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Gatchalian urges gov't to ensure Ease of Doing Business Act will help build more ICT infra. Aug 4, 2020 506
Do You Transform in Flight or Do You Transform When You Land in the Cloud? Chapman, Dave Jul 1, 2020 710
Consumer group asks gov't to demolish digital infra walls. Cahiles-Magkilat, Bernie Jun 18, 2020 526
TECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS CONTINUITY: Organizations must be prepared to leverage technology to enable recovery from the unexpected and unavoidable. Jiles, Loreal; Nathan, Barry Jun 1, 2020 1244
Report: The Universal Language of IT. May 1, 2020 1372
Why One Iaas Provider Is Not the Same as Another--10 Aspects to Consider When Moving to the Cloud. Augat, Justin May 1, 2020 1259
The Case for Open Standards: An M&A Perspective. Lumbis, Pete Mar 1, 2020 940
PPM and IT Governance Market 2020 Global Analysis, Opportunities And Forecast To 2025. Jan 20, 2020 1256
THE EVOLUTION AND CHALLENGES OF ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING: What's a local I.T. presence costing you? Simpkins, Jerry Interview Dec 1, 2019 2160
IT Operation Analytics Market 2019 - 2023: Receives a Rapid Boost in Economy due to High Emerging Demands by Business Trends. Nov 21, 2019 944
Cloud Managed Services (CMS) Market 2019 - 2023: Company Profiles, Emerging Technologies, Global Segments, Landscape, Industry Profit Growth and Business Trends. Company overview Oct 3, 2019 1005
Security Needs versus Worker Accessibility: The Balancing Act in Evolving Technology. Pooley, Alastair Sep 1, 2019 956
Future Finance. Rashleigh, Philip Sep 1, 2019 491
IT Risk Management Solution Market 2019 Global Analysis, Growth, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast to 2025. Aug 28, 2019 1032
Hybrid IT Management‎ Market 2019 Global Key Players, Size, Applications & Growth Opportunities - Analysis to 2024. Aug 7, 2019 627
Reliable ICT services are vital for the modern enterprise. Jul 25, 2019 467
Happy 30th Birthday World Wide Web: My How You Have Grown! Lamphere, Carly Jul 1, 2019 3322
Global IT Spending to Grow 0.6% in 2019. Jul 1, 2019 355
Tech in the future: 5 technology trends that are set to become big in the near future. May 29, 2019 1153
Foldable Phones Are Hitting the Headlines, but What Does That Mean for Devops? Kinsbruner, Eran May 1, 2019 1037
Perfecto Releases Summer 2019 Mobile & Web Test Coverage Index. May 1, 2019 514
The Growing German-Chinese Tech Divide. Blau, John May 1, 2019 1755
Conformity Is the New Black: The Next Phase of Technology and the Internet. Lamphere, Carly May 1, 2019 2957
Is Britain's Technology Landscape Advancing Too Quickly? Musselwhite, Martin Apr 1, 2019 656
Global IT Spending to Grow 1.1 Percent in 2019. Apr 1, 2019 392
Are we ready for a data operating system? Graeme Dennis, commercial director at preclinical pharma, IDBS, says we should move away from traditional definitions of informatics software. Dennis, Graeme Apr 1, 2019 834
#eDataLifeCycle @Work--turn your lab into a data-driven knowledge centre: Isabel Munoz and Roberto Castelnovo, from NL42 consulting, preview Paperless Lab Academy, taking place at Lake Maggiore, Italy, in April. Munoz, Isabel; Castelnovo, Roberto Apr 1, 2019 2334
Businesses Opening up to Security Risks by Failing to Gain Grasp of DevSecOps: Claranet. Mar 1, 2019 635
ICT Training and Development of 21st Century. Ajie, Ifeoma Report Feb 1, 2019 4441
ICT Training and Development of the 21st Century Librarian. Ajie, Ifeoma Report Feb 1, 2019 4440
AppDirect study finds 86% of executives believe platforms are key for digital transformation. Brief article Jan 18, 2019 273
AppDirect study finds 86% of executives believe platforms are key for digital transformation. Brief article Jan 18, 2019 290
Predictions for Manufacturing: Industrial Trends for 2019. Reuther, Stefan Jan 1, 2019 677
Is Workplace Technology Falling Behind? Econocom. Jan 1, 2019 1446
AI Reveals the Current Crop of Mega Tech Trends--as Informed by the Entire Internet: AMPLYFI. Jan 1, 2019 629
FOREWORD. Epure, Manuela Jan 1, 2019 480
Digital Transformation for Libraries. Ojala, Marydee Editorial Jan 1, 2019 500
From Digitization, Through Digitalization, to Digital Transformation. Savic, Dobrica Jan 1, 2019 1482
Report outlines EUR 200bn digital transformation opportunity for telecoms sector. Brief article Dec 24, 2018 261
Report outlines EUR 200bn digital transformation opportunity for telecoms sector. Brief article Dec 24, 2018 275
The Past Controls the Future. Corey, Michael; Sullivan, Don Dec 22, 2018 1553
Fast and Furious Technology: From HFT to IoT. Schouw, Bart Dec 22, 2018 1803
Top Trends Driving Digital Transformation The Strategic Investment Companies Can Make to Stay Ahead of the Curve. Jones, David Dec 22, 2018 1338
In 2019 Key Technologies Will Leap into the Mainstream. Dec 1, 2018 1261
A Look at 2019: What Will Be the Devops Game Changers in the New Year? Kinsbruner, Eran Dec 1, 2018 953
2019 IT Trend Predictions. Dec 1, 2018 397
Key Digital Transformation IT Concepts for Operations. Guilfoyle, Michael Nov 17, 2018 964
Future Technologies and the Impact on Mobile Workforces and Their Devices: Panasonic. Nov 1, 2018 544
Shaping the Industry around Brexit: Technology trends for 2019. Robinson, Sean Nov 1, 2018 823
Cloud Infrastructure Spend Surpasses Spend on Legacy IT: Cloud Industry Forum. Nov 1, 2018 614
Enterprise IT Departments Regaining Strategic Control but Not Responsibility for IT Budgets. Nov 1, 2018 367
Only Nine per Cent of Manufacturers Are to Invest in Digital Transformation Projects over the Next 12-18 Months. Oct 1, 2018 460
How to Transform Your Back-End Infrastructure Into a Platform of the Future. Perry, Rob Oct 1, 2018 1030
Decentralised systemes buck data-sharing trend: ADRIAN GIORDANI REPORTS ON THE USE OF BLOCKCHAIN IN THE AUTOMATIVE INDUSTRY. Giordani, Adrian Oct 1, 2018 2202
ADAPT OR DISAPPEAR: the digital shakeout looms. Ramirez, David Sep 1, 2018 1077
How connecting data may lead to discoveries in medical research: Dr Alexander Jarasch and Professor Martin Hrabe de Angelis explain that novel research methods produce tremendous amounts of data that cannot be analysed with classic analysis tools. Scientists need to look for new approaches, such as graph technology. Jarasch, Alexander; de Angelis, Martin Hrabe Aug 1, 2018 1090
Next-Generation Tools and Strategies. Ojala, Marydee Conference news Jul 1, 2018 2006
A Seat at the Table: How Developers Are Driving Digital Transformation. Eilon, Uzi Jul 1, 2018 1217
How to Dodge the Industry-Wide Knowledge Gap. Hiskey, Terri Jul 1, 2018 872
Business are spending more on cloud, but need better guidance on how to migrate effectively. Jul 1, 2018 599
Key Traits of Tomorrow's Enterprise Architect. Christ, Andre Jun 22, 2018 1053
BIG DATA BY THE NUMBERS. Jun 22, 2018 584
The Convergence of Transactions and Analytics. On, Philip Jun 22, 2018 1526
Spring Cleaning Your Devops--Why Keeping It Fresh Is Crucial to Success. Kinsbruner, Eran Jun 1, 2018 936
In blockchain we trust. Casey, Michael J.; Vigna, Paul May 1, 2018 3002
Worldwide ICT Spending expected to exceed USD 5.6 trillion in 2021. Apr 18, 2018 333
Worldwide ICT Spending expected to exceed USD 5.6 trillion in 2021. Apr 18, 2018 349
Data Analytics: The Gateway to Digital Transformation. Anand, Mala Apr 1, 2018 991
Playing to Win: Three Tips to Make Sure Your Organization Is Audit-Ready. Jesser, Tim Apr 1, 2018 1055
Fast Caterpillars: Solving the Complexity Crisis in Carrier Automation: A new focus on simplicity and standardization holds the key, says Pravin Mirchandani, CMO, OneAccess. Mirchandani, Pravin Apr 1, 2018 524
From Underdog to Influencer: The Dramatic Transformation of the IT Team: Greater alignment between IT and business teams is increasing performance in UK organisations says Rajesh Ganesan, Director, ManageEngine. Ganesan, Rajesh Apr 1, 2018 623
Gartner Projections for 2018. Apr 1, 2018 2047
AI implementations require professional services support to reach enterprise scale. Brief article Mar 21, 2018 212
AI implementations require professional services support to reach enterprise scale. Brief article Mar 21, 2018 226
The Trouble With Transformations. Ojala, Marydee Editorial Mar 1, 2018 506
Information Professionals in an Era of Disruption: What Next? Herther, Nancy K. Mar 1, 2018 3009
The Rising Tech Giants: They destroy jobs, distort markets, and trample on liberties. Nitze, William A. Mar 1, 2018 3542
Plan to Fail, Don't Fail to Plan--Continuous Testing Is the Secret to Avoid Fire Drills. Rozenberg, Amir Feb 1, 2018 2321
The Great Al Paradox: Don't worry about supersmart Al eliminating all the jobs. That's just a distraction from the problems even relatively dumb computers are causing. Bergstein, Brian Jan 1, 2018 2595
Internet Librarian Innovations on Two Continents. Ojala, Marydee Conference notes Jan 1, 2018 1844
Devops Adoption Accelerates but Laggards Risk Being Left Behind. Jan 1, 2018 1427
Cloud Workloads at Risk From Security, Management and Compliance Failings. Jan 1, 2018 602
The Future of Enterprise Search. Soergel, Dagobert; Popescu, Denisa Report Dec 31, 2017 3991
Surviving IT: It's a Gas, Gas, Gas... Schraml, Todd Dec 1, 2017 563
Five Key Technology Trends for 2018. Breeding, Marshall Dec 1, 2017 1961
A different story from the Middle East: Entrepreneurs building an Arab tech economy: startups are overcoming cultural and other barriers to tap into a growing local taste for technology, from Bitcoin wallets to digital publishing. Schroeder, Christopher M. Sep 1, 2017 2823
The Myth of the skills gap: the idea that American workers are being left in the dust because they lack technological savvy does not stand up to scrutiny. Our focus should be on coordination and communication between workers and employers. Weaver, Andrew Sep 1, 2017 1484
The CIO: The vital link for traditional businesses to be future-ready. Jun 11, 2017 722
Government firms spend 21% of IT budgets on digitalisation. May 10, 2017 661
Governments lag on digitisation spending, says Gartner. May 10, 2017 677
Enterprise IT budgets shifting toward hosting and cloud services. May 1, 2017 625
Availability gap inhibits digital transformation and costs enterprises $21.8m each year. May 1, 2017 1038
Conversations from the Alia information online conference. Lewis, Ray Conference news Apr 1, 2017 1761
Get your head out of the cloud! Anderson, Maria Apr 1, 2017 702
A journey of IT innovation. Anderson, Maria Feb 1, 2017 746
IT users are the most important resource. Schrawl, Todd Feb 1, 2017 667
Data Center Fabric Market worth $15.14 Billion by 2019. Jan 20, 2017 594
'We have moved a few critical workloads to the cloud'. Interview Dec 20, 2016 1111
Transectional analysis between innovation and ICT readiness for the European Union countries. Preda, Ana-Maria; Crisan, Daniela Alexandra; Stanica, Justina Lavinia; Samuel, Adam Nelu Altar Report Dec 1, 2016 2787
Three tech trends and one skill to watch during 2017. Huwe, Terence K. Dec 1, 2016 1682
"d!conomy--no limits": keynote theme at CeBIT 2017 reveals the enormous potential afforded by digitalization: 20-24 March, Mon.-Fri. Oct 1, 2016 867
The benefits and challenges of IT/OT convergence: rewriting the rules. Williams, Martyn Oct 1, 2016 734
IT leaders must forge closer links across the business to drive commercial success. Sep 1, 2016 498
IT Outsourcing Market in APAC to Grow at a CAGR of 5.8% from 2016-2020. Aug 11, 2016 561
What candidate skills are needed to support UK technology. Jul 1, 2016 568
Network on demand--the innovative delivery model for business critical infrastructure. Sablok, Manish Jun 1, 2016 714
How speaking the language of business helps EAs to drive business transformation. Ellerbee, Jeff Jun 1, 2016 2410
Unlocking the power of digital transformation: freeing IT from legacy constraints. Jun 1, 2016 809
INVESTMENT IN IT INDUSTRY GOES UP AT $5.138B. Brief article May 1, 2016 194
IT departments struggling to keep pace with growing rate of business change: 'business as usual' approach to it development too slow for modern businesses. May 1, 2016 430
Investigation of Indian IT Society using management information system. Kumar, M. Varun; Venugopal, Pulidindi Report Apr 1, 2016 3160
There is a there there: connected learning communities in a digital age. Long, Christina D. Apr 1, 2016 15055
Coming clean on your IT: why a company and its employees need to be honest about the firm's infrastructure and needs. Martin, Tim Mar 18, 2016 699
Seven tips for achieving IT performance certainty. Dada, Gerardo Feb 1, 2016 766
Rethinking availability in the 2016 software-defined world. Anderson, Jason Feb 1, 2016 663
The second machine age. Castelluccio, Michael Jan 1, 2016 731
30% of IT professionals not sure what tape archives hold. Brief article Jan 1, 2016 230
Who owns data management? IT, legal disagree. Jan 1, 2016 475
Why APIs are taking centre stage for businesses: new research shows the need for business agility is fueling API strategies and the growing interest in microservices mulesoft. Jan 1, 2016 739
Top five reasons why APIs are taking centre stage for businesses: Mulesoft. Jan 1, 2016 664
2016 predictions, opinions and surveys. Jan 1, 2016 3156
Helping stretch IT resources. Bernier, Paula Jan 1, 2016 612
Computers laying down the law: will judges become obsolete? Klingensmith, Mark W. Jan 1, 2016 2891
IT working its magic on realty. Mansoor, Namra Dec 20, 2015 583
16 Trends reshaping the data landscape 2016. McKendrick, Joe Dec 1, 2015 2545
Leveraging all data assets for a modern data architecture. Andrews, Jeff Dec 1, 2015 1459
The future has arrived--and it came with the cloud. Anderson, Maria Dec 1, 2015 585
Information Communication Technology block inaugurated in LCWU. Brief article Nov 8, 2015 204
KP Gov deliberates IT labs establishment in public sector schools. Brief article Nov 8, 2015 191
Converged infrastructure spending, 'End of life' technology and DevOps adoption in the mid-market to soar. Nov 1, 2015 1550
The future of IT requires resilience and change. Anderson, Maria Oct 1, 2015 658
'Cyberevolution'. Quint, Barbara Sep 1, 2015 1001
Information and communication technologies uptake in global smart plants market shifts to high gear. Sep 1, 2015 354
Huawei sprints for capacity building in ICT. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 137
With BI functions, a house divided is business as usual. Schraml, Todd Aug 1, 2015 680
A learning analytics approach to academic program assessment in higher education. Bollenback, Denise Report Aug 1, 2015 2811
Open letter on the digital economy: a group of technologists, economists, and investors propose a way that technological development can happen more fairly. Jul 1, 2015 695
Why the service help desk is changing, and what it looks like. Bernier, Paula Jul 1, 2015 705
Better architecture: computers are overdue for the fundamental changes they could soon get. Kim, Martha May 1, 2015 356
Innovation and ideas fueling our connected world: June 1-2, 2015 San Francisco, CA St. Regis Hotel. Brief article May 1, 2015 181
Survival in the age of spotify: two rock musicians find flaws--and hope--in a book that suggests how artists can earn a decent living even after free online access to music has ravaged the business. Mann, Aimee; Leo, Ted May 1, 2015 1336
Toolkits for the mind: programming languages shape the way their users think--which helps explain how tech startups work and why they are able to reinvent themselves. Somers, James May 1, 2015 2323
Retailers live or die: now is the time to embrace digital. Rigler, David May 1, 2015 981
DevSecOps: taking a DevOps approach to security. Brown, James Apr 1, 2015 1782
Despite cyber threats, solid IT helps businesses afford more risk-taking. Apr 1, 2015 659
Digital transformations failing through too much focus on the "shiny new veneer" of webpages and apps. Apr 1, 2015 574
The academic library and campus IT: a strategic approach to library IT management. Robison, Rick; Wenzler, John; Marquez, Joe J. Mar 1, 2015 3282
Recent Study: Global IT Outsourcing Market in Capital Markets 2015-2019. Feb 16, 2015 555
Technology powers ECRM's catalytic role in industry. Dec 15, 2014 853
PSEB setting new horizons to explore world IT market: Shahryar. Dec 14, 2014 586
I one third of UK businesses are doing IT right". Dec 1, 2014 323
2015--exasol predications for the coming year. Dec 1, 2014 662
MOOCs: Easy come easy go. Nov 30, 2014 869
290 FAST graduates. Brief article Nov 30, 2014 185
The social enterprise: where does the information professional fit? Berkman, Robert Nov 1, 2014 2893
Four strategies for ensuring your high availability investment will pay off: lessons learned from best-in-class high availability implementations continuity software. Nov 1, 2014 3345
Market Report, "Global IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) Market 2014-2018", published. Oct 17, 2014 635
New Hampshire's technology sector: a roundtable. Discussion Oct 3, 2014 3065
Can we measure things that lead to more dynamic coaching conversations? Hubbard, Jack Oct 1, 2014 608
The dollars and sense of government IT. Bertolini, Phil; Sonkiss, Lynn Oct 1, 2014 1511
A new era of data integration dawns: best practices series. McKendrick, Joe Aug 1, 2014 1197
Embracing the pace of IT change. Fry, Ben; Rigler, David Jul 1, 2014 856
IT pioneer FAST plans more programmes. Brief article Jun 2, 2014 125
Technology is the ease of human. Partab, Vajeesh May 4, 2014 887
Infosecurity 2014 preveiw: supplier assurance simplified. Hibbert, Richard Apr 1, 2014 6069
Reclaiming rogue IT workloads from the cloud. Christensen, Kent Apr 1, 2014 1553
The age of the CFTO. Torre, Karen dela Mar 22, 2014 1049
ICTs in support of grassroots innovation. Maurya, Nitin; Kumar, Vipin; Patel, Ramesh; Mahanta, Hiranmay; Gupta, Anil Report Mar 22, 2014 2566
The information revolution's broken promises. Mar 1, 2014 4728
Let's call a halt to hiring our veterans. Tanner, Greg Mar 1, 2014 1268
Surprising recent immigrant wage growth: evidence from information technology occupations. Rowley, Katelyn; Seeborg, Michael C. Mar 1, 2014 800
Technology disruption: 'it's not always this crazy': CIO sees big changes rippling through the field's hit infrastructure. Grantham, Dennis Mar 1, 2014 1309
John Slatin, AIR-Austin, and web accessibility: a remembrance and a look forward. Rush, Sharron Mar 1, 2014 2134
Focusing on environmental sustainability for the IT sector. Wang, John; Chen, Qiyang; Lin, Li-Chun Dec 22, 2013 6087
Back to the Future. Tarnowski, Joseph Editorial Dec 16, 2013 749
Fear of failure shouldn't stop creativity. Motley, L. Biff Dec 1, 2013 585
Strategic draft plan proposed to boost IT industry. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 205
As we may type: new outliners and authoring tools are machines for new thoughts. Ford, Paul Nov 1, 2013 2467
Deployed communications in an austere environment: a Delphi study. Soine, Andrew; Harker, James; Heminger, Alan R.; Scherrer, Joseph H. Nov 1, 2013 4028
A radical future for nanotechnology. Drexler, K. Eric Sep 1, 2013 3999
Taxes, duties on IT, telecom sector to remain same. Brief article Jul 7, 2013 186
How technology is destroying jobs. Rotman, David Jul 1, 2013 4320
Home truths: Facebook home, a new interface for smartphones, is weird, inutile, and at odds with how the world uses computers. Ford, Paul Jul 1, 2013 2049
Forrester tracks the 'renegade tech buyer'. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 119
Enterprises risk overlooking the real challenges. Jul 1, 2013 362
Data management new top IT concern for accounting pros. Jul 1, 2013 407
Clearing the hurdles of international technology implementations. Phillips, John T. Cover story Jul 1, 2013 2573
Accelerating out of the recession: new approaches to executing RIM Program strategies. Dearstyne, Bruce W. Jul 1, 2013 2457
Application performance problems becoming increasingly frequent. Jun 1, 2013 903
Ovum analysis and opinion. Jun 1, 2013 1405
Attachmate. Bice, Tom Brief article Jun 1, 2013 278
The fast track to better, more profitable IT: delivering new IT projects can be fraught with danger as many take too long to deliver or fail to meet expectations. Fast track is a new, agile way of introducing business change through IT in a fraction of the time in order to maximise the benefits. Wood, Matthew; Brown, Suzanne Mar 1, 2013 1424
Using big data to drive commercial advantage: excellent processes, excellent results. Streibich, Karl-Heinz Mar 1, 2013 875
Report raises more questions than answers. Mar 1, 2013 386
2013: the rise of SDN, death of the "transaction-based" user and customers bite back on vendor lock-in. Jewell, Marcus Jan 1, 2013 1016
Tech trends: coming soon to a second or third screen near you. Hamby, Rogan Dec 1, 2012 1514
Are you ready for BYOD 2.0? Kemshall, Andy Dec 1, 2012 1501
Security as an enabler of innovation. Dimitriadis, Christos K. Nov 1, 2012 1081
-Gartner analyzes top 10 technology trends for 2013. Oct 25, 2012 1177
-Gartner analyzes top 10 technology trends for 2013. Oct 25, 2012 1178
IT ministry being run sans any regular chief. Brief article Oct 14, 2012 209
Could Silicon Valley be 'made in Pakistan'? Shafqat, Muhammad Sep 3, 2012 650
Dynamic technology leadership: the adaptive role of the CTO: effective CTOs have a wide array of evolving priorities that relate to technology transition points that can be either imposed by the external environment or initiated from within the organization. van der Hoven, Chris; Probert, David; Phaal, Robert; Goffin, Keith Sep 1, 2012 6449
Bridging the big data divide with data integration. Hansen, Dain Sep 1, 2012 1143
Survey says: expect big RM IT investments, program challenges. Hill, Brian Cover story Sep 1, 2012 2900
82% of European organisations suffer application performance problems: IT decision makers suffering from a lock of visibility into network performance and business critical applications. Jul 1, 2012 555
The wallet. Jun 1, 2012 762
It's most important role: ensuring information integrity. Cunningham, Patrick Cover story May 1, 2012 2082
Pakistan seeks Comsats members' cooperation for S and T boost. Apr 29, 2012 581
The volume and value of information. Odlyzko, Andrew Report Apr 27, 2012 7172
Major changes affecting the accounting profession: empirical investigation. Enofe, Augustine; Amaria, Pesi; Anekwu, Dan Mar 22, 2012 8167
The cloud may not save you money. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 254
New ICTs and the study of political communication. Garrett, R. Kelly; Bimber, Bruce; De Zuniga, Homero Gil; Heinderyckx, Francois; Kelly, John; Smith, Report Feb 27, 2012 7424
The UK's IT market - Outlook for 2012. Industry overview Jan 1, 2012 603
Information sharing effectiveness and organizational impact in the federal sector. Coleman, David W.; Perry, Wayne D. Dec 22, 2011 7567
Making connections. Schwemmer, Ray; Havrilla, Rick Dec 1, 2011 766
A message from the co-editors. Ruane, Maria Claret M.; Wiens-Tuers, Barbara A. Editorial Dec 1, 2011 349
Industrial R&D--ICT. Dec 1, 2011 1199
Augmenting your reality. Ekart, Donna F. Nov 1, 2011 1532
Is PC gradually becoming past tense in the IT vocabulary? Chuang, Steve Sep 6, 2011 797
Your brain on Google. Brief article Aug 1, 2011 254
The global 2011 ISACA IT risk/reward barometer: now in its second year, the survey helps gauge current attitudes and organizational behaviours related to the risks and rewards associated with IT projects and emerging trends. Jul 1, 2011 1509
Managing what you can't see: service management in a virtual world. Hudnall, Michele Jun 1, 2011 763
Education sees least growth in IT services. Brief article Jun 1, 2011 134
Digital technologies in psychosocial change: increasing complexities in technologies and social systems. Bratu, Sofia; Andronie, Maria; Voicu, Adela; Voloaca, Ioana Diana; Georgescu, Matei Report Jun 1, 2011 3453
The law and the informational society: electronic signature and electronic contract. Rudareanu, Mariana; Fainisi, Florin; Bratu, Sofia; Ilie, Marian; Mutulescu, Antonio-Silviu Report Jun 1, 2011 3487
Information technology scenario. Alam, S.M. May 1, 2011 1135
Come fly with me - how your organisation can avoid a crash landing. MacLeod, Calum May 1, 2011 996
Tackling the hidden dangers of tomorrow's technology. Apr 1, 2011 866
The wallet. Mar 1, 2011 486
Forget about IT as you know it today. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 108
The coming of the terabyters: lifelogging for a living: a new breed of workers, equipped with uber-geek data-capturing tools, are about to usher in a whole new information era. Frey, Thomas Jan 1, 2011 1254
ICT and collection management in public libraries: a survey of South-South of Nigeria. Emojorho, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2011 2479
Growth in Asian businesses to fuel ICT transformation in 2011: IDC. Liang, Quincy Dec 20, 2010 348
New IP Expo survey. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 322
Private clouds reshape the IT landscape. Dec 1, 2010 1573
Black Hat Abu Dhabi off to a Great Start. Nov 11, 2010 363
Innovate the Future: A Radical New Approach to IT Innovation. Petrick, Irene J. Sep 1, 2010 1004
Controlling costs: update your information technology program: understanding your technology needs is the beginning point of controlling your upgrade costs. Dumont, Jeff Aug 1, 2010 1201
A gift from IT to the business: spend visibility; using an on-demand service to deliver rapid business value. Aug 1, 2010 4063
How do you know if it's time for a new CMS? Byrne, Tony Jul 1, 2010 1628
The future of news: what ninth-grade students think. Jun 22, 2010 860
Building blocks: business architecture helps carriers close the "integration gap" between IT and the business. Ouimette, Gates Jun 1, 2010 570
Divergent convergence Part 1: cross-genre, multi-platform, transmedia experiences in school libraries. Lamb, Annette; Johnson, Larry Jun 1, 2010 2896
Worldwide IT Spending to Reach US$ 1.48 Trillion. Apr 19, 2010 618
UAE ranks first in MENA on INSEAD and World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report. Apr 7, 2010 507
Connect 2010--providing viable solutions for the ICT realm. Conference news Apr 1, 2010 487
Goodnight globe: a bedtime story from Thomas Friedman. Mar 1, 2010 1019
BI, analytics, and data integration drive MultiValue innovation. Mar 1, 2010 2336
Falling in love with technology once again. Kennedy, Shirley Duglin Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2010 1079
You are William Loeb (and Ion Stewart). Chynoweth, Graham Jan 29, 2010 692
What's important for finance executives in IT for 2010? Overell, Bill Jan 1, 2010 1312
The evolution of role of human being in generations of information technologies: from < Asherov, Akiva Jan 1, 2010 417
The roles of demographics on the perceptions of electronic commerce adoption. Lee, Jung-Wan Report Jan 1, 2010 6809
10 key issues for Asia-based CIOs in 2010: IDC study. Brief article Dec 24, 2009 281
IT productivity--how less can be more. Moser, Mike Dec 1, 2009 1663
Industry vertical market IT spending will contract by 6.8 per cent in 2009. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 294
The wallet. Statistical data Dec 1, 2009 1683
LPS--a lesson in creating value: a case study in how a small technology company rode the crest of change and innovation in the mortgage industry to become a dominant provider. Lebowitz, Jeff Interview Dec 1, 2009 2605
Lingerie and IT--what's the connection? Macleod, Calum Nov 1, 2009 703
Special focus: ICT the rise & rise of investment potential: change, they say, is inevitable. For the telecommunications industry in the 21st century. It is an absolute requirement. Seymour, Richard Nov 1, 2009 2012
IT matters for profitability. Sep 28, 2009 382
Why does emerging media matter? Hicks, Michael J. Report Sep 22, 2009 4620
Time-user preference and technology acceptance: measure development of computer polychronicity. Davis, Joshua M.; Lee, Lorraine S.; Yi, Mun Y. Report Sep 22, 2009 6252
Opening minds: the greatest architectural challenge: several computer architectural trends provide significant performance benefits. Farber, Rob Sep 1, 2009 2404
Fasthosts survey. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 254
IT spending falls amid recession. Brief article Aug 3, 2009 292
The downturn and lags in usage take a heavy toll on countries in the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2009 e-readiness rankings. Jul 1, 2009 1276
Building the Internet of the future: more fibers, faster downloads are key to more capable Internet. Jul 1, 2009 932
High-performance computing for all: providing access to high-performance computing for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and inventors would be a boon to innovation. Wince-Smith, Deborah Jun 22, 2009 2096
Forecasts in hindsight: the managing editor of THE FUTURIST reflects on issues that mattered in the past--and that still matter today. Wagner, Cynthia G. May 1, 2009 757
Reports and surveys. Conference news May 1, 2009 4487
Weak corporate sentiments cause reduction in IT spending. Apr 1, 2009 431
IT slumps in 2009, but should rebound quickly with recovery. Report Apr 1, 2009 533
Supercomputing on your desktop. Smith, Roger Mar 1, 2009 2559
IT cost reduction a top goal in 2009. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 240
IT and the future of decision making: information technology has been changing the way business is done for more than 20 years, and its role in decision making has catapulated. Yet, while information is plentiful, the transparency has information is plentiful, the transparency hjas introduced new complications for making the best use of the data. Sinnett, William M. Mar 1, 2009 2681
IT at heart of next industrial revolution. Mar 1, 2009 342
The business value of information technology. Berthiaume, Marc Jan 16, 2009 671
Gigabit Ethernet speeds connectivity. Versluis, Frans Jan 1, 2009 500
Business is off, but the level of effort is up. Lebowitz, Jeff Dec 1, 2008 1661
Three days down the drain. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 194
New network improves reliability: Texas school district has show-and-tell for new high-performance network infrastructure. Oct 1, 2008 1453
A pathway to achievement: an innovative IT skills program is laying students a trail between high school, higher education, and ultimately, the job market. Waters, John K. Sep 1, 2008 2157
The new biology paradigm; In the future, the best will be better than perfect. Brown, Arnold Sep 1, 2008 1642
Turning problems into opportunities. Murray, Art Sep 1, 2008 894
New nvidia tesla doubles the performance for thousands of cuda developers worldwide. Jun 24, 2008 1278
Hybrid clustering approach for term partitioning in document data sets. Reddy, K. Thammi; Shashi, M.; Reddy, L. Prathap Jun 1, 2008 4910

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