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Competition in the ICT sector is increasingly taking the shape of service platforms offering telephony, internet access and television programmes. Triple play offers a concrete illustration of the convergence between telecommunications, the internet and the media industry. It consequently raises a large number of questions regarding the strategies of various industry players and the viability of their business models, as well as regulatory frameworks and antitrust policies. This issue's Dossier provides a range of contributions that tackle these major questions.

Following on from the Dossier are two papers chosen from a selection of the best contributions presented at the EURO CPR conference held in March in Seville. Other papers from this selection may be published in our forthcoming issue(s).

Lastly, this issue of COMMUNICATIONS & STRATEGIES offers a series of Features, rounded off by several book reviews, on a diverse and varied range of topics that should prove of interest to our readers.

We hope that you enjoy this issue,

Edmond Baranes


Yves Gassot

Publishing Director
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Author:Baranes, Edmond
Publication:Communications & Strategies
Date:Apr 1, 2006
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