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Storage and spatial patterns of organic carbon of soil profiles in Guangdong province, China. Zhang, Huihua; Chen, Junjian; Wu, Zhifeng; Li, Dingqiang; Zhu, Li Report Jul 1, 2017 8951
Dominant Height growth Trends of Two Eucalyptus saligna Smith Clones Implanted on Different Soil Conditions/Tendencias de Crescimento em Altura Dominante De Dois Clones de Eucalyptus saligna smith Implantados em Distintas Condicoes de Solo. Schneider, Lucas Zancan Pissinin Paulo Renato Jan 1, 2017 6563
The Work In The Field Of Breeding And Forest Protection, Fire Protection, Harvesting And Skidding And Work In The Field: Seed, Nursery, Mowing Roadsides And Forest Soil Preparation - To Perform At The Forest District Turek In 2017. Nov 2, 2016 121
Aerial And Related Services. Sep 11, 2016 168
Aerial And Related Services. Sep 1, 2016 189
Physical quality of a Luvisol under agroforestry systems in a semi-arid region, Brazil. Watanabe, Rafaela; Figueiredo, Getulio Coutinho; da Silva, Alvaro Pires; Neves, Julio Cesar Lima; de Report Jul 1, 2016 8619
Microbiological and physico-chemical characterization of soil of an agroforestry system in Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla Mexico. Urbina-Flores, D.P.; Romero-Arenas, O.; Rivera, A.; Parraguirre-Lezama, C.; O., Villarreal Espino Ba Report Jun 1, 2016 4624
Emission of C[O.sub.2] from tropical riparian forest soil is controlled by soil temperature, soil water content and depth to water table. Goodrick, I.; Connor, S.; Bird, M.I.; Nelson, P.N. Report May 1, 2016 7577
Forest soil protection liming with air vehicles. Apr 17, 2016 170
LIFE FoResMit - Recovery of degraded coniferous Forests for environmental sustainability Restoration and climate change Mitigation. Mar 5, 2016 492
Performing services in the field of forest management at the forestry commission turk in 2016. Nov 7, 2015 514
Estimate soil carbon stock in mixed deciduous forest at the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park, Thailand. Smakgahn, Kruamas; Seangthong, Amornrat; Amkha, Suphachai Report Oct 1, 2015 2084
Isolation, identification, characterisation and in silico analysis of pseudomonas stutzeri VITNR-1 from amirthi forest soil, India. VeenaKumari, D. Nancy; Sridharan, T.B.; Arumugam, Mohana Priya Report Sep 1, 2015 2992
Forest soil liming with aircraft under the jurisdiction of the chamber of agriculture. Aug 5, 2015 211
Forest soil liming with aircraft under the jurisdiction of the chamber of agriculture lower saxony. Jul 12, 2015 220
Forest soil liming with aircraft. Jul 12, 2015 251
Forest soil liming. Jul 6, 2015 169
Soil fertility characterisation of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) plantations in Central America. Fernandez-Moya, Jesus; Alvarado, Alfredo; Mata, Rafael; Thiele, Helga; Segura, Jose Manuel; Vaides, Report Jul 1, 2015 7736
Phosphorus fractions in soils of the mangrove, restinga and Atlantic forest ecosystems from Cardoso Island, Brazil. Pupin, Breno; Nahas, Ely Report May 1, 2015 5772
Impact of temperature and moisture on heterotrophic soil respiration along a moist tropical forest gradient in Australia. Zimmermann, M.; Davies, K.; de Zimmermann, V.T.V. Pena; Bird, M.I. Report May 1, 2015 10070
Forest soil liming with aircraft. Apr 16, 2015 199
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the woods under the jurisdiction of the agricultural association - forestry office weser-ems in summer / autumn 2015th. Mar 28, 2015 142
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the woods in zustEnndigskeitsbereich the agricultural association - forest district uelzen in late summer 2015th. Mar 26, 2015 129
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the woods in zustndigskeitsbereich the agricultural association - forest district uelzen in late summer 2015th. Mar 26, 2015 130
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the national forest operating saxony-anhalt, forestry enterprise upper harz mountains in summer / autumn 2015th. Mar 16, 2015 126
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the woods under the jurisdiction of the agricultural association. Mar 16, 2015 139
Study the effects of soil compaction on growth characteristics of Alnus glutinosa. Firouzan, Amir Hossein; Nejad, Somayeh Mohammadi Report Mar 1, 2015 2116
Respiracion, biomasa microbiana y actividad fosfatasa del suelo en dos agroecosistemas y un bosque en Turrialba, Costa Rica. Durango, Wuellins; Uribe, Lidieth; Henriquez, Carlos; Mata, Rafael Jan 1, 2015 4999
Capacity of the Nearby Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) Red for the Prediction of some Properties of Burned Soils in a Semi-Arid Area of Western Algeria. Report Dec 31, 2014 4288
Crowdsourced Supercomputing Project Seeks Better Understanding of DNA, Improved Quality of Life. Oct 21, 2014 1067
Coarse woody debris reduces the rate of moisture loss from surface soils of cleared temperate Australian woodlands. Coldin, Sarah R.; Hutchinson, Michael F. Report Oct 1, 2014 6408
Biodiversity Variations of Soil Macrofauna Communities in Forests in a Reclaimed Coast with Different Diked History. Bao-Ming; Ge Dai-Zhen; Zhang Jun Cui; Hua-Bin Zhang; Chun-Lin Zhou; Bo-Ping Tang Report Aug 31, 2014 4053
Forest sectoral planning services. Aug 7, 2014 339
Comparative analysis of the effectiveness of oil-contaminated soil remediation by microbial isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and commercial preparation "Devoroil". Akhmetzyanova, Leisan Gabbasovna; Nikolaevich, Kuritsin Ivan; Selivanovskaya, Svetlana Jurevna Report Aug 1, 2014 2403
Let's take a walk in the woods and through the "trees" in benthic assemblages on soft sediments. Lees, D.C. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 279
Forest soil liming with aircraft within the jurisdiction of the chamber of agriculture. Jul 26, 2014 203
Endangered soil resistance estimation using biotesting methods. Zynovievna, Eremchenko Olga; Evgenievich, Shestakov Igor Report Jul 1, 2014 4796
Soil microbial responses to labile carbon input differ in adjacent sugarcane and forest soils. Brackin, Richard; Robinson, Nicole; Lakshmanan, Prakash; Schmidt, Susanne Report May 1, 2014 7702
Forest soil liming by aircraft. Apr 12, 2014 165
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the national forest operating. Apr 4, 2014 125
United Kingdom : Tropical forest soil carbon storage and microbial diversity under climatic warming. Apr 1, 2014 357
Management of soil organic matter and carbon storage in tropical fruit crops/Manejo da materia organica do solo e estoques de carbono em cultivos de frutas tropicais. Guimaraes, Danielle V.; Gonzaga, Maria I.S.; Neto, Jose de O. Melo Mar 1, 2014 4713
Iron oxides and specific surface area of the subtropical Oxisol under native pasture and forest/Oxidos de ferro e area superficial de Latossolo subtropical sob campo e floresta nativa. Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Tomasi, Cristiano Albino; de Oliveira, Jessica Souza; Fink, Jesse Rodrig Feb 1, 2014 1907
Changes in soil C, N and [delta][sup.15]N along three forest-pasture chronosequences in New Zealand. Mudge, P.L.; Schipper, L.A.; Baisden, W.T.; Ghani, A.; Lewis, R.W. Report Feb 1, 2014 8725
Relationships of phosphorus fractions to organic carbon content in surface soils in mature subtropical forests, Dinghushan, China. Hou, Enqing; Chen, Chengrong; Wen, Dazhi; Liu, Xian Report Feb 1, 2014 7950
Soil fertility and organic matter in Vertisol and Ultisol under forest and pasture coverage/Fertilidade do solo e materia organica em Vertissolo e Argissolo sob cobertura florestal e pastagem. Loss, Arcangelo; Pereira, Marcos Gervasio; Bernini, Thiago Andrade; Zatorre, Natalia Pereira; Wadt, Report Jan 1, 2014 6465
Forest soil liming with aircraft in the forests under the jurisdiction of the Chamber of Agriculture - Forestry Office North Heath Heidmark in late summer 2013. Oct 17, 2013 155
Inverse modelling with a genetic algorithm to derive hydraulic properties of a multi-layered forest soil. Schneider, Sebastien; Jacques, Diederik; Mallants, Dirk Report Aug 1, 2013 13234
Soil fauna characterization in eucalyptus spp. plantations/Caracterizacao da fauna edafica em plantios de eucalyptus spp. Garlet, Juliana; Costa, Ervandil Correa; Boscardin, Jardel Author abstract Jul 1, 2013 3919
Understanding and applicability of the forest soil concept/Compreensao e aplicabilidade do conceito de solo florestal. Rovedder, Ana Paula Moreira; Suzuki, Luis Eduardo Akiyoshi Sanches; Dalmolin, Ricardo Simao Diniz; R Author abstract Jul 1, 2013 7309
Biomass of northern hemisphere forests mapped. Jun 27, 2013 301
Iron forms and peroxidase activity in forest island soils. Szajdak, Lech W.; Meysner, Teresa Report Jun 1, 2013 8706
Fungi pull carbon into forest floor: organisms work with trees to trap organic material in soil. Rosen, Meghan May 4, 2013 359
Soil phosphorus responses to chronic nutrient fertilisation and seasonal drought in a humid lowland forest, Panama. Mirabello, M.J.; Yavitt, J.B.; Garcia, M.; Harms, K.E.; Turner, B.L.; Wright, S.J. Report May 1, 2013 5389
Forest soil liming with aircraft. Apr 12, 2013 110
Ecology and management of forest soils, 4th ed. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 169
Modeling for total and firewood organic carbon per unit of area for native Mimosa scabrella stands/Modelagem do carbono organico total e da lenha por unidade de area para bracatingais nativos. de Souza, Ronan Felipe; Machado, Sebastiao do Amaral; Filho, Afonso Figueiredo; Koehler, Henrique So Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 6725
Soil and carbon. Brief article Sep 22, 2012 113
Monitoring seasonal changes in microbial populations of spruce forest soil of the Northern Temperate Zone/Sesoonsed muutused parasvootme kuusemetsa mulla mikroobikoosluses. Grantina, Lelde; Bondare, Gunta; Janberga, Anna; Tabors, Guntis; Kasparinskis, Raimonds; Nikolajeva, Report Sep 1, 2012 8965
Effect of forest age on soil organic matter at Mount Vernon, VA. Sookhdeo, Christine; Druckenbrod, Daniel L. Report Jun 22, 2012 2517
Influencia de especies arboreas implantadas sobre parametros biologicos y bioquimicos en un suelo forestal de Chubut, Argentina. Effron, Diana N.; Sarti, Gabriela C.; Quinteros, Maria C.; Catan, Silvia I. Apr 1, 2012 2790
Influence of environmental factors on the spatial distribution and diversity of forest soil in Latvia/Keskkonnategurite moju metsamuldade ruumilisele levikule ja mitmekesisusele Latis. Kasparinskis, Raimonds; Nikodemus, Olgerts Report Mar 1, 2012 9467
Research and assessment of forest soil properties in south-eastern Lithuania/Pietryciu Lietuvos misko dirvozemio savybiu tyrimai ir vertinimas. Vaitkute, Dovile; Baltrenas, Pranas Report Nov 1, 2011 2311
Responses of [N.sub.2]O flux from forest soils to land use change in subtropical China. Liu, Juan; Jiang, Peikun; Li, Yongfu; Zhou, Guomo; Wu, Jiasen; Yang, Fang Report Sep 1, 2011 2645
Degradacion del suelo y comunidades de Microartropodos: aproximacion para evaluar la calidad del suelo. Soriano, A.; Diaz, V.; Pons, V.; Roca-Perez, L.; Boluda, R. Author abstract Nov 15, 2010 5068
A glasshouse study on the interaction of low mineral ash biochar with nitrogen in a sandy soil. van Zwieten, L.; Kimber, S.; Downie, A.; Morris, S.; Petty, S.; Rust, J.; Chan, K.Y. Report Sep 1, 2010 7177
Changes in Cu, Ni, and Zn availability following simulated conversion of biosolids-amended forest soils back to agricultural use. McLaren, R.G.; Black, A.; Clucas, L.M. Report May 1, 2010 6001
International Year of Planet Earth 8. Natural hazards in Canada. Clague, John J.; Bobrowsky, Peter T. Report Mar 1, 2010 14426
Analysis of bacterial diversity in soils from Blowing Spring Cave (Lauderdale County, AL). Barron, Samual K.; Murdock, Chris A.; Barron, Benjie, Blair G.; Blair, Benjie; Meade, Mark E.; Barge Report Jan 1, 2010 3795
Characterization of microbial indicators to assess the health of degraded soil in Cherrapunjee, India-highest rainfall area of the world. Joshi, S.R.; Saikia, Purabi; Koijam, Khedarani Report Dec 1, 2009 3516
Influence of land use on the surface charge character of a humid sub-tropical soils of eastern India. Ghosh, K.; Paul, S.C. Report Dec 1, 2009 3377
Spatial heterogeneity of soil chemical properties in a lowland tropical moist forest, Panama. Yavitt, J.B.; Harms, K.E.; Garcia, M.N.; Wright, S.J.; He, F.; Mirabello, M.J. Report Nov 1, 2009 9756
Cronologia de la regeneracion del bosque tropical seco en Santa Rosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. I. Caracteristicas edaficas. Leiva, Jorge A.; Mata, Rafael; Rocha, Oscar J.; Gutierrez Soto, Marco V. Sep 1, 2009 6755
Proposed power plant raises questions about environmental costs. Apr 3, 2009 820
Barcoding life: demystifying the project that aims to classify the world's 32 million species using only a short strand of DNA ten ROM biologists report. Lim, Burton K. Mar 22, 2009 4881
Soil dehydrogenase in a land degradation-rehabilitation gradient: observations from a savanna site with a wet/dry seasonal cycle. Doi, Ryoichi; Ranamukhaarachchi, Leelananda Mar 1, 2009 6645
Productos forestales no maderables en Mexico: aspectos economicos para el desarrollo sustentable. del Carmen Tapia-Tapia, Estrella; Reyes-Chilpa, Ricardo Report Dec 22, 2008 6530
Shopping mall's bid to slash energy costs; WEST ORCHARDS: Retail boss's green initiatives bring benefits for local firms. Aug 18, 2008 363
Slash suspect nabbed in his trunks. Aug 17, 2008 116
A NICE LITTLE BURNER; Tom turns up the heat to slash our power bills SO YOU WANT TO BEAT THE CREDIT CRUNCH. Aug 17, 2008 438
Dubai retailers slash diesel price by 50 fils. Aug 13, 2008 234
WALES: Teen breath tests slash crime by 20%; Tactic sees anti-social offences plummet. Aug 12, 2008 440
Drive to improve health and help slash costs, too; Living Longer and Better... Vale's three-year initiative for healthier lives. Aug 7, 2008 350
Your Money: Beat the burn; SLASH THE COST OF SOARING FUEL BILLS. Aug 6, 2008 517
Credit crunch woes slash bank's profits; But Mersey team do well In association with BUSINESS ...VENTURE. Financial report Aug 2, 2008 300
Base cation availability and leaching after nitrogen fertilisation of a eucalypt plantation. Mitchell, A.D.; Smethurst, P.J. Technical report Aug 1, 2008 7300
Northern Rock to slash 1,300 jobs. Jul 31, 2008 270
Dubai hotels slash room rates by 50%. Jul 24, 2008 581
Cricket: Sabres slash their way to winner. Jul 24, 2008 571
STORE'S 3p CUT FUELS A PUMP WAR; Rivals slash price in response. Jul 22, 2008 269
the Razz: SLASH STRIKES A CHORD WITH FERGIE. Jul 22, 2008 97
WALES: Knife 'torture' over drug row; Men storm victim's home and slash him across face and back. Jul 22, 2008 447
JCB to slash 650 workers; INDUSTRY: Earthmoving giant hit by falling demand. Jul 15, 2008 315
Jobs could go in pounds 20m cutbacks; Council aiming to slash running costs. Jul 10, 2008 357
Nippon plans July refining slash. Jul 8, 2008 263
Slash teen walks free; But have some respect, judge tells him. Jul 7, 2008 496
WORLD TODAY: Bid to slash drugs in jail. Jul 7, 2008 92
Firms slash 62,000 jobs. Jul 4, 2008 85
Struggling Taylor Wimpey is set to slash workforce by 10pc; HOUSEBUILDING. Jul 3, 2008 625
YOU WON'T CELL US THIS; MSPs slam plans to slash jail numbers. Jul 2, 2008 310
MP joins battle to slash speed. Jul 1, 2008 285
Bid to slash waiting lists 'unlikely to be accepted' New clinic offers cancer check within 24 hours. Jun 30, 2008 566
Texas-Sized Savings: United Supermarkets uses GE Lumination LED Refrigerated Display Lighting to slash energy costs. Jun 23, 2008 368
Characteristics and genesis of two strongly weathered soils in Samar, Philippines. Navarrete, Ian A.; Asio, Victor B.; Jahn, Reinhold; Tsutsuki, Kiyoshi May 1, 2007 9106
Rietveld-based mineralogical quantitation of deferrified oxisol clays. Alves, M.E.; Mascarenhas, Y.P.; French, D.H.; Vaz, C.P.M. May 1, 2007 6220
Environmental and chemical factors regulating methane oxidation in a New Zealand forest soil. Price, Sally J.; Kelliher, Francis M.; Sherlock , Robert R.; Tate, Kevin R.; Condron, Leo M. Dec 1, 2004 8666
The relationship between animal foraging and nutrient patchiness in south-west Australian woodland soils. Garkaklis, Mark J.; Bradley, J.S.; Wooller, R.D. Author Abstract Jul 1, 2003 4976
Effects of site preparation on runoff, erosion, and nutrient losses from Pinus plantations established on the coastal lowlands of south-east Queensland, Australia. Costantini, A.; Loch, R.J. Dec 15, 2002 7705
Soil nitrogen availability predictor (SNAP): a simple model for predicting mineralisation of nitrogen in forest soils. Paul, K.I.; Polglase, P.J.; O'Connell, A.M.; Carlyle, J.C.; Smethurst, P.J.; Khanna, P.K. Nov 1, 2002 7383
Nitrogen fluxes in surface soils of young Eucalyptus nitens plantations in Tasmania. Moroni, M.T.; Smethurst, P.J.; Holz, G.K. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 5103
Prediction of three key hydraulic properties in a soil survey of a small forested catchment. O'Connell, D.A.; Ryan, P.J. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 9179
Comparison of structural stability, carbon fractions and chemistry of krasnozem soils from adjacent forest and pasture areas in south-western Victoria. Carter, M.R.; Skjemstad, J.O.; MacEwan, R.J. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 6738
Soil quality of harvested and grazed forest cutblocks in southern british Columbia. Krzic, M.; Broersma, K.; Newman, R.F.; Ballard, T.M.; Bomke, A.A. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 6010
Annual denitrification rates in agricultural and forest soils: a review. Barton, L.; McLay, C. D. A.; Schipper, L. A.; Smith, C. T. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 7501

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