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Formamint tablets.


It may be well to direct attention to an article written by Dr. Meredith Young in the Lancet about three years ago, in which he reports a series of very exhaustive observations, clinical and bacteriological, on methods of throat sepsis, and in which, from results in which fallacies were, as far as humanly possible, eliminated, he came to the conclusion that formamint tablets furnished an almost ideal method of throat antisepsis. The observations were conducted in the Stockport Corporation Hospitals. He thinks so little of gargles and sprays that he attributes what little good follows their use as due entirely to remnants of the medicament being left to be dissolved in the saliva, and douching he considers but little more effective, whilst, as he says, extremely few nurses know how to douche properly. He points out that in gargling, douching, and spraying, the pharyngeal muscles are ail thrown into positions which cover up the organisms from the action of the medicament, and gives it as his opinion that lozenge medication is the only method at all satisfactory, whilst he thinks that no forms of this method approach formamint in germicidal effectiveness, freedom from pain, and non-toxicity. He attributes the two latter advantages to the small dose of formic aldehyde in each tablet. He draws very emphatic attention to the readiness with which children suck these tablets.

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Date:Sep 1, 2011
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