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Foreign calendar.

June 26-29: 7th annual conference Smart Marriages, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nev.; Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education. More than 200 top presenters, train and qualify to teach dozens of programs,

June 27-29: Community Technology Centers' Network Conference; Washington;

June 28-July 1: Conference: National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; Minneapolis; 800-950-6264

July 2-5: European Congress of Gerontology; Barcelona;

July 2-Aug. 1: Biennial International Conference: International Foster Care Organization; Buenos Aires, Argentina;

July 7-12: International Conference: Psychology and Law; Edinburgh; bsln/psych&law2003/.

July 9-11: Conference: Australian social policy; University of New South Wales;

July 13-16: International conference: Family violence research; Portsmouth, NH; Family Research Laboratory & Crimes Against Children Research Center and National Institute for Victim Studies Sam Houston State University; ex.html

July 16-20: National conference: Autism Society of America; Pittsburgh PA; Email

July 23-26: APSAC Colloquium: American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children; Orlando, FL;

Aug. 4-7: International Symposium for Adapted Physical Activity; Seoul; Korea;

Aug. 25-28: Conference: Information and communication technology (ICT) and Social Inclusion; Human Services Information Technology Applications (HUSITA); HongKong Information; grapevine/Query?view=fullConf&co nf_id=934592353

Aug. 28-30: International conference: On conferencing, circles and other restorative practices; Veldhoven, Netherlands;

Aug. 29-31: Regional European conference on child abuse and neglect; ISPCAN; Warsaw, Poland;

Sept. 12-14: International Conference on Trauma, attachment and dissociation; The Delphi Centre in collaboration with The Cannon Institute; Melbourne, Australia;

Sept. 14-17: National Association for Addiction Professionals; Washington;

Sept. 15-19: International Metropolis Conference; Gaining from migration; Metropolis International; Vienna Austria;

Sept. 22-24: Community Building and Child Welfare Symposium; Albany, N.Y.;

Oct. 2-3: Conference: Participation in governance; Newcastle-on-Tyne England; Email

Oct. 2-4: Conference: United States Council for Children With Behavioral Disorders; St. Louis; behavioraldisorders/events.html

Oct. 15-18: International conference: International Society on Urban Health; New York City; 416-864-5034

Oct. 17-19: National research Conference on poverty & abuse; Center for Impact Research U. of Michigan School of Social Work and U. of Texas School of Social Work; Austin TX;

Oct. 29-Nov. 1: International Conference: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; Denver;

Nov. 2-5: Blackbaud's Conference on Philanthropy; Charleston, SC.; 1.800.468.89961


Feb. 27-Mar. 1: Annual Technology Conference: Anaheim, CA; Center for Technology in Social Work Education & Practice, College of Social Work, University of South Carolina;

June 3-5: International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases; Toulon France;

July 20-23: Conference: National Alzheimer's Disease Education; Bridging Research and Care; Chicago IL; 312-335-5790 Email:

Sept. 19-22: International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect; Brisbane, Australia. E-mail:

Sept. 3-6: Congreso Latinoamericano de Geriatria y Gerontologia; Santiago, Chile;
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Publication:Community Action
Date:Jun 16, 2003
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