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Namibia : IMF Executive Board Concludes 2019 Article IV Consultation with Namibia. Sep 17, 2019 862
Denmark,United States : IMF Executive Board Concludes 2019 Article IV Consultation with Denmark. Jun 27, 2019 746
Bernie Sanders' Social Security Reform Will Fail -- Here's Why. Apr 11, 2019 1423
Misconceptions on trade, universal basic income. Sep 6, 2018 747
Convergence in Income Inequality: Further Evidence from the Club Clustering Methodology across States in the U.S. Apergis, Nicholas; Christou, Christina; Gupta, Rangan; Miller, Stephen M. Report May 1, 2018 6304
World Inequality Lab Shines a Light on Economic Inequality. O'Leary, Mick Apr 1, 2018 1112
Comments and Discussion. Mar 22, 2018 7206
Inside Atlanta's Resilience Strategy: THE GEORGIA CAPITAL'S ROADMAP TO OVERCOMING 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 202
Trends in Factor Shares: Facts and Implications. Karabarbounis, Loukas; Neiman, Brent Dec 1, 2017 2483
Little relief as UK faces pensions conundrum. Oct 26, 2017 647
Your neighbor's fancy car should make you feel better about income inequality. Nye, John V.C. Jul 1, 2017 2635
The five key facts the left needs to know about inequality. Dorling, Danny Essay Jun 22, 2017 2092
Income inequality and export "complexity". Apr 1, 2017 702
Taking account... Jan 1, 2017 616
Income Inequality in Asia. Dec 31, 2016 2719
Central banks not to blame for global inequality - Carney. Nov 16, 2016 494
Inequality: comments, questions, and answers. Diamond, Peter A.; Mirrlees, James A.; Ng, Yew-kwang; Kumar, Ravi Jul 1, 2016 2027
Denmark: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2016 Article IV Mission. May 23, 2016 1746
The new inequality debate: more mainstream economists now find that the income mal-distribution reflects the political sway of elites, not economic imperatives. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2016 4540
Economic implications of demographic change. Poterba, James Statistical data Jan 1, 2016 3150
Growth in Pakistan: inclusive or not? Tirmazee, Zunia Saif; Haroon, Maryiam Report Dec 22, 2015 5890
Causality linkages among energy poverty, income inequality, income poverty and growth: a system dynamic modelling approach. Murtaza, Ghulam; Faridi, Muhammad Zahir Report Dec 22, 2015 7433
Trends of income inequality and polarisation in Pakistan for the period 1990-2008. Touseef-Ur-Rehman, Muhammad; Mustafa, Usman; Rashid, Humayun Report Dec 22, 2015 7255
Rich get richer and the rest stagnate. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 224
Us Against Them? Why Globalization Doesn't Have To Pit American Workers Against The World's Poor. Brief article Oct 9, 2015 233
NH's income inequality fastest-growing in U.S.: statistics show state's shrinking middle class. Sanders, Bob Jul 24, 2015 1374
How to live happily with robots. Sachs, Jeffrey Jun 22, 2015 2220
Income inequality unhealthy for Americans. Apr 1, 2015 423
Sphere of influence. Interview Feb 1, 2015 2372
Microeconomic reform and income distribution: the case of Australian ports and rail freight. Verikios, George; Zhang, Xiao-Guang Jan 1, 2015 13036
Presidential address: financial inclusion. Demirguc-Kunt, Asli Dec 1, 2014 4586
Income inequality, unemployment top trends. Nov 10, 2014 376
The extremes of inequality. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 128
Our global situation and prospects for the future. Glenn, Jerome C. Sep 1, 2014 3421
An egalitarian system breeds generosity: the impact of redistribution procedures on pro-social behavior. Riyanto, Yohanes E.; Zhang, Jianlin Report Jul 1, 2014 8847
Switzerland : Societal Tensions, Income Gaps and Unemployment Dominate Global Agenda. Jun 13, 2014 297
What's "like" got to do with it? Karageorge, Eleni Apr 1, 2014 485
Obama: wrong about income inequality: the problem is joblessness, not rich people. Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 1, 2014 1148
Fight back on pay: can you afford not to? Maskell, Rachael Apr 1, 2014 386
A new state-level panel of annual inequality measures over the period 1916-2005. Frank, Mark W. Mar 22, 2014 7985
Women More Educated Than Men But Still Paid Less. Chamie, Joseph Mar 6, 2014 1450
"Growing apart": the rise of inequality. Ward, Kate; Himes, Kenneth R. Report Mar 1, 2014 6687
Fostering upward economic mobility in the United States. Mathur, Aparna; McCloskey, Abby Report Mar 1, 2014 8884
If you really care about ending poverty, stop talking about inequality. Wilcox, W. Bradford Mar 1, 2014 848
The inequality illusion. Mathur, Aparna Mar 1, 2014 2028
Define income inequality. Goldberg, Jonah Mar 1, 2014 798
A new measure of consumption inequality. Hassett, Kevin A.; Mathur, Aparna Report Mar 1, 2014 10989
Decomposing trends in income volatility: the "wild ride" at the top and bottom. Hardy, Bradley; Ziliak, James P. Abstract Jan 1, 2014 10830
Average incomes no longer falling, but ... Brief article Dec 1, 2013 295
How Globalization Has Left The 1 Percent Further Ahead. Grant, Tavia; McFarland, Janet Brief article Nov 28, 2013 218
4 in 5 face near-poverty. Yen, Hope Sep 22, 2013 1844
Income redistribution in urban China by social security system--an empirical analysis based on annual and lifetime income. He, Lixin; Sato, Hiroshi Apr 1, 2013 11671
Social capital and income inequality in the United States. Ram, Rati Mar 1, 2013 846
A modern-day parade of dwarfs (and a few giants). Sommers, Paul M. Mar 1, 2013 830
Labor's declining share of income and rising inequality. Jacobson, Margaret; Occhino, Filippo Sep 25, 2012 3134
FDI and income inequality: evidence from a panel of U.S. states. Chintrakarn, Pandej; Herzer, Dierk; Nunnenkamp, Peter Report Jul 1, 2012 10097
It's not just the return of giant glasses and leggings. Peters, Charles Brief article Jul 1, 2012 106
Cheating young Americans. Buchheit, Paul Essay Jun 22, 2012 981
The consequence wrought by greedy financiers. Thomson, James W. Mar 1, 2012 2104
The U.S. income distribution and mobility: trends and international comparisons. Levine, Linda Report Mar 1, 2012 10059
Some people are more equal than others. Barnes, Bill Feb 27, 2012 914
A voice from the vatican. Holbrook, Emily Brief article Dec 1, 2011 207
The material well-being of the poor and the middle class since 1980. Meyer, Bruce D.; Sullivan, James X. Report Oct 25, 2011 10249
The material well-being of the poor and the middle class since 1980. Meyer, Bruce D.; Sullivan, James X. Report Oct 25, 2011 5213
Poverty and inequality: introduction. Portes, Jonathan Oct 1, 2011 3657
Has the instability of personal incomes been increasing? Jenkins, Stephen P. Oct 1, 2011 7222
Taiwan's income gap narrows. Liu, Philip Brief article Aug 19, 2011 225
The trouble with Namibia. Ankomah, Baffour Essay Jun 1, 2011 3025
Getting Better. Kenny, Charles Brief article Jun 1, 2011 199
Effects of patent policy on income and consumption inequality in a R&D growth model. Chu, Angus C. Oct 1, 2010 7378
In-group versus out-group trust: the impact of income inequality. Lei, Vivian; Vesely, Filip Apr 1, 2010 7173
Finance and inequality: the case of India. Ang, James B. Jan 1, 2010 12378
Nostalgianomics: liberal economists pine for days no liberal should want to revisit. Lindsey, Brink Jun 1, 2009 3921
Poverty - growth - inequality triangle in China. Wan, Guanghua Jun 1, 2008 1347
On the evolution of income inequality in the United States. Bryan, Kevin A.; Martinez, Leonardo Mar 22, 2008 7155
Concerning inequality, technology adoption, and structural change. Lahiri, Radhika; Ratnasiri, Shyama Nov 1, 2007 380
Evolution and envy. Rubin, Paul H. Jun 22, 2007 1182
Is rising inequality reversible? Starr, Paul May 1, 2007 747
The changing face of poverty in America: why are so many women, children, racial and cultural minorities still poor? Spriggs, William E. May 1, 2007 2728
Inequality, race, and remedy: it would be hopeful to believe that race is no longer a factor in poverty and that we can be a color-blind society. But America still has a legacy to overcome--and to achieve. Jenkins, Alan May 1, 2007 2344
False choices on poverty: why we must address both economics and values. Callahan, David May 1, 2007 1446
Creating an opportunity society: asset-building strategies can broaden the American promise of ownership. But they can't succeed on the cheap, or by shifting even more risks to the poor. Oliver, Melvin L.; Shapiro, Thomas M. May 1, 2007 1592
Gap between Costa Rica rich and poor grows. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 228
Global patterns of income and health. Deaton, Angus Dec 1, 2006 1730
Income distribution future: bundling products, riders. Pinkans, Michael Nov 13, 2006 860
Finance and income inequality: What do the data tell us? Zou, Heng-fu Jan 1, 2006 11558
The growing income gap. Brief article Jan 1, 2006 316
Global inequality in historical perspective. Jolly, Richard Dec 1, 2005 1545
Rising inequality in post reform China. Wan, Guanghua Dec 1, 2005 964
Income disparities. Brief Article Dec 1, 2005 105
Where did the productivity growth go? Inflation dynamics and the distribution of income: comments and discussion. Sep 22, 2005 8596
The rich and the rest: the growing concentration of wealth; A labor economist sees peril as a tiny minority of the population accumulates more and more wealth. Pizzigati, Sam Jul 1, 2005 3805
Income inequality. Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 208
Growth, inequality and poverty: some hard questions. Kanbur, Ravi Mar 22, 2005 4723
The economics of welfare participation and welfare stigma: a review. Andrade, Carlos Mar 22, 2002 13897
The bull market in inequality. May 1, 1996 610
Sources of income inequality in Pakistan. de Kruijk, Hans Report Dec 22, 1987 4426
A 'world' distribution of income and of real poverty and affluence. Yotopoulos, Pan A. Sep 22, 1987 9358
Changes in poverty and income inequality in Pakistan during the 1970s. de Kruijk, Hans; van Leeuwen, Myrna Report Sep 22, 1985 5102
Real wages in Pakistan: structure and trends, 1970-84 (1). Irfan, Mohammad; Ahmed, Meekal Aziz Report Sep 22, 1985 6648
Differences in household characteristics by income distribution in Pakistan. Kazi, Shahnaz; Sathar, Zeba A. Report Sep 22, 1985 4428
Changes in consumption patterns and employment under alternative income distributions in Pakistan. Cheema, Aftab Ahmad; Malik, Muhammad Hussain Report Mar 22, 1985 7738

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