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Formation And Dewatering Of Pavement Tracks On Loading Tracks.

Contract notice: Formation and dewatering of pavement tracks on loading tracks.

Construction, dewatering and related work on tracks in Budapest, Ferenc Liszt International Airport, including documentation for the execution plans and licensing procedures and execution.

Forming of a space cover:

The loader I. - II. s. tracks and the loader III. - IV. s. tracks will be developed between.

Container transfer. Heavy-duty concrete enclosure construction is required for F900 load class. In the export plans, the contracting authority shall approve the layer order recommended and planned by the Applicant.

The II. s. and III. s. Concrete casing to be constructed between load tracks 22 500 m 2 .

For tracks with a distance of 3,80 m, the operating space must be provided on the outside of the tracks, which should be visibly painted on the cover.

Access to the container by transhipment by road with disconnection from the internal operating route.

It can be solved.

Dewatering of floor covering:

The rainwater collecting on the concrete surface is planned with a load class river F 900.

Lead. From the beginning of the planned cladding to the 2 + 17 section (according to the RI section), the ridge is placed in the centerline of the enclosed area. Then the middle of the river is RII. s. and RIII. s. 21 - 21 m from track axles, as specified in the technical documentation.

From the tracks the planned pavement falls 1% towards the river, 0.3% in two directions of the area center line as specified in the technical documentation.

The rainwater flowing into the rivers is drained through a collection hole of 80 cm in the enclosure. After crossing the tracks, RI. s. the rainwater flows to the planned scrubber reservoirs at a distance of 6.0 m from the axis of the track.

The rainwater from the area to the right of the center of the pavement is RIII. - RIV. s. tracks.

Underneath, it passes through the previously drafted pipelines to the planned scrubber reservoirs. The reservoirs are 50 m long and 4.50 m wide.

Drainage is a licensed activity. The water licensing permit is available. The Applicant is responsible for the preparation of documentation required for water licensing.

All the tasks to be performed, the total quantity will be detailed in the technical description.

A 321/2015. (X. 30.) Korm. (Hereinafter referred to as "Cr."), The contracting authority draws attention to the fact that, if a clear and comprehensible definition of the subject of public procurement necessitated a specific type of thing, origin, , activity, personality, patent or trademark, the name is only made for a clear definition of the nature of the subject, and in the name of the term "or equivalent" in all cases. The contracting authority draws attention to the fact that, in the case of offering an equivalent, equivalence must be verified by the tenderer in his tender.

In the context of equivalence, the Contracting Authority shall examine comp


Address : Ekrsz_78583461

Liszt Ferenc Nemzetkzi Replotr 1. Terminl B Porta



Contact Person: Sos Viktor

Country :Hungary

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : 236717-2018

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2018-07-03

Project name : NA

Tender documents : T434998500.html

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Jun 2, 2018
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