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VOA - A Biased, Sentimental Recollection. Brown, Philip Personal account Feb 1, 2021 1395
Perceiving different Chinas: paradigm change in the "personalized journalism" of elite U.S. journalists, 1976-1989. Song, Yunya; Lee, Chin-chuan Report Aug 1, 2016 8958
Why foreign news matters: why do we focus so often on the negative? And what stories do we miss when we do? Pitman, Todd Essay Jan 1, 2016 813
Whose story won? Public diplomacy and international news coverage of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla/Mavi Marmara raid/Kimin Hikayesi Kazandi? 2010 Gazze Filosu/Mavi marmara baskininin uluslararasi haber medyasinda ele alinisi ve kamu diplomasisi. Bayram, Salih Report Mar 22, 2015 11143
The structural organization of NGO publicity work: explaining divergent publicity strategies at humanitarian and human rights organizations. Powers, Matthew Report Jan 1, 2014 8207
Domesticating the alien in press translation. Comaneci, Catalina Report Jan 1, 2014 4845
Gallup's Top 10 World News Findings of 2013; Global employment and engagement among top 2013 discoveries. Ray, Julie Brief article Dec 27, 2013 143
Foreign news as a marketable power display: foreign disaster reporting by the Chinese local media. Wang, Haiyan; Lee, Francis L.F.; Wang, Bess Y. Report Mar 1, 2013 9143
They're covering the world on spit and glue. Lowry, Brian Column Feb 14, 2011 712
Overseas coverage and local reactions: a case study of media coverage, translation, and conflict. Tang, Jun Case study Jan 1, 2011 7365
Retreating from the world. Enda, Jodi Dec 22, 2010 11366
Into Africa--with a newspaper in Iowa: with International Reporting Project support, 'my story reminded Iowans that it's not just the large coastal papers that bring them news from abroad'. Beeman, Perry Sep 22, 2010 1397
The sometimes bumpy nonprofit ride into digital foreign correspondence. Sawyer, Jon Sep 22, 2010 1555
It's not like it used to be: just a dozen years ago, the International Reporting Project's approach was very different. Then, it trained staff reporters hoping to head to foreign bureaus; now it supports story ideas, many of them from freelancers. Schidlovsky, John Sep 22, 2010 1542
Correspondents: they come in different shapes and sizes: a BBC correspondent describes the benefits of three approaches to foreign news coverage--with caveats accompanying each one. Reynolds, James Sep 22, 2010 2938
Should local voices bring us foreign news? Larsen, Solana Sep 22, 2010 1218
'It's the audience, stupid!' Using a new approach to storytelling 'we managed to broaden our audience, expand our coverage and--this is critical--not "dumb down" in the process.'. Balinska, Maria Sep 22, 2010 1644
Iran: news happens, but fewer journalists are there to report it: in a time of global engagement--economic, political, environmental, energy and health, to name a few--budget cuts at news organizations severely limit foreign news coverage. Seibel, Mark Essay Jun 22, 2009 1222
The virtual Iran beat: 'speaking Farsi helps expand our ability to gather news. It means we can tap into a more extensive network and speak to more Iranians, even if we're not based in Tehran.'. Niknejad, Kelly Golnoush Jun 22, 2009 2145
Shoptalk: A Foreign Concept? Fitzgerald, Mark Column May 1, 2009 782
Perceptional differences of international news: Western media influence on non-Western media. Turan, Aykut Hamit; Colakoglu, Selcuk; Colakoglu, Bengu Emine Report Apr 1, 2009 6855
Web news aggregation: conjuring trick or brave news world? Dover, Mic Jul 1, 2007 2771
News may still be new, but nothing is "foreign". MacEachern, Doug Editorial Jun 22, 2006 451
World issues in our own backyards. Perkins, Bill Jun 22, 2006 879
International vigilance mandatory. Walton, Thomas Jun 22, 2006 725
Get interested in the world, and don't let the story get away. Turner, Troy Jun 22, 2006 938
Where the Media Do Badly--and Well. Geyer, Georgie Anne Nov 1, 2004 782
Wonderland. Williams, Patricia J. Oct 18, 2004 1009
Foreign relations: journalists from afar are dismayed by the end of a convention mainstay. Hull, Dana Oct 1, 2004 807
Thinking big: covering major international stories can pay significant dividends for regional newspapers. Guzzo, Glenn Jun 1, 2004 1239
The impact of Middle East pictures and words. (International Journalism). Sep 22, 2002 477
Photographic images can be misunderstood; `I had hoped people would view this boy from Ain el-Helweh as I had seen him, a tiny tragic figure.' (International journalism: Middle East). Kealy, Courtney Sep 22, 2002 1720
Arriving at judgments in selecting photos: at the Oregonian, key questions help to frame decisions about images of Mideast violence. (International journalism: Middle East). Rasmussen, Randy L. Sep 22, 2002 1429
Expanding the lens on coverage of the Middle East: by judging a newspaper's visual coverage over a long period of time, bias becomes less apparent. (International journalism: Middle East). Rogers, Dick Sep 22, 2002 1432
Images lead to varying perceptions: `in photographs in which we, as journalists, saw danger, some readers saw deception.' (International journalism: Middle East). Kornmiller, Debbie Sep 22, 2002 1548
Deciding on an emotion-laden photograph for page one: when an image reflects `a crucial moment in a course of events,' editors make the decision to publish it. (International journalism: Middle East). Larkin, Michael Brief Article Sep 22, 2002 391
Covering the Intifada: a hazardous beat; photographers and journalists come under gunfire while reporting on the conflict. (International journalism: Middle East). Campagna, Joel Sep 22, 2002 1985
The minefield of language in Middle East coverage: journalists rarely have the time or space to navigate through the war of words. (International journalism: Middle East). Wall, Beverly Sep 22, 2002 859
Do words and pictures from the Middle East matter? A journalist from the region argues that U.S. policy is not affected by the way news is reported. (International journalism: Middle East). Khouri, Rami G. Sep 22, 2002 976
Letters. Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 2433
Midnight madness: A discouraging episode for network news. (Top of the Review). Kunkel, Thomas Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 777
The Newsweeklies: New and 'Improved'? Grenier, Cynthia Feb 1, 2002 2216
Scooping the national press. Perron, Steve Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 674
Foreign news, what fore foreign news?: Compassion Fatigue. By Prof Susan Moeller. Published by Routledge (New York and London). (Book Review). Akol, Jacob Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 841
Rediscovering the world: September 11 showed all too clearly what a terrible mistake it was for America's news media to largely ignore foreign news. Ginsberg, Thomas Jan 1, 2002 3157
Reporting international news in a serious way: coverage needs to reflect `the same values that are given to reporting news at home.' (Coverage of Terrorism). Woo, William F. Brief Article Dec 22, 2001 927
Freelancers' vital role in international reporting: with the rise of media conglomerates, foreign news has been shoved aside. (Coverage of Terrorism). Thayer, Nate Dec 22, 2001 2352
Asking probing questions in a time of national crisis: are journalists asking `the right question?' (Coverage of Terrorism). Dec 22, 2001 4623
Reporting to a Western audience about the Islamic world: American journalists often lack training, knowledge and sensitivity needed to tell these stories. (Coverage of Terrorism). Abdo, Geneive Dec 22, 2001 1392
The View from Down Under. KUNKEL, THOMAS Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 795
MISSING: THE BIAS IMPLICIT IN THE ABSENT. Dunsky, Marda Jun 22, 2001 12373
Grades 9-12: Reinforce foreign-language skills with an international news unit. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 269
Don't let policy limit foreign trips. FULLER JR., HARRY E. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 614
Africa & the Western media. VERSI, ANVER Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 814
Some Selections from James Ridgeway's Guide to Finding News From Far-Flung Places: The really World Wide Web. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 301
Foreign investment. Pollack, Joe Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 360
The Ebbing of Foreign News. Colorito, Rita May 1, 2000 2416
The Ebbing of Foreign News - International News Around the World. Colorito, Rita May 1, 2000 373
MAIN ECONOMIC EVENTS - 1999. Apr 1, 2000 4976
More Windows on the World. Strupp, Joe Statistical Data Included Mar 13, 2000 2957
The World according to Keesings. com. Spruill, Barbara Feb 1, 2000 1237
Freedom of the Press. PILLAI, M.G.G. Dec 22, 1999 1548
Editorial writers expand their horizons. Albright, Susan Brief Article Sep 22, 1999 609
DEJA VU TIME. Brief Article Sep 6, 1999 113
Rwanda, Kosovo lost in O.J., Monica turmoil. Wolper, Allan Brief Article May 1, 1999 650
Can Business Reporting Become a Positive New Force In Foreign News Coverage? Mar 22, 1999 666
Global means local. Kirtz, Bill Mar 1, 1999 1097
U.S. press loses touch with the world. Wagner, Cynthia G. Mar 1, 1999 599
Crash course on the world. Seamans, Geoff Jun 22, 1998 566
International News Does Matter. Winship, Tom May 9, 1998 874
Bring back the junkets! Gergen, David R. Brief Article Mar 2, 1998 673
The foreign report - even more vital. Shuster, Alvin Jun 22, 1997 1598
What about the other Africa? Ogundimu, Folu; Sly, Liz Mar 22, 1997 3400
Rift repaired? Jones, Stacy Jan 25, 1997 620
FT Information, KRI, Dow Jones co-develop global news source. Jan 1, 1997 480
Fear, journalism, and democracy. Eng, Peter Sep 22, 1996 3631
Screening out the files. Campbell, Larry Sep 22, 1996 1830
Regional language press thriving. Parekh, Vikram Sep 22, 1996 2802
Message to hispanic press. Fitzgerald, Mark Jul 6, 1996 755
Black press for sale: the Nigerian government buys cover. McKissack, Frederick L. Jun 1, 1996 1835
Overseas assistance: what work, what doesn't. Winship, Thomas Column May 13, 1995 882
Expect more TV news from abroad. Prato, Lou Column Dec 1, 1994 803
Current events, newsmakers, and more: ABC-CLIO's EXEGY. Product Announcement Nov 1, 1994 286
Cuba and the American media. Hellinger, Dan Sep 1, 1994 1673
The "cheaper solution." (freelancers covering foreign news) (includes related article about the foreign bureaus of various news organizations) Hess, Stephen Apr 1, 1994 1911
Where executives get their news. Anable, David; Hamilton, John Maxwell Dec 22, 1992 2013
Americans lag behind in international-intercultural coverage. Padgett, George E. Column Jul 11, 1992 1390
Blame it on the media. Cammarota, Aldo Jul 1, 1991 528
Wire services rank Iraqi invasion of Kuwait top story. Jan 5, 1991 631
Desert Fox no match for Desert FAX. Nelson, Milo Nov 1, 1990 1412
In freedom's name. Cockburn, Alexander column Dec 11, 1989 2138
Foreign news: a casual disinterest. Davis, Paul M. Apr 1, 1989 1283
Middle East notebook: tales from the war zone. Stern, Jonathan Feb 1, 1989 2501
The case of Robert Leiken. Cockburn, Alexander column Dec 28, 1985 769
Nicaragua; news from nowhere. Cockburn, Alexander column Dec 28, 1985 613
Beat the devil; remember El Salvador? Cockburn, Alexander column Jun 1, 1985 1947

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