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HUMANS DEFEAT A.I. IN DEBATE. FOR NOW. Bailey, Ronald Jun 14, 2021 436
Fostering critical reasoning: Developing argumentative competence in early and middle primary years. Chen, Honglin; Lewis, Helen; Myhill, Debra Report Jun 1, 2021 8921
'Debates in the school rapidly became facts on the ground': Douglas Murphy on the Architectural Association. Murphy, Douglas Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 1067
When was Melaka founded and was it known earlier by another name? Exploring the debate between Gabriel Ferrand and Gerret Pieter Rouffaer, 1918-21, and its long echo in historiography. Borschberg, Peter Critical essay Jun 1, 2020 12499
Debates about Educational Issues: A Pedagogical Strategy to Explore Argumentative Skills in the EFL Classroom /Debates acerca de aspectos educativos: una estrategia pedagogica para explorar las habilidades argumentativas en el salon de ingles como lengua extranjera. Duarte Infante, Ángela Vanesa; Fonseca Velandia, Sandra Milena; Ramos Holguín, Bertha Report Jan 1, 2020 7002
The attraction of the ideal has no traction on the real: On adversariality and roles in argument. Stevens, Katharina; Cohen, Daniel Report Jun 22, 2019 12410
TIME TO DEBATE. Zack, Ian Brief article Apr 1, 2019 103
Should Affirmative Action Be Eliminated? Clegg, Roger; Johnson, Derrick Mar 11, 2019 2856
PROPOSITION: Corporate Data Collection Poses a Threat to Personal Freedom. Tuccille, J.D.; Mccullagh, Declan Oct 1, 2018 2161
PROPOSITION: Be an Anarchist, Not a Minarchist. Mangu-Ward, Katherine; Gillespie, Nick Oct 1, 2018 3180
PROPOSITION: Intellectual Property Must Be Protected. Delong, James V.; Palmer, Tom G. Oct 1, 2018 2156
PROPOSITION: Libertarians Should Support Abortion Rights. Machan, Tibor; Pflock, Karl T. Oct 1, 2018 430
PROPOSITION: Libertarians Should Work Within the Two-Party System. Massie, Thomas; Weld, Bill Oct 1, 2018 1123
PROPOSITION: The Best Case for Liberty Is Consequentialist. Freiman, Christopher; Kuznicki, Jason Oct 1, 2018 3204
Provoking Debate on Central European Security. Michnik, Wojciech Conference notes Mar 1, 2018 892
Less arguing, more listening: Improving civility in classroom: A study of classroom deliberations in four high schools shows what can go wrong when teachers neglect to prepare students to argue in a civil manner--and it suggests ways to do better. Crocco, Margaret; Halvorsen, Anne-Lise; Jacobsen, Rebecca; Segall, Avner Essay Feb 1, 2018 3136
Sound arguments. Eckstein, Justin Essay Dec 22, 2017 9267
Strategic maneuvering in dispute mediation. Vasilyeva, Alena L. Report Dec 22, 2017 9180
When good arguments do not work: post-dialectics, argument assemblages, and the networks of climate skepticism. Paliewicz, Nicholas S.; McHendry, George F. (Guy), Jr. Essay Dec 22, 2017 11722
Truth matters: Teaching young students to search for the most reasonable answer: Educators must ensure that students have ample opportunities to engage in collaborative, rigorous argumentation so they can develop the skills and dispositions to search for truth. Reznitskaya, Alina; Wilkinson, Ian A.G. Dec 1, 2017 2788
Lessons Learned from the Fluoride Wars. Sagall, Richard J. Oct 27, 2017 931
LIVING ON THE REAL WORLD. Oct 1, 2017 1134
CLASSROOM DEBATES IN MIDDLE SCHOOL SOCIAL STUDIES: Moving From Personal Attacks to Evidence and Reasoning. Duhaylongsod, Leslie Report Sep 22, 2017 7384
Men, misogyny, and hypocrisy: when the abortion debate is about you responding to criticisms of pro-lifers' gender, motivations, and consistency. Stark, Paul Sep 1, 2017 934
The counterfeit presentment: an early 20th century model of intercollegiate debate as civic education. Llano, Stephen M. Essay Jun 22, 2017 6864
Fragmentation and rapprochement: the case for paradigm collaboration. Bergmaier, Michael J.; Johnson, Nicole L. Essay Jun 22, 2017 7053
Serving our students: rethinking novice debate. Hiland, Alexander Essay Jun 22, 2017 4898
Reflections on the 2014 celebration of women in debate tournament at George Mason University. Poapst, Jackie; Harper, Allison Essay Jun 22, 2017 5521
Making debate more inclusive for the student-veteran debater. Sciullo, Nick J. Essay Jun 22, 2017 5423
The rhetoric and poetics of speech and debate: resituating and re-disciplining literary argument. Johnson, Jeremy David Essay Jun 22, 2017 6879
Who speaks for parliament?: Hansard, the courts and legislative intent. Steele, Graham Mar 22, 2017 3094
Should college athletes be paid? Nocera, Joe Mar 13, 2017 1529
The afterlife of critique: The communicability of criticism and the publicity of polemic concerning public debate in the turkish press. Gursoy, A. Ozgur; Karanfil, Gokcen Report Mar 1, 2017 7724
"FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE COMMUNITY": Riverside's 14th Street School Debate. Groen, Mark Essay Jan 1, 2017 6270
Should 'ballot box selfies' be banned? Gardner, William Oct 31, 2016 1610
Promoting student metacognition through the analysis of their own debates. Is it better with text or with graphics? Martinez, Marc Lafuente; Valdivia, Ibis M. Alvarez Report Oct 1, 2016 7097
Moderation in the Lyrical Ballads: Wordsworth and the ballad debates of the 1790s. Newman, Ian Critical essay Jun 22, 2016 11090
Balanced opinions: new website the Tylt looks to cultivate online debates into news stories. Young, Adreana Website overview Jun 1, 2016 470
Summary report of the first international competition on computational models of argumentation. Thimm, Matthias; Villata, Serena; Cerutti, Federico; Oren, Nir; Strass, Hannes; Vallati, Mauro Report Mar 22, 2016 1805
Myside bias: 'Myside Bias' isn't a problem if you are always right. And if you are, you wouldn't be reading this column. Roach, Thomas J. Column Feb 1, 2016 705
How to debate. Sinclair, Luna Jan 1, 2016 586
You decide! Funny what-ifs. Jan 1, 2016 626
The Atlanta Urban Debate League: exploring the making of a critical literacy space. Cridland-Hughes, Susan Case study Jan 1, 2016 6501
Dakota, Denver and the desert: details from a recent trip. Lynn, Barry W. Column Nov 1, 2015 871
Kwame Nkrumah and Ali Mazrui: an analysis of the 1967 Transition debate. West, Michael O. Essay Sep 30, 2015 8465
Some editing required: producing Canada's Hansards. Discussion Jun 22, 2015 5553
De plein fouet: is strategy dead? Cardillo, Robert; Szafranski, Richard May 1, 2015 2789
I'm offended. Kesler, Charles R. Column Mar 22, 2015 792
How to promote a healthy debate. Cover story Feb 1, 2015 594
Is it time to raise the minimum wage? It's now $7.25 an hour, and it's been more than five years since the last increase. Lesson plan Jan 12, 2015 1803
Hunger for voice: transformative argumentation in the 2005 Guantanamo Bay hunger strike. Vicaro, Michael P. Essay Jan 1, 2015 8614
Transforming argumentative dialogue through prison service-learning projects. Hinck, Shelly Schaefer; Scheffels, Erin Lynn Essay Jan 1, 2015 7406
The public sphere and the Telangana movement. Shaw, Padmaja Essay Aug 1, 2014 6594
Judging bias in competitive academic debate: the effects of region, side, and sex. Henson, Clifford C.; Dorasil, Paul R. Report Apr 1, 2014 10114
'The Great Debaters' go international. Davis, Crystal Brief article Feb 13, 2014 119
Assemblee Nationale: Quebec. Ford, Sylvia; Halle, Dany Dec 22, 2013 1351
Ex-prez invites Rohani to debate. Brief article Dec 6, 2013 269
Jacques Dupuis: the ongoing debate. O'Collins, Gerald Essay Sep 1, 2013 10387
Deliberation, competition, or practice? The online debate as an arena for political participation. Winsvold, Marte Report Jul 1, 2013 6865
Hoppe's derivation of self-ownership from argumentation: analysis and critique. Frederick, Danny Report Jul 1, 2013 6791
"Calm yet earnest attention"--the Richard Fuller-Francis Wayland slavery Debate of 1844-45, Baptist denominational division, and the coming of the Civil War. Dilbeck, D.H. Essay Jun 22, 2013 5813
Bishop takes stings on marriage. Clancy, Michael Jun 21, 2013 915
A citizenship of distinction in the open radio debates of Kampala. Brisset-Foucault, Florence Report May 1, 2013 11295
Online civic cultures: debating climate change activism on YouTube. Uldam, Julie; Askanius, Tina Report May 1, 2013 8960
Speaking and debating open doors for new standards. Fisher, Dylan Apr 1, 2013 340
The curtailment of debate in the house of commons. Plante, Francois Report Mar 22, 2013 6489
Nova Scotia. Boucher, Annette M. Mar 22, 2013 419
Debate over the normative positive distinction in economics. Block, Walter E.; Cappelli, Peter Mar 1, 2013 3457
Brooklyn College - Office of Submissions. Feb 4, 2013 101
Tilting at windmills. Peters, Charles Column Jan 1, 2013 2811
Conversation change: a cult podcast hit, Intelligence Squared U.S. tames raucous British-style debate for Americans. Malone, Clare Jan 1, 2013 1967
Google's regional restrictions upsetting a once loyal fanbase. Brief article Nov 20, 2012 170
Ghetto kids gone good: race, representation, and authority in the scripting of inner-city youths in the urban debate league. Reid-Brinkley, Shanara Rose Essay Sep 22, 2012 14154
Debate, diversity, and adult learners: the experiences of foreign nationals in the U.s. State Department. Benton, Bond Sep 22, 2012 8126
The place of religion in Habermas's transformed public sphere. Platt, Carrie Anne; Majdik, Zoltan P. Essay Sep 22, 2012 2134
What is Habermas's "better argument" good for? Ferry, Victor Sep 22, 2012 1660
Argument and evidence evaluation: a call for scholars to engage contemporary public debates. Bruschke, Jon Report Jun 22, 2012 10511
In defense of scholasticism. Jun 22, 2012 462
Losing arguments: are free market ideas beating a retreat? Welch, Matt Editorial Jun 1, 2012 1294
Who participates and how? Twitter as an arena for public debate about the data retention directive in Norway. Moe, Hallvard Essay May 15, 2012 9379
Beinart v. Gordis, TONIGHT, Livestreaming. Tracy, Marc Brief article May 2, 2012 241
Beinart and Gordis Debate Next Week. Tracy, Marc Brief article Apr 25, 2012 231
Abortion debate necessary in Canada. Apr 1, 2012 577
Spheres of argument: 30 years of influence. Rowland, Robert C. Report Mar 22, 2012 1254
The personal, technical, and public spheres of argument: a speculative inquiry into the art of public deliberation. Goodnight, G. Thomas Report Mar 22, 2012 8034
Goodnight's "speculative inquiry" in its intellectual context. Zarefsky, David Report Mar 22, 2012 2787
Defining marriage in California: an analysis of public and technical argument. Schiappa, Edward Report Mar 22, 2012 8975
Global warming and the interaction between the public and technical spheres of argument: when standards for expertise really matter. Paliewicz, Nicholas S. Report Mar 22, 2012 6828
Maternal expertise, vaccination recommendations, and the complexity of argument spheres. Whidden, Rachel Avon Report Mar 22, 2012 9584
Making sense of it all: the debate as unit capstone. Miracle, Amanda Lea Mar 22, 2012 3238
"Dam" the Irony for The Greater Common Good: a critical cultural analysis of the Narmada Dam debate. Khan, Tabassum Ruhi Report Feb 27, 2012 8957
Re-opening the abortion debate. Feb 1, 2012 332
The impact of recurrent on-line synchronous scientific argumentation on students' argumentation and conceptual change. Chen, Chien-Hsien; She, Hsiao-Ching Report Jan 1, 2012 7080
Patterns of interaction and participation in a large online course: strategies for fostering sustainable discussion. Lee, Jiyeon Report Jan 1, 2012 6939
Forum: argument scholars respond to Mercier and Sperber's argumentative theory of human reason: introduction. Palczewski, Catherine H.; Fritch, John; Parrish, Nathaniel C. Jan 1, 2012 824
A challenge and an opportunity for argumentation studies. Zarefsky, David Jan 1, 2012 1446
Why we argue: response to Mercier and Sperber. Hicks, Darrin; Langsdorf, Lenore Jan 1, 2012 1307
A response to Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber's "why do humans reason? Arguments for an argumentative theory". Gouran, Dennis S. Jan 1, 2012 1170
Rhetorical materialism: the cognitive division of labor and the social dimensions of argument. Greene, Ronald Walter; Hayes, Heather Ashley Jan 1, 2012 1530
Blazing carrots/cracking whips--the HIV prevention answer? Report Jan 1, 2012 200
Using debates to teach information ethics. Peace, A. Graham Report Sep 22, 2011 3432
Manny Pacquiao - Shane Mosley Preview: How Pacquiao Will Win. May 6, 2011 348
Fostering Model-Based School Scientific Argumentation Among Prospective Science Teachers. Aduriz-Bravo, Agustin Abstract May 1, 2011 278
Bullied pulpit: why the White House wasn't able to fight the "Obamacare" lie. Corn, David May 1, 2011 1394
Beyond GDP: the debate on globalization & development. Sodhi, J.S. Apr 1, 2011 3614
When serial arguments predict harm: examining the influences of argument function, topic of the argument, perceived resolvability, and argumentativeness. Johnson, Amy Janan; Averbeck, Joshua M.; Kelley, Katherine M.; Liu, Shr-Jie Report Mar 22, 2011 7195
What's civility worth? Friedman, Ann Mar 1, 2011 801
Utilizing a Graphic Organizer for Promoting Pupils' Argumentation. Hsieh, Fu-Pei; Lee, Sung-Tao Report Jan 1, 2011 267
What's the best organelle in the cell--using debates to cover content in an engaging way. Hutchison, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2011 856
The M event paradox and the specious present: an analysis and refutation of McTaggart's 2nd argument. Waller, Rebecca Lloyd Report Jan 1, 2011 5326
Debate must be part of a wider conversation. Morgan, Gareth Oct 1, 2010 410
Introduction to special issue: public argument/digital media. Pfister, Damien Smith Essay Sep 22, 2010 1975
Collective argumentative criticism in informal online discussion forums. Lewinski, Marcin Essay Sep 22, 2010 11597
The Arizona 9/11 Memorial: a case study in public dissent and argumentation through blogs. Smith, Christina M.; McDonald, Kelly M. Essay Sep 22, 2010 9820
Lighting's great debate: may the better man win. Conference news Sep 1, 2010 162
The Academic Controversy Technique: Towards Cooperative Debates. Jacobs, George M. Report Jul 12, 2010 207
The debate authors working group model for collaborative knowledge production in forensics scholarship. Mitchell, Gordon R.; Woods, Carly S.; Brigham, Matthew; English, Eric; Morrison, Catherine E.; Rief, Report Jun 22, 2010 13134
Holy smoke. Sweas, Megan May 1, 2010 496
In Varietate Concordia--united in diversity: European parliamentary debate as an argumentative activity type. van Eemeren, Frans H.; Garssen, Bart Essay Mar 22, 2010 7005
The strategic use of argumentation from example in plenary debates in the European Parliament. Plug, H. Jose Essay Mar 22, 2010 7311
Responding to criticism with accusations of inconsistency in Prime Minister's Question Time. Mohammed, Dima Essay Mar 22, 2010 7327
The analysis of pragmatic argumentation in lawmaking debates: second reading of the terrorism bill in the British House of Commons. Ihnen, Constanza Essay Mar 22, 2010 6347
Manoeuvring within the institutional constraints of parliamentary debate: the use of 'immediate-other repetition' in a shift of topic. Tonnard, Yvon Essay Mar 22, 2010 8356
What next for European social democracy? The good society debate and beyond. Meyer, Henning; Spiegel, Karl-Heinz Essay Mar 22, 2010 5908
Will closing Guantanamo make America safer? President Obama vowed to close the U.S. prison for terrorism suspects in Cuba by this month, but making it happen is proving a lot harder than he imagined. Jan 6, 2010 550
Boulder rocks. Kauffman, Bill Essay Jan 1, 2010 784
Testing the waters of democracy. Jan 1, 2010 433
The open access debate. Amiran, Eyal Essay Jan 1, 2010 4117
Theologians in public Christology dispute. Allen, John L., Jr. Dec 25, 2009 800
Head to head - Marzel vs. Oppenheimer. Brief article Dec 16, 2009 89
Intercollegiate debate: reflecting American culture, 1900-1930. Keenan, Claudia J. Report Sep 22, 2009 11384
Le debat public en urbanisme a Montreal : un instrument de developpement urbain durable? Gariepy, Michel; Gauthier, Mario Report Jun 22, 2009 10893
The public debate on the religiosity of the public debate of bioethics in the USA. Balogh, Lehel Essay Jun 22, 2009 3744
'Question Time' event. Brief article Jun 5, 2009 88
U.S. bishops strangely absent from current nuclear debate. Filteau, Jerry Apr 3, 2009 1174
Narrative history of the Wake Forest University biennial argumentation conference (and the "Venice Conference"). Williams, David Cratis; Hazen, Michael David Mar 22, 2009 803
Al Gore's challenge: the former vice president wants the U.S. to stop using fossil fuels to produce electricity by 2018. Is that a realistic goal? Gore, Al; Kreutzer, David W. Jan 12, 2009 589
Intellectual combat: my journey in competitive forensics. Briscoe, Shawn Essay Jan 1, 2009 667
Timebinding lost: readers' forums and the decline of rational debate. Berger, Eva Jan 1, 2009 5781
Intelligent Design and evolution: believers in Intelligent Design have often been scorned as being opposed to science, but science itself is showing that it is the evolutionists who are opposed to rational inquiry. Duke, Selwyn Dec 8, 2008 3594
Pay kids for good grades? Dec 8, 2008 380
Should the U.S. lift its embargo on Cuba? President-elect Obama has said he will consider relaxing the embargo, which has been in place since 1962. Dec 1, 2008 525
Should college football players be paid? Opponents say it would ruin an amateur sport; proponents say college football already seems professional. Lewis, Michael; Williams, Bob Nov 17, 2008 502
Should the U.S. drill for oil offshore? In response to soaring energy prices, Congress lifted a longtime ban but is likely to reconsider the issue next year. Nov 3, 2008 548
Should the U.S. withdraw its troops from Iraq? Five years after the war began, how the U.S. should proceed in Iraq is a major issue in the election. Oct 6, 2008 556
Is the U.S. winning the war on terror? It's been seven years since 9/11 prompted the U.S. war against terrorism. Gelb, Leslie H.; Hadley, Stephen J. Sep 22, 2008 508
Evaluation of body language behavior in a class debate. Yesil, Rustu Report Aug 1, 2008 3780
The great debate. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 207
Enlightening exchange: in this debate, the audience won. Lynn, Barry W. Apr 1, 2008 866
Jews debate anti-gentile prayers. Wecker, Menachem Mar 21, 2008 974
Finding their voice: via an online debate program that models the use of technology to foster collaboration, special needs students are discovering a thing some doubted they had--potential. Boettcher, Judith V. Mar 1, 2008 1296
20th Debate Offers Another Revealing Glimpse of Senator Obama. Mar 1, 2008 473
Slavery: the case for reparations (2). Quartey, Kwesi Feb 1, 2008 4077
Immigration debate goes online. Manneh, Suzanne Jan 25, 2008 489
Rhetoric & composition. Jan 1, 2008 3180
Three objections to the epistemic theory of argument rebutted. Aikin, Scott F. Report Jan 1, 2008 8163
Proleptic argumentation. Walton, Douglas Report Jan 1, 2008 7182
The language of argumentation in Dutch. van Eemeren, Frans H. Report Jan 1, 2008 2110
TODAY'S LETTERS: Scarborough Responds to FAS-FAX Story and 'NYT' Columnists Debate Continues. Staff, E&P Nov 18, 2007 662
U.S. debate about the war misses the Iraqi perspective. Patterson, Margot Aug 3, 2007 988
Effects of Promoting Argumentation on Students' Reasoning in Physics. Eskin, Handan; Ogan-Bekiroglu, Feral Report Apr 1, 2007 196
Revenge of the nerds: an inside look at the teenage subculture that spawned JFK, Bob Shrum, Michael Moore, Karl Rove, and ... Brad Pitt? Broudy, Oliver Nov 1, 2006 3940
COMMISSION'S PLAN D. Brief article Oct 13, 2006 144
On critical dialogues. Phelan, James Editorial Oct 1, 2006 878
Debating skills may be in decline but they remain an important element of management development training. Mayo, Andrew Oct 1, 2006 776
Editors' introduction. Williams, David Cratis; Young, Marilyn J. Sep 22, 2006 343
Teaching argument evaluation using fallacies. Blair, J. Anthony Essay Sep 22, 2006 8500
Listening and intercultural communication: viewing international debate as a means of improving listening effectiveness. Zompetti, Joseph Essay Sep 22, 2006 6251
Navigating dangerous deliberative waters: shallow argument pools, group polarization and public debate pedagogy in Southeast Europe. Mitchell, Gordon R.; Pfister, Damien; Bradatan, Georgeta; Colev, Dejan; Manolova, Tsvetelina; Mitkov Essay May 1, 2006 6337
Reasoning systems in argumentation: selection criteria. Vasiliev, L.G. Essay May 1, 2006 8317
Public speaking pedagogy and democratic citizenship. McGee, Brian R.; McGee, Deborah Socha Essay May 1, 2006 3188
Arguing the world: Bernard-Henri Levy and Anatol Lieven spar on Iraq, Iran, Bush, the neoconservatives, the Cold War, Hamas, Napoleon, Robespierre ... Levy, Bernard-Henri; Lieven, Anatol Apr 1, 2006 5941
AT A GLANCE : MISSED OPPORTUNITIES. Brief article Mar 24, 2006 185
Moving the debate about argumentation pedagogy to the next level: response to Hunt, Meyer, and Lippert. Sellnow, Deanna Jan 1, 2006 2471
From dialectical theory to reflective practice: response to Hunt, Meyer, and Lippert. Polcar, Leah E. Jan 1, 2006 2916
The poverty of poverty: the 'Poverty Wars' and the strange case of Saunders vs. Saunders are the worst way for progressives to look at inequality in Australia. No wonder the neo-cons like it so much. Watts, Rob Aug 1, 2005 2322
Democracy in the 21st century: where have all the ideas gone? Segal, Hugh Jun 22, 2005 1711
The first debate over the debates: how Kennedy and Nixon negotiated the 1960 presidential debates. Self, John W. Jun 1, 2005 7450
Power and force in argumentation: a dialogic response. Tindale, Christopher W. Essay Mar 22, 2005 11979
The debate on Canadian campuses: bringing back democracy and the spirit of scholarship. Stein, Howard; Gal-Or, Noemi Jan 1, 2005 3439
City, county officials push for local focus in debates. Pionke, John Oct 11, 2004 649
Presidental debate: Bush vs Kerry. Interview Oct 1, 2004 3540
Discussion Paper Published on Forensic Services, Audits, Corporate Governance; comments sought. Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 168
In tort reform debate, LR lawyer says consider the source. Taulbee, Chip Aug 16, 2004 425
Party on, dudes! Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 132
Civil discourse. Maxwell, Kay J. Jun 1, 2004 397
Public argument action research and the learning curve of new social movements. Mitchell, Gordon R. Mar 22, 2004 10111
Perceptions of high school opinion leaders about the role of college debaters in the high school debate community. Littlefield, Robert S.; Venette, Steven J. Mar 22, 2004 4318
The socio-political utility of academic debate competition and pedagogy: educating students to be superior advocates for change within the social persuasion movement. Rogers, Jack E. Report Mar 22, 2004 9769
A hundred schools of thought automatically contending. McBurney, Peter; Parsons, Simon Essay Mar 22, 2004 2988
Diversity in United States forensics: a report on research conducted for the American Forensic Association. Allen, Mike; Trejo, Mary; Bartanen, Michael; Schroeder, Anthony; Ulrich, Tammie Jan 1, 2004 6651
My debate at Regent U.: 'Clash of the Titans' (and their action figures). Lynn, Barry W. Dec 1, 2003 822
Proselytism with aid sparks debate: Dulles welcomes evangelical missionaries, though others see more harm than good. Feuerherd, Joe Nov 14, 2003 859
You have great gestures: an analysis of ballot commentary to pedagogical, outcomes. Elmer, Denise; VanHorn, Shannon Borke Sep 22, 2003 7047
How to have a civil debate. (Nelliegrams). Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 103
My romp with a porn star. (Cole's Notes). Cole, Susan G. Jun 22, 2003 702
Who should rebuild Iraq? now that most of the fighting has stopped, who should pick up the pieces? (Debate). May 9, 2003 391
Speaking truth to power: the revolutionary potential of competitive academic debate. Crenshaw, Carrie; Lee, Edward Essay May 1, 2003 1397
Public argument in the nineteenth-century United States. Ray, Angela G. Mar 22, 2003 4588
Are vaccines worth the risk? (Debate). Mar 7, 2003 376
The quality of instructional materials for argumentative knowledge construction. Leutner, Detlev Mar 1, 2003 4441
Introduction. Young, Marilyn J.; Williams, David Cratis Essay Nov 1, 2002 671
Debate and democracy. Zarefsky, David Essay Nov 1, 2002 1405
Argument and environmental advocacy. Cox, J. Robert Essay Nov 1, 2002 1505
The blooming of Balkan public debate. Mitchell, Gordon R. Essay Nov 1, 2002 1505
Debate, competition, and democracy: a gaming perspective. Snider, Alfred C. Essay Nov 1, 2002 1755
A right to discriminate?: Not with my tax dollars. (Perspective). Lynn, Barry W. Oct 1, 2002 878
Critical thinking and logical argument. Duplass, James A.; Ziedler, Dana L. Sep 1, 2002 2331
White paper on televised political campaign debates. Mar 22, 2002 12219
A functional analysis of the 1988 Bush-Dukakis presidential debates. Benoit, William L.; Brazeal, LeAnn M. Mar 22, 2002 8839
Analogues to argument: new media and literacy in a posthuman era. (Review Essay). Warnick, Barbara Mar 22, 2002 5103
Bioethics: A "New" prudence for an emergent paradigm? Bracci, Sharon L. Jan 1, 2002 10446
Ten years of demographics: Who debates in America. Stepp, Pamela L.; Gardner, Beth Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 7154
High school student perceptions of the efficacy of debate participation. Littlefield, Robert S. Statistical Data Included Sep 22, 2001 8676
Applications of rhetorical criticism: An analysis of individual event speeches (1993-2000). Billings, Andrew C.; Birdnow, Jonathan; Parsons, Caroline S. Sep 22, 2001 4261
Forensics education? How the structure and discourse of forensics promotes competition. Burnett, Ann; Brand, Jeffrey; Meister, Mark Sep 22, 2001 5382
Demanding expectations: Surviving and Thriving as a collegiate debate coach. McDonald, Kelly M. Sep 22, 2001 3110
Extending the diversity agenda in forensics: Invisible disabilities and beyond. Shelton, Michael W.; Matthews, Cynthia K. Sep 22, 2001 5708
The Finn--Gronbacher debate. Zanotti, Gabriel J. Essay Sep 22, 2001 1961
FOREWORD: A LONG AND PROUD TRADITION. Reid, Ronald F. Jun 22, 2000 6066
THE EARLY YEARS: RECOLLECTIONS. Freeley, Austin J. Jun 22, 2000 3284
AFA-NIET HISTORY. Yates, Guy; Schnoor, Larry Jun 22, 2000 2529
AFA SUPPORT FOR RESEARCH: JOURNALS AND CONFERENCES. Zarefsky, David; Sillars, Malcolm O. Jun 22, 2000 5985
AFTERWORD: IN RETROSPECTIVE PROSPECT. Parson, Donn W.; Harris, Scott L. Jun 22, 2000 4038
AFA HISTORY: SOME BIBLIOGRAPHICAL SUGGESTIONS. Sanders, Gerald H.; Reid, Ronald F. Jun 22, 2000 1650
"A plain public road": evaluating arguments for democracy in a post-metaphysical world. Hartnett, Stephen; Ramsey, Eric Ramsey Jan 1, 1999 11549
Naive theories of argument: avoiding interpersonal arguments or cutting them short. Hample, Dale; Benoit, Pamela J.; Houston, Josh; Purifoy, Gloria; VanHyfte, Vanessa; Wardwell, Cy Jan 1, 1999 5211
Pedagogical possibilities for argumentative agency in academic debate. Mitchell, Gordon R. Sep 22, 1998 11260
Teaching argumentation existentially: augmentation pedagogy and theories of rhetoric as epistemic. Gehrke, Pat J. Sep 22, 1998 6279
Knowledge and performance in argument: disciplinary and proto-theory. Lyne, John Jun 22, 1998 3893
The aesthetic turn and the rhetorical perspective on argumentation. Greene, Ronald Walter Jun 22, 1998 6681
Response to Lyne, Hariman, and Greene. Scott, Robert L. Jun 22, 1998 1093
Standpoint explicitness and persuasive effect: a meta-analytic review of the effects of varying conclusion articulation in persuasive messages. O'Keefe, Daniel J. Jun 22, 1997 6825
Argument within a scientific debate: the case of the DRD2 A1 allele as a gene for alcoholism. Wastyn, Ronald O.; Wastyn, M. Linda Jun 22, 1997 8953
The 1997 Alta conference: Twenty years in the making. Rhodes, Jack Jun 22, 1997 1456
The Alta conference: negotiating the disciplinary and cross-disciplinary study of argumentation. Gronbeck, Bruce E. Jun 22, 1997 1923
Generative rhetoric and public argument: a classical approach. Zulick, Margaret D. Jan 1, 1997 6176
Extending the conversation: continuity and change with debate and forensics organization entering the 21st century. McDonald, Kelly Michael Sep 22, 1996 1452
"Speak a new world!" The Cross Examination Debate Association. Simerly, Greg Sep 22, 1996 718
Good people speaking well: Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha. Burnett, Ann Sep 22, 1996 689
Phi Rho Pi. Fugate, Amy Lee Sep 22, 1996 903
Pi Kappa Delta. Littlefield, Robert S. Sep 22, 1996 572
Producing identities: gender problematization and feminist argumentation. Bruner, M. Lane Mar 22, 1996 8030
Transcending our conception of argument in light of feminist critiques. Fulkerson, Richard Mar 22, 1996 12224
Argument fields as arenas of discursive struggle: argument fields and Pierre Bourdieu's theory of social practice. Prosise, Theodore O.; Miller, Greg R.; Mills, Jordan P. Jan 1, 1996 10548
Arlen Specter and the construction of adversarial discourse: selective representation in the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings. Armstrong, S. Ashley Sep 22, 1995 8806
AIDS activism and the rejuvenation of the public sphere. Fabj, Valeria; Sobnosky, Matthew J. Mar 22, 1995 12666
Learning public deliberation through the critique of institutional argument. Doxtader, Erik Mar 22, 1995 11266
Reconstructing debates of the Quebec Legislative Assembly from 1907 to 1962. Saint-Pierre, Jocelyn Mar 22, 1995 2535
The case for using nontraditional judges in forensic contests. Bartanen, Michael D. Mar 22, 1994 3573
Do good teacher's flunk kids? Ubelhart, Marie E.; Walkup, Pam Mar 1, 1994 1312

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