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Forgetting Covid-19 (2).

Byline: Ibrar Hussain Shahani - Larkana

PEOPLE were seen on roads and public places, particularly during Ramazan and Eid shopping, in such huge number and in such a manner as if coronavirus has been eradicated.

People show no concern about the deadly pandemic. They can be seen in social gatherings without any precautionary measures like mask, gloves, or social distancing. Since the relaxation in the lockdown, people are out of their homes.

Now because of their follies, the country has a huge number of infected people, while the number of deaths because of the virus is on the rise. Resultantly, the government was compelled to impose a lockdown in order to save the lives of people. All this has happened because of lack of education.

The epidemic was not the fault of the government. It tried its best to create awareness among the people regarding Covid-19 through print, social and electronic media. Unfortunately, people are not ready to pay heed.

As a result, people pay the price for their irresponsible behaviour. The government has no choice except a lockdown again.

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Author:Ibrar Hussain Shahani - Larkana
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 10, 2020
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