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Forget about Kashmir?

Byline: A. Sattar Alvi

Why are we hesitant to accept that once in a while, even Nawaz Sharif can say or do something right, wittingly or unwittingly? So he delivered a speech at the UNGA and said all the conventional, true and correct things. What is wrong with that? There is the Kashmir dispute and there are three parties to it. They all have to meet and talk if they intend to negotiate a peaceful settlement. What is wrong with that? Who is to decide when a meeting should be held between which parties? All three, if they want to consult individually or collectively. What is wrong with that? The answer to all the above rhetorical questions is, "nothing is wrong with either of the questions". And yet we have a situation. Secretary level talks are doomed and a new controversy is in the offing to harpoon any new chances of the progress.

The wrong lies entirely somewhere else. We will get to that soon enough, but first, let me say this. It is incredible the way we Pakistanis jump to superficial conclusions and lead ourselves astray onto paths that have nothing to do with the issue. Everybody talks about the UN resolutions on Kashmir , Kashmiris right of selfdetermination, Pakistani support to the Kashmiri cause, Indian occupation and atrocities, and has been doing that for the last six decades. Pakistan and India have fought wars, gone to UN and held broken dialogues and we are still in 1947. Why are we here, where are we going and what we should do, are the questions that we need to answer. Nobody seems to be answering these questions, much less addressing the issue.

Let's start from some basic rules and dictum to develop a thought process. These rules exist whether you accept them or not, and that is how the world has been going on since it came into being.Nietzsche has very aptly put that all things are subject to interpretation whichever prevails at the time, and is a function of power and not the truth. This means that the power will never take a back step, except in the face of more power. And we all know that power concedes nothing without demand; it never did and it never will. Let us apply it to the current situation.

The current issue is the UNGA speech, and the subsequent Barkha DuttSartaj Aziz episode and our embarrassment. Multi directional spins have been generated by interested parties to give the issue a hue of their own choice, and what it has thrown up is as follows.

The speech has been appreciated by Pakistani political circles and the Kashmiris.

A segment of Pakistani media had recommended avoidance of speech at UNGA.

India says that Pakistani high commissioner's meeting with Kashmiri leadership was illtimed.

Nawaz Sharif raised the issue to placate the army in the backdrop of PTI/PAT protests

Secretary level talks have been cancelled.

India claims that Pakistan was not serious about the negotiations.

Barkha Dutt, the Indian interviewer of Sartaj Aziz , ramrodded him into accepting that the meeting was indeed illtimed.

Nawaz Sharif's sincere effort to draw the attention of international community towards solving Kashmir issue has been torpedoed by India .

A new mudslinging match is on.

The above raises some questions and we should answer them with some of our own questions, even though I am not a Jew. Somebody asked a Jew as to why did they always answer a question with a question, and his reply was; why shouldn't we? What authorizes India to tell Pakistan when and who to talk to, especially on an international issue under discussion at UN. As for the timing, how is India entitled to tell Pakistan when to conduct its meetings. What determines a good time? What is the significance of the cancellation of secretary level talks and how does it affect India , Pakistan or Kashmiris?

What is of primary significance here is, that the talks should proceed to find a way to solving the problem. What India has done is to scuttle the effort. There can be only but one conclusion. India does not want to solve the problem. At each point in the past, India has followed this strategy consistently, citing one excuse or the other and sometimes being simple plain obdurate. The question then arises, why? Also, why have we failed to analyze the situation even if it was only a possibility that I will mention below.

The simple fact is that India has hegemonic designs and is irked by the mention of Kashmir issue internationally in the political, diplomatic and journalistic circles. Whereas Pakistan and Kashmiris want to bring the issue in the limelight to solve it, India insists upon keeping it buried. India played the fraudulent Mumbai card and the parliament attack card as confirmed by Satish Verma, the Indian investigating officer, only to strengthen its own antiterrorist laws while using the opportunity to malign Pakistan . At his oath taking ceremony, Modi specifically highlighted the slow trial process of terrorists. For some time now, Indian military has been shelling and killing civilians on Pakistani side of the border without any provocation. All these actions point towards an Indian plan which is hegemonic, vile, virulent, and vicious. Only some time back, Subramaniam Swamy, the BJP leader publicly stated that India needed only two more years to defeat Pakistan militarily and the solution to Kashmir was only war. That is what India wants; to militarily defeat us, or to coerce us with its power to forget about Kashmir . India wants it all.

What is wrong with us? Why can't we see the writing on the wall? What is wrong with my leaders? Do they have no comprehension? Are they mad or are they on the Indian side? I will now answer as to why in my opinion, we have failed to register what has been hitting us in the face for so long. There are only two possibilities. One and this is not likely, but anything can happen in Pakistan ; my political leaders couldn't care less about the country and are indifferent and callous.

Two, my leaders are dumb, uncomprehending and practice foolishness as a matter of routine habit. Take your pick. I will go for the second. I will explain it with one example. Nawaz Sharif has had a very long tenure in politics. He knows the people, the experts, the specialists and he has the experience of international dealing at all levels. In short, he has everything at his command to steer us in the best direction and he chooses Sartaj Aziz as his advisor on foreign affairs. Even though in politics absurdity is not a handicap, we can always overdo it. I have nothing against the man, but look at it like this. A man in his advanced eighties, probably unable to even pull up his socks, expert in financial matters, visibly under confident, embarrassment for us in hard talk with Tim Sebastian, and you throw him to the wolves in the shape of Barkha Dutt. Beware, Indians are better than wolves, they are werewolves. Barkha may be accused of professional dishonesty while conducting the interview, but it is our job to guard against it. Couldn't Nawaz Sharif find a more competent person in this horde of eighteen crore people. Is the total expertise in all matters limited to Sharif family and its cronies? This is the reason we do not register and why we are blind. The government should change its party emblem from a tiger to a condom to reflect its true political stance. Condoms stand for inflation, halt production, destroy next generation,protect pricks and give a sense of security while screwing you.Even if I give them the benefit of doubt, a lot has been said about our politicians, some of it complimentary, but most of it is accurate. If you get my twist, I say you prepare for it. Get your military capable of withstanding an Indian onslaught on the field, and face the threat of duress when your political leaders cannot hack it. India is not going to back off. Do it while there is still time. Remember the adage that whoever has the military has the power, and war decides everything.
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Date:Dec 11, 2014
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