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Joy Mendoza, on forgiveness after being raped by seven men. Interview May 26, 2021 841
Social support mediates the effect of forgiveness on subjective well-being in college students. Liu, Junxiao Report May 1, 2021 3881
Mercy Sunday. Editorial Apr 11, 2021 611
'I am never the same again.'. Editorial Apr 4, 2021 614
Reactions to Admissions of Wrongdoing. Kemp, Simon; Chen, Zhe; Humphries, Ailsa Report Apr 1, 2021 8046
The Incredible Shrinking Man. Blake, Michelle Poem Dec 22, 2020 302
I need to forgive Donald Trump. Leach, Michael Oct 16, 2020 1146
Active love: UNIFORM LESSON FOR OCTOBER 11, 2020. Boyce, Richard Aug 24, 2020 804
Gospel conundrums. McGlone, Mary M. Aug 7, 2020 828
Do not live with bitterness. Column Jul 5, 2020 713
Prelude to a Resurrection. Shipp, D.R. Poem Sep 22, 2019 181
The Interrogation. Knight, Lynne Poem Sep 22, 2019 319
My Grandfather's Money. Chamness, Fiona Poem Sep 22, 2019 1018
The lifting of our sin. Childers, Jana Essay Jul 8, 2019 617
Unfolding the Honour Killing Documentary 'A Girl in the River': A Multimodal Telecinematic Analysis. Ullah, Zafar Critical essay Jun 30, 2019 5935
Reconciliation model. Dempsey, Carol J. Mar 22, 2019 813
All Kinds of Lucky. Tucker, Karen (American writer) Short story Mar 22, 2019 5112
Coping with Regret: Learn How to Forgive Yourself and Seek Forgiveness from Others: Regrets can lead to a lot of sadness later in life. But dealing head on with your choices may help you find happiness and heal some familial wounds. Jan 1, 2019 1277
SHOULD ABUSERS BE FORGIVEN? Sloan, Kate Essay Jan 1, 2019 719
OPPRESSION, FORGIVENESS, AND CEASING TO BLAME. Brunning, Luke; Milam, Per-Erik Dec 1, 2018 15638
Terrence Malick Beyond Nature and Grace: Song to Song and the Experience of Forgiveness. Zocchi, Elisa Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 10902
A LETTER OF SELF-FORGIVENESS. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 207
Forgiveness: It May Be Less About Right and Wrong and More About You and Me. Bassett, Rodney L.; Breault, Jessica; Buettner, Kathryn; Vitale, Julia; Hochheimer, Mandi; Moore, So Essay Jun 22, 2018 7617
Forgiveness. Webster, Claudette M. Poem Jun 22, 2018 170
SEEN & HEARD. May 1, 2018 419
Forgiven and forgiving. McGlone, Mary M. Mar 23, 2018 810
My Little Pet. Schafer, Sommer Short story Mar 22, 2018 6341
The Pool Filter Is Sorry. Madievsky, Ruth Poem Mar 1, 2018 362
Forgiving one's Neighbour from the perspective of the Holy Fathers. Petcu, Liviu Essay Dec 22, 2017 3124
Forgiveness and Its Importance in Substance Use Disorders. Ross, Halle E.; Dolan, Sara L. Report Sep 22, 2017 3914
Scoring a seven. McGlone, Mary M. Column Sep 8, 2017 837
Mercy comes to us from those who need it, too. Nussbaum, Melissa Musick Column Jul 28, 2017 1075
Neal Cassady in White Sands, New Mexico. Bautista, Pedro Damian Poem Jun 22, 2017 216
Healing from infidelity: the role of covenantal forgiveness. Sauerheber, Jill Duba; Ponton, Richard F. Report Mar 22, 2017 8232
A radical response to senseless violence. Ford, Lacy Feb 13, 2017 1119
Living restorative justice. Bishop, Jeanne Feb 13, 2017 920
Forgive and forget: to improve your physical and emotional well-being, let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Onderko, Patty Feb 1, 2017 572
Critical autoethnography, education, and a call for forgiveness. Adams, Tony E. Report Jan 1, 2017 4085
Forgiveness in Jane Eyre. Wu, Yih-Dau Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 7293
Forgiveness is not easy, but it is a path to freedom. Kelly, Dave Sep 9, 2016 1043
Narcissistic Tendencies, Forgiveness and Empathy as Predictors of Social Connectedness in Students from Universities of Lahore. Alam, Ammara; Rafique, Rafia; Anjum, Afifa Report Jun 30, 2016 7428
Forgiveness as a catalyst for psychological, physical, and spiritual resilience in disasters and crises. Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Griffin, Brandon J.; Toussaint, Loren L.; Nonterah, Camilla W.; Utsey, Report Jun 22, 2016 9778
Find forgiveness: science shows learning to forgive can make you happier and healthier. Johnson, Emma Apr 1, 2016 944
The transgressor's response to denied forgiveness. Jennings, David J., II; Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Van Tongeren, Daryl R.; Hook, Joshua N.; Davis Report Mar 22, 2016 6876
Is it really more blessed to give than to receive? A consideration of forgiveness and perceived health. Bassett, Rodney L.; Carrier, Evan; Charleson, Katherine; Pak, Na Ra; Schwingel, Rachael; Majors, Ale Report Mar 22, 2016 9940
No closed doors: Paul admonishes the Corinthians to put aside their differences and remember that in Christ all are reconciled. Camille, Alice Mar 1, 2016 1226
Listening and learning: a long journey to healing. Horst, Karen Feb 1, 2016 586
Streams of mercy never ceasing. Banbury, Rosalind Feb 1, 2016 815
Forgiveness. Dover, Michael P. Column Jan 1, 2016 380
Priming thoughts of failing versus succeeding and performance on the Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) as a measure of self-forgiveness. Bast, Diana Ferroni; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 9311
Developing an Individualized Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) as a potential measure of self-forgiveness related to negative and positive behavior. Bast, Diana Ferroni; Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 10553
Joseph's Work. Dennis, Carl Poem Nov 1, 2015 429
Forgiveness. Campo, Rafael (American physician) Poem Nov 1, 2015 405
Predictive effects of subjective happiness, forgiveness, and rumination on life satisfaction. Eldeleklioglu, Jale Report Oct 1, 2015 4741
Golden Gate Jumper Survivors Society. Wilcox, Ross Short story Sep 22, 2015 6459
Adaptation of the marital offence-specific forgiveness scale for use in a Turkish cultural context. Erkan, Zulal Report Aug 1, 2015 4500
Open to otherwise. Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Jul 31, 2015 869
Radical forgiveness: lessons from nature. Delio, Ilia Jul 17, 2015 933
The Gospel lives in Charleston church. Fiedler, Maureen Jul 3, 2015 417
Unconditional forgiveness in Derrida. Moradi, Hossein Jun 22, 2015 6617
Forgiveness and the limits of language in the shrine at Altamira. Little, Brent Critical essay Jun 22, 2015 5810
Is forgiveness real? Duffield, Jill Editorial Jun 22, 2015 728
People increase their trust of others as they grow older. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 180
Why reconciliation is not a component of forgiveness: a response to Frise and McMinn (2010). Kim, Jichan J.; Enright, Robert D. Report Mar 22, 2015 4884
Seventy times seven: abuse and the frustratingly extravagant call to forgive. Koontz, Gayle Gerber Essay Jan 1, 2015 10715
Moving on: forgiving does seem to spur forgetting. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 121
Spirituality, hope, compassion, and forgiveness: contributions of Pentecostal spirituality to godly love. Sutton, Geoffrey W.; Jordan, Kayla; Worthington, Everett L. Jr. Report Sep 22, 2014 8436
The Smackdown. O'Connell, Suzanne Poem Sep 22, 2014 608
Hagar in the Wilderness. Jess, Tyehimba Poem Sep 22, 2014 261
The Beauty of the World. Girmay, Aracelis Poem Sep 22, 2014 259
Community Sanctification of forgiveness. Bell, Christopher; Woodruff, Elissa; Davis, Don E.; Van, Daryl R. Tongeren; Hook, Joshua N.; Worthin Report Sep 22, 2014 5206
A theological and psychological defense of self-forgiveness: implications for counseling. Kim, Jichan J.; Enright, Robert D. Report Sep 22, 2014 6787
Journal file. Report Sep 22, 2014 2790
Wrestling with God. Bartholomew, Mark Sep 12, 2014 816
The journey toward forgiveness: a dialogue. Williams, Rowan; Lapsley, Michael Essay Jul 1, 2014 11728
The Anvil. Sullivan, Mecca Jamilah Short story Jun 22, 2014 1716
Upon the Ground. Sanders, Aaron Short story Jun 22, 2014 3479
A first test of the implicit relational assessment procedure as a measure of forgiveness of self and others. Ferroni, Diana; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Report Jun 1, 2014 5496
Parable. Peterson, Katie Poem Mar 22, 2014 350
Virtues Develop From a Secure Base: Attachment and Resilience as Predictors of Humility, Gratitude, and Forgiveness. Dwiwardani, Carissa; Hill, Peter C.; Bollinger, Richard A.; Marks, Lashley E.; Steele, Justin R.; Do Report Mar 22, 2014 4857
Hot Water Return. Doreski, William Poem Mar 22, 2014 244
Why we forgive: by letting go of past hurts, we can heal not only ourselves, but our families, our communities, and our world. Tutu, Desmond; Tutu, Mpho Mar 1, 2014 2501
Ordinary happiness: Marilynne Robinson's tragic economies of debt and forgiveness. Mauro, Aaron Essay Jan 1, 2014 8832
A Poem for Andrew. Simonds, Sandra Poem Sep 1, 2013 570
Forgiveness for WWII killings. Brief article Jul 19, 2013 146
The mediating effects of attribution styles on the relationship between overt-covert narcissism and forgiveness. Ra, Young Sun; Cha, Sung Yi; Hyun, Myoung-Ho; Bae, Sung Man Report Jul 1, 2013 4867
Promoting forgiveness toward Christians by LGBTQ respondents using apology and perspective-taking. Jordan, Kayla; Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Sutton, Geoffrey W. Report Jun 22, 2013 10303
Faith, freedom, and forgiveness: the third component. Anderson, Fred Editorial Jun 22, 2013 795
Verbatim. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 151
Embodied forgiveness: called to the giving and receiving of mercy. Dewolfe, Laurence Jun 1, 2013 650
Truths from the upper room. May 10, 2013 895
Torment never ends without forgiveness. Brief article May 1, 2013 242
Forgiveness is the only way to begin. Leach, Michael Apr 12, 2013 1188
The sins of Leo McCarey. Blake, Richard A. Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 10697
Procka--holiday of forgiveness and deliverance from sin. Mar 1, 2013 363
The ambiguity of a transgression and the type of apology influence immediate reactions. Newman, Leonard S.; Kraynak, Lindsay R. Report Feb 1, 2013 6159
Perpetual immanence: may your Christmas be filled with joy and forgiveness. Harris, David Column Dec 1, 2012 624
Bringing peace from Assisi. Brief article Oct 25, 2012 175
Flower District. Schweig, Sarah V. Poem Sep 22, 2012 1064
What's the difference between Jesus and Christ? Shapiro, Rami Jul 1, 2012 1226
The sacred and profane contracts machine: the complex morality of contract law in action. Braucher, Jean Jun 22, 2012 14416
Putting rigidity in its place. Apr 1, 2012 651
Power to forgive. Karban, Roger Vermalen Mar 30, 2012 767
The spiritual craft of forgiveness: its need and potential in children's peer relations and spiritual development. Flanagan, Kelly S.; Loveall, Rebecca; Carter, J. Carrick Report Mar 22, 2012 8879
Perceived forgiveness from god and self-forgiveness. McConnell, John M.; Dixon, David N. Report Mar 22, 2012 5777
Thinking about forgiveness: a philosophical preamble to its cultivation in schooling. Stewart, Douglas Essay Mar 22, 2012 13896
forgiving us still. Estabrook, Michael Poem Mar 22, 2012 181
A history of loving forgiveness. Sachez, Patricia Datchuck Mar 2, 2012 749
The joy of being forgiven. Sanchez, Patricia Feb 3, 2012 743
Forgiveness-based group therapy: a meta-analysis of outcome studies published from 1993-2006. Rainey, Cheryl A.; Readdick, Christine A.; Thyer, Bruce A. Report Jan 1, 2012 8527
Forgiveness and attachment: a link that survives the grave? Gassin, Elizabeth A.; Lengel, Gregory J. Report Dec 22, 2011 8733
Mending the past: memory and the politics of forgiveness. Irniq, Peter Essay Nov 1, 2011 2599
The essence of forgiveness. Shapiro, Rami Nov 1, 2011 1627
Initial validation of the unfolding forgiveness process in a natural environment. Klatt, John S.; Enright, Robert D. Report Oct 1, 2011 8717
Review of general psychology. Report Sep 22, 2011 1039
Merit or grace? Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Sep 2, 2011 795
Theologians revisit the prodigal son. D'Arienzo, Camille Conference notes Jun 24, 2011 1022
Theologians, bishops called to dialogue, trust. Jun 24, 2011 1253
Nobel laureates debate inner peace. Brief article Jun 24, 2011 277
Swept up in forgiveness. Arenofsky, Janice Jun 22, 2011 1324
Archbishop Desmond Tutu's message of forgiveness holds special resonance for psychiatry. What lessons within the archbishop's message can we use to help our patients? Fink, Paul J. Jun 1, 2011 1479
Unexpected praise for Irish visitation. Allen, John L., Jr. Mar 4, 2011 1065
How can Forgiveness help our clients get 'unstuck'? Normandy--Dolberg, Joan Feb 1, 2011 563
Dogs. Moss, Stanley (American writer) Poem Jan 1, 2011 585
Interventions to promote forgiveness in couple and family context: conceptualization, review, and analysis. Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Jennings, David J., II; DiBlasio, Frederick A. Report Dec 22, 2010 9654
Transgressions, guilt, and forgiveness: a model of seeking forgiveness. Riek, Blake M. Report Dec 22, 2010 6005
Relational spirituality and dispositional forgiveness: a structural equations model. Sandage, Steven J.; Williamson, Ian Report Dec 22, 2010 7451
Forgiveness & thanksgiving. Stanley, Liana Brief article Dec 6, 2010 349
All I want for Christmas: even if you can't wrap it and stick it under the tree, forgiveness is the best gift of all. Camille, Alice Essay Dec 1, 2010 1238
Church discipline and forgiveness in Matthew 18:15-35. Illian, Bridget Essay Dec 1, 2010 4028
Psychology of religion and spirituality. Report Sep 22, 2010 300
Who can be forgiven? Sanchez, Patricia Datchuck Sep 3, 2010 755
Oh, brother: when life seems unfair, forgive anyway. O'Connell-Cahill, Catherine Sep 1, 2010 587
The anti-gaze in a hybrid Shakespeare: a discussion of women characters in Prince of the Himalayas. Zhai, Runlei Critical essay Aug 1, 2010 5939
Forgive us our sins: we need to do more than apologize and listen. Harris, David Column Jul 1, 2010 707
Voices. Purvis, Connie; Maclachlan, Amy Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2010 759
The forgiveness factor in the lives of two literary grandmothers. DeFelix, Geraldine Paulk Critical essay Jun 22, 2010 4322
Forgiveness and reconciliation: the differing perspectives of psychologists and Christian theologians. Frise, Nathan R.; Mcminn, Mark R. Survey Jun 22, 2010 5257
Relational spirituality and forgiveness: development of the Spiritual Humility Scale (SHS). Davis, Don E.; Hook, Joshua N.; Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Van Tongeren, Daryl R.; Gartner, Aubre Report Jun 22, 2010 6038
Journal of Psychology and Christianity. Report Jun 22, 2010 398
Healing of Memories. Festus, Vicky; Kaxuxuena, Ndina Jun 1, 2010 530
Fink! Still at large: the Truth and Reconciliation Commission proved to be a healing force in South Africa. What lessons are there in South Africa's experience about the power of forgiveness. Column May 1, 2010 1023
Without forgiveness, there's no room left for love. Pacatte, Rose Viewpoint essay Apr 2, 2010 948
A change of venue. Mar 5, 2010 675
Introduction to the special issue on forgiveness in therapy. Wade, Nathaniel G. Editorial Jan 1, 2010 1667
An analysis of a sample of the general population's understanding of forgiveness: implications for mental health counselors. Freedman, Suzanne; Chang, Wen-Chuan Rita Report Jan 1, 2010 14309
Comparison of two group interventions to promote forgiveness: empathy as a mediator of change. Sandage, Steven J.; Worthington, Everett L., Jr. Report Jan 1, 2010 9579
Sustained effectiveness of two brief group interventions: comparing an explicit forgiveness-promoting treatment with a process-oriented treatment. Blocher, Wei-min G.; Wade, Nathaniel G. Report Jan 1, 2010 7043
A psychoeducational intervention to promote forgiveness in Christians in the Philippines. Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Hunter, Jennifer L.; Sharp, Constance B.; Hook, Joshua N.; Van Tongere Report Jan 1, 2010 8492
Free yourself: forgive others, forgive yourself. Bienkowski, Sandra Interview Dec 1, 2009 961
Third Sunday in Lent March 7, 2010. Dec 1, 2009 678
Truth and Reconciliation. Becker, Robin Poem Nov 1, 2009 177
On the aporetic borderlines of forgiveness: bereavement as a political form. Weisband, Edward Report Oct 1, 2009 9757
Spiritual needs: focus on forgiveness. Dunn, Linda L. Editorial Sep 22, 2009 386
Kierkegaard as physician of the soul: on self-forgiveness and despair. Podmore, Simon D. Report Sep 22, 2009 9576
A different kind of courtroom drama: sister offers forgiveness to mugger who injured her: 'If I believe in the message of Jesus, then I have to live it'. Lefevere, Patricia Sep 18, 2009 1211
Monist: October 2009, Vol. 92, No. 4. Sep 1, 2009 395
Forgiveness: A Theorem. Sleigh, Tom Poem Sep 1, 2009 555
Ask a girl. Blair; Madeline; Ava; Brianna; Eleanor; Sarah; Catherine; Amy; Rhiannon; Mia Jul 1, 2009 708
Yom Kippur. Friedman, Jeffrey (American poet) Poem May 1, 2009 326
Disappointment with God and well-being: the mediating influence of relationship quality and dispositional forgiveness. Strelan, Peter; Acton, Collin; Patrick, Kent Report Apr 1, 2009 5473
Forgiveness and (non) violence: the atonement connections. Weaver, J. Denny Essay Apr 1, 2009 12584
A narrative exploration of motivation to forgive and the related correlate of religious commitment. Covert, Mary Beth; Johnson, Judith L. Report Mar 22, 2009 4839
Group-conflict resolution: sources of resistance to reconciliation. O'Hara, Erin Ann Mar 22, 2009 8242
The unforgiving: reflections on the resistance to forgiveness after atrocity. Brudholm, Thomas; Rosoux, Valerie Mar 22, 2009 8502
Institutions from above and voices from below: a comment on challenges to group-conflict resolution and reconciliation. Fletcher, Laurel E. Mar 22, 2009 1897
Truth, understanding, and repair. Dukes, E. Franklin Mar 22, 2009 2036
A biological approach to understanding resistance to apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation in group conflict. Yarn, Douglas H.; Jones, Gregory Todd Mar 22, 2009 7555
Examining the applicability of the concepts of apology, forgiveness, and reconciliation to multi-stakeholder, collaborative problem-solving processes. Miles, Jennifer Pratt Mar 22, 2009 2231
A reflection and response to using criminal punishment to serve both victim and social needs. Downes, Kenneth R. Mar 22, 2009 2282
Comparison of explicit forgiveness interventions with an alternative treatment: a randomized clinical trial. Wade, Nathaniel G.; Worthington, Everett L., Jr.; Haake, Shawn Clinical report Mar 22, 2009 7289
Just forgive: forgiveness is an act of will. Fake it until you make it. Berger, Rose Marie Mar 1, 2009 698
Strategies for coping with interpersonal hurt: preliminary evidence for the relationship between coping and forgiveness. Strelan, Peter; Wojtysiak, Nicole Report Jan 1, 2009 6612
Experiences of forgiveness among nonclergy clients receiving residential psychiatric treatment. Olivett, Melissa; Powers, Robin Report Jan 1, 2009 6777
Forgiveness, reconciliation, and Mechila: integrating the Jewish concept of forgiveness into clinical practice. Balkin, Richard S.; Freeman, Stephen J.; Lyman, Steve R. Report Jan 1, 2009 3896
Forgive me not. Jan 1, 2009 585
Psychotherapy: theory, research, practice, training. Wade, N.G.; Johnson, C.V.; Meyer, J.E. Report Dec 22, 2008 621
Forgive and forget? Letting go is painful but promotes personal growth. Reed-Woodard, Marcia A. Sep 1, 2008 468
Forgiveness and big five personality traits among Taiwanese undergraduates. Wang, Ta-Wei Report Jul 1, 2008 706
Te ara hohou rongo (the path to peace): Maori Conceptualisations of inter-group forgiveness. Rata, Arama; Liu, James H.; Hanke, Katja Report Jul 1, 2008 11268
Vengeance 101. Essay Jul 1, 2008 2226
Rehabilitating resentment and choosing what we feel. Neu, Jerome Report Jun 22, 2008 5517
Response to Neu, Zipursky, and Steiker. Murphy, Jeffrie G. Essay Jun 22, 2008 6464
The Church as forgiving community; An initial model. Magnuson, Chad M.; Enright, Robert D. Report Jun 22, 2008 7501
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 81, No. 4, Fall 2007. Jun 1, 2008 1134
Steven McDonald on family, friends, and forgiveness. Ira, Vanessa B. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2008 1054
Care of the Soul: Finding Freedom in Forgiveness. May 1, 2008 714
CONNECTIONS: Why Free Love Didn't Start in the South. Kiesling, Stephen May 1, 2008 363
The weight of sin: the path to forgiveness is messy and difficult. Farris, Judith Cover story May 1, 2008 726
Most Americans Not Willing to Forgive Unfaithful Spouse; Six in 10 would tell unfaithful political spouse to face media alone. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 25, 2008 622
Validating the developmental pathway of forgiveness. Knutson, Jeanette; Enright, Robert; Garbers, Benjamin Report Mar 22, 2008 5880
Women look to Ask Your Auntie panel for answers. Meili, Dianne Mar 1, 2008 865
Forgiveness of sexual cheating in romantic relationships: effects of discovery method, frequency of offense, and presence of apology. Gunderson, Patrick R.; Ferrari, Joseph R. Mar 1, 2008 5649
Searching for Forgiveness in Vietnam. Fein, Judith Mar 1, 2008 764
Roma. Dickman, Matthew Poem Mar 1, 2008 453
Forgiveness as an HRD Intervention: The Literature and a Proposed Framework. Madsen, Susan R.; Gygi, Janice; Hammond, Scott C.; Plowman, Suzanne Report Jan 1, 2008 138
To pasture: "Amish forgiveness," silence, and the West Nickel Mines school shooting. Kasdorf, Julia Spicher Sep 22, 2007 8683
Forgiveness and the healing of memories: an Anabaptist-Mennonite perspective *. Roth, John D. Sep 22, 2007 8108
Fatal car crash brings moments of grace: victims' families and convicted driver work at reconciliation. Bollig, Joe May 25, 2007 774
Starting point. Benedict, Pope, XVI. Mar 2, 2007 377
Amish newspaper extends thanks to wider world. Courogen, Chris A. Nov 3, 2006 583
Profound example of forgiveness. Roberts, Tom Oct 13, 2006 620
Violence virtually unknown among the Amish. Warner, Mary Oct 13, 2006 466
The role of adult attachment style in forgiveness following an interpersonal offense. Lawler-Row, Kathleen A.; Younger, Jarred W.; Piferi, Rachel L.; Jones, Warren H. Sep 22, 2006 7319
Behavior analysis of forgiveness in couples therapy. Cordova, James; Cautilli, Joseph; Simon, Corrina; Sabag, Robin Alexrod Jun 22, 2006 11511
Seeking forgiveness: considering the role of moral emotions. Johnson, Jason L. Jun 22, 2006 8478
American Philosophical Quarterly vol. 43, no. 1, January 2006. Corlett, J. Angelo; Marmodoro, Anna Jun 1, 2006 339
Interpersonal forgiveness as an example of loving one's enemies. Sharp, Jeffrey R. Mar 22, 2006 7321
Can neoclassical economics handle a scriptural view of forgiveness? Claar, Victor V.; Oswalt, John N. Essay Mar 22, 2006 6865
Unable to forgive terrorists, Anglican vicar resigns. Brief article Mar 17, 2006 317
Helping Christian college students become more forgiving: an intervention study to promote forgiveness as part of a program to shape Christian character. Berry, Jack W. Dec 22, 2005 7256
Many learn forgiveness transforms. Halter, Deborah Dec 16, 2005 1574
From stuck to liberated: accepting and letting goooo. Deal, Adrian Dec 1, 2005 1720
Ask forgiveness from those hurt by angry words. Graham Column Dec 1, 2005 324
Tips for vibrant health and beauty at every age. Nov 1, 2005 369
Starting point. Behrens, James Stephen Sep 2, 2005 348
Forgiveness of debts. Roth, Robert Sep 1, 2005 364
The 78th time: forgiving people over and over is definitely worth a try, but eventually you get to let those trespassers have it. Right? Camille, Alice Sep 1, 2005 1685
Working through emotional pain: unearthing buried evils leads to forgiveness. Elford, Patricia Jun 1, 2005 731
Forgiving those who trespass against us: Harrowing story of a boy left for dead should be a moral tale for all. Coren, Michael Jun 1, 2005 723
'A soldier in the nonviolent army': through anger and pain, father of son killed in Iraq works for peace. O'Neill, Patrick Apr 29, 2005 1866
Freed from the dungeon of hate: Helena de von Arnim from Colombia, believed that being abused as a child had condemned her to a lifetime of hate. de von Arnim, Helena Feb 1, 2005 832
What is your experience of forgiveness? Oct 1, 2004 828
Forgiveness, education, public policy: the road not yet taken. Rodden, John Sep 22, 2004 5200
Daily sins do not jeopardize salvation. Aug 1, 2004 440
Giving up the guilt-resentment-rage cycle. Shortal, Paige Byrne Jul 16, 2004 848
Balancing between two truths. Williams, Paul Jun 1, 2004 503
A story of a Mother's forgiveness. McManaman, Doug May 1, 2004 3081
Dimensions underlying sixteen models of forgiveness and reconciliation. Gorsuch, Richard L. Mar 22, 2004 7600
Krause, N., & Ellison, C. G. (2003). Forgiveness by God, forgiveness of others, and psychological well-being in late life. Dec 22, 2003 710
Past imperfect: a woman finds healing and a new path to God with the help of an unlikely guide. LeBlanc, Ann Oct 1, 2003 2370
Overcoming interpersonal offenses: is forgiveness the only way to deal with unforgiveness? (Research). Wade, Nathaniel G.; Worthington, Everett L., Jr. Jun 22, 2003 8500
Empathy, selfism, and coping as elements of the psychology of forgiveness: a preliminary study. (Research and Theory). Konstam, Varda; Holmes, William; Levine, Bethany Apr 1, 2003 5163
Who's sorry now: most Catholics take Jesus' teaching to forgive "70 times seven" very seriously. Forgiving one's enemies is difficult, but a majority of U.S. Catholic readers still say the virtue of forgiveness is essential, not only in their personal lives but also in public policy. (reader survey). Schlumpf, Heidi Feb 1, 2003 2212
Forgiveness out of suffering: the last words of Wim Lindeijer's mother led him to seek reconciliation with the Japanese. He tells his story to Michael Henderson. (Profile). Henderson, Michael Feb 1, 2003 1399
Say sorry? Impossible! Mary Lean hears how Joseph Wainana's quest for revenge turned into a campaign for reconciliation. Lean, Mary Dec 1, 2002 814
Towards the future by way of the past: memories are the primordial soup of politics, says German theologian Geika Muller-Fahrenholz, and how we deal with them can determine the future ... Dec 1, 2002 1803
Hope-focused and forgiveness-based group interventions to promote marital enrichment. (Research). Ripley, Jennifer S.; Worthington, Everett L., Jr. Sep 22, 2002 10528
My path to healing: only some 200 children from the 1,500 sets of twins and triplets used in medical experiments in Auschwitz during World War II survived. Eva Mozes Kor was one of them. In June 2001 she addressed a symposium at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin, which nearly 60 years before had been in charge of the experiments. (Forgiveness). Transcript Jun 1, 2002 1781
Building a future of hope: in war-torn communities, reconciliation is the foundation of lasting peace. (Paths to Peace Forgiveness). Schaeffer-Duffy, Claire Apr 26, 2002 1838
Forgiveness marks Holy Thursday service. (Church in Crisis). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Apr 12, 2002 1007
The therapeutic use of forgiveness in healing intergenerational pain. Murray, Robert J. Apr 1, 2002 4882
Forgot to forgive: How often do we step up to the reconciliatory plate and practice forgiveness when life puts us to the test? (Triumphs of the Heart). Benguhe, Chris Brief Article Mar 17, 2002 1006
Understandings, definitions, and experiences of clergy in residential psychiatric treatment. (Research and Theory). Brenneis, Michael J. Jan 1, 2002 5698
Friendship Flubs Forgive 'em or forget 'em? Kemp, Kristen Dec 1, 2001 2114
A word of hope in the rubble. Wylie-Kellermann, Bill Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 527
Forgiveness makes future possible. BOLE, WILLIAM Brief Article Oct 12, 2001 1017
Speakers explore `gift of forgiveness'. SCHAEFFER-DUFFY, CLAIRE Brief Article Oct 5, 2001 897
Toward Forgiveness: The Role of Shame, Guilt, Anger, and Empathy. Konstam, Varda; Chernoff, Miriam; Deveney, Sara Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 6099
Meeting Vincent's murderer: (Richard Batsinduka forgives his brother's murderer). Oct 1, 2001 575
Blackberry juice. Gamble, Ivan S. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 678
Beyond forgiveness. Smith, Michael Editorial Aug 1, 2001 425
SIN'S OFFENSE. Graham, Billy Brief Article Jul 8, 2001 326
Intentional Forgiveness in Experiential Education: A Technique for Reconciling Interpersonal Relationships. Ferch, Shann R. Jun 22, 2001 2884
McVeigh will meet unimaginable mercy. ASHMORE, RON Brief Article May 18, 2001 653
News Bites. Beiler, Ryan Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 353
Revenge--or Mercy? Sehested, Nancy Hastings Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 616
Revenge and reconciliation: understanding South Asian history. Book Review Aug 1, 2000 1368
Apology comes from within: (forgiveness). Henderson, Michael Aug 1, 2000 697
Forgiving: What Mental Health Counselors Are Telling Us. Deveney, Sara Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2000 5642
Empathy Helps People Forgive and Forget. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 330
Meanings of Touch and Forgiveness: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry. FERCH, SHANN R. Apr 1, 2000 8969
How Do People Conceptualize and Use Forgiveness? The Forgiveness Attitudes Questionnaire. KANZ, JASON E. Apr 1, 2000 7200
Forgiveness at the gate of no return: ... meeting between the descendants of those who bought and sold Africans and the descendants of those they shipped to the Americas. Chargois, Paige Apr 1, 2000 1055
Leaf in the stream. Karrer, Christine Apr 1, 2000 688
Power of forgiveness: could you forgive someone who destroyed your life, or even worse, killed you child? ... the world has reason to be grateful to people who, against all the odds, have found a way to forgive. Excerpt Feb 1, 2000 2581
Forgiveness: breaking the chain of hate. Book Review Feb 1, 2000 763
Learn to let go. Pettiford, Hasani Feb 1, 2000 362
Let's make up for Christmas. BURNS, ROBERT E. Brief Article Dec 1, 1999 734
Reflection on Mark 10:13-16. Anderson, Kevin Brief Article Oct 22, 1999 133
Forgiveness as peace process. FARRELL, MICHAEL J. Jul 16, 1999 2693
Old Sins & New Confessions. Hayes, Patrick; Ford, Kenneth Jun 22, 1999 1252
Activists share strategies for ending death penalty. MALCOLM, TERESA Apr 23, 1999 1806
There could be a lot more forgiving. Farrell, Michael J. Brief Article Feb 26, 1999 889
No time like now to forgive. Henderson, Michael Feb 1, 1999 670
Search for Wilhelm Heilmann: Norwegian Resistance veteran Leif Hovelsen travels to Germany to try and make peace with his former Nazi jailer. Hovelsen, Leif Oct 1, 1998 948
Dinner dispute yields clues to God's will: the riches of forgiveness lie just beyond the stubborn insistence on being right. Berggren, Kris Sep 18, 1998 818
How can I forgive the unforgivable? McClory, Robert Cover Story Aug 1, 1998 6070
The importance of being sorry. Dreyer, Elizabeth A. Aug 1, 1998 4970
Turn to the God of mercy: new perspectives on reconciliation and forgiveness. Muller-Fahrenholz, Geiko Apr 1, 1998 4568
Catholics urged to seek forgiveness of Jews. Brief Article Nov 21, 1997 475
The politics of forgiveness. McCormick, Patrick Sep 1, 1997 2496
They say you can do yourself a favor forgiving others. Farrell, Michael J. Cover Story May 30, 1997 2980
Abbot calls his murderer 'last minute friend.' (Abbot Dom Christian de Cherge murdered with six other Cistercian monks by Algerian Muslims, March 1997: includes text of a letter of forgiveness left by Abbot Christian)(Column) McGinnis, Lois Column May 16, 1997 536
Mother forgives, befriends a murderer. McCarthy, Colman Column Oct 25, 1996 770
Getting the number on forgiveness: a parable. Michael Ferris Sep 1, 1996 828
Other cheek: the distinguishing characteristic of Christianity may be forgiveness. Jim Taylor Sep 1, 1996 762
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Alternative health care looks beyond body. Piccolino, Alberta Jun 18, 1993 1522

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