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Paid to Do Nothing. Oct 7, 2019 168
Future summit held. Conference news Oct 6, 2019 369
What's Behind Technological Hype? Start-up losses are mounting and innovation is slowing. We need less hype and more level-headed economic analysis. Funk, Jeffrey Sep 22, 2019 5082
Preparing for the world to come. Odinga, Winnie Column Jul 1, 2019 1074
Insurance Agents Have Come to Embrace Insurtech. When Will Carriers? Kroeger, Jeff Jul 1, 2019 606
DO YOU HAVE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE? Advanced degrees and credentials are important for your career, but so, too, is your ability to connect with people, communicate clearly, and remain calm under pressure. O'Brien, Patrick E.; Boyle, Douglas M. Jun 1, 2019 2923
THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY AND ANALYTICS: It's essential to track disruptive trends and maintain your knowledge base and skill set for what's next. Monterio, Brad J. Jun 1, 2019 1059
Seven Tips for Keeping Technology Costs Down. Guevara, Sophia Jun 1, 2019 677
THE FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IN THE WORKPLACE. Mahomed, Imraand; Smith, Megan Jun 1, 2019 1510
THE TRUE VALUE OF LEADERSHIP IN THE DIGITAL AGE. Berns, Caroline Column Jun 1, 2019 691
World-class textile technology in ShanghaiTex 2019: Riding the new wave of all manufacturers. May 31, 2019 319
Tech in the future: 5 technology trends that are set to become big in the near future. May 29, 2019 1153
Let Us Stay Free and Open! Ball, Rafael May 1, 2019 1122
Swiss Textile Machinery sector shows growth through innovative ideas and developments. Memon, Noor Ahmed Mar 31, 2019 1135
Mexico Rises as a Global Hub for Innovation. Mar 1, 2019 311
How we'll Invent the future. Gates, Bill Mar 1, 2019 920
The 10 worst technologies of the 21st century: We all make mistakes sometimes. Mar 1, 2019 488
Empowering Communities at Camp: Facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution Together. Rosenberg, Tom Jan 1, 2019 1869
Go big or go home: getting small business to think large: Using technology to create a global presence means more customers, revenue. Gilbert, Philippe Jan 1, 2019 873
The need for members to carry on learning creates valuable development opportunities. Alderman, Henrietta Jan 1, 2019 555
THE FATHER OF QUANTUM: Jian-Wei Pan is turning China into a quantum superpower, leading the way in technologies that could transform entire industries and change the way wars are fought. Giles, Martin Jan 1, 2019 1667
Cold comfort: Calling the US-China technological rivalry a cold war evokes an idea that is convenient and familiar, but wrong. Webster, Graham Jan 1, 2019 490
The Past Controls the Future. Corey, Michael; Sullivan, Don Dec 22, 2018 1553
What directors are thinking. Lathan, Corinna Dec 22, 2018 421
Top Tech Stories That Made Headlines in 2018. Dec 18, 2018 3033
Five Steps to Preparing for the Future in the Manufacturing Sector. Coussins, Andy Dec 1, 2018 1084
A Look at 2019: What Will Be the Devops Game Changers in the New Year? Kinsbruner, Eran Dec 1, 2018 953
You've the got jobs, but where are the people to fill them? Nov 20, 2018 568
Shaping the Industry around Brexit: Technology trends for 2019. Robinson, Sean Nov 1, 2018 823
The Automation Gap. Nov 1, 2018 734
A Preview of What's to Come in 2019 and Beyond. Bowne, Michael Nov 1, 2018 1022
TECHNOLOGIES TO WATCH FOR IN 2019. Pierce, Dennis Oct 1, 2018 1387
A Clausewitzian Response to "Hyperwarfare". Euhus, Brandon T. Sep 22, 2018 5267
Rethinking the Race Between Education & Technology: Experts differ widely in their predictions about how technological innovation will change the labor market, but they all see a need for changes in education. Brown, Phillip; Keep, Ewart Sep 22, 2018 5090
Research Universities and the Future of Work: The handful of premier institutions cannot by themselves educate the next generation of highly skilled workers, but they can--as they did in the twentieth century--apply their formidable intellectual power to understanding and addressing critical national challenges. Stevens, Mitchell L. Sep 22, 2018 4161
Investing in Entrepreneurs Everywhere:Promising companies can sprout anywhere, but start-up funding is flowing to only a few places. We need to ensure that entrepreneurs throughout the country have access to the venture funding they need. Grack, Tracy Van Sep 22, 2018 1840
"Digital Arms Race" Driving Growth. Aug 1, 2018 554
Supercomputers: Klaus Dodds is Professor of Geopolitics at Royal Holloway, University of London and author of Geopolitics: A Very Short Introduction. Dodds, Klaus Aug 1, 2018 797
Megatrends in business, Part 2. Hardwick, Phil Jul 13, 2018 917
A Taste Of Thailand: An inside look at some of the country's top food processors, including Cargill Meats Thailand, Jelly Belly, CP Thai Rice Company and more. Schug, Debra Cover story Jul 1, 2018 2945
Making Open Innovation Stick: A Study of Open Innovation Implementation in 756 Global Organizations: A large study of International companies shows that distinct routines and organizational structures differentiate organizations that succeed with open innovation. Zynga, Andy; Diener, Kathleen; Ihl, Christoph; Luttgens, Dirk; Piller, Frank; Scherb, Bruno Jul 1, 2018 5688
Key Factors in Building a Corporate Accelerator Capability: Developing an effective corporate accelerator requires close attention to the relationships between startups and the ponsoring company. Mahmoud-Jouini, Sihem Ben; Duvert, Corentin; Esquirol, Mathilde Jul 1, 2018 5095
When Cognition Interferes with Innovation: Overcoming Cognitive Obstacles to Design Thinking: Design thinking can fail when cognitive obstacles interfere; appropriate cognitive countermeasures can help disarm the traps. Butler, Allison G.; Roberto, Michael A. Report Jul 1, 2018 4075
Modeling Disruption: A Methodical Response to the Next Hot Technology Trend. Smith, Roger Jul 1, 2018 1868
Quirky: The Remarkable Story of the Traits, Foibles, and Genius of Breakthrough Innovators Who Changed the World. Orellana, Stephanie Jul 1, 2018 989
Making AI into jobs: Artificial intelligence is offering an amazing opportunity to increase prosperity, but whether or not we will seize it is our choice. Mill 19 at Hazelwood Green in Pittsburgh is a former coke works being redeveloped. Rotman, David Jul 1, 2018 2841
The productivity paradox. Jul 1, 2018 605
Free money's big test: A Canadian province is giving people a basic income, no strings attached--revealing both the appeal and the limitation of the idea. Bergstein, Brian Jul 1, 2018 2349
Rebuilding the Ausbildung: Germany's centuries-old vocational program is widely touted as an example other countries should follow. But it's struggling to keep up with technological change. Juskalian, Russ Jul 1, 2018 1471
Panel to study technology and the law. Jun 15, 2018 101
International Innovation Experts Gather at MIT In Support of MBR Global Makers Challenge. Cutts, Evan Jun 11, 2018 702
France to Europe: Get Disruptive on Innovation. Blau, John May 1, 2018 930
The Evolution of China's Innovation Capability: An Interview with Hengyuan Zhu: Hengyuan Zhu talks with Jim Euchner about the many ways innovation practices are being adopted, adapted, and reinvented in China. Euchner, Jim Interview May 1, 2018 3497
Foreign R&D in China at a Crossroads? von Zedtwitz, Max; Gong, Li; Daffner, Martin May 1, 2018 1559
Building University Relationships in Today's China. Slowinski, Gene; Johnson, Albert May 1, 2018 1523
FRANKENSTEIN 200 YEARS LATER: The story of a scientist and the creature he brought to life continues to serve as a cautionary tale for today's world. Finn, Ed Apr 23, 2018 3904
Toward an Innovation Strategy for the US Air Force. Cassem, Christopher R. Mar 22, 2018 2708
The more things change ... Heller, Rafael Editorial Mar 1, 2018 703
Back to the Future: What the Coming Fourth Industrial Revolution Means for Education. Krueger, Keith Mar 1, 2018 651
The UK's Productivity Puzzle: How Updating Technology Can Bolster Manufacturing Output. York, David Feb 1, 2018 1423
A Survival Strategy for Clean-Energy Startups: Kenan Sahin figured out that for battery startups to succeed, they need to accept that they can't do it all themselves. Temple, James Jan 1, 2018 1812
Reimagining Libraries and Learning for the Exponential Age. Jan 1, 2018 874
Snobmmodities, A-Commerce, Orderbots & More: 6 Tech Things You're Tired of Hearing About, But Need To Learn About Anyway. Coval, Tamela Jan 1, 2018 1152
Five Key Technology Trends for 2018. Breeding, Marshall Dec 1, 2017 1961
Catching up with the Unicorn: Tech Trends in 2018 and the Role of Devops in Ensuring Success. Kinsbruner, Eran Nov 1, 2017 1359
Don't Let Regulators Ruin AI: Tech policy scholar Andrea O'Sullivan says the U.S. needs to be careful not to hamstring innovation. O'Sullivan, Andrea Nov 1, 2017 535
Europe's Budding Artificial Intelligence Scene. Blau, John Nov 1, 2017 1504
Creating a Culture of Innovation. Euchner, Jim Editorial Nov 1, 2017 1336
Eliminating the human. Byrne, David Sep 1, 2017 2040
A different story from the Middle East: Entrepreneurs building an Arab tech economy: startups are overcoming cultural and other barriers to tap into a growing local taste for technology, from Bitcoin wallets to digital publishing. Schroeder, Christopher M. Sep 1, 2017 2823
Aerospace sector prepares for growth amidst currents of change. Earls, Alan R. Conference news Sep 1, 2017 2244
Very grand designs: the construction industry is now reducing cost, risk and waste through design, with new research and practices delivering innovation--from concept to fabrication and operation. Cover story Sep 1, 2017 2559
DIY: how to put meaning back in your work. Kish, Katie; Quilley, Stephen Jun 22, 2017 2193
Technology Versus Solutions. Start, David Jun 1, 2017 577
Activating innovation using foresight tools. Crews, Christian May 1, 2017 1716
Innovation at the bottom of the pyramid. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Column May 1, 2017 1959
Blending innovative and strategic technologies: while we tend to gravitate toward the tried-and-true, newer and innovative Technologies offer great potential. Breeding, Marshall Apr 1, 2017 1692
Telling the story of library services: once an opinion is formed-in this case, that library services should look, feel, and behave conventionally it's very difficult to change it. Huwe, Terence K. Apr 1, 2017 1699
Current trends in technology for the provision of legal information. Chan, Scarlett Mar 1, 2017 1397
The force is still strong. Editorial Feb 1, 2017 638
Ed Tech topics on the way in for 2017. Schaffhauser, Dian Jan 1, 2017 4524
Foresight and the future of R&D: a comprehensive foresight process for R&D can both improve performance and steer the broader organization through a turbulent marketplace. Crews, Christian; Farrington, Ted Jan 1, 2017 2573
The 21st-century printing press. Smith, Roger Jan 1, 2017 2076
Betting on the blockchain: twenty years ago, Brian Behlendorf helped kick-start the Web. Now he says the technology behind Bitcoin can make the world fairer. Simonite, Tom Jan 1, 2017 1126
Are there really patent thickets? Markets are highly adept at identifying and preempting transactional blockages. Barnett, Jonathan M. Dec 22, 2016 2507
Three tech trends and one skill to watch during 2017. Huwe, Terence K. Dec 1, 2016 1682
Transectional analysis between innovation and ICT readiness for the European Union countries. Preda, Ana-Maria; Crisan, Daniela Alexandra; Stanica, Justina Lavinia; Samuel, Adam Nelu Altar Report Dec 1, 2016 2787
Wi-Fi helps house distinguish between occupants. Conover, Emily Brief article Oct 15, 2016 185
Trends that are helping transform existing business models. Aug 8, 2016 739
Adapt Today to Shape Tomorrow. Wentz, Tim Cover story Aug 1, 2016 3068
NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Nawaz, Tasleem Jul 31, 2016 592
Companies, governments can foster innovation. Nelson, Rick Editorial Jul 1, 2016 617
China's Internet boom: online experimentation doesn't have to be limited to tech companies. Jung, Edward Jul 1, 2016 474
Dear Silicon Valley: forget flying cars, give us economic growth: companies taking advantage of amazing new digital technologies dominate our list of 50 Smartest Companies. But despite impressive advances in artificial intelligence and automation, the economy remains in a troubling slowdown. Rotman, David Jul 1, 2016 2133
Why startups are struggling: even amid the venture capital boom of the past few years, entrepreneurs are finding it harder to build big, enduring companies. What does this mean for the future of innovation? Surowiecki, James Jul 1, 2016 1286
Peering into the future of innovation management: as the world changes, innovation professionals consider what the future holds for innovation and innovation management. Jones, Jamie N.; Cope, Jeff; Kintz, Andy Report Jul 1, 2016 7185
Tech slowdown threatens the American dream: despite the allure of apps and social media, today's digital technologies are doing little to generate the kind of prosperity that previous generations enjoyed, a prominent economist argues. But that doesn't mean we should give up on innovation. Rotman, David May 1, 2016 1898
Real-time location at your service: location data has its place: helping virtualize process control in high-mix, high-volume assembly operations. Gould, Lawrence S. Editorial May 1, 2016 883
Technology, risk management, and the audit process: managing new acquisitions in the restarted economy. Rechtman, Yigal; Gabriele, Guido, III May 1, 2016 2591
No Ordinary Disruption: The Four Global Forces Breaking All the Trends. Deevi, Seetharama C. Mar 1, 2016 879
Underground mining: progress more toward automation: sophisticated systems improve safety and reliability. Mar 1, 2016 5753
Education and research--promoting factors for the culture of innovation. Mitran, Paula Cornelia; Mohan, Gabriela Report Mar 1, 2016 2853
Regulatory science fiction: the stories of yesterday provide hints for the lawmakers of tomorrow. Feeney, Matthew Mar 1, 2016 2261
Healthcare innovations: new technology is changing all facets of healthcare. Coon, John Feb 1, 2016 1947
Technological progress and economic growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: evidence from telecommunications infrastructure. Donou-Adonsou, Ficawoyi; Lim, Sokchea; Mathey, Samuel A. Report Feb 1, 2016 4296
The connected home and an electricity-market platform for the twenty-first century. Kiesling, L. Lynne Column Jan 1, 2016 1851
Funding innovation: from Silicon Valley to Shanghai, investing in innovation is exploding. Investors, corporations, and governments look beyond unicorns to sustainably nurture big ideas. Jan 1, 2016 5969
The new culture of makers and free information. Bates, Mary Ellen Jan 1, 2016 851
Pakistan's future: innovation. Atta-ur-Rahman Dec 27, 2015 1128
Innovation only way forward for Pak progress. Nawaz, Tasleem Brief article Dec 20, 2015 204
Possible emerging trends in 2016. King, David Lee Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2015 856
Comment: 2015 has been a busy year for the AOP, with technology playing a starring role in a wide-reaching programme to enable the association to better connect with members, explains the AOP's chief executive. Alderman, Henrietta Dec 1, 2015 493
Internet of Things: the magical world we live in. Engard, Nicole C. Nov 1, 2015 2173
Another 'I' word: innovation. Keiser, Barbie E. Nov 1, 2015 3323
Work in transition: digital technologies are changing the nature of the jobs we do. What does that mean for the future of work? Byrnes, Nanette Nov 1, 2015 822
UK energy system update is almost out of time: time is running out to create a secure and affordable low carbon energy system for 2030 and beyond. Nov 1, 2015 407
Room for improvement. Blutstein, Aaron Editorial Nov 1, 2015 560
Controlled environments help evaluate connected vehicles. Nelson, Rick Oct 1, 2015 1460
The evolving corporation: from Model-T to UBER: lessons for managing in changing times. Jumabhoy, Anwar; Vadrevu, Srikrishna Sep 22, 2015 2586
Learning the building blocks of service innovation from SMEs. Prindible, Matt; Petrick, Irene Sep 1, 2015 1994
Driving into the future with the internet of big things. Kirk, Richard Jul 1, 2015 1737
Dynamic disruption. Ojala, Marydee Editorial Jul 1, 2015 490
Open letter on the digital economy: a group of technologists, economists, and investors propose a way that technological development can happen more fairly. Jul 1, 2015 695
Prosthesis breakthrough: NH firm develops new duplication process. Rajala, Liisa May 29, 2015 1071
High tech eye tech: OT's Ryan O'Hare reports on what wearable technology has in store, including advances in augmented and virtual reality. O'Hare, Ryan May 2, 2015 2088
Space craft: the International Space Station is an ideal test bed for new technologies and materials, either for future use in space or for applications in demanding places on Earth. Wall, Brian May 1, 2015 1965
Checking out the competition! let's take a look at four new digital platforms demanding publishers' attention. Mutter, Alan D. May 1, 2015 777
The new Autoconer 6: The best original ever. Scheibe, Heike Apr 30, 2015 1299
The 43rd FILO edition: Optimism with reasoning. Conference news Apr 30, 2015 1835
An overview of the textile and fabrics industry in Pakistan. Memon, Noor Ahmed Report Apr 30, 2015 1851
Global competition for brains and talent. Abella, Manolo Statistical data Mar 22, 2015 7244
The impact of technology on optics. O'Hare, Ryan Mar 7, 2015 551
Digitizing and informating. Euchner, Jim Editorial Mar 1, 2015 1141
Regulating innovation in the new economy. Gobble, MaryAnne M. Mar 1, 2015 2265
Unleashing the African genius: a case for singularity. Commey, Nii Mar 1, 2015 1299
My new romance is kind of square. Withers, Laura Brief article Mar 1, 2015 315
10 breakthrough technologies. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 101
Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan predict 2015 tech trends. Brief article Jan 7, 2015 155
Stratecast/Frost & Sullivan predict 2015 tech trends. Brief article Jan 7, 2015 166
Communities in techno-transition. Huwe, Terence K. Jan 1, 2015 1690
Government to boost investment in tourism and innovative technology. Jan 1, 2015 938
EEF: the manufacturers' organisation. Scuoler, Terry Jan 1, 2015 394
2015's 10 top strategic technology trends. Jan 1, 2015 343
Distance education as a disruptive technology. Simonson, Michael Jan 1, 2015 601
Wearable world: the latest high-tech wizardry will bring potential risks and rewards for businesses. Pozzi, Steven R. Dec 1, 2014 532
Pakistan's thriving technology sector is full of potential needs to be tapped. Nov 2, 2014 602
Making innovation. Byrnes, Nanette Nov 1, 2014 1192
Are there patterns of innovation? Euchner, Jim Nov 1, 2014 693
The role of diversity in commercializing basic science: convergence and diversity are the keys to innovation in science. DeSimone, Joseph M. Column Nov 1, 2014 3943
Innovation and value creation in a very long-cycle business: in a very long-cycle business model, it's critical to distinguish true innovation from novelty. Epstein, Alan H. Nov 1, 2014 3249
Research-on-research reports. Nov 1, 2014 7586
Executing into the future. Petrick, Irene Column Nov 1, 2014 1590
A tech 'Laggard' tells all. Hamaker, Christian Editorial Nov 1, 2014 323
"Situational futuring" and 44 mind-stretching scenarios to learn how to use it: the second 22. Frey, Thomas Column Nov 1, 2014 1613
US military innovation: fostering creativity in a culture of compliance. Price, John F., Jr. Sep 1, 2014 2106
Unearthing a better way. Column Sep 1, 2014 1585
Government to support future technologies. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 110
Creating the conditions for innovation. Huwe, Terence K. Jul 1, 2014 1664
Which box are you in? Euchner, Jim Editorial Jul 1, 2014 1049
Innovate like it's 1985. Smith, Roger Jul 1, 2014 1815
Accelerating into the cloud: engaging customers and fueling growth. Lang, Andrew J. Jun 1, 2014 857
Neither gone nor forgotten. Griffin, Donovan Jun 1, 2014 658
Should robots write their own programming? Castelluccio, Michael Jun 1, 2014 1114
Budgeting by inclusion. Henley, Terry Jun 1, 2014 913
Techno-dependency probability. Apr 27, 2014 591
Need to foster technology incubation. Apr 27, 2014 417
ICTs in support of grassroots innovation. Maurya, Nitin; Kumar, Vipin; Patel, Ramesh; Mahanta, Hiranmay; Gupta, Anil Report Mar 22, 2014 2566
The new visible hand: understanding today's R&D management. Boardman, Craig Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2014 2476
Why you should be bullish on technology. Tehrani, Rich Mar 1, 2014 700
The power of storytelling. Petrick, Irene Mar 1, 2014 1265
Welcome to the future. Hutson, Matthew Feb 1, 2014 2124
Wearables head to toe. Sloane, Garett Jan 6, 2014 589
Not ready for primetime: 4K TVs will get a big push at CES but the industry isn't prepared to deliver the full ultra HD experience. Cohen, David S. Jan 6, 2014 2743
Innovation at centre of economic growth: Kampala, the capital of Uganda was the venue for one of the most important conferences of last year, the African Business Innovative Africa Forum. The event, attended by the Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Finance of Uganda, produced one of the most comprehensive explorations of the role of innovation in Africa's economic growth stories. Jackson, Ade Jan 1, 2014 1434
Bigger numbers spur invention: tool innovations take off as more people share ideas. Bower, Bruce Dec 14, 2013 380
Science can help solve South Africa's problems. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 247
50 Dramatic years. Dec 1, 2013 227
Blunt answers to lack of business innovation in Canada. Lennox, Bruce Nov 1, 2013 645
The history of technology. Weinberger, David Oct 1, 2013 828
In innovation quest, regions seek critical mass: what's the secret to becoming the next technology hot spot? Regalado, Antonio Sep 1, 2013 885
Silicon Valley can't be copied. Wadhwa, Vivek Sep 1, 2013 1201
Beijing's great leap forward. Sep 1, 2013 1308
World innovation clusters. Sep 1, 2013 353
Exploring the future through scenarios. Farrington, Ted; Crews, Christian; Green, Lee Column Sep 1, 2013 1125
Pakistan has vision for Science and Technology. Aug 20, 2013 1486
Neoclassicism in the industrial context. Dominiczak, Marek H. May 1, 2013 1179
The arc of technology. Moore, Andy Editorial May 1, 2013 622
Terminated: life with our new robot overlords will be great. right after they take your job. Drum, Kevin May 1, 2013 4434
10 breakthrough technologies. Brief article May 1, 2013 173
20 innovative trends taking Africa to the world stage. Simons, Bright B. May 1, 2013 2224
The future of learning technology: some tentative predictions. Rushby, Nick Report Apr 1, 2013 3436
The management of the perfect distribution chain, globalization and European funds. Kagitci, Meral; Vacarelu, Marius; Fratila, Laurentiu Catalin Report Mar 1, 2013 3844
Determining our own future. Falcioni, John G. Editorial Mar 1, 2013 532
Is Taiwan's R&D productivity in decline? A microeconometric analysis. Yang, Chih-Hai; Huang, Chia-Hui Report Feb 1, 2013 7570
Investing in science and engineering. Jan 13, 2013 739
China's challenge: if China wants an innovation-based economy, it will need to make political and institutional changes. Huang, Yasheng Jan 1, 2013 410
2013: the rise of SDN, death of the "transaction-based" user and customers bite back on vendor lock-in. Jewell, Marcus Jan 1, 2013 1016
Mobile devices top Gartner's 2013 strategic tech trends list. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 136
Automaker's CTO predicts top car technology innovation in coming years. Liang, Quincy Dec 27, 2012 327
Tech trends: coming soon to a second or third screen near you. Hamby, Rogan Dec 1, 2012 1514
Tech review and forecast for 2013. Breeding, Marshall Dec 1, 2012 2821
Making our own futures. Huwe, Terence K. Dec 1, 2012 1461
Taking stock before I go. Balas, Janet L. Dec 1, 2012 779
Brazil : Integrated government action guarantees R$ 15 billion to stimulate innovation. Brief article Nov 10, 2012 261
Why we can't solve big problems. Pontin, Jason Nov 1, 2012 3623
Money seeks idea. Regalado, Antonio Nov 1, 2012 856
The Narrowing ambitions of venture capital: venture capital was supposed to be the financial engine of American innovation. Instead, it's become a reflection of its own limitations, says Josh Lerner. Lerner, Josh Nov 1, 2012 1197
Belgium : Commission consults on Future and Emerging Technologies. Oct 27, 2012 411
Science fiction: is it still the "big ideas" genre? Hill, Rebecca A. Oct 1, 2012 2047
Spectrum disorder. Euchner, Jim Editorial Sep 1, 2012 1018
Dynamic technology leadership: the adaptive role of the CTO: effective CTOs have a wide array of evolving priorities that relate to technology transition points that can be either imposed by the external environment or initiated from within the organization. van der Hoven, Chris; Probert, David; Phaal, Robert; Goffin, Keith Sep 1, 2012 6449
From smart house to networked home: two foresight specialists describe how tomorrow's integrated, networked, and aware home systems may change your family life. Carbone, Chris; Nauth, Kristin Jul 1, 2012 2916
April 4--in Nairobi, Kenya, government ministers attending the first African Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation issue the Nairobi Ministeria Declaration on Science, Technology, and Innovation. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 131
The cost of being relationally boring. Hall, Robert Jul 1, 2012 1063
'Perfect storm' of IT trends is brewing. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 248
Professional edge: eyes on the users. Brynko, Barbara Jun 1, 2012 2064
28 Major Trends for 2012 and beyond: Part 2. Frey, Thomas May 1, 2012 3228
Scientists and designers collaborate to develop next generation products. May 1, 2012 314
Are we on the verge of smarter computer? Apr 29, 2012 593
New technology, new workflows, new ways to collaborate. Huwe, Terence K. Apr 1, 2012 1727
The future's so bright. Engelhaupt, Erika Brief article Mar 24, 2012 220
Start-up region: redefining the American Midwest. Holden, Greg Mar 1, 2012 1142
The best predictions of 2011: drawing from a variety of sources throughout the past year, the editors of the futurist take a look at some of the best predictions for the world's future. Report Jan 1, 2012 8188
Declining innovation performance of the Hungarian economy: special focus on organizational innovation: the example of the European community innovation survey (CIS). Csaba, Mako; Miklos, Illessy; Peter, Csizmadia Jan 1, 2012 8501
Fast-action heroes: when applied, these breakthroughs offer quick, simple solutions. Stanley, Carolyn Column Dec 1, 2011 365
Three enduring trends, sustained by crossover thinking: it falls to us to make new tech more manageable for our users at a lower cost in stress and aggravation. Huwe, Terence K. Dec 1, 2011 1856
Can QR codes be used to deliver library services? Balas, Janet I. Dec 1, 2011 576
FDA Invests $2 Mil via Centers of Excellence. Nov 1, 2011 317
Mo-DV unveils new solution for delivery of multimedia content. Brief article Oct 17, 2011 181
Breaking the QR code. Hart, Michael Oct 1, 2011 505
Innovation's "skilled incompetence". Euchner, James A. Sep 1, 2011 1294
Questions and answers from IRI's members: what are IRI members talking about? These questions were recently posed on IRI's Member Community Forum. Sep 1, 2011 1233
The ethics of participation, sharing and collaboration in networked media cultures: new digital technologies and participatory models of knowledge production. Taranu, Adela-Mihaela; Paun, Elena; Florea, Nadia; Nicolae, Raluca; Lazaroiu, George Report Jun 1, 2011 3415
Way cool stuff in the pipeline. Abram, Stephen May 1, 2011 1790
Technological advances are steadily deteriorating doctor-patient relationship and medical ethics-Prof. Kh.Saadiq Husain. Apr 14, 2011 1685
Travel gadgets: stay plugged in wherever you go. Jules, Brandy Apr 1, 2011 389
December 29--IBM releases "Next Five in Five," its annual list of innovations that will reshape our lives in the next five years. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 127
Scientific spirit: can romantics and technophiles reconcile humanity's love-hate relationship with scientific progress? Grosso, Joseph Mar 1, 2011 4120
Another Sputnik moment? Peters, Rita C. Editorial Feb 1, 2011 550
Dealing with the Chinese dragon. Gwynne, Peter Jan 1, 2011 1393
The revolution will be shared: social media and innovation. Jan 1, 2011 1682
Pleasure, beauty, and wonder: educating for the knowledge age. Eger, John M. Jan 1, 2011 1691
Technobabble. Dec 1, 2010 798
Momentive unveils new technology. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 191
Preparing for the intelligence era: with proper support for emerging technologies, we can have intelligent transportation networks that run as efficiently as factories; smart energy systems that make the best use of resources, and personalized health care when and where it is needed. Noor, Ahmed K. Nov 1, 2010 3636
Delving into decaf: at the Tea & Coffee World Cup Vienna, the "Decal Trends and Technology" panel discussed the future of the decaffeination segment. Here, we recap the panel presentations and interview some of the industry's top decaffeinators to delve deeper into the world of decaf coffee. DuFrene, Barbara; Rubinstein, Alexis Discussion Jul 1, 2010 3177
What next for the start-up nation? Adversity, like necessity, is often the mother of invention. Senor, Dan; Singer, Saul Jun 22, 2010 2455
The digital landscape: what's next for news? Ludtke, Melissa Jun 22, 2010 404
Understanding the iGeneration--before the next mini-generation arrives. Rosen, Larry D. Jun 22, 2010 2020
Scientific observations. Gilbey, John Brief article Jun 19, 2010 132
AVST adopts Neverfail technology. Brief article Jun 15, 2010 249
Understanding and mitigating IT project risks. Bailey, Mike; Riffel, Mike Jun 1, 2010 2504
Technology trends CFOs must know. Wright, Tony Jun 1, 2010 1616
Looking for inspiration in all the right places. Balas, Janet I. Jun 1, 2010 523
The meaning of innovative. Fletcher, Geoffrey H. Editorial May 1, 2010 494
AG communication's future. Martin, Diane May 1, 2010 362
Kenya builds digital villages and lays the foundation for a brighter future. Gathanju, Denis Cover story May 1, 2010 2873
Managing strategy and innovation. Euchner, James A. Editorial May 1, 2010 578
Needed--an R&D and innovation stimulus. Larson, Charles F. May 1, 2010 1268
Luup and NBAD Present Advantages of Mobile Payments and Technological Innovations at Norwegian Royal Visit to UAE. Apr 16, 2010 422
Luup and NBAD Present Advantages of Mobile Payments and Technological Innovations at Norwegian Royal Visit to UAE. Apr 15, 2010 422
E-mail is dead ... long live e-mail! Despite reports of its demise, e-mail--and applications and tools for e-mail--is flourishing. Donaldson, Sonya A. Apr 1, 2010 787
East Europe innovation still far behind West. Blau, John Mar 1, 2010 1652
PeopleCube predicts 5 business trends for 2010. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 197
The business of making money with movies. Young, S. Mark; Gong, James J.; Van der Stede, Wim A. Feb 1, 2010 3637
Study finds strong potential for AUV market. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 154
A new decade brings new ideas. Myron, David Editorial Jan 1, 2010 529
Technobabble. Dec 1, 2009 645
Pulling out the crystal ball. Cooley, Scott Personal account Dec 1, 2009 1343
Value of basic research emerges from under cloak. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Nov 21, 2009 371
Uncloaked: in race to make things disappear, scientists gain ground on science fiction. Petit, Charles Nov 21, 2009 3177
Future storage trends--what is on the horizon that will shape storage strategies tomorrow? Arend, Carla Nov 1, 2009 785
Liquavista launches LiquavistaBright technology platform. Brief article Oct 27, 2009 163
Sophos introduces new data loss prevention technology. Brief article Oct 14, 2009 163
Thriving on technology's edge. Huwe, Terence K. Technical report Oct 1, 2009 1854
TomTom introduces new location referencing technology, OpenLR. Brief article Sep 8, 2009 171
Putnam Plastics. Sep 1, 2009 447
What will they think of next? While the wizards of technology have come up with many a labor-saving device, this author suggests there's still a lot to do. Mula, Rose Madeline Sep 1, 2009 1134
Innovation in energy supply. Hamburg, A. Report Sep 1, 2009 1708
Social networking: community building tool or evil time warp? Levin, Debra Aug 1, 2009 1037
SpringSource Hyperic HQ Enterprise chosen by Chicago. Brief article Jul 22, 2009 119
Ionic Engineering's knack for building: creating momentum and technological innovation. Neeley, James Jun 1, 2009 614
A better way? Things change, even if we don't think about it. Vasilash, Gary S. Jun 1, 2009 855
Inspiring the future generation of engineers: from its beginning in 1992 with 28 teams in a New Hampshire high-school gym, FIRST has grown to reach over 195,000 boys and girls in 42 countries. Kamen, Dean L. May 1, 2009 1550
DeviceAnywhere unveils DeviceAnywhere Proof Center. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 152
Science and the Shaping of Modernity: the reciprocal influence of science and culture. Dougherty, Jude P. Essay Mar 22, 2009 6478
Timeline for the Future: Potential Developments and Likely Impacts: designer babies, fiber-optic plants, synthetic celebrities, and more. a timeline suggests when we'll see the evolving technologies that will radically reshape human life. Cetron, Marvin J. Mar 1, 2009 1815
Radiology's golden age: this multi-site imaging firm improved patient care and its financial standing through RIS/PACS automation. Shullman, Alan Feb 1, 2009 1638
Argo U set to tackle new technology. Brief article Jan 7, 2009 126

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