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The Changing Global-Social Paradigm. Smith, Steve Jun 22, 2018 712
Sabrina Kizzie: Leading By Example in the Social Media Age. Cutts, Evan; Love, Juri Jun 20, 2018 439
Elissa Garza: Transforming Passion into Professional Lifestyle. Cutts, Evan; Amador, Karla Jun 19, 2018 372
Law to impose taxes on social media sites positive: Press Syndicate head. Jun 10, 2018 781
Charting the Course of the media and advertising C market. May 20, 2018 619
User Beware: Determining Vulnerability in Social Media Platforms for Users in Ghana. Atiso, Kodjo; Kammer, Jenna May 1, 2018 7181
Visual Online Communication in BRICS Countries--An Introduction. Faust, Maria Report Apr 1, 2018 2846
WHAT HAPPENS NOW? Fake News, the Gross Internet, and What to Do About Information Literacy. Roquet, Mark Mar 1, 2018 1999
Does New Media Generation Technology Pose an Existential Threat to Factual Information? Jan 1, 2018 2384
100 Billion Data Rows per Second: Media Analytics in the Early 21st Century. Manovich, Lev Report Jan 1, 2018 7620
The Powers and Limits of New Media Appropriation in Authoritarian Contexts: A Comparative Case Study of Oromo Protests in Ethiopia. Dugo, Habtamu Nov 1, 2017 8462
NATO to Discuss Exploitation of Social Media - A Counter-Terrorism Perspective at #MilSocialMedia 2017. Oct 25, 2017 466
Free People Speak Freely. Macrae, Cathi Dunn Oct 1, 2017 1053
Social media. Editorial Sep 1, 2017 328
Managing your social media--The essentials. Herther, Nancy K. May 1, 2017 4258
United Kingdom : Social Media Marketing Services Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment. Apr 27, 2017 496
BIA/Kelsey Gets Social By Agreeing To Share. Apr 4, 2017 364
Bridging the digital divide: the plastics industry, like many B2B sectors, has been slow to embrace social media and digital technology. Closing the gap offers many competitive opportunities. Morgan, Dwight Apr 1, 2017 1295
Social media is no longer a safe place. Biggs, John Mar 1, 2017 759
Hook, line, and sinker: media disruptors that will influence the industry in 2017. Hill, Taylor Feb 1, 2017 2791
Real confusion about fake news. Feb 1, 2017 360
Surveillance culture: Engagement, exposure, and ethics in digital modernity. Lyon, David Report Feb 1, 2017 9111
A smarter web: in the age of Trump, we need more text and links, fewer images and memes. Derakshan, Hossein Jan 1, 2017 413
It's time to burst my filter bubble. Wallenstein, Andrew Nov 15, 2016 379
The Rise And Rise Of Fake News. Brief article Nov 7, 2016 247
The state, the media and technology. Chinje, Eric Nov 1, 2016 616
Reining in the brats: business managers can help clients teach their kids, or they can look the other way. Watts, Richard Oct 25, 2016 829
Putting my money where my tweet is. Wallenstein, Andrew Editorial Oct 18, 2016 332
Collective intelligence and libraries as social businesses. Howley, Brendan Oct 1, 2016 2004
News sites for the digital age. O'Leary, Mick Oct 1, 2016 1162
Carat: TV Dollars To See Slow Global Growth. Sep 8, 2016 626
Which social media platform best fits your business? Before your next campaign, consider where your message would have the biggest impact. Albano-Oavis, Melissa Aug 5, 2016 824
NBC targets millennials with Rio social push: Olympics campaign taps digital influencers in an attempt to reach TV-averse young audiences. Spangler, Todd Jul 26, 2016 981
Advertising and media in the age of the algorithm. Sinclair, John Report Jul 1, 2016 6780
It cuts both ways. Kennedy, Shirley Duglin May 1, 2016 1142
Defining sexy--a new revolution is underway. Spry, Al May 1, 2016 1460
The underground star talks Twitter, selfies and wet hot American summer. Bazilian, Emma Interview Apr 18, 2016 556
Social Media Messaging: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022. Apr 11, 2016 316
An emoji is worth a thousand words (*mic drop*). Powell, Fiona Feb 1, 2016 619
Connie Britton: the American crime story star is still mystified by the internet's obsession with her hair. Bazilian, Emma Interview Jan 25, 2016 640
A Facebook of regulatory reform. Withers, Laura Brief article Jan 1, 2016 293
Listening our way to e-awareness. Huwe, Terence K. Jan 1, 2016 1617
The state of social media: 'but 2015 marked a new era of enhanced paid strategy and direct targeting. Martin, Erik J. Jan 1, 2016 1097
Social Arabia: social media is transforming the lives of young people in Saudi Arabia, one of the most conservative societies in the world. Hubbard, Ben Dec 14, 2015 3526
Gaining maturity: wherever you find yourself in terms of analytic maturity, there is ample room for growth. Brown, Jason; Shastri, Arun N. Nov 1, 2015 1517
Social media confidentiality for EA clinicians & clients. London, Marina Oct 1, 2015 962
14 years later, social media reminds us of mixed feelings about 9/11. Sep 12, 2015 377
Best practices for governing social media content. Phillips, John T. Sep 1, 2015 2707
Managing content overload. Powell, Fiona Jul 1, 2015 587
What A.M. Best has reported on emerging risk. Jul 1, 2015 536
aACAyThink Dubai. Think Social Media' night in Dubai. May 10, 2015 350
Ads friend Facebook: rapid growth in video views, as well as a wealth of data to profile users, are among the reasons marketers favor the social network. Ault, Susanne Brief article May 5, 2015 216
Counting the right things: let's look at the stories that numbers can tell. West, Jessamyn May 1, 2015 1144
Pressing the press. Quint, Barbara Viewpoint essay May 1, 2015 694
Challenges in harnessing personal and professional digital media. Breeding, Marshall Apr 1, 2015 2190
Crashing the party: increasing competition is putting YouTube on the defensive--just in time for its 10th anniversary. Spangler, Todd Mar 10, 2015 3027
Mediatized opinion leaders: new patterns of opinion leadership in new media environments? Schafer, Mike S.; Taddicken, Monika Report Mar 1, 2015 8387
Social media in Saudi Arabia: spread and impact. Alharthi, Majed Report Jan 1, 2015 2688
The state of social media 'short visual content will dominate the digital space.'. Martin, Erik J. Jan 1, 2015 1065
Organizations getting social: free resources from business schools, publishers, management consultants, and think tanks. Keiser, Barbie E. Jan 1, 2015 4341
The most desired skills of the future: three practices to communicate, engage and influence people. Jamail, Nathan Jan 1, 2015 926
57 per cent UAE citizens back govt use of social media, says report. Nov 24, 2014 681
'Coup Today, Gone Tomorrow' and Other Hilarious #FakeArabProverbs. Brief article Nov 12, 2014 189
IT news and products. Nov 1, 2014 1447
Ubiquity of Social Media to Drive the Global Gamification Market from 2014 to 2018: TechNavio. Oct 2, 2014 423
Public library websites and social media: what's #trending now? Hofschire, Linda; Wanucha, Meghan Oct 1, 2014 3406
Social media's influence in online visibility. Hershberger, Tara Oct 1, 2014 633
Leverage social media, external digital data to turn prospects into customers. Neckopulos, Jim Oct 1, 2014 570
James Heckman: former Yahoo exec returns to his sports roots to helm male-focused Scout. Cooper, James Interview Sep 29, 2014 597
Social activity. Dault, Kira Editorial Sep 1, 2014 445
Social media and the measurement of labor market flows. Brunel, Claire Aug 1, 2014 330
Enhance facebook content with paid ads or promoted posts. Laflamme, Allison Jul 1, 2014 640
Here and now is the new context. Smith, Steve Column Jul 1, 2014 769
WhoDoYou: services sourced by friends. Griffin, Donovan Jul 1, 2014 945
The ebbs and flows of Twitter during Ramadan. Brief article Jun 30, 2014 112
Ask not for whom the phone tweets: twitter is extremely effective for reaching specialized croups like employees, peers or customers. Roach, Thomas J. Jun 1, 2014 697
Making your content go viral: BuzzSumo has figured out ways to predict what will make a splash in social media. Tornoe, Rob Jun 1, 2014 1224
Social media primary source of news across Arab world. May 21, 2014 437
71 million use social media in Arab region. May 20, 2014 670
71 million use social media in the Middle East. May 20, 2014 666
Technology is the ease of human. Partab, Vajeesh May 4, 2014 887
Zoomph: influencer engagement platform. Griffin, Donovan May 1, 2014 923
Millennial buying habits, social media hot topics at NRHA all-industry conference. Conference news Apr 1, 2014 756
When online customers knock, is anyone there? Rowlson, Patti Apr 1, 2014 806
Crowdsourcing in the 21st century. Barry, Joanne S. Apr 1, 2014 648
Instability hits social TV field. Brief article Feb 4, 2014 138
Flash mobs aren't random forms of advocacy and involvement. Sullivan, Patrick Feb 1, 2014 1584
Watercooler: don't you just love being in control? Streets, Julia Feb 1, 2014 851
Better internet; more internet use; more ad revenue: World Bank Group tells of Ghana's recent advances in Internet use. Jan 1, 2014 669
Model of communication usable for small and medium-sized companies for the consumer communication in social media. Ungerman, Otakar; Myslivcova, Svetlana Jan 1, 2014 8732
Four social media predictions for 2014. Kryder, Cyndy Dec 1, 2013 721
The importance of digital marketing. An exploratory study to find the perception and effectiveness of digital marketing amongst the marketing professionals in Pakistan. Khan, Fawad; Siddiqui, Kamran Report Dec 1, 2013 3451
Nets' holiday chestnuts find fans all a-Twitter: social media is especially resonant for event programming that airs during the Christmas season. Marechal, A.J. Nov 12, 2013 732
Youth networked through social media will lead the future of African politics. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 152
New Report Available: Social Media, Internet of Things, and the Future of Public Health. Sep 19, 2013 573
Theological reflection on digital culture and social media: editor's introduction. Editorial Sep 1, 2013 2068
Evolving trends in social media compliance in medicine. Bottles, Kent; Kim, Joseph Sep 1, 2013 1650
Meeting the social media challenge: build a system that works for your company. Fluss, Donna Sep 1, 2013 1242
Inspiring conservation through social media. York, Joshua; Stayer, Lauren Sep 1, 2013 1423
Goodreads: social media meets readers advisory. Herther, Nancy K. Jul 1, 2013 3132
Destination News - Africa / Middle East. Jun 3, 2013 6531
Think digital first. Kimball, Gary Brief article Apr 1, 2013 234
Data are big. Kaser, Dick Mar 1, 2013 405
Social media isn't about to take over. Feb 25, 2013 290
Thinking social media? Know your customers first. Paradiso, Tony Feb 22, 2013 569
The Instagram advantage: promote your business by sharing photos via this Facebook app. Johnson, Tory Feb 1, 2013 653
Going social. Brynko, Barbara Brief article Jan 1, 2013 309
The standard for social media: industrywide initiatives help communicators assess program value. Draper-Watts, Pauline Jan 1, 2013 1793
Listening vs. hearing: a lesson for marketers from a neuroscientist. Gelles, Sean Jan 1, 2013 766
Mask of anonymity emboldens commenters. Malone, Roy Jan 1, 2013 1139
Meet the new social media. Brudno, Susan Nov 1, 2012 359
Who's who on the social media lists. King, David Nov 1, 2012 636
Making sense of big social data. Boeri, Robert Nov 1, 2012 762
South QLD. Cooper, Amy Brief article Sep 1, 2012 204
New tools, new directions: a recent study finds that core responsibilities in communication and public relations are expanding with the adoption of social media and measurement. Swerling, Jerry; Tenderich, Burghardt Cover story Sep 1, 2012 2309
Research and Markets: UK Foodservice Survey 2012-2013: Impact, Opportunities, and Growth of Social Media and Consumer Review. Jul 12, 2012 506
All together now: why employee engagement is critical throughout the change process. Fagan-Smith, Barbara Jul 1, 2012 1359
Social networking, analytics are boon to financial industry. Britt, Phil Jul 1, 2012 1096 has Leg Up on Social Media Industry on Strong Parental Control. Jun 4, 2012 446
A guide to social media: what tools are worth paying for? Goldner, Steve Jun 1, 2012 804
Digital media's odd couple: Murdoch and Jobs. Miller, Ron Brief biography Jun 1, 2012 732
HnyB Insights Predicts Global Social Media Market to Touch $233.58Bn by 2020. Industry overview May 3, 2012 303
Six media megatrends. Brief article May 1, 2012 133
Engaging consumers through company social media websites. Leach, Hannah S.; Komo, Lilian W.; Ngugi, Isaac K. May 1, 2012 7577
The culture of subversion and Russian media landscape. Kiriya, Ilya Report Apr 12, 2012 8955
Social Media Advertising Revenue to Show Steep Growth, Reaching $25bn by 2015 and $114bn by 2020 - HnyB Insights. Mar 31, 2012 875
Transnational connections symposium: challenges and opportunities for political communication research. Wojcieszak, Magdalena Report Feb 27, 2012 4407
Social Media for School Communication. Research into Practice. Williamson, Ronald Report Feb 1, 2012 290
Digital technologies in the age of YouTube: electronic textualities, the virtual revolution and the democratization of knowledge. Peters, Michael A.; Fitzsimons, Peter Report Jan 1, 2012 6793
Preparing for a New Year in social media. Kincy, Jason Jan 1, 2012 590
Constant Contact Creates New Category for Small Business Marketing with the Launch of Social Campaigns[TM]. Dec 12, 2011 1409
Rethinking digital storytelling: there's much more to it than just tweaking the format or adding hyperlinks. Fernando, Angelo Nov 1, 2011 1283
Holding sway: social media's potential impact on reputation is well documented, but by understanding how the tools work, you can stay on top of the game. Hoffmann, Christian Pieter Nov 1, 2011 2037
Social media take shape in India: a young, tech-savvy workforce is just one factor in the country's drive toward new media. Verghese, Aniisu K. Nov 1, 2011 1374
Social media: the future of conference papers report from the field. Lewis, Ray Oct 1, 2011 381
Social media is brilliant--but users should never forget it is not only social, but public. Moreton, Guy Sep 24, 2011 479
Messing around in class: social media are making their way into universities and transforming the future of learning. Fernando, Angelo Sep 1, 2011 1539
What's on the minds of the analysts? Three trends worth noting. Cover story Jul 15, 2011 5132
New and improved, tech-savvy Big Brother is watching you. Freivogel, William H. Jun 22, 2011 1327
New metrics for academic social media users. Huwe, Terence K. May 1, 2011 1786
Tweets for good: Atlanta pastor transforms microphilanthropy with celebrity Twitter auctions. Talbert, Marcia Wade May 1, 2011 1033
Diagnosis: Social Media Syndrome. Sloviter, Vikki May 1, 2011 1159
Social media gaining users. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 179
The guesswork of determining influence: traffic, followers, likes and subscribers: all are important, but none are definitive in determining online influence. Falls, Jason Jan 1, 2011 2593
Inside job: social media tools are making their way into corporate intranets--and redefining internal communication research in the process. Williams, Ryan Jan 1, 2011 1546
Constant Contact Survey: Small Businesses See Social Media as Key to Customer Engagement, Positive about Future. Nov 23, 2010 1357
One minute of social media. Brief article Oct 25, 2010 135
Boosting social media traffic: who goes there? A successful franchise using social media will try various ideas, see what works and build from there. Murray, David Oct 1, 2010 1968
You're no one if you're not on Twitter! It's pointless to resist: The Twitter phenomenon is supplanting many traditional channels, and some new media options too. Fernando, Angelo Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 1201

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