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Foreign investment sought to boost Eastern Germany.

Foreign Investment Sought To Boost Eastern Germany

How long will it take to integrate the old DDR into the Federal Republic's economic system? About five years, according to Jurgen Mollermann, the nation's economics minister.

"The train of development in eastern Germany is slowly gathering steam," he recently told a gathering at a town hall meeting in Rochlitz. "This region is going to blossom and become our link to all of eastern and southern Europe."

Mollermann hopes to attract investment from the USA and Japan as well as other European countries. He cited three reasons why eastern Germany is a good business bet: "First is that the demand is greater than ever and is still growing. Second, people here have high standards, and will produce and buy good products and good services. Third, we have the strategic location. In 20 years, Germany, and especially this region, will be the crossroads of a united Europe."

The minister pointed out that Germany ranks as Europe's strongest economy. "There are two especially important reasons," he explained. "First, everything here is modern. Our country was totally destroyed in the war, and all of our factories had to be built new.

"The second reason is education. We connect the world of school to the world of work, and then we stress life-long learning to keep the quality level always improving."
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Title Annotation:News and Notes from Germany
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Date:Oct 1, 1991
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