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Forking out PS55m per day to stay.

ONE of the ridiculous 'chestnuts' constantly stated regarding the EU, is that none of these countries have been at war with each other.

Does anyone really believe that Germany, France, or any of the others, after spending 10 years knocking sense into each other during WWI and WWII, have learnt nothing from the experience? As for the benefits of membership, one of the best reasons for getting out is the fact that the USA wants us to stay in.

Another serious negativity to the so-called advantages is what we are forking out in astronomical fees to be members of that EU club. PS55m per day could be used to strengthen and subsidise the 60% of British companies that for decades have loyally been doing trade with the rest of the world. Every EU maniac should be made to reveal or declare their business interests. It takes centuries for countries like Britain to develop defined, protected borders, and steady controlled nationhood. Now we see the idiotic creation of 'open sesame'.

JOHN CRESSWELL Chester-le-Street

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jan 2, 2016
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