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Former New Black Panther Party Leader Resigns, Begins New Organization.

Los Angeles, CA, May 03, 2012 --( Malik El-Ghani launched the Los Angeles chapter of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPP) less than a year ago, and in a short amount of time came to become the group's West Coast Regional Chairman. While serving as Chairman, El-Ghani was instrumental in launching food security, education, and economic initiatives, and growing the West Coast Region's membership substantially. But his ties to the NBPP have been abruptly severed, and El-Ghani has moved forward with the founding of a new Black Nationalist organization, the Black Beret Liberation Movement (BBLM).

Upon announcing his departure from the NBPP, rumors began to circulate. El-Ghani asserts that his move was not centered in conflict with anyone within the NBPP, but rather his need to go about working for the liberation of Black people in a different way.

“I still have a great deal of respect for Dr. Malik Shabazz. But I felt that talking about the problems had become the NBPP's primary focus—you can't help Black folks with rhetoric. I want to work on solutions, bring in ideas from everyone in the community, collaborate with other Black Nationalist groups, and concentrate on working for the people,” says El-Ghani, who serves as the BBLM's National Commander.

He claims that the BBLM will be different in strategy and organization than the New Black Panther Party, but that it will hold the teachings and spirit of Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad at its core. El-Ghani states that the words and works of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X will also be central to the Black Beret Liberation Movement's platform and mission.

“We already have scholars, activists, former New Black Panthers and street soldiers who have joined the BBLM, but we're all about action and getting things done to empower the Black man and woman in America. We know our enemy, but we also realize that we cannot move forward if all we're doing is finding new ways to hate him,” explains El-Ghani.

Though the Black Beret Liberation Movement is in the process of forming its National Committee, it is taking new members; membership is free. El-Ghani is hopeful about its prospects, stating “this movement is about to get off to a fast start. I'm excited about what we're doing and know that I made the right decision.”

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Date:May 3, 2012
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