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Inequality and Exclusion in Indonesia: Political Economic Developments in the Post-Soeharto Era. Tadjoeddin, Mohammad Zulfan Dec 1, 2019 7425
Reconciliation among State, Parliament; society mandatory for strong democracy: Raza Rabbani. May 5, 2019 508
Participatory Action Research and Prospects for Electoral Conflict Prevention in Zambia. Fumpa-Makano, Rosemary; Mukanda, Vincent Mbaulu Report May 1, 2019 11441
Romania's democratic consolidation in the last decade. Tanasescu, Gabriela Essay Jan 1, 2017 7364
Divisions Within Afghanistan's Government Reach New Crisis Point. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 211
Democratized data: is it the secret to a successful freight forwarder? Burnson, Patrick Sep 1, 2016 1934
In Haiti, the seeds of democracy need tending. Dohner, Judy Feb 12, 2016 1067
In Eastern Europe, democracy pokes through. Oct 24, 2014 150
Political transition in Tunisia. Arieff, Alexis; Humud, Carla E. Oct 1, 2014 9369
Democracy's new moment. Rapoport, Miles Sep 1, 2014 826
Opening up to media democratization: a new movement comes into its own. Hackett, Robert Sep 1, 2014 1948
U.S.-Africa leaders summit: frequently asked questions and background. Cook, Nicolas; Arieff, Alexis; Blanchard, Lauren Ploch; Williams, Brock R. Report Jul 1, 2014 13927
On the front line of democracy: Sir Doug Kidd reports on his involvement as a Commonwealth observer during Pakistan's recent elections. Kidd, Doug Essay Jan 1, 2014 5135
Prospects of Civilian Rule in Pakistan. Report Mar 31, 2013 6430
Sharing power: Turkey's democratization challenge in the age of the AKP hegemony. Onis, Ziya Report Mar 22, 2013 8841
Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Sempa, Francis P. Feb 20, 2013 344
Transition to Democracy in Pakistan: A Comparison to Rustow's Thesis. Dec 31, 2012 6550
The Glow Of Indian Democracy. Dec 7, 2012 1251
Sudan and South Sudan: current issues for Congress and U.S. policy. Blanchard, Lauren Ploch Report Oct 1, 2012 22621
Free will in history. Williamson, Chilton, Jr. Sep 1, 2012 1550
Democratic transition and consolidation in Taiwan. Rigger, Shelley Report Aug 1, 2012 5388
No quick fix for Egypt: as Egypt prepares for its 'first' post-Arab Spring elections, it becomes increasingly clear that the path to true democracy is likely to be a rocky one. Maria Golia writes from Cairo. Golia, Maria May 1, 2012 1119
Democracy and the internet. Williamson, Chilton, Jr. Mar 1, 2012 1758
Reflections on Nigeria's foreign policy. Effiong, Joseph Company overview Jan 1, 2012 11575
Arab spring: origins, implications, outlook: Brian Lynch reflects on a recent NZIAA conference. Lynch, Brian Conference notes Nov 1, 2011 2944
Arab Spring and the Mukhabarat moment: the fight back against repressive Arab regimes whose intelligence services and secret police once seemed invincible is well under way, but the 'democratic dawn' is not going down too well with western agencies fighting terrorism. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2011 1679
Flurry of media laws in wake of Arab Spring. Feuilherade, Peter Nov 1, 2011 1381
Libya: outlook pessimistic. Sep 12, 2011 101
Egypt's brothers rise. DeAtkine, Norvell B. Jul 25, 2011 332
The long revolt: the Arab world's wave of change was a century in the making. Why expect its effects to become dear in the space of months? Khouri, Rami G. Jun 22, 2011 2271
Can Turkey's rise lift Arab neighbors? Jun 9, 2011 1399
Mexico in a region under change. Liwerant, Judit Bokser Report Jun 1, 2011 3975
Pop democracy in the Middle East. Cavanaugh, Tim Jun 1, 2011 379
The democratization of producer-user relationships and the media's influence on citizens' politics. Munteanu, Ana; Parlea-Buzatu, Daniela; Dumitru, Alexandru; Trasa, Lucian; Lazaroiu, George Report Jun 1, 2011 2550
The Arab uprisings: debating the "Turkish model". Dede, Alper Y. Report Mar 22, 2011 3717
Daybreak: Egypt To Honor Peace Treaty. Tracy, Marc Brief article Feb 14, 2011 212
ARAB US RELATIONS - Feb 6 - Warning Against Hasty Exit For Mubarak. Feb 12, 2011 837
Central Asia: regional developments and implications for U.S. interests. Nichol, Jim Nov 1, 2010 29398
Democratic aid and the democratization of recipients. Kalyvitis, Sarantis; Vlachaki, Irene Report Apr 1, 2010 21682
The Day Democracy Died: the depoliticizing effects of democratic development. Elliott, Cathy Report Jul 1, 2009 11255
Lack Of Legislation Eroding Democracy Bid. Brief article Jun 29, 2009 232
A critical assessment of the constitutionalism landscape in West Africa. Abutudu, Musa Report Jun 22, 2009 5545
Democratic transition in Georgia: post-Rose Revolution internal pressures on leadership. Tatum, Jesse David Report Mar 22, 2009 8619
The transnational protection regime and Taiwan's democratization. Ooi, Su-Mei Report Jan 1, 2009 10869
The impact of the EU on governance reforms in post-communist Europe: a comparison between first and second-wave candidates. Mendelski, Martin Report Jan 1, 2009 13346
The helping hand: the role of the EU in the democratization of post-communist Europe. Gherghina, Sergiu Report Jan 1, 2009 8532
Foreword. Brief article Mar 22, 2008 215
Democratization in Eastern Europe: a viable model for the Middle East? Kurtoglu-Eskisar, Gul M. Report Mar 22, 2008 6739
Transition as a legacy. Spinner, Maximilian Report Mar 22, 2008 11637
From Sofia to Brussels corrupt democratization in the context of European integration. Bulanova, Gergana Report Mar 22, 2008 12558
Egypt: background and U.S. relations. Sharp, Jeremy M. Report Dec 1, 2007 14095
The dangers of visual culture: the power to control and manipulate images is democratizing, but it may also undermine trust. Rosen, Christine Mar 1, 2007 1201
Post-Saddam governance and transition. Katzman, Kenneth Mar 1, 2007 7101
Congo's cautious hope: churches play a positive role in the first democratic elections in more than 40 years. Shenk, Tim Feb 1, 2007 1719
A cancer control strategy and deliberative federalism: modernizing health care and democratizing intergovernmental relations. Prince, Michael J. Author abstract Dec 22, 2006 6673
Finding new people to tell the stories: '... progress in democratizing journalism doesn't necessarily translate into more or better news coverage--at least not yet.'. Cox, Craig Dec 22, 2006 1370
Changing of the guard. Editorial Nov 20, 2006 212
Today's leadership challenge--engaging citizens: agency managers at a champions of participation retreat describe how the federal government is breaking new ground in nationwide citizen engagement. Lukensmeyer, Carolyn J.; Torres, Lars Hasselblad Sep 22, 2006 3431
Illusion and reality: the violence in the Middle East shows the negative consequences of the administration's contempt for engagement. But the tough talk has failed. Leverett, Flynt Cover story Sep 1, 2006 3225
A word from the chairman. Pace, Peter Jul 1, 2006 1506
Egypt: background and U.S. relations. Sharp, Jeremy M. Jun 1, 2006 15316
Palestinian elections: it's the voting system, stupid! Hill, Steven May 1, 2006 742
Oman's progress toward participatory government. Cecil, Charles O. Mar 22, 2006 4359
ARAB-US RELATIONS - Mar 2 - New US Focus On Promoting Democracy In Iran. Mar 4, 2006 457
Divided states of the Americas: human rights and democracy in Latin America: a progress report. Olson, Eric L. Mar 1, 2006 2196
Win some, lose some: while many countries are moving toward more democratic systems, others cling to authoritarian rule. Mar 1, 2006 1382
Introduction: after the suicide of the West. Kimball, Roger Jan 1, 2006 3917
Zimbabwe: opposition in disarray; Infighting within Zimbabwe's main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), is seriously threatening the future of the party that nearly won power in 2000. Chipo Shoko reports from Harare. Shoko, Chipo Dec 1, 2005 684
The strategic implications of political liberalization and democratization in the Middle East. Zambelis, Chris Sep 22, 2005 6972
Delivering democracy. Conaway, Janelle Sep 1, 2005 526
President Bush, Shcharansky and the tradition of Russian dissent. Shlapentokh, Dmitry Aug 1, 2005 5128
Credit Bush's rhetoric, not his actions. Biden, Joseph R. May 1, 2005 1350
War didn't, and doesn't, bring democracy. Clark, Wesley K. May 1, 2005 1304
Credit, deserved or not, goes to the winner. Clarke, Jonathan May 1, 2005 1239
War was a catalyst, but for what? Gvosdev, Nikolas May 1, 2005 1309
Everything but war made the difference. Hurlburt, Heather May 1, 2005 1138
Building democracy in Iraq. Frantom, Todd Cover Story May 1, 2005 1018
Can Iraq set an example for the entire Arab world? Friedman, Thomas L. Mar 28, 2005 201
Bursting the chains. Kesler, Charles R. Essay Mar 22, 2005 768
Refusing to let evil triumph. Brooks, David Mar 7, 2005 147
Arab Regimes' Concerns. Feb 7, 2005 909
Bush sets new course in the Mideast; analysts praise directive on democratization, but some wonder if action will follow. Patterson, Margot Nov 28, 2003 1669
In search of democratic governance in Central America: political parties are controlled by a handful of people who profit from running the parties in a patrimonial style, and there are narrow prospects for economic reforms. Why has so little progress been made? Sojo, Carlos Sep 22, 2003 6564

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