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Forget Boiling Water.

Saying that someone had trouble boiling water used to be a description of a really challenged cook. Today, we're approaching a time when boiling water may be about as useful as long division. Microwavable pasta-sauce combos eliminate boiling water and are expected to make huge inroads on the billions of bags and boxes of spaghetti, linguine, capellini, noodles, ziti, lasagna and macaroni that have come to a boil in American kitchens during the last hundred years. Even the spaghetti dinner kits introduced by Chef Boyardi in the 1940's or 50's required the consumer to boil the pasta. The canned spaghettis and raviolis marketed by Franco American and Chef Boyardi were mainstays for kids and soft-food seniors but never challenged a real spaghetti dinner. The new combinations take on that challenge and where we go from there is a real question. Many food trend watchers believed that we would be further along the path to Pret a Manger (ready to eat) by the turn of 21st century -- just as we moved from sewing to Pre t a Porter (ready to wear) clothes as we entered the 20th century. Pret a Manger hasn't moved as quickly as some thought because many people really enjoy cooking and many still find cooking for their loved ones the best way to express that love.

* Sometimes it's nice to prepare family meals from fresh ingredients and to savor the aroma that fills your home and enjoy a meal from your hands to your family.

The smell will almost certainly be added to convenience foods during the next few years. The big question is how often consumers will want to use their hands to cook for themselves or their families.
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Publication:The Shopper Report
Date:May 1, 2001
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