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Streaming Movie-Time: On the Rocks, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Antebellum & Cadaver. Oct 26, 2020 878
Asia's biggest film fest opens as a shadow of its usual self. Oct 21, 2020 613
More travels by remote control. Aug 12, 2020 640
Starstruck. Durante, Jaymes Oct 1, 2019 6428
18 upcoming geeky movies in 2019. List Jun 4, 2019 1361
Greek TV Prizes 90-minute Series Coming From Turkey. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 330
Marvel Studios Boss Promises "LGBT" Characters in Future Films. Jul 23, 2018 332
The Digital Sink or Swim World of Fox's Gina Brogi. Serafini, Dom May 1, 2018 1089
Dubai Studio City undertakes initiatives to nurture talent. Jan 15, 2018 336
Dream Factory, or Propaganda Machine? Bayles, Martha Jan 1, 2018 3333
Revolution shifts to evolution: new workflows blur lines between editorial and other departments. Idelson, Karen Jan 24, 2017 972
'Fences' focuses on dialogue: handling the sound mix on a film with little ambient action takes special skill. James, Daron Jan 24, 2017 497
China Hiccup drives down global B.O. Lang, Brent Jan 24, 2017 671
Notes from the Bubble: Sundance's winners and losers. Lang, Brent; Setoodeh, Ramin Jan 24, 2017 532
Will 'A Dog's Purpose' have bite at theaters? McNary, Dave Brief article Jan 24, 2017 217
Oscar campaigns keep eyes on the prize: with nominations under their belts, marketers turn to phase two. Tapley, Kristopher Jan 24, 2017 523
An eye for design: the show's longtime production designer previews plans for the SAG Awards. Gray, Tim Jan 24, 2017 529
Mainstream fare reaps accolades: audience popularity and strong box office number factor into top-tier nominations. McNary, Dave Jan 24, 2017 1034
The Casting Society of America would like to congratulate our 32nd Annual Artios Award nominees! Jan 17, 2017 1037
Casting our vote. Gleiberman, Owen Jan 17, 2017 1076
Getting a head start on the buying pack: looking to avoid bidding wars, frenzied agents snap up films before fest begins. Lang, Brent; Setoodeh, Ramin Jan 17, 2017 972
Election-year hangover: will the country's presidential drama change the fortunes of politically charged films? Goldstein, Gregg Jan 17, 2017 1578
Park City disrupters: alternative fest forges full steam ahead. Clement, Nick Jan 17, 2017 792
Indie exhibitors fate challenging future: pre-Sundance gathering marks first decade as the essential specialty theatrical confab. Blair, Iain Jan 17, 2017 1430
Time-traveling crew marches to arches: Michael Corenblith and his design team scoured the U.S. to reproduce authentic McDonald's restaurants for 'The Founder'. Hurwitz, Matt Jan 17, 2017 718
Incentives Rhode Island. Brief article Jan 17, 2017 120
The other Sundance: tech companies support the indie showcase and find new customers. Valentini, Valentina Jan 17, 2017 445
Designer lends authenticity to diverse projects: 'Hell or High Water' subs New Mexico for Texas; 'Patriots Day' builds in Boston. James, Daron Jan 11, 2017 570
Setting a precedent: what do the Globes mean for the Oscars and Emmys? Tapley, Kristopher; Birnbaum, Debra Jan 11, 2017 900
East Coast vs. West Coast vs. the World. Garrett, Diane Jan 11, 2017 1254
Depressing finish to a fateful year. Eller, Claudia Jan 3, 2017 364
Tackling a destructive Taboo: the Lovings' willingness to fight Virginia's anti-miscegenation law showed more bravery than Hollywood's moguls did in those years. Jan 3, 2017 736
A cultural tide begins to turn: the civil rights movement, with support from Washington, turned hearts and minds- and films lionizing tolerance helped drive the shift. Jan 3, 2017 810
Loving case breaks the barriers: the Supreme Court swept away laws barring interracial marriage, and old Hollywood gave its stamp of approval shortly afterward. Jan 3, 2017 906
The fight for love continues: the political shift in America threatens same-sex marriage rights and civil rights advances that made the Loving decision possible. Verini, Bob Jan 3, 2017 1334
From 'Hell' to 'Crown,' and all in between: analysis of nominees reveals their emotional depth. Verini, Bob Jan 3, 2017 2479
Faith, hope, and clarity in films: awards hopefuls show respect as Hollywood gets that old-time religion. Gray, Tim Jan 3, 2017 543
TV's biggest buzz often finds home at Globes: nominations play into Hollywood's current fascinations and its unpredictable vagaries. Saraiya, Sonia Jan 3, 2017 918
'Fences' crew brings play to the big screen. Gray, Tim Jan 3, 2017 639
Holiday box office, upcoming films thru 2023. Jan 1, 2017 5235
"Le Rapport de face A face" in Digital Documentary. Winston, Brian Essay Jan 1, 2017 11045
Y. Eller, Claudia Editorial Dec 16, 2016 507
The year of voting dangerously: a glut of prestige late-year releases, new distribution players, and revived veterans make for awards-season overload. Gray, Tim Dec 16, 2016 1072
Issue driven drama is key to 2016. Debruge, Peter Dec 16, 2016 904
Froth or consequence. Gleiberman, Owen Dec 16, 2016 932
Reach out and touch someone: the year's best films share a subtext of the longing for human connection. Gray, Tim Dec 16, 2016 4559
Talent behind the scenes: contenders rely on stellar crafts to grab audience attention and evoke emotion. James, Daron Dec 16, 2016 3687
Prophetic tale of dangerous demagogue trumped best picture rivals. Gaydos, Steven Brief article Dec 16, 2016 165
Globes Noms show HFPA at its most mercurial: consistent only in their inconsistency, the recognitions do little to predict future awards. Tapley, Kristopher; Birnbaum, Debra Dec 14, 2016 796
Abel Gance's 1927 'Napoleon'. Saperstein, Pat Brief article Dec 14, 2016 110
Britain is booming with film, TV Productions: offering favorable exchange rates and incentives, the U.K. is bursting with shoots. Barraclough, Leo Dec 14, 2016 730
The secrets of a winning film festival: lessons learned from two years on the international circuit. Debruge, Peter Dec 14, 2016 713
Latin film surges despite currency hit, trade fears: some see it as a golden age of cinema, but revenue feels the impact of near-term peso plunge. Hopewell, John Dec 14, 2016 1129
Cuba gets back in action as big shoots return: major productions like 'Fast 8' are stepping in as restrictions loosen. Diaz, Elaine Dec 14, 2016 751
Hollywood outposts tie studios to the world: more than ever, U.S. majors are looking overseas for growth. Lang, Brent Dec 14, 2016 1462
Tears, laughter, and diversity make for a strong cinematic lineup: the Hollywood Foreign Press assesses the year in film with a slate that ranges from 'Manchester by the Sea' to 'Deadpool'. Dec 14, 2016 1800
HFPA's ballot for year's best in film and television: you can follow along at home with this handy guide to all the nominations. Dec 14, 2016 731
World's best unspool at PSIFF. McDonald, Kathy A. Dec 14, 2016 853
Incentives Oklahoma. Brief article Dec 14, 2016 112
Gossip and grosses: the real-life movie: Brad Pitt has a new release that might be impacted by tawdry stories in the tabloids. Gleiberman, Owen Nov 29, 2016 636
Critics, SAG set the tone as race heats up: early-voting groups tend to have major influence on academy's choices. Tapley, Kristopher Nov 29, 2016 607
Film ensemble race proves to be an open playing field: Both movie and television casts are celebrated at the SAG Awards, and this year has an embarrassment of riches. Ellwood, Gregory Nov 29, 2016 1721
Casting directors unsung heroes of ensemble prize: special challenges abound in search for the right actors to fit every director's needs. Gray, Tim Nov 29, 2016 439
British bullish on provocations of populist pictures: kudos include nominations for socially engaged films. Wise, Damon Nov 29, 2016 688
Mountain of projects now in development: resort town fete continues to solidify reputation as hub for emerging filmmakers. Brodsky, Katherine Nov 29, 2016 869
Major investment in feature film biz. Vivarelli, Nick Nov 29, 2016 241
Survival of the fittest: four pillars of cinema, new businesses boost venerable Danish company's bottom line. Jensen, Jorn Rossing Nov 29, 2016 471
Tradition with a modern twist: Nordisk Film Production taps regional and global cinema, TV talent. Jensen, Jorn Rossing Nov 29, 2016 310
In on the ground floor: distribution arm dives into co-productions, investment, and development of projects. Jensen, Jorn Rossing Nov 29, 2016 382
Location shooting takes center stage: Brits boost their presence at the show, but China looms as a production alternative. Barraclough, Leo Nov 29, 2016 674
Incentives Massachusetts. Brief article Nov 29, 2016 104
Time to change kudos scenario: crowded year-end timetable gives short shrift to too many awards hopefuls. Gray, Tim Nov 22, 2016 563
How golden can the IFP'S Indie Awards actually become? Salute to regional films has become a credible Oscar bellwether, but without losing its focus on breakthrough work. Garrett, Diane Nov 22, 2016 696
Fantasy and realism jostle for place in original category. Saval, Malina Nov 15, 2016 746
Ten things to know about Ventana Sur. Hopewell, John Nov 15, 2016 506
Champions of diversity, unity: the brisbane-based Asia pacific screen awards is celebrating its first decade and moving toward a more proactive future. Frater, Patrick Nov 15, 2016 734
APSA spots emerging talent: kudos have a rep for honoring Asian filmmakers early. Ramachandran, Naman Nov 15, 2016 445
DP mastered complex logistics of global flight documentary: Andrew Waruszewski measured how much gear a four-person crew could carry. Valentini, Valentina Nov 15, 2016 554
Molto allegro. Brief article Nov 15, 2016 206
Top-notch features explore loss, death, and devastation: awards season fare peppered with pain and sadness reflect society's constant grappling with life's myriad disappointments. Saval, Malina Nov 8, 2016 1065
Behind the big screen scenes: a film's backstory can make or break its chances for nabbing an award, or not. Gray, Tim Nov 8, 2016 536
Films Vie for top award slots: it's a tough feat, but these films have a solid chance of scoring at least a couple of noms in Academy's major categories. Saval, Malina Nov 8, 2016 1739
Competition offers pampering for indies: Artists-in-Residence program gives helmers time to bond and indulge in food and drink. Scharf, Lindzi Nov 8, 2016 414
Serendipity at the start of the season: hometown event adds global cinema alongside starry awards contenders. Ellwood, Gregory Nov 8, 2016 1313
Incentives Virginia. Brief article Nov 8, 2016 114
Diversity in Hollywood also extends to age: veterans light up the 2016 screen. Gray, Tim Nov 8, 2016 511
Falling pound pummels U.K. film distributors: Brexit currency woes are taking a toll as the industry heads into AFM. Barraclough, Leo Nov 1, 2016 835
Indie film evolution revolution: buyers, sellers, and financiers adapt to the new realities of the volatile global market. Goldstein, Gregg Nov 1, 2016 1621
New Vancouver film czar bets on the human factor: British expat's big challenge is to sustain the city's production boom. Brodsky, Katherine Nov 1, 2016 509
Incentives: Qingdao. Brief article Nov 1, 2016 102
Political history offers Oscar clues. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 25, 2016 938
This year's crop of Oscar potentials tap into Zeitgeist: by covering discrimination and displacement to distrust of institutions, the films of 2016 are proving timelier than ever. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 25, 2016 1140
Gearing up for a marathon season: a look at the 20 top contenders now in the best picture race. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 25, 2016 1316
Anglophiles looking for a British stamp: pickings slim among awards hopefuls. Lodge, Guy Oct 25, 2016 385
Jeff Nichols on the making of 'loving'. Oct 25, 2016 669
Alabama. Brief article Oct 25, 2016 122
Heat, light, and dogs help define Jonas Cuaron's 'Desierto'. James, Daron Oct 25, 2016 376
Plenty of drama in the category of comedy/musical: despite changes in the rules, Golden Globes classifications leave room for interpretation. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 18, 2016 582
Theater grosses. Oct 18, 2016 1041
First-time fever sweeps growing seaside fest: this year's gathering favors up-and-coming filmmakers with fresh new features and docs. Scarf, Lindzi Oct 18, 2016 498
Brains behind the future of filmmaking: each year Variety recognizes some of the top emerging producers of Hollywood, independent film, and world cinema. Oct 18, 2016 2942
Incentives Ontario, Canada. Brief article Oct 18, 2016 104
Once-swaggering wild bunch confronts big debt, big flops: the cash-strapped distribution and sales company seeks to regain its standing. Keslassy, Elsa Oct 11, 2016 1109
City re-branded: digital media is key to transforming France's Mediterranean port into a new Silicon Valley. Dale, Martin Oct 11, 2016 891
Kroll is 'gold standard' in marketing movies: Sid Grauman honoree 'gratified' contribution to film is appreciated by Cinematheque. Dore, Shalini Oct 11, 2016 408
Incentives Pennsylvania. Brief article Oct 11, 2016 115
London Film Fest seeks spotlight: arriving late in the year, the event aims to stand out amid more prestigious European rivals. Chu, Henry Oct 4, 2016 549
Incentives: Navarre, Spain. Brief article Oct 4, 2016 103
Racial divide finds bridge in Brit Fest: cultural and ethnic diversity headline industry programs and special events. Mitchell, Robert Sep 27, 2016 766
Incentives: Kentucky. Brief article Sep 27, 2016 120
Showered with submissions from around the world: in its 24th year, Raindance is widening its reach to add international films and embrace new technology including virtual reality. Wise, Damon Sep 21, 2016 672
Incentives: Malaysia. Brief article Sep 21, 2016 104
Toronto takeaways. Lang, Brent Brief article Sep 13, 2016 214
True West: filming "Hostiles" on the mesas of New Mexico, Scott Cooper encounters new frontiers outside of the studio system. Tapley, Kristopher Sep 13, 2016 1326
Indies push post shop into the limelight. Caranicas, Peter Sep 13, 2016 395
6 Film releases to look forward to this Eid al Adha! Brief article Sep 11, 2016 108
Film buyers wary going into Toronto: with business in flux and a smaller field of distributors, the festival opens amid uncertainty. Lang, Brent Sep 6, 2016 1451
Bulls run to market. Setoodeh, Ramin Interview Sep 6, 2016 1072
2016: Have Canadian Films achieved cultural legitimacy? TIFF's Piers Handling sees Canadian films becoming more international in scope. Lacey, Liam Sep 6, 2016 697
From Canada to the U.S. can Canadian Films Jump the Border? The landscape is changing with increasing options in VOD market. Marsh, Calum Sep 6, 2016 735
TIFF 2016: on the road to gender parity? Nearly 30% of TIFF's line-up directed by women. Furminger, Sabrina Sep 6, 2016 664
Tiff Filmmakers to watch. Brodsky, Katherine Sep 6, 2016 832
Theater grosses. Aug 23, 2016 1009
Incentives Serbia. Brief article Aug 23, 2016 113
Film box office grosses. Aug 23, 2016 856
French production on high alert: filmmakers tread carefully after European terrorist attacks leave residents and insurers on edge. Keslassy, Elsa Aug 16, 2016 953
Incentives: Maryland. Brief article Aug 16, 2016 109
'Bonnie and Clyde' stole the show--and changed Hollywood: Aug. 4, 1967. Gray, Tim Brief article Aug 16, 2016 162
Film box office grosses. Aug 9, 2016 904
Theater grosses. Aug 9, 2016 865
Film box office grosses. Aug 2, 2016 895
Film consumption in the 21st century: engaging with non-theatrical viewing. Aveyard, Karina Essay Aug 1, 2016 5656
U.K.'s Secret Cinema is a crowing hit: immersive events with classic films are bringing in millions and boosting B.O. Chu, Henry Jul 26, 2016 377
Hollywood's summer freeze. Lang, Brent; Rainey, James Jul 26, 2016 2795
Studio scorecard. McClendon, Lamarco Jul 20, 2016 280
In production. Brief article Jul 20, 2016 108
Gallic gathering runs global gamut: growing demand for animation fuels range of creative styles in Americas and beyond. Wolff, Ellen Jun 7, 2016 556
Rising toon powers spotlighted in lineup: China, South Korea, and Philippines prove Japan isn't the only animation titan in Asia. Kil, Sonia Jun 7, 2016 389
Everyday they write the songhook: Elvis Costello, Tom Petty, Chic join Nick Jonas and Seymour Stein at ceremony. Barker, Andrew Jun 7, 2016 523
Made-in-California stamp still fits VFX: despite the exodus of many special effects companies from the Golden State, a core of enterprising shops remain. Wolff, Ellen Jun 7, 2016 854
Productions. Brief article May 31, 2016 104
Film box office grosses. May 17, 2016 929
Top in-demand shows. Brief article May 17, 2016 180
Lights, cameras, customers: NH's film festivals prove good for business. Cox, Katherine P. Apr 1, 2016 1726
Film box office grosses. Mar 29, 2016 1007
Studio scorecard. Brief article Mar 29, 2016 117
A mini-renaissance in film? Bernstein, Andrew Essay Mar 22, 2016 2736
Film box office grosses. Mar 8, 2016 1268
Sartorial meets celluloid classic French films continue to influence fashion. Coghlan, Claire Mar 2, 2016 476
Tax credits court filmmakers: Gaul's new 30% rate expected to lure more U.S. productions. Dale, Martin Mar 2, 2016 904
Market forces reshape Indie biz--again: stars and big films will hit Berlin as sector looks for better business models. Feb 3, 2016 670
Studio scorecard. Brief article Jan 26, 2016 111
The future of the producer has the rise of the showrunner and new avenues of financing big-screen projects changed the role? Gaita, Paul Jan 19, 2016 1790
Incentives play in U.K. Brief article Jan 19, 2016 111
Productoras en Miami brindan a los europeos calidad y ahorro. Jan 1, 2016 1591
They may not be contenders: but these players have unforgettable scenes in 2015 releases, too. Gray, Tim Dec 29, 2015 519
Mergers, spinoffs and Trump: 2016 revealed. Dec 15, 2015 781
Hollywood fights for China film slots. Frater, Patrick Dec 15, 2015 378
Film box office grosses. Statistical table Dec 15, 2015 1104
Brand announcements from BLE. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 206
And then there was one: co-prods enable lone remaining Gulf film fest to thrive. Vivarelli, Nick Dec 1, 2015 838
Sheikhdoms Spawn 'Star Wars': UAE earns reputation as international hub for state-of-the-art productions. Vivarelli, Nick Dec 1, 2015 597
Production chart. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 126
Production chart. Brief article Nov 24, 2015 130
Look over Jordan. Brief article Nov 24, 2015 113
Attacks leave film industry in Paris with tough choices. Debruce, Peter Nov 17, 2015 742
Those seeking gender pay equity: mind the gap: the U.K. makes greater strides on the issue than France or Germany, but still can't compare with Scandi success. Lodderhose, Diana Nov 10, 2015 842
AFI Fest Berth is a mixed bag for awards hopefuls. Tapley, Kristopher Nov 3, 2015 697
The force of the force: thanks to an explosive box office bump from Disney's 'Star Wars: Episode VII,' 2015 will be tough to match. Ault, Susanne Statistical data Nov 3, 2015 400
Studio scorecard. Brief article Oct 27, 2015 110
Maestros en Masse: fresh and established artists pack lively race. Chagollan, Steve Brief article Oct 27, 2015 272
Against all odds: in a handful of high-profile films, characters struggle to survive in extreme conditions. Tapley, Kristopher Oct 27, 2015 702
Elevated genre works train eyes on the prize. Chang, Justin Oct 27, 2015 471
Film box office grosses. Statistical data Oct 13, 2015 1108
Legit snapshot. Oct 13, 2015 449
Film box office grosses. Oct 6, 2015 1136
Amy Taubin. Oct 1, 2015 2980
Market-savvy distrib turns film angel: at the end of its first decade, Lionsgate U.K. plans to up its support for Brit pics. Barraclough, Leo Sep 29, 2015 816
Speed dating: make it with Italy seeks to match co-production partners with funds and other support for global filmmakers. Vivarelli, Nick Sep 29, 2015 445
In a vibrant way: legends of global cinema are in abundance alongside brand new works of today's maestros. Goldstein, Gregg Sep 23, 2015 1083
Latin American cinema takes a stand: a younger generation of filmmakers feels the need to speak out, and touches a nerve with auds. Hopewell, John; Mayorca, Emilio Sep 15, 2015 734
In the market for change: distribs find more ways to mitigate risk as indie economics get hairier. Goldstein, Gregg Sep 8, 2015 1320
Canadian cinema resonates on global scale. Friend, David Sep 8, 2015 398
Micro-budget program seeds filmmakers: grants help emerging filmmakers bring their visions to the screen. Sauve, Mike Sep 8, 2015 507
Punching Past the Ticketing Biz: not content as ubiquitous friend to pic fans, firm plans future as creator of movie-themed content. Lang, Brent Sep 8, 2015 894
'Wet hot' phenomenon: the 2001 film that bombed has begat a long-in-the-works--and much anticipated--prequel. Seabaugh, Julie Jul 28, 2015 1617
Foreign exchange program boosts agency aims: Hollywood percenteries work with their international counterparts as top talent emerges from a worldwide pool. Keslassy, Elsa Jul 28, 2015 1178
Production chart. Brief article Jul 14, 2015 150
Film box office grosses. Jun 2, 2015 1055
B'way end-of-season report: the 2014-15 season began May 26, 2014 and ended May 24, 2015, yielding 20 plays and 15 musicals. Statistical data Jun 2, 2015 1042
Mexico on the rise: modern theaters and hit local pics help push tickets sales to new heights. Young, James May 26, 2015 428
The evolution will be monetized IM: global launched mid-recession, but prevailed via strategic partnerships. McNary, Dave Interview May 12, 2015 787
Market Diversity: IM Global's international sales strategy pumps up the volume on almost every continent. de la Fuente, Anna Marie May 12, 2015 875
Solid Slate Technology: IM Global ramps up mid-budget pics for hungry marketplace. McNary, Dave May 12, 2015 483
Opportunity rocks: IM Global taps into Latin America as its market heats up. Hopewell, John May 12, 2015 672
Putting Asia First: Mike Wiluarfs Infinite Frameworks is helping to revolutionize Singapore cinema and TV. Shamdasani, Pavan May 12, 2015 476
Remaking movie markets: Korean pic leader's next ambition is to be the top Asian film studio. Kil, Sonia May 12, 2015 612
Necessity was mother of success: company's international chief Kini Kim witnessed fast evolution. Frater, Patrick Interview May 12, 2015 464
Film box office grosses. Table May 5, 2015 1085
Studio scorecard. Brief article May 5, 2015 111
Soaring U.S. dollar lifts B.C. shoots. Brodsky, Katherine May 5, 2015 549
Studios, exhibs make nice to make money. Lang, Brent Apr 28, 2015 521
Indie newcomer A24 hopes to find love for low-budget slate: nascent shingle mixes good taste with inventive marketing as it tiptoes around tentpoles. Bart, Peter Apr 21, 2015 597
Studio scorecard. Brief article Apr 14, 2015 107
Productive learning curve: DFI uses a savvy mix of local talent and ambitious strategic initiatives to flourish on a global stage. Vivarelli, Nick Mar 31, 2015 649
Moviegoing trends. Brief article Mar 17, 2015 208
Sony's on-lot largesse drives overall hike in producer deals. McNary, Dave Mar 10, 2015 1061
Creators drive content at Nickelodeon: studio is building new facility to house all its brands under one roof in time for 25th anniversary celebration. Berkshire, Geoff Mar 10, 2015 647
True-tale 'pride' fuels rookie's ride: when David Livingstone moved from marketing movies to making them, bigger stages opened up. Dawtrey, Adam Mar 10, 2015 764
In a diverse world, studios need to get in touch with the times: the internet has made media more inclusive, making Hollywood apologists seem more elusive. Lauzen, Martha M. Feb 25, 2015 628
China's world beaters: a quartet of Middle Kingdom conglomerates are in the process of revolutionizing the Chinese film industry and increasingly infiltrating Hollywood. Frater, Patrick Feb 3, 2015 3275
No country for gold men? Specialty film market's woes make Oscars a rough game. Goldstein, Gregg Dec 17, 2014 1153
Nostalgia for the 20th Century: below-the-line crafts helped re-create the still fresh but receding epoch. Caranicas, Peter Dec 17, 2014 592
Five things we learned this year about the future of moviegoing. Lang, Brent Dec 16, 2014 405
Past unearths mirror to present: in 'Selma,' 'Sniper and 'Game,' history is doomed to repeat itself in today's headlines. Anderson, John Dec 4, 2014 956
Studios to unwrap digital viewing riches. Graser, Marc Dec 2, 2014 949
Small Island, Big Location Tiny Malta has hosted more than its fair share of major productions. Blair, Iain Nov 4, 2014 416
New Routes: into China: what works for some may not work for others, as indies look East. Frater, Patrick Nov 4, 2014 742
Despite choppy start, little fish deserve chance to learn to swim: with more money in indie pipeline, more budding filmmakers go to school of hard knocks. Bart, Peter Oct 7, 2014 532
Santa Clarita bucks trend. Horst, Carole Brief article Oct 7, 2014 192
Legit grosses: final numbers for week 17 (Sept. 15-21, 2014). Sep 23, 2014 1463
One State's pain is another's gain. McNary, Dave Sep 2, 2014 523
Fresh hope for Indie film: in his new book, Ted Hope sees demand from new platforms for movies with niche appeal. Saperstein, Pat Excerpt Aug 28, 2014 1196
Lido's market growth. Aug 19, 2014 342
No day at the beach for summer box office. Lang, Brent Jul 16, 2014 848
Serial pillars: Lionsgate leans on franchises. McNary, Dave Brief article Jun 24, 2014 226
Dining on caviar or crow is a movable feast: creative input figures into the mix, but success or failure is often a function of fate. Bart, Peter Jun 24, 2014 606
Are sitcoms the Future of Francophone West African cinema? Sawadogo, Boukary Essay Jun 22, 2014 4357
Italo pics must make a break: as local biz staggers, some filmmakers find co-production partners. Vivarelli, Nick May 13, 2014 700
Specialty film business needs new focus: with U's revamped label acquiring a more commercial tilt, indies could use a best friend. Bart, Peter Apr 29, 2014 642
Breaking up the monopoly: new licensee promises a better split for Hollywood, but quotas remain--and the complex deal is not quite official. Frater, Patrick Apr 1, 2014 992
A golden age remembered:Tripoli's cinema culture. Brief article Mar 29, 2014 124
What's opera nest at multiples: with digital rollout almost complete, exhibitors search for more alternative programming hits to fill seats on weeknights and spur future growth. Dickson, Glen Mar 25, 2014 852
Empire in the sun: Latin America's Alex Garcia has backed 100 pics since 2006--but he and AG Studios are just getting started. De La Fuente, Anna Marie Mar 25, 2014 753
Movie memorabilia and custom framing. Burke, Kevin Column Mar 22, 2014 1371
Set in California, but shot where it's cheap: adding insult to the injury of runaways, films featuring local content are being made elsewhere. McNary, Dave Mar 5, 2014 1484
Embracing the Weird Texas sprocket opera, with its game auds, takes chances on films that are out there. Kaufman, Anthony Mar 5, 2014 540
High-rolling mavens panning for indie gold: Graham King, Jeff Robinov and Dick Cook all have top resumes; now they'd like some backers. Cheney, Alexandra Feb 11, 2014 1411
Sundance theme team. Table Jan 28, 2014 309
TV producers branch out to online brands: big shingles won't get rich making Web shows--but they're getting smarter about the marketplace. Spangler, Todd Jan 22, 2014 687
Northern exposure: global visions of Canuck Helmers showcase in sun. Horst, Carole Dec 17, 2013 1630
America in the mirror: some of the year's most acclaimed releases reflect a society in spiritual and economic paralysis. Anderson, John Dec 3, 2013 2252
Against all odds: in contending films, survival means clinging not just to life, but to sanity. Anderson, John Nov 21, 2013 1161
Genre drives Latin America ambitions: scarefare and thrillers open up alternative production front throughout the region. Hopewell, John Nov 19, 2013 802
Multiplying entries reshape kudos board: theorems abound to explain ultracompetitive awards season. Gray, Tim Nov 12, 2013 4467
Oscar contenders do a reality check: multiple factors contribute to the rise of films based on true stories--but getting it right isn't easy. Gray, Tim Oct 15, 2013 1025
Unscripted drama grows in the Middle East: a new generation of docmakers push the artistic envelope. Vivarelli, Nick Oct 15, 2013 403
Biz's endless refrain: let's do raunch: smut glut on television and in theaters is a real turn-off. Bart, Peter Oct 8, 2013 782
Classics' own mart starts: unique bazaar stokes heat around pic revivals. Keslassy, Elsa Oct 8, 2013 399
Caribbean fests share resources to promote biz. Horst, Carole Aug 20, 2013 356
Appetite for destruction. Collum, Danny Duncan Jul 1, 2013 983
Development hell freezes over: remakes and sequels dominate smaller slates as studios ditch the pitch. Bart, Peter Jun 24, 2013 583
Is English-lingo master the symbol of new Euro pix? A crop of films ignore the youth market, instead aiming at families and older auds. Hopewell, John Jun 18, 2013 556
Troupers are easily trumped when actors hood the market: the recasting process is merciless when thesps from busted pilots become available. Lowry, Brian May 21, 2013 663
Call sheets pile up for busy players. Kroll, Justine Apr 30, 2013 663
The end. Stewart, Andrew; Cohen, David S. Apr 16, 2013 5097
Indies prep for big landing in Cannes: with midlevel pies sizzling, bizzers predict a Croisette teeming with commercial fare. McNary, Dave; Abrams, Rachel Mar 11, 2013 1746
Euromart spies U.S. online uptick: indies excited by alternative distribution plans while financiers jumping on bandwagon. Goldstein, Gregg Feb 4, 2013 1344
Investment Manager and Production Finance Executive Launches Film Advisory Aperture Road. Jan 18, 2013 208
TV wiping windows. Lowry, Brian Dec 10, 2012 720
Int'l fate is in the stars--and script. Kroll, Justin Dec 10, 2012 759
O'Seas auds join H'W'D Laff track: studios rethink comedies to play in a more globalized marketplace. Sneider, Jeff Dec 10, 2012 1480
Taking a page from Hollywood, and vice versa. Anderson, John Dec 10, 2012 990
Planned feature film licensing programs. Table Oct 1, 2012 1915
Through a lens darkly: Sprocket opera's lineup reflects local and global social upheaval. Mayorga, Emilio Oct 1, 2012 371
Exclusive expands screen time. McNary, Dave Sep 10, 2012 512
Distribution a more stable business than production. Sep 1, 2012 1023
Going Hollywood: Tinseltown's renewed interest in digital content. Seymour, Chris Cover story Jul 1, 2012 2124
High-tech tools help H'wood accent o'seas talent. Miller, Stuart Jun 4, 2012 702
The amazing shrinking window: indies leverage buzz, star power in day/date releases as exhibs steam. Goldstein, Gregg Cover story May 21, 2012 1315
P2P in the networked future of European cinema. Cardoso, Gustavo; Caetano, Miguel; Espanha, Rita; Jacobetty, Pedro; Quintanilha, Tiago Lima Report Apr 12, 2012 10568
Tech talk puts Oscar on the clock. Gray, Timothy M. Jan 30, 2012 1648
Post and vfx thrive in northern climes. Holdsworth, Nick Brief article Jan 23, 2012 127
Is pic passion out of fashion? Bart, Peter Jan 9, 2012 598
Year of fade to what? Ambiguous endings leave some intrigued, others frustrated. Abele, Robert Jan 9, 2012 758
Enterprises of pith and moment: the post year in film yielded a slew of memorable scenes. Here's a sampling of 16, as suggested by the Variety editorial team. Note: spoilers necessarily follow ... Jan 9, 2012 1468
Open field for bevy of British runners. Dawtrey, Adam Dec 5, 2011 792
Upsets on the wane? Expansion of voting body for British film portends a new era for kudofest. Dawtrey, Adam Dec 5, 2011 833
Hurdling British reserve: American indies fight for a toehold in BAFTA awards, a win can boost other kudos chances. Dawtrey, Adam Dec 5, 2011 511
Vancouver F/X strength slows runaway rivals. Brodsky, Katherine Nov 28, 2011 972
Unassuming 'Riverwood' builds movie mountain. Vourlias, Christopher Nov 14, 2011 616
Puerto Rico. Longwell, Todd Oct 31, 2011 415
Australia. Chai, Paul Oct 31, 2011 266
Doom & dread dominate: it's the end of the world as we know it and Catalonia's Fantastic Festival feels fine. Mayorga, Emilio Oct 3, 2011 431
South's good news: strong Brazilian economy helps generate boffo box office for Hollywood. Cajueiro, Marcelo Oct 3, 2011 583
Italo pics mirror social turmoil. Vivarelli, Nick Sep 26, 2011 608
Tyro players find margins in crowded Brit distrib biz. Lodderhose, Diana Aug 29, 2011 914
Matter of Mynd over movies. Marechal, A.J. Aug 1, 2011 444
Superbad. Leibovitz, Liel Jul 21, 2011 1556
China, India biz ready to go into overdrive. Coonan, Clifford Jun 13, 2011 438
Hollywood loses its zeal for the real. Bart, Peter Jun 6, 2011 672
Asia's wired-up revolution: China and South Korea are leading the digital wave of regional content distribution. Coonan, Clifford Jun 6, 2011 485
Co-production function: exploring ways to work with China. Coonan, Clifford Jun 6, 2011 345
Non-pros trot oeuvre. Keslassy, Elsa Brief article May 23, 2011 265
Russian gov't flips more co-prod coin. Holdsworth, Nick May 23, 2011 347
Cheaper gear drives more indies to 3D. Idelson, Karen May 16, 2011 772
'Hangover' helps boost Thai prod'n. Coonan, Clifford May 16, 2011 627
Fundamental questions: as more individuals are financing China's films, growth may be tricky. Coonan, Clifford May 9, 2011 837
Capital ideas: smarter money counts on better deals. Carroll, Lisa May 9, 2011 743

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