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In order to provide an international structure for the humane and scientific study of peoples, problems, and issues in the world's developing countries, with the ultimate goal of improving quality of life, the late Dr. Harold Isaacs, Professor Emeritus of History at Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, GA, founded the Association of Third World Studies (ATWS), Inc., in 1983. The association now has a global membership and chapters in South Asia and Africa. In the summer of 2016, following a vote of the members of the association, ATWS was renamed the Association of Global South Studies (AGSS).

As ATWS, the association began its history as an institution in 1991 when, under the newly ratified ATWS Constitution, elected officials assumed responsibility for the management of the organization. Since 1992 the Executive Headquarters have been located at Georgia Southern University (1992-2003), Mississippi State University (2003-2006), and Louisiana State University Shreveport (2006-). Due to the dedicated and energetic leadership of Zia H. Hashmi and Paul Rodell at Georgia Southern, Shu-hui Wu at Mississippi State, and, presently, William Pederson at LSUS, AGSS has made great progress as a global, professional organization. In 1995, the United Nations recognized the success of AGSS by granting it UN "consultative status;' thus enabling the association to increase its direct impact on world development. AGSS has an established website on the internet. The address for the AGSS website is: This site will soon be revamped totally.

Membership in AGSS is open to any person interested in studying the developing countries. Yearly membership dues are $60.00, which includes an annual subscription to JGSS. The yearly subscription rate for nonmembers is $60.00, and single copies are $30.00. Discounts are available for students and those living in the developing countries. Membership and subscription forms may be obtained by writing to the Association of Global South Studies, Inc., P.O. Box 1893, Starkville, MS 39760. Individuals interested in submitting articles to be considered, or refereed, for publication by the JeSS Board of Editors, should write to the editor, Dr. Gary Kline, at the above address. Alternatively, manuscripts may be sent to the editor via email:

Articles appearing in this journal are abstracted and indexed in International Bibliography of Periodical Literature; International Bibliography of Book Reviews; International Bibliography of the Social Sciences; International Political Science Abstracts; Political Science Abstracts; Sociological Abstracts; Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts; Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life; Periodica Islal1lica; A Matter of Fact; Media Review; Consumers Index; Social Sciences Index; University Microfilms, Inc., PAIS Indexes; and CAB International (CABI).

On behalf of all AGSS members and Jess subscribers worldwide, the editor would like to express his gratitude to the a sociate editors of the journal. Without the dedication and superlative scholarship, skills, and abilities of Yi Sun (Asia), Peter Dumbuya (Africa), Michael Hall (Book Reviews), Jacek Lubecki (Middle East), and Ryan Alexander (Latin America), JeSs would not possess its present scope and quality.

Sincere appreciation and thanks are also extended to Sara Abernathy, our very skilled editorial assistant. She has contributed very significantly to improving the quality of our journal. Tom Goodlett of Value Print and Media, LLC, also deserves thanks and praise for his excellent production work over the years.

Gary Kline, Editor

Department of History and Political Science Georgia Southwestern State University Americus, Georgia 31709
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Author:Kline, Gary
Publication:Journal of Global South Studies
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 22, 2017
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