I decided to make it a reality and this development gave birth to the beauty and image consulting arm of WABIO International called the WABIO Place.

'Under WABIO International Limited, we have the corporate training arm which geared my career as a customer service trainer. That was where I resigned from (Globacom) nine months ago. We also have the beauty and image consulting arm of WABIO International and the beauty outfit, which is the make-up studio (WABIO Place).

'The rationale behind WABIO Place is to establish an impotant player in the Nigeria beauty and skincare industry, accepted as one of the top three leaders by 2021 and also to proving a comforting yet stimulating atmosphere in which customers can come to rejuvenate their beauty and self confidence.

WABIO Place gains considerable success in its industry by maintaining an office environment saturated with satisfied clients, excellent service experience, professional, friendly, qualified, and trustworthy staff.

'We utilize the best tools and most hygienic processes in line with international best practice while catering to our clients with the best therapists and beauty products.

Looking at the market reach, the beauty expert said, 'Our competitive edge is hinged on our ability to market our brand effectively and creatively to bring in the clients and also back them up with the best service and products in the business.

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Publication:Nigerian Tribune (Oyo State, Nigeria)
Date:May 22, 2019
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