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Application of Neural Network with Autocorrelation in Long-Term Forecasting of Systemic Financial Risk. Zhang, Junzhi; Chen, Lei Sep 16, 2022 5399
Digital Transformation and Financial Risk Prediction of Listed Companies. Xinxian, Chen; Jianhui, Cai Sep 12, 2022 5942
Intelligent Financial Auditing Model Based on Deep Learning. Dai, Xiaofeng; Zhu, Weidong Aug 28, 2022 3243
Prediction and Analysis of College Sports Test Scores Based on Computational Intelligence. Cui, Pengtao Aug 24, 2022 6776
GC-CNNnet: Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with PET Images Using Genetic and Convolutional Neural Network. Amini, Morteza; Pedram, Mir Mohsen; Moradi, AliReza; Jamshidi, Mahdieh; Ouchani, Mahshad Aug 9, 2022 10831
Research on the Influence of DNN-Based Cross-Media Data Analysis on College Students' New Media Literacy. Xu, Rui; Wang, Chen; Hsu, Yen; Wang, Xinyan Aug 3, 2022 6134
Understanding Gene Action, Combining Ability, and Heterosis to Identify Superior Aromatic Rice Hybrids Using Artificial Neural Network. Sunny, Albin; Chakraborty, Nihar Ranjan; Kumar, Anil; Singh, Bhupesh Kumar; Paul, Amitava; Maman, Sh Jul 31, 2022 8690
Rotating Machinery Fault Identification via Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network. Zhang, Luke; Liu, Jia; Su, Shu; Lu, Tong; Xue, Chunrong; Wang, Yinjun; Ding, Xiaoxi Jul 22, 2022 6512
Financial Stock Investment Management Using Deep Learning Algorithm in the Internet of Things. Fan, Jianjuan; Peng, Shen Jul 16, 2022 5558
Robot Target Localization and Visual Navigation Based on Neural Network. Guo, Haifeng; Wang, Yiyang; Yu, Guijun; Li, Xiang; Yu, Baoqi; Li, Wenyi Jul 14, 2022 5059
LSTM-Based Deep Model for Investment Portfolio Assessment and Analysis. Yang, Haohua Jul 7, 2022 4627
Design of Drug Sales Forecasting Model Using Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Networks Model. Yu, Chenggong Jul 4, 2022 5540
Application of Deep Learning Model in the Avoidance of Investment Risk of Multinational Enterprises. Yan, Yan; Ye, Guangyu; Feng, Fei Jun 28, 2022 6284
Real-Time Multitarget Tracking for Panoramic Video Based on Dual Neural Networks for Multisensor Information Fusion. Lin, Qing Report Jun 2, 2022 7197
Neural Network Technology-Based Optimization Framework of Financial and Management Accounting Model. Zeng, Yan May 31, 2022 6141
Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network for Predicting the Return of Rate Underframe the Fama-French 5 Factor. Khoa, Bui Thanh; Huynh, Tran Trong May 30, 2022 5296
Influence of Ideological and Political Integration of Curriculum Based on Deep Learning on the Teaching Design of Sports Aerobics. Li, Ming; Luzi, Chen Zhai Report May 26, 2022 6024
Research on Food Security Risk Assessment and Early Warning in China Based on BP Neural Network Model. Hou, Yuke; Liang, Xin May 20, 2022 7804
Customer Churn Modeling via the Grey Wolf Optimizer and Ensemble Neural Networks. Rahmaty, Maryam; Daneshvar, Amir; Salahi, Fariba; Ebrahimi, Maryam; Chobar, Adel Pourghader May 18, 2022 7134
The Construction of Sports Health Management Model Based on Deep Learning. Meng, Junniao; Wang, Song May 13, 2022 6552
Intelligent Analysis and Application of Preschool Education Language Teaching Quality Based on Deep Neural Network. Li, Hongping; Niu, Chuanming May 10, 2022 4237
Brent Crude Oil Price Forecast Utilizing Deep Neural Network Architectures. Daneshvar, Amir; Ebrahimi, Maryam; Salahi, Fariba; Rahmaty, Maryam; Homayounfar, Mahdi May 5, 2022 7334
Prediction of Purchase Volume of Cross-Border e-Commerce Platform Based on BP Neural Network. Zhang, Xiang Apr 15, 2022 6251
Predicting Spare Parts Inventory of Hydropower Stations and Substations Based on Combined Model. Ma, Zhenguo; Tang, Bing; Zhang, Keqi; Huang, Yuming; Cao, Danyi; Luo, Jiaohong; Zhang, Jianyong Report Apr 7, 2022 5517
Dark Web Data Classification Using Neural Network. Rajawat, Anand Singh; Bedi, Pradeep; Goyal, S. B.; Kautish, Sandeep; Xihua, Zhang; Aljuaid, Hanan; M Mar 28, 2022 7400
Research and Forecast Analysis of Financial Stability for Policy Uncertainty. Dai, Zhiyi; Zhou, Zhengming Mar 24, 2022 5226
Human Resource Planning and Configuration Based on Machine Learning. Yuan, Shuai; Qi, Qian; Dai, Enliang; Liang, Yongfeng Mar 15, 2022 4017
Development of Cloud Computing Platform Based on Neural Network. Zhange, Zhi; Liwei Wang,; Liu, Ruiying; Fan, Jinghang Report Mar 7, 2022 5183
Construction of a Fundamental Quantitative Evaluation Model of the A-Share Listed Companies Based on the BP Neural Network. Sheng, Yankai; Fu, Kui; Liang, Jing Mar 1, 2022 5701
Research on the Construction of Crossborder e-Commerce Logistics Service System Based on Machine Learning Algorithms. Xu, Jinbo; Mu, Shibiao Feb 25, 2022 6810
Opportunities for embedded and Al. Lubkemeier, Thomas Feb 1, 2022 334
A Study on Regional GDP Forecasting Analysis Based on Radial Basis Function Neural Network with Genetic Algorithm (RBFNN-GA) for Shandong Economy. Zhang, Qing; Abdullah, Abdul Rashid; Chong, Choo Wei; Ali, Mass Hareeza Report Jan 25, 2022 7711
Competitive Product Identification and Sales Forecast Based on Consumer Reviews. Zhang, Guoquan; Qiu, Haibin Report Sep 16, 2021 11589
Feature Extraction of Ancient Chinese Characters Based on Deep Convolution Neural Network and Big Data Analysis. Zhang, Cheng; Liu, Xingjun Aug 31, 2021 5917
Prediction of Financial Time Series Based on LSTM Using Wavelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis. Tang, Qi; Shi, Ruchen; Fan, Tongmei; Ma, Yidan; Huang, Jingyan Jun 9, 2021 6220
Design and Simulation of Human Resource Allocation Model Based on Double-Cycle Neural Network. Feng, Qi; Feng, Zixuan; Su, Xingren Jan 1, 2021 5858
Competitive Product Identification and Sales Forecast Based on Consumer Reviews. Zhang, Guoquan; Qiu, Haibin Report Jan 1, 2021 11590
Highway Travel Time Prediction of Segments Based on ANPR Data considering Traffic Diversion. Du, Wenjun; Sun, Bo; Kuai, Jiating; Xie, Jiemin; Yu, Jie; Sun, Tuo Jan 1, 2021 7210
Prediction of Financial Time Series Based on LSTM Using Wavelet Transform and Singular Spectrum Analysis. Tang, Qi; Shi, Ruchen; Fan, Tongmei; Ma, Yidan; Huang, Jingyan Report Jan 1, 2021 6220
Sailing through the COVID-19 Crisis by Using AI for Financial Market Predictions. Sharma, Gagan Deep; Erkut, Burak; Jain, Mansi; Kaya, Tuberk; Mahendru, Mandeep; Srivastava, Mrinalin Report Dec 30, 2020 13458
Sailing through the COVID-19 Crisis by Using AI for Financial Market Predictions. Sharma, Gagan Deep; Erkut, Burak; Jain, Mansi; Kaya, Tu?berk; Mahendru, Mandeep; Srivastava, Mrinali Report Jan 1, 2020 13458
The Daily Container Volumes Prediction of Storage Yard in Port with Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network. Gao, Yinping; Chang, Daofang; Fang, Ting; Fan, Yiqun Jan 1, 2020 7003
Parallel LSTM-Based Regional Integrated Energy System Multienergy Source-Load Information Interactive Energy Prediction. Wang, Bo; Zhang, Liming; Ma, Hengrui; Wang, Hongxia; Wan, Shaohua Dec 31, 2019 8431
Neural Network Software Market 2019 / Industry Growth Analysis by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications. Nov 8, 2019 920
Deep Learning System Software Market Segmentation, Application, Trends, Opportunity & Forecast 2019 to 2024. Nov 7, 2019 890
Prediction Model Design for Vibration Severity of Rotating Machine Based on Sequence-to-Sequence Neural Network. Wang, Zhiqiang; Qian, Hong; Zhang, Dongliang; Wei, Yingchen Oct 31, 2019 3910
Machine Learning Stock Market Prediction Studies: Review and Research Directions. Strader, Troy J.; Rozycki, John J.; Root, Thomas H.; Huang, Yu-Hsiang (John) Report Oct 1, 2019 7898
Reports of the AAAI 2019 Spring Symposium Series. Baldini, Ioana; Barrett, Clark; Chella, Antonio; Cinelli, Carlos; Gamez, David; Gilpin, Leilani H.; Sep 22, 2019 5531
Artificial Neural Network Market Size 2019 Global Trends, Largest Share, Segments, Competitors Strategy, Regional Analysis and Growth by Forecast to 2023. Sep 4, 2019 945
Analysis and Forecasting of the Energy Consumption in Wastewater Treatment Plant. Li, ZhenHua; Zou, ZhiHong; Wang, LiPing Aug 31, 2019 4921
A DBN-Based Deep Neural Network Model with Multitask Learning for Online Air Quality Prediction. Li, Jiangeng; Shao, Xingyang; Sun, Rihui Jul 31, 2019 5779
Electric Energy Substitution Potential Prediction Based on Logistic Curve Fitting and Improved BP Neural Network Algorithm. Liu, Yujun; Hu, Cheng; Hong, Yi Jun 1, 2019 4567
Autoregressive Neural Network for Cloud Concentration Forecast from Hemispheric Sky Images. Crisosto, Cristian May 31, 2019 3747
Forecasting Parameters of Satellite Navigation Signal through Artificial Neural Networks for the Purpose of Civil Aviation. Krzykowska, Karolina; Krzykowski, Michal May 31, 2019 7642
Rockburst Prediction Model Based on Entropy Weight Integrated with Grey Relational BP Neural Network. Zheng, Yuchao; Zhong, Heng; Fang, Yong; Zhang, Wensheng; Liu, Kai; Fang, Jing May 31, 2019 5276
Implementation of Genetic Algorithm Integrated with the Deep Neural Network for Estimating at Completion Simulation. Kamoona, Karrar Raoof Kareem; Budayan, Cenk May 31, 2019 8609
Mass Rapid Transit System Passenger Traffic Forecast Using a Re-Sample Recurrent Neural Network. Hu, Rong; Chiu, Yi-Chang; Hsieh, Chih-Wei; Chang, Tang-Hsien; Xue, Xingsi; Zou, Fumin; Liao, Lyuchao May 31, 2019 8907
Concurrent, Performance-Based Methodology for Increasing the Accuracy and Certainty of Short-Term Neural Prediction Systems. Miliic, Miljana; Milojkovic, Jelena; Markovic, Ivan; Nikolic, Petar Apr 30, 2019 8401
Determination of Bus Crowding Coefficient Based on Passenger Flow Forecasting. Zuo, Zhongyi; Yin, Wei; Yang, Guangchuan; Zhang, Yunqi; Yin, Jiawen; Ge, Hongsheng Apr 30, 2019 6513
Use of artificial neural networks and ARIMA to forecasting consumption sawnwood of Pinus sp. in Brazil. Buratto, D.A.; Junior, Timofeiczyk; Silva, J.C.G.L.; Frega, J.R.; Wiecheteck, M.S.S.A.; Silva, C.A. Report Mar 1, 2019 8080
Frequency-Division Combination Forecasting of Stock Market Based on Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis. Luo, Shihua; Huo, Jiangyou; Dai, Zian Jan 1, 2018 4452
Depth and Lineament Maps Derived from North Cameroon Gravity Data Computed by Artificial Neural Network. Pemi, Marcelin Mouzong; Kamguia, Joseph; Nguiya, Severin; Manguelle-Dicoum, Eliezer Jan 1, 2018 4496
Data Mining for Material Feeding Optimization of Printed Circuit Board Template Production. Lv, Shengping; Zheng, Binbin; Kim, Hoyeol; Yue, Qiangsheng Jan 1, 2018 9195
A Hybrid Model for Forecasting Sunspots Time Series Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and Backpropagation Neural Network Improved by Firefly Algorithm. Li, Guohui; Ma, Xiao; Yang, Hong Report Jan 1, 2018 5157
Forecasting Short-Term Traffic Flow by Fuzzy Wavelet Neural Network with Parameters Optimized by Biogeography-Based Optimization Algorithm. Chen, Jeng-Fung; Lo, Shih-Kuei; Do, Quang Hung Jan 1, 2018 6460
Moisture Damage Modeling in Lime and Chemically Modified Asphalt at Nanolevel Using Ensemble Computational Intelligence. Hassan, M.R.; Mamun, A.Al.; Hossain, M.I.; Arifuzzaman, M. Jan 1, 2018 6926
Robust and Adaptive Online Time Series Prediction with Long Short-Term Memory. Yang, Haimin; Pan, Zhisong; Tao, Qing Jan 1, 2018 3833
Prognostics for State of Health of Lithium-Ion Batteries Based on Gaussian Process Regression. Zhou, Di; Yin, Hongtao; Fu, Ping; Song, Xianhua; Lu, Wenbin; Yuan, Lili; Fu, Zuoxian Jan 1, 2018 5615
A New Error Prediction Method for Machining Process Based on a Combined Model. Zhou, Wei; Zhu, Xiao; Wang, Jun; Ran, Yan Jan 1, 2018 4858
A Hybrid Forecasting Model Based on EMD-GASVM-RBFNN for Power Grid Investment Demand. Li, Jinchao; Zhu, Shaowen; Wu, Qianqian; Zhang, Pengfei Jan 1, 2018 9371
A Bimodel Algorithm with Data-Divider to Predict Stock Index. Wang, Zhaoyue; Hu, Jinsong; Wu, Yongjie Jan 1, 2018 6128
Forecasting of Chinese E-Commerce Sales: An Empirical Comparison of ARIMA, Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Network, and a Combined ARIMA-NARNN Model. Li, Maobin; Ji, Shouwen; Liu, Gang Jan 1, 2018 6799
Assessment of the Real Estate Market Value in the European Market by Artificial Neural Networks Application. Cetkovic, Jasmina; Lakic, Slobodan; Lazarevska, Marijana; Zarkovic, Milos; Vujosevic, Sasa; Cvijovic Jan 1, 2018 6001
Comparing and Combining MLP and NEAT for Time Series Forecasting. Aras, Serkan; Nguyen, Anh; White, Allan; He, Shan Nov 1, 2017 7659
Is AI Riding a One-Trick Pony? Self-driving cars, computers that win Go championships, and just about every other AI advance you've heard of all depend on a breakthrough that's three decades old. Keeping up the pace of progress will require confronting AI's serious limitations. Somers, James Nov 1, 2017 4415
Predicting Growth of Micro and Small Business Using Neural Networks. Vidal, Gelmar Garcia; Campdesuner, Reyner Perez; Rodriguez, Alexander Sanchez; Vivar, Rodobaldo Mart Abstract Jul 1, 2017 5981
Statistical Modeling and Prediction for Tourism Economy Using Dendritic Neural Network. Yu, Ying; Wang, Yirui; Gao, Shangce; Tang, Zheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5465
A Novel Multilevel-SVD Method to Improve Multistep Ahead Forecasting in Traffic Accidents Domain. Barba, Lida; Rodriguez, Nibaldo Report Jan 1, 2017 6481
Sunspots Time-Series Prediction Based on Complementary Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and Wavelet Neural Network. Li, Guohui; Wang, Siliang Jan 1, 2017 3497
A Small-Sample Adaptive Hybrid Model for Annual Electricity Consumption Forecasting. Meng, Ming; Fu, Yanan; Shi, Huifeng; Wang, Xinfang Report Jan 1, 2017 4733
Applying Two-Stage Neural Network Based Classifiers to the Identification of Mixture Control Chart Patterns for an SPC-EPC Process. Shao, Yuehjen E.; Chang, Po-Yu; Lu, Chi-Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 7576
Stock market index prediction using artificial neural network/Prediccion del indice del mercado bursatil utilizando una red neuronal artificial. Moghaddam, Amin Hedayati; Moghaddam, Moein Hedayati; Esfandyari, Morteza Dec 1, 2016 2639
Narrow AI will dominate AI applications for some time: Research. Nov 22, 2016 308
Study on knee joint injury in college football training based on artificial neural network. Qilin, Sun; Xiaomei, Wang; Xiaoling, Fu; Yuanping, Chen; Shaoyong, Wan Report Nov 1, 2016 4610
A performance evaluation model of fiscal expenditure in the new urbanization construction based on SOM neural network. Li, Heran Aug 1, 2016 3479
An improved BP neural network in evaluating organizational performance of financial enterprise: a "internet plus" perspective. Xiao, Chenglin; Xia, Weili Aug 1, 2016 4558
Forecasting hazardous waste generation using short data sets: case study of lithuania/Pavojinguju atlieku susidarymo prognozavimas naudojant trumpas duomenu imtis: lietuvos atvejis. Karpusenkaite, Aiste; Denafas, Gintaras; Ruzgas, Tomas Report Aug 1, 2016 5145
Research on the fluctuation of RMB exchange rate based on data mining method. Ye, Ying; Ying, Yirong Report Jul 1, 2016 4659
Logistics forecasting method based on a hybrid quantum particle swarm optimization and RBF neural network model. Khan, Syed Abdul Rehman; Yu, Zhang Jun 30, 2016 2854
Hybrid Models Based on Singular Values and Autoregressive Methods for Multistep Ahead Forecasting of Traffic Accidents. Barba, Lida; Rodriguez, Nibaldo Report Jan 1, 2016 7993
Short-Term Speed Prediction Using Remote Microwave Sensor Data: Machine Learning versus Statistical Model. Jiang, Han; Zou, Yajie; Zhang, Shen; Tang, Jinjun; Wang, Yinhai Jan 1, 2016 6691
Will superintelligent machines destroy humanity? The pitfalls of artificial intelligence. Bailey, Ronald Nov 23, 2014 1327
Reliability and accuracy of neural networks for exchange rate. Semaan, David; Harb, Atef; Kassem, Abdallah Report Oct 1, 2014 5967
Reports on the 2013 AAAI Fall Symposium Series. Burns, Gully A.P.C.; Gil, Yolanda; Villanueva-Rosales, Natalia; Liu, Yan; Risi, Sebastian; Lehman, J Jun 22, 2014 3857
Neural networks-based forecasting regarding the convergence process of CEE countries to the Eurozone. Radulescu, Magdalena; Banica, Logica Jun 1, 2014 10225
The role of accounting information in forecasting the financial and economic crisis to methods based on artificial neural networks approach. Khazaie, Kamyar; Talebi, Soodabeh; Bakhshi, Majid Report Jun 1, 2014 3386
Configuring artificial neural networks for stock market predictions. Ruxanda, Gheorghe; Badea, Laura Maria Report Mar 1, 2014 7424
Using Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm for analysts' equities clustering. Osouli, Nasim; Khoshbakht, Esmaeil; Ansari, Zinat; Kazemi, Mahdi Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 1265
Analysts' equity forecasts using of multi-layer perception (MLP). Momeni, Alireza; Maleki, Saber; Khajeh, Roohollah Report Jan 1, 2014 1690
Using Radial Basis Function (RBF) for analysts' equities forecasts. Osouli, Nasim; Ansari, Zinat; Kazemi, Mahdi Author abstract Jan 1, 2014 1130
Forecasting the price of crude oil using artificial neural networks. Khazem, Hassan; Mazouz, Abdelkader Abstract Sep 22, 2013 7890
Short-term water demand forecasting by neural network. Varahrami, Vida Jul 1, 2013 3258
Los precios del oro: analisis de su comportamiento ciclico. Gutierrez, Martha; Franco, Giovanni; Campuzano, Carlos Jul 1, 2013 7458
Deep learning: with massive amounts of computational power, machines can now recognize objects and translate speech in real time. Artificial intelligence is finally getting smart. Hof, Robert D. May 1, 2013 2880
Financial market prediction system with Evolino neural network and Delphi method. Maknickiene, Nijole; Maknickas, Algirdas Apr 1, 2013 4247
The effect of current public procurement law on duration and cost of construction projects in Turkey. Erdis, Ercan Report Feb 1, 2013 12595
Forecasting OMX Vilnius stock index--a neural network approach/OMX Vilnius akciju indekso prognozavimas naudojant dirbtinius neuronu tinklus. Dzikevicius, Audrius; Stabuzyte, Neringa Report Dec 1, 2012 5180
Forecasting gold price changes by using adaptive network fuzzy inference system. Yazdani-Chamzini, Abdolreza; Yakhchali, Siamak Haji; Volungeviciene, Diana; Zavadskas, Edmundas Kazi Report Nov 1, 2012 6901
A comparative analysis of alternative univariate time series models in forecasting Turkish inflation. Catik, A. Nazif; Karacuka, Mehmet Report Apr 1, 2012 6871
Forecasting bank stock market prices with a Hybrid method: the case of Alpha Bank/Vertybiniu popieriu kainu prognozavimas Hibridiniu metodu: Alpha Bank pavyzdys. Koutroumanidis, Theodoros; Ioannou, Konstantinos; Zafeiriou, Eleni Report Mar 1, 2011 8308
Financial time series forecasting using neuro fuzzy approach for the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Trifan, Alina Lucia Jan 1, 2011 1679
Data Mining fuzzy neuro in predicting diabetes. Sapna, S.; Tamilarasi, A. Jul 1, 2010 5107
Strategies for Indian share market investment through ANFIS. Thirunavukarasu, P. Dec 1, 2009 4353
Forecasting economic growth using an Artificial Neural Network model. Pradhan, Rudra Prakash; Kumar, Ankit Report Jan 1, 2008 3983
Neural-network computers. Sep 1, 1989 562

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