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Foreign schools request Japanese subsidy

KOBE, June 1 Kyodo

An association comprising seven foreign schools in Hyogo Prefecture asked the Education Ministry on Monday to improve the treatment of foreign schools in Japan, including a request for public subsidy.

Lin Tong-chun, head of the Association of Foreign Schools in Hyogo Prefecture, handed the request to Takashi Kosugi, acting chairman of the Policy Research Council of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, at the party's headquarters in Tokyo. The document is addressed to Education Minister Nobutaka Machimura.

Citing the importance of respecting education that teaches national cultures and traditions, the association asked the ministry to allow graduates of foreign high schools in Japan to take entrance exams for national and public universities.

Foreign schools in Japan, including those attended by ethnic Koreans, are not recognized by the ministry as meeting standards required for their students to take entrance tests at national or local public universities.

Members of the association are the Canadian Academy, Kobe Chinese School, German School Kobe, St. Michael's International School, Marist Brothers International School, the Norwegian School of Lutheran International Schools, and Hyogo Korean Schools. The association was founded in July 1995.

Lin is also head of Kobe Chinese School.
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Publication:Japan Weekly Monitor
Date:Jun 8, 1998
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