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Hiring Still a Challenge: Metalcasters have two choices when it comes to staffing: adapt, or move forward with potentially key spots left open. Sandalow, Brian Feb 1, 2020 1103
Sales Slow in 2019; Slight Growth Projected for 2020: Following a year that saw 12% growth, casting sales softened slightly in 2019. Jan 1, 2020 643
How's Business? Dec 1, 2019 113
How's Business? Oct 1, 2019 134
Aluminum Castings Market with Current Trends Analysis 2018-2028. Aug 24, 2019 858
Aluminum Castings Market with Current Trends Analysis 2018-2028. Aug 23, 2019 872
U.S. Casting Sales Reach $33.1 Billion: The U.S. metalcasting industry is expected to see 1.9% growth in 2019 following a very strong 2018. Jan 1, 2019 606
U.S. Casting Sales to Reach $33 Billion: The U.S. metalcasting industry is expected to see 4.7% growth from 2017-2018 and 1.8% growth in 2018-2019. Jan 1, 2018 1418
Global Metal Casting Market 2015-2019 - New Market Research Report. Jun 13, 2016 490
Global Non-ferrous Casting Market 2016-2020: New research report available at Fast Market Research. Feb 4, 2016 431
2016 forecast: small gains in short-term: following an overall down year for casting shipments in 2015, moderate gains are expected through 2018. Jan 1, 2016 1430
49th Census of World Casting Production: modest growth in worldwide casting market: global casting production continued its upward trend in 2014, growing by 2.4 million metric tons, a 2.3% increase compared to the previous year's total. Statistical data Dec 1, 2015 3126
CPP'S upgrade in business class: a bankrupt business less than a decade ago, the CPP-Minneapolis aluminum casting facility has developed into its parent corporation's flagship operation thanks to renewed investment and business discipline. Leider, Nicholas Sep 1, 2015 1180
Skills concerns casting a shadow amid jobs growth. Jan 27, 2015 422
Market Report, "Global Metal Casting Market 2014-2018", published. Nov 10, 2014 388
Plant engineering opportunity: U.S. metalcasters must compete in an increasingly productive global industry. Oct 1, 2014 915
New Market Research Report: Foundry Market in India 2014-2018. Sep 26, 2014 579
Recent Study: Global Investment Casting Market 2014-2018. Report Jul 9, 2014 605
Report Published: "Italy Orthopedic Bone Cement and Casting Materials Market Outlook to 2020". Report Apr 15, 2014 597
Proving process control with PPAP: a growing number of customers require their metalcasting suppliers to adhere to a production part approval process. Wetzel, Shannon, Sr. Sep 1, 2013 1814
Make the most of it. Spada, Alfred T. Mar 1, 2013 467
Prepare for your customers' expectations: seven casting purchasers from heavy truck to gas valve markets divulge their quality, cost and lead time requirements for casting suppliers. Wetzel, Shannon Mar 1, 2013 1993
U.S. metalcasters emerge from recession: U.S. metal casting sales increased 16.8% in 2011 and are expected to grow another 27.8% through 2015. Jan 1, 2013 370
Calculating total cost: metalcasters can work with their current and potential customers to show that true part cost encompasses more than piece price and shipping fees. Wetzel, Shannon Nov 1, 2012 1850
Outlook strong for metalcasters: U.S. metal casting sales increased 15.5% in 2011 and are expected to continue toward pre-recession levels through 2015. Jan 1, 2012 244
Regaining lost ground: a forecast of worldwide metalcasting predicts shipments will reach 105.5 million tons by 2016. Mar 1, 2010 1834
Stimul-us? With the metalcasting forecast turned downward for 2009, can the recently passed stimulus bill help? Gibbs, Shea Mar 1, 2009 1972
Worldwide casting tonnage slowed by recession: global shipments are forecast to drop to near 90 million tons by 2010. Kirgin, Ken Mar 1, 2009 3358
Slow dip in 2008 leads to small bump in 2009: casting shipments continue to decline this year, leading to a slight uptick next year. Kirgin, Ken Aug 1, 2008 2742
Rate of imports slowing: China and India are forecast to increase their shares in the global metalcasting market but will reduce exports to focus on their growing domestic needs. Kirgin, Ken Industry overview Apr 1, 2008 2494
Industrial production to spur casting demand: short- and long-term gains are forecast for ductile iron and aluminum, but steel and gray iron shipments are expected to decline. Kirgin, Ken Cover story Jan 1, 2008 3798
Finding lost foam: the metalcasting industry continues to pour time and effort into improving the lost foam market, so why has domestic growth fallen short of expectations? Gibbs, Shea Dec 1, 2007 2173
Import, domestic shipments keep docks busy: U.S. metalcasters are forecast to ship 14 million tons, and imports should rise to 3.6 million tons, as captive tonnage decreases. Kirgin, Ken Sep 1, 2007 2446
U.S. casting sales to maintain course with 3.7% rise: growth in aluminum and ductile iron is forecast for the next two years, while gray iron and steel casting shipments are expected to decline. Kirgin, Ken Cover story Jan 1, 2007 3317
Taking stock of casting imports: casting imports are to reach 3.2 million tons in 2006, with 48% to be produced in Asian countries. Kirgin, K. Jun 1, 2006 2389
Demand expansion forecast for iron, diecast aluminum: due to reduced U.S. capacity in certain production segments, casting buyers may have to look to imports to meet specific needs. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Mar 1, 2006 3115
Cashing in on today's lost foam. Johnston, Mike Dec 1, 2005 1507
1st quarters points to solid casting shipment growth: if forecasts hold, the next few years could bring a booming world market for castings. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Jun 1, 2005 1869
Keeping up with process simulation technology: this casting process modeling software roundup provides metalcasters with details on the latest advancements. Visit for more information. Aug 1, 2004 2885
The sand controversy--does core sand harm your green sand? Since the 1970s, the integration of nobake binders into green sand systems has been investigated significantly. By updating a previous conclusion, closure to the dilemma might be at hand. Naro, Rodney L. Aug 1, 2004 3873
Cast Iron Honorary Lecture. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 211
Industry not speaking with one voice. Lenahan, Michael A. Dec 1, 2003 357
Foundrymen see slight dip in salaries in 2002: this confidential AFS salary survey shows that foundry base salaries in 2002 dropped 0.5% and total compensation was down 0.6%. Nov 1, 2003 910
CISA focuses on a rebounding market at summer meeting. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 211
What has been the best source of new casting work for your foundry? Oct 1, 2003 437
Expanding software capabilities. (Pattern & Foundry Tooling). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 278
Different worlds, same objectives. (Editorial). Lessiter, Michael J. Editorial Dec 1, 2002 712
It's David's turn to prevail. (Editorial). Spada, Alfred T. Editorial Nov 1, 2002 709
Due to slow first quarter, growth forecast lowered to 1-2% for 2002. (Casting Market Trends). Kirgin, Kenneth H. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2002 1117
Shifting the focus; iron foundries feel the heat from competing aluminum operations as both metals chase the automotive market. (Consumer Focus). Harler, Curt Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 2012
The Time to Shine is Now. Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 839
Overall 'Soft Landing' Continues. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 1043
Wisconsin Metalcasting Roadmap in the Works. Brief Article Mar 1, 2000 209
Contraction Still Expected in '00. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2000 1299
A Look at the Greenfield Foundries of 2020. Dec 1, 1999 3551
Looking forward: ductile iron's 'roar' into the 21st century. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Cover Story Oct 1, 1998 2502
1998 forecast remains bullish. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Mar 1, 1998 933
Solid economy continues to fuel casting growth. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Jan 1, 1998 3092
Forecasting is difficult.... Kanicki, David P. Industry Overview Jan 1, 1997 724
Solid casting markets fuel 1997 expansion. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Industry Overview Jan 1, 1997 3454
Casting supplies to tighten in '98. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Sep 1, 1996 972
Markets point to '97 upturn. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Jun 1, 1996 674
Forecasted downturn under way. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Industry Overview Mar 1, 1996 848
1996 slowdown sets stage for '97 resurgence. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Cover Story Jan 1, 1996 3052
Forecast remains bullish for '95. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Industry Overview Mar 1, 1995 956
1994 super boom will soften somewhat in '95. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Cover Story Jan 1, 1995 3490
Look for slowdown in late 1994. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Jun 1, 1994 728
Bullish forecast continues, but updates indicate changes. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Industry Overview Mar 1, 1994 863
U.S. casting shipments on the rise. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Cover Story Jan 1, 1994 2829
A look into a promising future. Jun 1, 1993 657
Shifting demands alter casting outlook for 1993-94. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Industry Overview Jun 1, 1993 460
Conference focuses on foundry industry future. Kanicki, David P. Apr 1, 1993 675
Forecast '93: ductile iron to spur ferrous casting recovery. Kirgin, Kenneth H. Cover Story Jan 1, 1993 2419
Export prospects buoy industry. Bex, Tom Jan 1, 1993 697
Rebound in casting markets bodes well for U.S. foundries. Rost, John E. Jan 1, 1992 2662
The business cycle turns down. Marcus, Daniel Jan 1, 1991 2010
Investment casting industry forecasts strong demand. Stratton, R. Russell Aug 1, 1990 862
Liquid metal processing - potential for the '90s. Katz, Seymour transcript Jul 1, 1990 4104
Foundry technology in the 1990s; immense changes in metalcasting technology will mark the 1990s, offering both foundries and their suppliers challenges and opportunities. Booth, George N. Dec 1, 1989 2734
Diecasters project steady growth for '90s. Merens, Norwin A. Dec 1, 1989 800
Competing in the 1990s; no longer business as usual. Marcus, Daniel Nov 1, 1989 2852
EDM today and tomorrow. Peterson, Charles R. Jan 1, 1985 855

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