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Unfair for people paying into system. Nov 25, 2021 152
International organizations have a key role to play in tackling global issues. Sara Al-Mulla Nov 24, 2021 1018
TORY AID CUTS 'UNDERMINED CLIMATE CALLS' Miliband slams 'disappointed' PM for COP26 fail. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Senior Political Correspondent Nov 15, 2021 361
NOT MUCH COP; World leaders disappointed at deal after India & China watered down agreement Tory party cuts to overseas aid 'undermined calls for climate finance to be stepped up'. RACHEL WEARMOUTH Nov 15, 2021 396
Nations agree deal setting rules for carbon markets. SARAH GLUBB Nov 14, 2021 380
Trade not aid: A dignified way out of poverty for us. Nov 12, 2021 727
World shouldn't ignore poor economic situation in Afghanistan minister. Nov 10, 2021 240
Op-Ed: An Enduring Development Partnership. Nov 3, 2021 1008
Competitive Authoritarianism and Pakistan. Nov 2, 2021 1013
Finance Ministry Tight-Lipped on 'Tense' IMF Talks. Oct 31, 2021 697
Insecurity: Cleric Admonishes FG To Seek Foreign Assistance. Oct 30, 2021 632
Rishi Sunak extends Tory cut to foreign aid that broke his own manifesto; The Chancellor opened his 2021 Budget speech in the Commons with a promise to create a 'stronger economy of the future'. By, Aletha Adu Oct 27, 2021 256
Lacson to gov't: Update database to ensure P1-B aid will benefit all PUV drivers. Oct 27, 2021 423
UK to increase foreign aid spending by 2024 -- but delay could cost lives. Christopher Hamill-Stewart Oct 27, 2021 539
Finance ministry tight-lipped on 'tense' IMF talks. Oct 26, 2021 696
Last week, casualties in Afghanistan fall to record low. Ahmad Shah Erfanyar Oct 23, 2021 1030
Saudi Arabia to lead presidency of UNOCHA donor countries in 2022. Ghadi Joudah Oct 20, 2021 261
FG Solicits Foreign Assistance On Disaster Risk Reduction. Oct 13, 2021 713
Rishi Sunak under fire over 'shocking' plan to 'recycle' IMF cash as foreign aid; Senior Tory Andrew Mitchell said move to save Treasury cash will have "devastating impact" on the world's poorest and send "terrible message about global Britain". By, Rachel Wearmouth Oct 11, 2021 423
Using foreign aid to come out of vicious cycle of poverty. Ahsan Nisar Oct 10, 2021 653
900 million refugee crisis package. Editorial Oct 1, 2021 576
EBRD, EIB & EU aid Egypt. Oct 1, 2021 372
Gulf bail out for Jordan. Oct 1, 2021 352
Nepal and foreign aid. Sep 29, 2021 1162
DiplomaticQuarter: Vietnam envoy to Riyadh thanks KSrelief chief for pandemic aid. Arab News Sep 29, 2021 328
PM's address at UNGA widely hailed in KP. Sep 27, 2021 1044
Palestine's finance minister warns financial situation is likely to further deteriorate unless Israel releases tax funds. Sep 24, 2021 244
Int'l community needs to show 'big heart' for shoring up Afghans' economy. Sep 24, 2021 737
Palestine's finance minister warns financial situation is likely to further deteriorate unless Israel releases tax funds. Sep 22, 2021 254
Afghanistan: is there light at the end of the tunnel? Sep 19, 2021 994
Influential U.S. Congressman to rally support for Liberia Second MCC bid. Sep 16, 2021 620
Taliban thank world for vowing aid, implore US to show 'heart'. Sep 15, 2021 673
Taliban thank world for promised aid, urge US to show 'heart'. Sep 15, 2021 702
UN chief pleads for 'lifeline' for Afghanistan, engagement with Taliban. Sep 14, 2021 828
As West ponders aid for Afghanistan, China and Pakistan quick to provide relief. Sep 13, 2021 267
'War on terror' has cost Pakistan more than $150bn in losses since 9|11, officials say. Khurshid Ahmed Sep 12, 2021 1141
Immediate steps urged to address humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Pajhwok Report ÇÄ Sep 12, 2021 463
BDF praised. Sep 7, 2021 185
Afghanistan, economy and the Taliban. Sep 5, 2021 621
Challenges to the Taliban. Wali Ejaz Nekokara Sep 4, 2021 1032
Foreign aid groups in Afghanistan navigate Taliban rule. Sep 3, 2021 763
Taliban prepare to announce new Afghan government amid economic turmoil. Reuters News Service Sep 2, 2021 873
Federal Pell Grant Program of the Higher Education Act: Primer. Dortch, Cassandria Report Sep 1, 2021 16701
Crisis pushes Afghanistan's economy closer to the brink. Aug 31, 2021 1073
The G7 should make an offer of $8bn aid for Afghan education.. and it should come on one condition - that girls' rights are upheld; AS FINAL UK PLANE LEAVES AFGHANISTAN, GORDON BROWN URGES TALIBAN NOT TO PERSECUTE THOSE IN COUNTRY Former PM suggests payment over 20 years to protect Afghan women. John Ferguson Aug 29, 2021 617
Gordon Brown: 'G7 must commit $8bn to Afghan education as every child counts'; The former Prime Minister has told the Sunday Mirror that he has been horrified by the scenes of people fleeing from Kabul airport but we also need to focus on helping the troubled country's youth. By, Gordon Brown Aug 28, 2021 803
Two ministries cause Aids Commission to lose $20m. Aug 26, 2021 437
UAE's foreign aid totalled $56bn from 2010 to 2021. Aug 25, 2021 529
Deprived of foreign aid, Afghanistan's new Taliban rulers face an uphill economic battle. Frank Kane Aug 23, 2021 1486
House calls for tighter measures against foreign interference in local policy making. Aug 22, 2021 664
Brits pull together to help Afghan refugees fleeing Kabul -here's how you can too; As scores of Afghans desperately flee in the aftermath of the Taliban takeover, foreign aid organisations have been collecting donations to help provide essential support. By, Matthew Dresch & Ryan Merrifield & William Walker Aug 20, 2021 1364
Afghan instability to hit Pakistan exports, investment. Aug 20, 2021 239
Aid and debt. Rafia Zakaria Aug 18, 2021 1002
Foreign aid - boon or bane. Aug 12, 2021 439
CHR urges protection, aid for the homeless amid Metro Manila lockdown. Aug 7, 2021 468
Why Africa must move beyond aid. Ashun-Sarpy, Abigail; Lawson, Jean-Philip Aug 1, 2021 1520
PAC points out 'discrepancies' in Covid-19 aid distribution. Jul 26, 2021 359
US needs better foreign aid. Jul 26, 2021 817
Legislators rebel, but Johnson wins vote to cut foreign aid. Jul 25, 2021 832
'Summer of discontent is on the horizon for Boris Johnson as his poll ratings plunge'; The Tories are blundering and the vaccine bounce is wearing off amid rows over pay rises for nurses and police officers, as well as cuts to foreign aid and the planned undoing of the pensions triple lock. By, Keir Mudie Jul 24, 2021 550
Legal fight on 'catastrophic' foreign aid cuts. DAN BLOOM Jul 17, 2021 246
British MPs backed APS4-billion cut to UK foreign aid budget. Jul 16, 2021 902
Italy sends medical aid to Tunisia to combat COVID-19. Francesco Bongarrà Jul 16, 2021 246
Boris Johnson's deadly cuts to the world's poorest set to face High Court battle; The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has taken the first step towards fighting the foreign aid budget cuts in the High Court -arguing they weren't passed in a lawful fashion. By, Dan Bloom Jul 16, 2021 402
Your Poem. Arthur Lowe Jul 15, 2021 300
Foreign aid vote shames Government, says Major. Jul 14, 2021 468
More slavery more hunger more death.. Fury at Tories' cruel cut to foreign aid budget. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jul 14, 2021 381
Deadly coronavirus wave puts privileged and ordinary Tunisians alike at risk. Kateryna Kadabashy Jul 14, 2021 1392
The G20 faces three big tests. Jul 13, 2021 712
Foreign aid to fade away if corruption not curtailed: Ghani. Javid Ahmad Jul 13, 2021 406
Philanthropists To Partly Cover UK Foreign Aid Cut. Jul 12, 2021 297
It is important to give help to those in need; NEIL PARISH. Jul 8, 2021 438
Reps Task FG To Seek Foreign Assistance Over Insecurity. Jul 6, 2021 1338
Rebels demand BoJo foreign aid U-turn. PIPPA CRERAR Jul 5, 2021 218
UK PM mulls backtracking on foreign aid cuts amid backbench rebellion. Arab News Jul 4, 2021 673
'Aid addiction' hampered Pakistan's economic growth PM. Jul 1, 2021 254
G7 infrastructure initiative will struggle to compete with China: The G7's new infrastructure initiative cannot succeed unless it is based on a positive vision of transformational development in Africa and across the world, argue Hannah Ryder and Ovigwe Eguegu. Ryder, Hannah; Eguegu, Ovigwe Jul 1, 2021 1146
Foreign aid hand-wringing. Jun 29, 2021 303
PM Muhyiddin announces RM150b 'Pemulih' package as additional stimulus to fuel recovery. Jun 28, 2021 539
MP clashes with Boris over cut to foreign aid. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Jun 25, 2021 437
Your Views. Jun 23, 2021 347
Time has shown foreign aid benefits us, too. Jun 23, 2021 208
A wealthy country - but millions still in poverty; view point. Jun 22, 2021 223
How foreign aid for medicine yields big economic returns. Jun 20, 2021 844
Lebanese army calls for Arab, foreign aid as cash crisis deepens. NAJIA HOUSSARI Jun 18, 2021 636
How will UK foreign aid cuts impact Bangladesh? Jun 18, 2021 903
Geldof should get real on foreign aid; Letters. Jun 17, 2021 209
We owe it to world's poor; DM1ST TUESDAY 15.06.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER Jun 15, 2021 232
'Cutting foreign aid bad for Britain's reputation'. Jun 14, 2021 233
Aid cuts will hurt poor countries and blemish UK's standing. Jun 13, 2021 819
The paradoxes of the Bangladesh miracle. Jun 13, 2021 931
Foreign aid cut wounds my pride; DM1ST SATURDAY 12.06.2021 DAILY MIRROR 21 BRIAN READE Frank and fearless... (and funny). BRIAN READE Jun 12, 2021 154
Foreign aid cut wounds my pride. BRIAN READE Frank and fearless... (and funny) Jun 12, 2021 160
Rebels wrong on foreign aid; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Jun 11, 2021 660
Good governance through sustained development. Jun 10, 2021 833
Do honourable thing and scrap cuts to foreign aid. Jun 10, 2021 551
Boris Johnson urged to scrap Royal Yacht and use the money for foreign aid on eve of G7 summit; Boris Johnson has been urged to scrap the mooted plans for a new Royal Yacht Brittania and instead maintain the 0.7 per cent commitment on overseas aid. Alexander Brown Jun 10, 2021 617
Tory foreign aid outrage. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jun 9, 2021 212
$16b to be borrowed to retire debts in FY22. Jun 9, 2021 731
'Grotesque inequalities' at home should take precedence over foreign aid spending, says levelling up advisor; Boris Johnson's levelling up advisor has defended the cut to foreign aid spending, saying "grotesque inequalities" in this country need to take precedence. Tom Richmond Jun 9, 2021 466
Foreign aid missing point. Jun 9, 2021 158
China dispatches vaccine, syringe aid to 66 countries. Jun 9, 2021 268
Foreign aid decision shows popularity trumps what is right - Alexander Brown; Boris Johnson was spared a humiliating defeat yesterday after the Speaker failed to select an amendment over his cuts to foreign aid. Alexander Brown Jun 8, 2021 399
Foreign aid fury; RECORD VIEW. Jun 8, 2021 156
Davidson blasts BoJo over foreign aid. TORCUIL CRICHTON Jun 8, 2021 257
Foreign aid cut sends wrong signal to world. Jun 8, 2021 328
Foreign aid rebel Tory MPs could shame PM. PIPPA CRERAR Political Editor Jun 8, 2021 204
UK Government labelled 'cynical and cruel' after Downing Street say MPs won't get to vote on foreign aid cut; The UK Government has been labelled "cynical and cruel" after Downing Street insisted there were "no plans" to have MPs vote on the foreign aid cut. Alexander Brown Jun 8, 2021 378
UK MPs slam denial of vote on foreign aid cut. Arab News Jun 8, 2021 517
Aid cuts 'will cast a shadow' over the G7 summit. Jun 7, 2021 218
'Jabs know no borders -we're all in this together or we're all in danger'; A poll showing the vast majority of Brits backing helping other nations with their vaccine challenges is in stark contrast to cynical Tory aid cuts. By, Voice of the Mirror Jun 7, 2021 351
UK Government warned 'hundreds of thousands' will die after speaker blocks amendment on foreign aid; The UK Government has been warned "hundreds of thousands" will die after the speaker rejected calls for a vote on foreign aid cuts. Alexander Brown Jun 7, 2021 599
All 30 Tory rebels defying Boris Johnson's aid cuts that 'will kill thousands'; Ex-Cabinet minister David Davis warned 'thousands will die' due to the foreign aid cuts -as Boris Johnson braces for a Commons showdown tonight. By, Dan Bloom Jun 7, 2021 862
UK MPs 'cautiously optimistic' over bid to reverse planned foreign aid cuts. Arab News Jun 6, 2021 489
Charities, former ministers slam 'shameful' planned UK aid cuts. Arab News Jun 6, 2021 675
Boris Johnson faces humiliating Tory revolt over 'cruel' aid cuts for world's poorest; Rebel MPs are 'cautiously optimistic' they can defeat the Government over plans to slash foreign aid spending -as the PM prepares to meet world leaders at the G7 summit. By, Ben Glaze Jun 6, 2021 543
UK govt told aid cuts threaten 55,000 Syrian women fleeing abuse. Arab News Jun 5, 2021 431
PM Imran urges rich states to take responsibility of climate change, aid poorer countries. Jun 5, 2021 558
UK aid cut rebellion builds momentum as former PM intervenes. Arab News Jun 4, 2021 597
Yorkshire MP David Davis says Boris Johnson must keep promises on foreign aid as Theresa May joins rebellion; A senior Yorkshire Conservative MP says the Government must keep to its promise of spending 0.7 per cent of national income on foreign aid if it "wants a truly global Britain". Rob Parsons Jun 3, 2021 540
Parliament vote could undo plan to slash UK foreign aid budget. Arab News Jun 3, 2021 524
Boris Johnson hit by Tory revolt over foreign aid cuts that mean 'women will die'; Top Tories David Davis, Jeremy Hunt, Tobias Ellwood, Andrew Mitchell and Tom Tugendhat are among those joining forces to demand the PM ends his savage cuts. By, Richard Wheeler & Dan Bloom Jun 3, 2021 822
U.S. Funding for International Conservation and Biodiversity. Sheikh, Pervaze A.; Brown, Nick M.; Morgenstern, Emily M.; O'Regan, Katarina C.; Lattanzio, Richard Jun 1, 2021 12273
Pakistan received $3.1b Covid assistance. May 29, 2021 432
Hungary offers $700-M export financing to PH. May 19, 2021 512
G7 provides APS276 million humanitarian assistance to northeast. May 10, 2021 608
Aid cut shame as India suffers; DM1ST TUESDAY 04.05.2021 DAILY MIRROR 39 YOUR VOICE Edited by FIONA PARKER. FIONA PARKER May 4, 2021 591
Time to Rethink Development Assistance in the Sahel. Wentling, Mark May 1, 2021 2280
India COVID deaths climb again as global aid flown in. Apr 30, 2021 801
More child labor, less security if UK aid cuts go ahead: NGOs. Christopher Hamill-Stewart Apr 29, 2021 666
Japan to give grant aid to Africa, Latin America for vaccine supply. MENA Apr 28, 2021 229
UK foreign minister faces calls to release legal advice on aid cuts. Arab News Apr 27, 2021 358
EU says will 'respond rapidly' to assist COVID-hit India. Apr 25, 2021 213
Bill Gates demands UK reverse foreign aid cuts amid 'critical' vaccine rollout; The billionaire philanthropist called for the UK to restore aid spending to 0.7% of national income as he warned of the importance of getting jabs to the world's poorest. By, Lizzy Buchan Apr 25, 2021 506
U.S. to double public climate finance to developing countries by 2024. Reuters News Service Apr 22, 2021 391
Growing upbeat in Pak-German ties. Syed Qamar Afzal Rizvi Apr 22, 2021 1007
Tweah seeks increased assistance to Africa. Apr 21, 2021 731
UK slashes foreign aid to China by 95% to less than £1m amid deepening tensions; Dominic Raab confirmed plans to reduce the overseas development assistance to Beijing to just £900,000. By, Caitlin Doherty & Lizzy Buchan Apr 21, 2021 495
The Sensible Border Fix Protectionists Will Hate. Apr 19, 2021 876
US commits more economic assistance to PH. Apr 16, 2021 1238
QC set to provide Ramadan relief assistance for Rohingya refugees. Apr 14, 2021 338
Real Estate Operators Should Seek Foreign Aid To Boost Economy -Ajayi. Apr 14, 2021 1335
SNP will give PS5m extra to foreign aid funds. Apr 13, 2021 214
Rising economic inequality. Apr 6, 2021 326
The Venezuela Regional Humanitarian Crisis and COVID-19. Margesson, Rhoda; Seelke, Clare Ribando Apr 1, 2021 1563
Field: Vaccines save lives, no one is safe until everyone is safe. Mar 25, 2021 206
Uhuru: Magufuli taught us that Africa can succeed without foreign aid. Mar 23, 2021 588
Chinese Characters. Goldman, David P. Mar 22, 2021 1841
Govt debt totals 59pc of FY21 budget in 7 months. Mar 21, 2021 179
UK told foreign aid cut could be 'unlawful'. Arab News Mar 21, 2021 632
Africa will only develop with upright leadership. Mar 17, 2021 591
What We Are Reading Today: The Frontlines of Peace. Arab News Mar 15, 2021 206
How a 'feminist' foreign policy would change the world. Mar 14, 2021 590
Spain approves EUR11 billion in aid to virus-hit firms. Mar 12, 2021 425
American, United Airlines Cancel Around 27,000 Furloughs. Mar 11, 2021 287
Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 bill wins final approval in House. Reuters News Service Mar 10, 2021 856
UK foreign aid cuts may not get parliamentary vote. Arab News Mar 8, 2021 625
UK plans to slash foreign aid spending. Mar 7, 2021 187
Insecurity: Plateau Ex-Speaker Urges FG To Seek Foreign Assistance. Mar 3, 2021 557
UK government may try to avoid vote on foreign aid cuts. Arab News Mar 2, 2021 417
G20 Finance Chiefs Meet On Covid Recovery, Aid To Poor Countries. Feb 26, 2021 201
Al-Sisi directs government to enhance performance of social aid mechanism. Daily News Egypt Feb 25, 2021 202
US Restoration of Foreign Aid to Ethiopia Signals New Course. Feb 25, 2021 916
Biden moves foreign aid up the US priority list. Kerry Boyd Anderson Feb 23, 2021 1038
China Decides to Provide Vaccine aid for Africa. Feb 20, 2021 463
Covid-19 and debate on foreign aid. Feb 11, 2021 874
Egypt's continues providing aid to world to fight COVID-19 pandemic. Walaa Ali Feb 10, 2021 718
Eslick: USAID's goal is to help BiH function without foreign assistance. Feb 3, 2021 386
Biden to meet Republicans who propose lesser virus aid. Madhani, By Aamer; Mascaro, Lisa; Press, Josh Boak Associated Feb 2, 2021 1130
China's ambassador to Zimbabwe assures access to Chinese COVID-19 vaccine soon. Feb 2, 2021 205
China's ambassador to Zimbabwe assures access to Chinese COVID-19 vaccine soon. Feb 2, 2021 201
China Pledges More COVID-19 Vaccines To Developing Countries. Feb 1, 2021 333
Arab League chief urges EU to play vital role in reviving peace process. Mohamed Abdallah Jan 27, 2021 406
Boris Johnson accused of 'abandoning global moral leadership' by Theresa May; She said her successor as PM failed to honour British values by threatening to break international law in Brexit trade talks and tearing up the foreign aid target. By, Oliver Milne Jan 20, 2021 451
Croatia could receive extra Covid-19 vaccines from EU after earthquake. Jan 16, 2021 231
China's Belt and Road Initiative to benefit African countries: Ambassador. Shaimaa Al-Aees Jan 11, 2021 400
Foreign aid critical to global security. Jan 9, 2021 200
Security: Ekweremadu Urges FG To Seek Foreign Assistance. Jan 7, 2021 945
Climate Change Risk Mitigation by U.S. Foreign Assistance Agencies. Brown, Nick M.; Morgenstern, Emily M. Report Jan 1, 2021 5966
TOP NEWS: Trump Signs US Coronavirus Relief Bill And Federal Budget. Dec 28, 2020 446
With Stimulus Package Signed, Southwest Cancels Plans for Layoffs. Dec 28, 2020 332
With Stimulus Package Signed, Southwest Cancels Plans for Layoffs. Dec 28, 2020 332
GOP rejects $2,000 checks Fate of COVID relief, funding bills unclear Checks: GOP wants to reevaluate foreign aid. Jeff Stein The Washington Post Dec 25, 2020 970
Trump threatens to scupper massive Covid relief package. Dec 24, 2020 517
Trump says US should not send foreign aid to Cambodia, money should be spent on US instead. Dec 24, 2020 432
Much input, little output: The tale of foreign aid in African agriculture. Dec 19, 2020 640
Foreign loans surge by 45pc in five months of fiscal. Dec 18, 2020 754
Final stretch on COVID-19 economic relief, but no deal yet. ANDREW TAYLOR Associated Press Dec 18, 2020 969
Insecurity: It's time for foreign assistance -CAN. Dec 17, 2020 596
CAN suggests foreign assistance to deal with national insecurity. Dec 16, 2020 503
Foreign aid isn't charity, it's an investment in our own prosperity. Joe Cerrell Dec 15, 2020 1032
Pakistan signed new agreements worth $10.5b in FY20. Dec 13, 2020 327
Foreign loans worth $10.7bn taken in FY20. Dec 12, 2020 628
First foreign aid convoy reaches Tigray capital. Dec 12, 2020 987
Govt signs $19b worth of loan deals in two years. Dec 12, 2020 911
EAD launches annual report on 'Foreign Economic Assistance'. Dec 12, 2020 467
Pakistan signed up for $10.5bn foreign loan in FY20. Dec 12, 2020 878
Pakistan's total external public debt up by 6pc to $77.9 billion till June 2020. Dec 12, 2020 939
Debt servicing of external public loans cost $10.4bn in FY20: report. Dec 11, 2020 611
Duterte urges public to skip Christmas festivities. Dec 8, 2020 586
Solons file resolution to probe FDA's acceptance of foreign funds. Dec 6, 2020 863
The Persistent Menace of Corruption in Afghanistan. Dec 6, 2020 955
Development partners should help Uganda's democracy. Dec 4, 2020 306
Acting Secretary of Defense Remarks to Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas. Miller, Christopher C. Speech Dec 3, 2020 1267
We can't afford to be generous to other countries; LETTERS. Dec 2, 2020 323
Foreign aid cut outrage; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Dec 1, 2020 174
Foreign aid cuts 'will have negative impact'. Nov 30, 2020 167
Pandemic the perfect time to increase foreign aid, not cut it. Chris Doyle Nov 30, 2020 1111
SNP commit to reinstating 0.7 per cent foreign aid target in independent Scotland; SNP members voted to condemn Rishi Sunak's decision to break a manifesto commitment and drop the UK's international aid budget to below the target of 0.7 per cent of GDP. Conor Matchett Nov 29, 2020 429
Nations heap praise as Qatar Charity aid to prevent Covid benefits thousands. Nov 29, 2020 352
Ukip plan to build 'Floatingale' hospital ship for crises. Nov 28, 2020 326
Readers Letters: Britain not denying aid to global poor; Again Nicola Sturgeon moves into false indignation mode by describing the [pounds sterling]4 billion cut to Britain's foreign aid budget as 'disgraceful'. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Nov 27, 2020 1673
Lives will be put at risk if UK cuts its foreign aid; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Nov 27, 2020 160
British foreign aid. Zakir Naik - Karachi Nov 27, 2020 690
Foreign donors pledge $12 billion to Afghanistan. Sayed Salahuddin Nov 26, 2020 719
Spending review live: Sunak unveils public wage freezes, foreign aid cuts and infrastructure cash injections. Nov 26, 2020 1476
Foreign aid axe 'wrong & shameful'. Nov 26, 2020 261
UK foreign aid: how much does Britain spend on overseas aid, where does it go and why has Rishi Sunak cut the budget? Foreign officer Baroness Liz Sugg resigned from her post in the wake of the chancellor's spending review; Foreign officer Baroness Liz Sugg resigned from her post in the wake of the chancellor's spending review. Matt Brooks Nov 26, 2020 668
Foreign aid cut branded 'deeply irresponsible' by Scottish Government; The Scottish Government has branded the dramatic cut to the UK's international aid budget unveiled by Chancellor Rishi Sunak as "dangerous". Scott Macnab Nov 25, 2020 465
Minister resigns as UK cuts foreign aid spending commitment. Reuters News Service Nov 25, 2020 314
Ruth Davidson joins former PMs in criticism of foreign aid budget cut; The former leader of the Conservatives in Scotland has become the latest figure to warn against plans to cut the overseas aid budget. Benjamin Cooper and Alexander Britton Nov 24, 2020 333
Nobel Peace Prize winner and Ruth Davidson plea for foreign aid budget reversal; A Nobel Peace Prize winner and the former leader of the Scottish Tories have pleaded with Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak not to cut the aid budget. David Hughes Nov 24, 2020 366
Yemen aid worries, Ethiopia war appeal, and a viral victory in Congo: The Cheat Sheet. Nov 23, 2020 2150
Geneva conference on Afghanistan gets underway. Ahmad sohaib Conference news Nov 23, 2020 270
City MP hits out after PM hints at cut in foreign aid. Nov 21, 2020 294
FOREIGN AID; RUGBY UNION ENGLAND V IRELAND TWICKENHAM, TOMORROW, 3PM; Jones taunts Farrell & Co over Ireland's 'United Nations' team. ALEX SPINK Nov 20, 2020 335
FOREIGN AID; RUGBY UNION ENGLAND V IRELAND TWICKENHAM, TOMORROW, 3PM; Jones taunts Farrell & Co over Ireland's 'United Nations' team. ALEX SPINK Nov 20, 2020 348
Del Rosario: Only P10.7B of P350B foreign aid for Marawi rehab handled by gov't. Nov 19, 2020 679
UN releases $100 mln to avert famine during pandemic. Nov 18, 2020 174
Lorenzana says US, Japan, other countries offer aid for PH typhoon survivors. Nov 17, 2020 263
ADB allots $20 million in vaccine aid for developing countries. Nov 17, 2020 372
UK foreign aid budget could be temporarily slashed by [pounds sterling]4billion due to coronavirus; Boris Johnson is thought to be looking at plans to slash the aid budget from 0.5% to 0.7% after the public finances were hammered by Covid-19 -despite past Prime Ministers standing by the figure. By, Dan Bloom Nov 17, 2020 587
UK government could cut foreign aid cash to help pay costs of Covid crisis; It has been reported that plans had been drawn up to reduce 0.7 per cent of national income spend to 0.5 per cent per cent. By, Alexander Britton, PA & Brett Gibbons Nov 17, 2020 269
PRESS: Temporary Cut To UK Foreign Aid Budget Being Considered -- Times. Nov 17, 2020 258
PM's Covid Relief Fund sets precedent in terms of transparency. Nov 17, 2020 416
Imran Khan reaffirms full transparency while using COVID Relief Fund. Nov 17, 2020 239
PM reaffirms transparency in utilisation of Covid Relief Fund. Nov 16, 2020 232
Sen. Binay urges DFA to seek international support for typhoon relief and rescue missions. Nov 15, 2020 355
EU Doles Aid Money on Poor Countries to Spy on Citizens - PI. Nov 12, 2020 560
Influences of Information and Communication Technology on Fight against Corruption in Afghanistan. Nov 12, 2020 983
Duterte demands 'climate justice'. Nov 12, 2020 601
PH not eligible for US grant in 2021. Nov 11, 2020 383
NU-Q professor publishes new books on journalism. Nov 4, 2020 500
UNP demands accountability for COVID-19 foreign aid. Nov 1, 2020 391
Disaster risk reduction must be localized amid reliance on foreign aid study. Oct 29, 2020 1186
Egypt to send 40 tons of medical supplies to Sudan after deadly floods: Ministry. Egypt Today staff Oct 23, 2020 263
Rome Budgets EUR40 Billion For Virus Emergency Measures In 2021. Oct 18, 2020 251
U.S. offers tariff truce if Airbus repays billions in aid. Andrew Rosenbaum Oct 16, 2020 734
IMF, World Bank marshall forces to push for aid for poorest. Oct 15, 2020 788
London intervention on M4 wrong, says Tory MS. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Oct 13, 2020 665
London intervention on M4 wrong, says Tory MS. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large Oct 13, 2020 660
Spain To Create Over 800,000 Jobs With EU Funds - PM Sanchez. Oct 7, 2020 332
Curb capital flight to help fund Covid-19 response in Africa. Oct 2, 2020 1140
Trump Administration Proposes $20 Billion in Aid for Airline Industry. Oct 1, 2020 327
American, United to Furlough Over 32,000 Employees. Oct 1, 2020 283
Data, Transparency, and Accountability: Improving U.S. foreign assistance through better data and decision-making. Vafa, Amin Oct 1, 2020 1020
Lebanon's Economic Crisis. Humud, Carla E.; Nelson, Rebecca M. Oct 1, 2020 1617
Chinese-Egyptian cooperation on COVID-19 vaccine reaches 3rd stage of clinical trials: China's Amb. in Egypt. Egypt Today staff Sep 30, 2020 277
PM: Continue international aid for developing nations. Sep 24, 2020 563
Strategy on free float of dollar against PKR needs to be revisited: Ahmad. Sep 22, 2020 160
Pakistan got $3b world grants, loans during pandemic. Sep 22, 2020 406
$3,552m foreign assistance received. Sep 18, 2020 163
Pak receives $3,552 m in term of loan and grants from development partners. Sep 18, 2020 161
Pak receives $3,552 m in term of loan and grants from development partners. Sep 18, 2020 169
$3,552m foreign assistance received for socio-economic challenges, NA told. Sep 18, 2020 165
3,552m foreign assistance received for socio-economic challenges: NA told. Sep 18, 2020 169
Foreign aid for Covid war chest now $9.4 billion. Sep 16, 2020 515
Egypt sends 197 tonnes of aid to Sudan and South Sudan following floods. Bassant Mohammed Sep 13, 2020 318
Ending global poverty. Sep 12, 2020 1016
Taiwan seeks to build alliance to counter China. Sep 10, 2020 741
Foreign aid needs a rethink as a result of COVID-19. Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg Sep 8, 2020 1225
Financing economic recovery. Alisjahbana, Armida Salsiah Sep 8, 2020 654
FIXING POVERTY & Feeding the World: Leading development economist George Ayittey says that to fix world poverty, we merely need to recognize failed efforts, find out why they failed, and not repeat the failures. Williamsen, Kurt Cover story Sep 7, 2020 5158
Egypt sends medical aid to 30 African countries. Sep 6, 2020 169
Egypt sends aid to 30 African countries. Mohammed Abu Zaid Sep 6, 2020 170
UK Treasury Eyeing Tax Hikes Of GBP20 Billion, According To Reports. Sep 3, 2020 468
Trump barring abortion from foreign aid hasn't hurt women's health, State Department says: 'The U.S. Government is committed to protecting human life before and after birth, ' the report declares. Freiburger, Calvin Sep 1, 2020 531
Ministers accused of 'balancing books on backs of poorest' with plan to axe foreign aid; Chancellor Rishi Sunak is said to be eyeing the UK's legal commitment to spend 0.7% of GDP on projects in the world's poorest nations. By, Lizzy Buchan Aug 31, 2020 477
Foreign aid spending hit 8-year peak but pandemic poses fresh hurdles. Aug 31, 2020 734
Spirit Airlines Reaches Deal With Pilots to Avoid Layoffs. Aug 30, 2020 344
PRESS: UK Treasury Eyeing Tax Hike Of GBP20 Billion For Covid-19 Costs. Aug 30, 2020 471
Boris Johnson 'can't be trusted' on foreign aid as millions sent to China revealed; EXCLUSIVE: The PM has been urged to scrap plans to axe the overseas aid department, which is due to be wound up this week. By, Mikey Smith Aug 30, 2020 629
Why All Countries Should Contribute to Ending Global Poverty. Aug 29, 2020 988
PHA valuesA COVID aid from otherA countries. Aug 24, 2020 437
Egypt to offer 23 African countries medical aid worth US$ 2.2M: PM. Egypt Today staff Aug 21, 2020 267
From economy to diplomacy - Nation celebrated Independence Day amid challenges: Ahmad Jawad. Aug 16, 2020 524
APS6.85m foreign aid scheme accused of funnelling aid to firms. Aug 16, 2020 579
Lebanese president says Beirut aid should go where needed. Aug 16, 2020 586
'Time to reliance on our existing resources to make a effective economy: FPCCI. Aug 14, 2020 325
'It's our duty': Saudi donors reach out to help hard-hit Lebanese. Rawan Radwan Aug 10, 2020 538
Duterte: ASEAN to overcome pandemic thru mutual aid, partnership. Aug 8, 2020 350
Japan delivers antiviral drug Avigan to PH for clinical trials. Aug 7, 2020 252
Emergency aid lands in Lebanon as world offers support, condolences. Aug 6, 2020 725

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