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Articles from Forest Products Journal (December 1, 2004)

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A study of online measurement and fuzzy control of a wood-planing process. Yujie, Han; Tanaka, Chiaki; Guoxi, Zhu; Takimoto, Yoshihiko; Ohtani, Tadashi 2455
Adaptive control of bucking on harvesters to meet order book constraints. Murphy, Glen; Marshall, Hamish; Bolding, M. Chad 6554
An application of business activity modeling to regional production and national distribution of plywood. Seale, R.D.; Seale, A.D., Jr.; Leng, Jason 4040
An examination of eastern U.S. hardwood roundwood markets. Luppold, William; Bumgardner, Matthew 4846
An exploratory comparison of Internet use by small wood products manufacturers in the North Adirondack Region of New York and the state of Louisiana. Holmes, Timothy P.; Vlosky, Richard P.; Carlson, John 4841
An exploratory study of home builder, new-home homeowner, and real estate agent perceptions and attitudes about mold. Vlosky, Richard P.; Shupe, Todd F. 5151
An investigation of the relationships between harvest season, log age, and drying schedule on the coloration of hard maple lumber. Rappold, Patrick M.; Smith, William B. 4995
Bending moment capacity of round mortise and tenon furniture joints. Eckelman, C.; Haviarova, E.; Erdil, Y.; Tankut, A.; Akcay, H.; Denizli, N. 3918
Buyer perceptions and purchasing patterns related to treated wood use in children's playground equipment. Vlosky, Richard P.; Shupe, Todd F. 3824
Capital budgeting practices in the U.S. forest products industry: a reappraisal. Hogaboam, Liliya S.; Shook, Steven R. 8559
Characterizing the adoption of low-grade hardwood lumber by the secondary wood processing industry. Smith, Robert L.; Pohle, Wibke; Araman, Philip; Cumbo, Dan 6803
Comparative properties of sugarcane rind and wood strands for structural composite manufacturing. Han, Guangping; Wu, Qinglin 4232
Comparison of furniture demand in Croatia and Slovakia. Motik, Darko; Kusa, Alena; Jazbec, Anamarija; Jelacic', Denis 3503
Editorial. Bosch, Erin 411
Effect of 180 years of service on various physical and mechanical properties of salvaged Crimean juniper wood. Bektas, Ibrahim; Alma, M. Hakki; Goker, Yener; As, Nusret; Erdas, Orhan 2373
Effect of hole diameter, hole distance from the edge, and material properties on lateral pin holding strength of medium density fiberboard and particleboard. Goktas, Osman 2998
Effects of panel density, panel temperature, and cutter sharpness during edge machining on the roughness of the surface and profiled areas of medium density fiberboard. Akbulut, Turgay; Koc, Enus 2483
Equalizing and conditioning spruce-pine-subalpine fir lumber. Cai, Liping; Oliveira, Luiz C. 3837
Estimating air-drying times of small-diameter ponderosa pine and Douglas-fir logs. Simpson, William T.; Wang, Xiping 3312
Evaluation of small-diameter ponderosa pine logs in bending. Larson, Debra; Mirth, Richard; Wolfe, Ronald 5541
Exploratory study of high-strength, low-cost through-bolt with cross-pipe and nut connections for square and roundwood timber frame construction. Eckelman, C.A. 5919
Focus please: team coordination and performance at a wood manufacturer. Michael, Judd H.; Barsness, Zoe I.; Lawson, Lucinda; Balkundi, Prasad 5470
GIS mapping of monthly outdoor and indoor equilibrium moisture content for the United States. Marlowe, Wesley J.; Ramsey, Jordon D.; Peralta, Perry; Bangi, Audimar P. 2642
Heat sterilization times of red pine boards. Simpson, William T.; Illman, Barbara L. 3001
Impact of vegetation control and annual fertilization on properties of loblolly pine wood at age 12. Clark, Alexander, III; Borders, Bruce E.; Daniels, Richard F. 4721
Influence of board density, mat construction, and chip type on performance of particleboard made from eastern redcedar. Cai, Zhiyong; Wu, Qinglin; Lee, Jong N.; Hiziroglu, Salim 4260
Influence of end support conditions on static and dynamic response of wood floors. Chui, Ying Hei; Pirzada, Ghulam; Jiang, Lei; Hu, Lin J. 4299
Isolation of staining fungi from jack pine trees. Yang, Dian-Qing 3939
Laboratory manufacture of high moisture southern pine strandboard bonded with three tannin adhesive types. Sellers, Terry, Jr.; Miller, George D., Jr. 4860
Leaching resistance of copper amine-treated Scots pine. Jiang, Xiao; Ruddick, John N.R. 3018
Nonindustrial private forest owner use of federal income tax provisions. Greene, John L.; Straka, Thomas J.; Dee, Robert J. 7085
Optimization of hydrogen peroxide extraction conditions for CCA removal from treated wood by response surface methodology. Kim, Gyu-Hyeok; Ra, Jong-Bum; Kong, II-Gon; Song, Yun-Sang 2513
Outcomes of perceived supervisor support for wood production employees. Gagnon, Mark A.; Michael, Judd H. 4352
Predicting flexural properties of dimension lumber from 40-year-old loblolly pine plantation stands. Biblis, E.; Meldahl, R.; Pitt, D.; Carino, H.F. 3873
Production and cost analysis of a feller-buncher and grapple skidder in central Appalachian hardwood forests. Wang, Jingxin; Long, Charlie; McNeel, Joe 7208
Productivity and cost of manual felling and cable skidding in central Appalachian hardwood forests. Wang, Jingxin; Long, Charlie; McNeel, Joe; Baumgras, John 6721
Retention of silafluofen in wood-based composites after supercritical carbon dioxide impregnation. Muin, Musrizal; Tsunoda, Kunio 3560
Risk and feasibility of processing small-diameter material in the U.S. West Part I: structural lumber. Stewart, Hayden G.; Blatner, Keith A.; Wagner, Francis G.; Keegan, Charles, III 6031
Risk and feasibility of processing small-diameter material in the U.S. West Part II: market pulp and oriented strandboard. Stewart, Hayden G.; Blatner, Keith A.; Keegan, Charles, III 3838
Rough-mill yield and cutting efficiency for No. 3A Common lumber compared to other lumber grade mix options. Wiedenbeck, Jan; Shepley, Brian P.; Smith, Robert L. 8884
Sources of product information used by consumers when purchasing kitchen cabinets. Donovan, Geoffrey H.; Nicholls, David L.; Roos, Joseph 1582
Surface energy characterization of preservative-treated wood and E-glass/phenolic composites. Tascioglu, Cihat; Goodell, Barry; Lopez-Anido, Roberto; Gardner, Douglas 5033
Susceptibility of envelope-treated softwood to subterranean termite damage. Peters, Brenton C.; Creffield, James W. 5089
The fingerprint approach: using data generated by a 3D log scanner on debarked logs to accomplish traceability in the sawmill's log yard. Chiorescu, Sorin; Gronlund, Anders 6271
Through-thickness ultrasonic characterization of wood and agricultural fiber composites. Vun, Ronnie Y.; Wu, Qinglin; Monlezun, Charles J. 5773
Utilization of Chinese tallow tree and bagasse for medium density fiberboard. Lee, Sangyeob; Shupe, Todd F.; Hse, Chung Y. 5117
Value recovery with harvesters in southeastern U.S. pine stands. Conradie, Ian P.; Greene, W. Dale; Murphy, Glen E. 4573
Water sorption characteristics of two wood-plastic composites. Wang, Weihong; Morrell, J.J. 2050
Weight and bulk density of loblolly pine plywood logs in southeast Arkansas. Patterson, David W.; Doruska, Paul F.; Posey, Travis 3606
Withdrawal capacity of pinned and unpinned round mortise and tenon furniture joints. Eckelman, C.; Haviarova, E.; Tankut, A.; Denizli, N.; Akcay, H.; Erdil, Y. 4544
Yield and ultrasonic modulus of elasticity of red maple veneer. Ross, Robert J.; Erickson, John R.; Brashaw, Brian K.; Wang, Xiping; Verhey, Steven A.; Forsman, Joh 4247

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