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Forget those sectionals, here comes Jeppesen with a chart for that GPS.

Jeppesen is offering a new series of VFR charts aimed squarely at the light-sport and training markets. The new charts are an alternative to classic sectionals and are dubbed "VFR+GPS" to describe their optimization for use in a VFR environment supplemented by GPS. They should offer a cleaner look with less symbology but greater use of text. The charts are printed on one side of the paper only; the other side is used for various legends, airport diagrams, airspace descriptions and ATC frequencies. Coverage areas were determined by historical VFR flight plan data and, in some cases, a single Jeppesen chart covers routes requiring two FAA sectionals. Available now for Florida, Georgia and part of the Great Lakes, Jeppesen will expand its coverage to the entire lower 48 by the end of 2009, approximately 10 charts at a time every calendar quarter.

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Date:Sep 1, 2008
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