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Effort to Debunk Education Technology Falters by Overstating Its Own Case: A sensible, but hardly novel, appeal for "methodological pluralism". Horn, Michael B. Mar 22, 2021 2576
A year of major adjustments in education for parents, students. Mar 14, 2021 836
AWS Lead Technologist discusses 8 predictions in technology that will change our lives. Feb 21, 2021 1873
Tech-whiz heroes help learning continue across cyberspace during pandemic. Scott, Katie Feb 19, 2021 907
'Delayed' printed learning materials a challenge for some students, teachers under distance learning. Dec 5, 2020 679
Module of a grade three pupil showing a family of a farmer in torn clothes received criticisms from the public. Nov 19, 2020 1152
New York closes schools as Europe virus deaths rise. Nov 19, 2020 760
Upgrading our public libraries for the next normal. Nov 7, 2020 724
The economics of remote learning. Oct 28, 2020 698
HP remains positive in PH market. Interview Oct 26, 2020 921
Rotary education town hall held; learning challenges revealed. Oct 16, 2020 746
From party spaces to distance learning 'classrooms' for teachers. Editorial Oct 3, 2020 564
Facing daunting challenges in PH basic education. Sep 28, 2020 822
Pandemic deepens struggle of Mexico's indigenous villages. Sep 19, 2020 676
In California, Wi-fi minivans help disadvantaged students. Sep 19, 2020 606
DepEd taps multi-awarded journalists to train teacher-broadcasters. Sep 18, 2020 574
Harnessing the Power of Tech Amid the Age of Distance Learning. Sep 7, 2020 947
The Effect of Exchange Rate, Exchange Rates Volatility and Export Price Index on Exports in Indonesia. Yunita, Irni; Dwiputra, Dimas Ahadiman Satria; Iradianty, Aldilla Report Sep 1, 2020 3414
Three keys to education in the new normal. Aug 9, 2020 1041
Is distance learning possible by August 24? Solons doubt it. Quismorio, Ellson Jun 26, 2020 598
The quarantine chronicles: Week 14. Eduque, Alex M. Column Jun 26, 2020 873
DepEd unable to buy laptops for students -- Umali. Terrazola , Vanne Elaine Jun 25, 2020 567
Distance Learning. Baumgardner, Jennifer; McManus, Noelle; Bert, Kayla; Caputo, Charis; Blackman, Lola; Voruganti, Priy Column May 1, 2020 2275
The Future of Research in 10 Easy (?) Questions. Shumaker, Dave Apr 1, 2020 1263
Fiber to the Home Market Growth Analysis during Forecast 2019 To 2025. Mar 15, 2019 874
The OA's take: Developing your clinical skillset. Harrison, Zoe Column Mar 1, 2019 304
Local Media Prognosticator Set To Offer Ad Dollar Outlook. Mar 16, 2018 244
Facilitating Interactive Relationships With Students Online: Recommendations From Counselor Educators. Vincenzes, Kristin A.; Drew, Meredith Dec 1, 2017 4950
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Aug 1, 2017 1314
A surging education sector. Sull, Errol Craig Column Jan 1, 2016 2200
Lack of ICT literacy for freshman students of the university of Kinshasa: a huge obstacle to distance learning. Eustache, Banza Nsomwe-a-nfunkwa Report Dec 1, 2015 1635
Uber, taxis, and distance education. Simonson, Michael Aug 1, 2015 523
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Column Apr 1, 2015 1848
Rules of thumb, or DeRots. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2015 548
Distance education as a disruptive technology. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2015 601
E-books: the future? Simonson, Michael Column Jan 1, 2015 658
Teaching the many, rather than the few: four decades before the MOOC, a 1970 essay anticipates the potential boon of an education by computer. Fano, Robert M. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 268
Distance education and the evolution of online learning in the United States. Kentnor, Hope E. Report Jan 1, 2015 5625
Learn! without schools: a contrarian future: Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the mit media lab and one laptop per child, shared his views on the future of learning at the world future society's annual conference. Tucker, Patrick Interview Mar 1, 2014 2643
The history and status of remote proctoring. London, Michael Jan 1, 2014 673
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Jan 1, 2014 1390
Blending and flipping distance education. Keene, Katrina Dec 1, 2013 2767
Small things can make the difference between a good or great distance educator. Sull, Errol Craig Dec 1, 2013 1574
ALEKS: an artificial intelligence-based distance learning system. Smith, Deborah Aug 1, 2013 2745
E-books: the future? Simonson, Michael Aug 1, 2013 697
Midlife crises of adult learners. Buchen, Irving H. Apr 1, 2013 1434
Barriers to distance learning: the educator's viewpoint. Peerani, Naveed Apr 1, 2013 2291
Encouraging critical thinking in distance learning: ensuring challenging intellectual programs. Ricci, Frederick A. Jan 1, 2013 7477
Student autonomy and satisfaction in a web-based foreign language distance learning classroom. Kostina, Marina Jan 1, 2013 3970
Yao! !Si! Yes! International perceptions of online education. Linder-VanBerschot, Jennifer A.; Barbera, Elena Dec 1, 2012 6503
A Green Touch for the Future of Distance Education. Gundogan, M. Banu; Eby, Gulsun Abstract Oct 1, 2012 373
Distance education: where it started and where it stands for gifted children and their educators. Olszewski-Kubilius, Paula; Corwith, Susan Jun 22, 2011 5599
Technology Outlook for UK Tertiary Education 2011-2016: An NMC Horizon Report Regional Analysis. Johnson, L.; Adams, S. Jan 1, 2011 349
Information technologies and women. Demiray, Emine Jan 1, 2010 7502
Global perspectives in open and distance learning and open learning resources. Gutierrez, Ileana P. Jan 1, 2010 2730
Interviewing as a learning tool. Visser, Lya Jan 1, 2010 967
An interview with Muriel Visser. Bedford, Shaunagh Interview Jan 1, 2010 1507
An interview with Peter Mortimer. Lau, Tracy Interview Jan 1, 2010 1126
An interview with Wolfram Laaser David Wickes. Wickes, David Interview Jan 1, 2010 1727
The Challenges for Marketing Distance Education in the Online Environment: An Integrated Approach. Lepkova, Natalija Jan 1, 2010 1245
Ask Errol! Sull, Errol Craig Column Jan 1, 2010 1637
Effect of student location on assessment of instruction and grade assignment. Shaer, Bassam; Khabou, Mohamed A.; Fuchs, Andreas Dec 1, 2009 2449
Education a la carte: the New Jersey virtual community college consortium. Williams, Paula A. Dec 1, 2009 3834
America's Army: distance education through gaming. Willisson, Janet M. Dec 1, 2009 2114
Factors influencing adult learners' decision to drop out or persist in online learning. Park, Ji-Hye; Choi, Hee Jun Report Oct 1, 2009 6646
Learning from a distance. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 202
Full immersion 2025: how will 10-year-olds learn? Huff, Gerald; Saxberg, Bror Jun 22, 2009 2000
Blurring the lines: a blended learning model in a graduate public administration program. Schuhmann, Robert A.; Skopek, Tracy A. Report Jun 22, 2009 6839
Connecting distance learners and their mentors using blogs: the MentorBlog Project. Wheeler, Steve; Lambert-Heggs, Wendy Report Jan 1, 2009 5027
Barriers to adoption of technology-mediated distance education in higher-education institutions. Chen, Baiyun Report Jan 1, 2009 2708
Distance teacher education in Pakistan. Jumani, Nabi Bux; Zai, Zafar Iqbal Yousuf Report Jan 1, 2009 3800
Using curriculum distance learning tools to implement a districtwide business IT project. Diamond, Daryl Jan 1, 2009 4389
Distance learning library services: keeping up with the times. Primus, Simone Jan 1, 2009 2287
Engaging online high school students with the use of ClassLive pro powered by Elluminate. Green, Gail Y. Jan 1, 2009 3242
A walk around Walden Pond: reflections on the educational technology PhD specialization, Walden University. Shepard, MaryFriend Dec 1, 2008 2580
Social workers and distance learning: how we put the social back into distance. Abate, Lisa Dec 1, 2008 1630
Online course development: why a regular web designer doesn't make the grade. Bandy, James Dec 1, 2008 1033
The future agenda of distance education: a learning environment approach. Buchen, Irving H. Dec 1, 2008 1817
The activities and educational model of CARID of the University of Ferrara. Calvani, Giulia; Micarelli, Silvia Dec 1, 2008 3082
Passport to Italy. Celeghin, Claudio; Rochira, Paola Dec 1, 2008 2115
2007-08 Distance Education Report. Author abstract Dec 1, 2008 664
Old Dominion University offers real connections for virtual students. Kilroy, Rob Dec 1, 2008 1151
Success in online education: creating a roadmap for student success. Drummond, Gordon Dec 1, 2008 2689
The effects of e-mail messages in a distance learning university on perceived academic and social support, academic satisfaction, and coping. Heiman, Tali Report Sep 22, 2008 6039
Adventure learning: educational, social, and technological affordances for collaborative hybrid distance education. Doering, Aaron; Miller, Charles; Veletsianos, George Report Sep 22, 2008 7110
The roles of contemporary faculty, unbundled. Policastro, Chris Aug 1, 2008 2827
Distance learning opportunities: expanding cognitive landscapes. Poulos, Dawn Aug 1, 2008 1977
Social networking for distance education: where is the research? Simonson, Michael Report Jun 22, 2008 302
Reexamining the implied role of the designer. Gibbons, A.S.; Merrill, P.F.; Swan, R.; Campbell, J.O.; Christensen, E.; Insalaco, M.; Wilcken, W. Report Jun 22, 2008 5638
International distance education trends and issues: open and distance learning teacher education in Uganda. DeVary, Sharon Apr 1, 2008 3403
Leadership attributes bringing distance learning programs to scale. Diamond, Daryl Apr 1, 2008 2716
Distance education initiatives at Pearson. Martin, Maureen Apr 1, 2008 2704
The University of South Carolina distance education program: southern tradition updated for the twenty-first century. Prommasit, Julie Apr 1, 2008 2798
Putting high-quality, affordable videoconferencing into education. Csathy, Peter Apr 1, 2008 675
The self-reported impact of graduate program completion on the careers and plans of graduates. Fahy, Patrick J.; Spencer, Bob; Halinski, Tara Report Mar 22, 2008 9249
Training of distance education tutors at Wawasan Open University: one semester later. Ng, Wai-Kong; Kong, Sow-Lai Report Mar 22, 2008 5532
Meeting the shifting perspective: the Iowa Communications Network. Gillispie, John; Cassis, Joseph; Fujinaka, Tami; McMahon, Gail Jan 1, 2008 3839
Videoconferencing: what teachers need to know. French, Jennifer Jan 1, 2008 2694
The relationship between national culture and the usability of an e-learning system. Wentling, Rose Mary Jan 1, 2007 11120
The promise and challenges for distance education in accounting. Salimi, Anwar Y. Jan 1, 2007 1277
Franchising basics: online courses and resources: what you need to know when buying a franchise and where to learn it. Nov 1, 2006 1101
A report from the future. D'Orio, Wayne Editorial Jul 1, 2006 558
President's page. Ferlazzo, Paul J. Editorial Jun 22, 2006 734
Field experience in distance delivered initial teacher education programmes. Simpson, Mary Jun 22, 2006 5133
Getting ready for mobile learning--adaptation perspective. Kinshuk Jun 22, 2006 7421
Notes on online learning and pandemic flu. Fabian, Nelson Jun 1, 2006 1757
April showers bring May flowers. Christie, Kathy Jun 1, 2006 1518
Forgotten alumni: online learners as donors. Ferdig, Richard E. Mar 22, 2006 3053
Roles and relationships in virtual environments: a model for adult distance educators extrapolated from leadership in experiences in virtual organizations. Parchoma, Gale Oct 1, 2005 8926
Faster, cheaper, better: distance education is no longer the next great phase of K-12 education. Acceptance is growing, technologies are improving and demand is rising. Patton, Carol May 1, 2005 2255
Perceptions of Online Learning Quality Given Comfort with Technology, Motivation to Learn Technology Skills, Satisfaction, and Online Learning Experience. Rodriguez, Michael C.; Ooms, Ann; Montanez, Marcel; Yan, Yelena L. Abstract Apr 1, 2005 277
The impact of computer-based secondary education. Blaylock, T. Hendon; Newman, Joseph W. Mar 22, 2005 5094
Distance learning's a hit in Indiana. Brief Article Feb 14, 2005 231
An online student's survival guide. Stillman, Rich Jan 1, 2005 1946
Distance Learning in Postsecondary Career and Technical Education: A Comparison of Achievement in Online vs. On-Campus CTE Courses. Benson, Angela D.; Johnson, Scott D.; Taylor, Gail D.; Treat, Tod; Shinkareva, Olga N.; Duncan, John Report Aug 1, 2004 305
Status of Distance Education in Arkansas. Abstract Aug 1, 2004 153
Learning virtually: harried commuters, working mothers and traveling soldiers are all pursuing higher education online, a trend prompting some educators to wonder if traditional teaching methods will one day be history. Bagnato, Kristin May 10, 2004 3286
Roles of Students and Teachers in Distance Education. Isman, Aytekin; Dabaj, Fahme Abstract May 1, 2004 202
Haworth covers VR and Distance Learning. Felix, Kathie Jan 1, 2004 188
Distance education: an overview. Anderson, Joseph Jan 1, 2004 1132
Teaching and learning in the new millennium: transformative technologies in a transformable world. Olliges, Ralph; Mahfood, Sebastian Jun 22, 2003 232
6. E-learning communities. Olliges, Ralph; Mahfood, Sebastian Jun 22, 2003 1041
Digital diplomas: welcome to the world of virtual classrooms, where learning is mandatory, but presence is optional. Youn, Jacy L. Mar 1, 2003 1779
The Webcentric University. Dunn, Samuel L. Jul 1, 2001 1759
Academic dishonesty and distance learning: student and faculty views. Kennedy, Kristen; Nowak, Sheri; Raghuraman, Renuka; Thomas, Jennifer; Davis, Stephen F. Jun 1, 2000 1794
Tutoring Group Learning at a Distance. Fahraeus, Eva R. Author abstract Mar 1, 1999 193
Horses for courses. Schank, Roger C. Jul 1, 1998 1904
Information services in distance education. Feeney, Ann Transcript Mar 1, 1995 1102

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