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THE PERNICIOUS MYTH OF 'CHAIN MIGRATION'. Dalmia, Shikha Feb 17, 2018 762
Immigration, housing markets, and community vitality. Vigdor, Jacob L. Sep 22, 2017 2416
New policy uncertainties in the economic outlook. Prakken, Joel Jul 1, 2017 1567
Diversity and its discontents. Voegeli, William Essay Jun 22, 2017 4527
New report on west African cross-border cooperation. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 130
Mass migration, cultural conflict, and the fear of terrorism: dilemmas of the democratic West. Farer, Tom Mar 22, 2017 7719
Fleeing Domestic Violence from a "Safe" Country?: Refugee Determination for Mexican Asylum-Seekers in Canada. Bhuyan, Rupaleem; Vargas, Adriana; Pintin-Perez, Margarita Dec 30, 2016 9149
Higher Estonian comeback figures signal turnaround in emigration. Kuum, Karin Jul 14, 2016 1612
The immigration of innovation. Headrick, Dan Jul 1, 2016 1330
Punching above our weight: John Key outlines his government's approach to New Zealand's role and place in world affairs. Key, John Essay Jul 1, 2016 2920
Aussie-style immigration points system just 'fantasy', says Osborne. Jun 2, 2016 1177
Immigration, free movement and the EU referendum. Portes, Jonathan May 1, 2016 6573
From Strangers to "Humanity First": Canadian social democracy and immigration policy, 1932-1961. Lacroix, Patrick Report Mar 22, 2016 10424
The New Germany. Mar 1, 2016 423
International migration patterns amid globalization. Berridge, Scott Jan 1, 2016 568
How to see invisible people. G. Bock, Joseph Jan 1, 2016 1639
Trump aside, what if Islam plays a growing role in European life? Dec 30, 2015 1014
Out-migration in rural Pakistan: does household poverty status matter? ul Haq, Rizwan; Jahangeer, Ajmal; Ahmad, Azkar Report Dec 22, 2015 7745
Migration Policies, Attitudes in Sync Worldwide. Esipova, Neli; Ray, Julie Survey Dec 18, 2015 1029
Net immigration hits record high in New Zealand. Nov 2, 2015 153
Economic Outlook Shapes Views of Immigration. Esipova, Neli; Pugliese, Anita; Ray, Julie Survey Oct 26, 2015 1026
A post-9/11 generation focuses on fleeing: lessons of past, deteriorating future drive young Afghans' efforts to leave. Garcia, J. Malcolm Oct 23, 2015 1683
The migrant crisis: with hundreds of thousands fleeing war and poverty, Europe is facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II. Zissou, Rebecca; Smith, Patricia Oct 12, 2015 3385
Chinese migrant wins Business/Investor Award. Brief article Oct 1, 2015 151
The path ahead on immigration: throwing one's hands up and doing nothing won't work. Wendelboe, Fran Column Sep 4, 2015 625
Puerto Rico: a study of population loss amid economic decline. Berridge, Scott Sep 1, 2015 702
Immigration figure set to pass 8m mark. Aug 26, 2015 433
Immigration is more than border security: business owners are taking notes on how immigration reform will impact the economy and jobs. Clegg, Robert Column Aug 21, 2015 537
Changes in federal and state unemployment insurance legislation in 2014. Lancaster, Loryn Aug 1, 2015 20133
Tracking the U.S. government through its records: findings on law enforcement, immigration, the IRS, and the courts. Munno, Greg Jul 1, 2015 1525
U.S.-born children of illegals report anxiety. Brief article Apr 1, 2015 225
A research of provisions of the Lithuanian youth migration/Lietuvos jaunimo migraciniu nuostatu tyrimas. Siniavskaite, Edita; Andriusaitiene, Daiva Report Apr 1, 2015 6487
The processes of emigration from Lithuania in the conditions of economic globalization/Emigracijos is Lietuvos procesai ekonomikos globalizacijos salygomis. Naulickaite, Indre; Melnikas, Borisas Report Apr 1, 2015 10494
America's immigrants, then & now. Brief article Mar 30, 2015 105
Factoring migration into the 'development data revolution'. Laczko, Frank Mar 22, 2015 7151
Potential Net Migration Shows Aging Countries Attract Young. Ray, Julie Jan 28, 2015 1240
The long-term economic impact of reducing migration in the UK. Lisenkova, Katerina; Merette, Marcel; Sanchez-Martinez, Miguel Aug 1, 2014 5987
Alien views. Rowe, Mark Aug 1, 2014 4743
Children crossing: officials have been stunned by a "surge" of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children, some as young as five, crossing the border. Gordon, Ian Jul 1, 2014 2757
Unaccompanied alien children: potential factors contributing to recent immigration. Kandel, William A.; Bruno, Andorra; Meyer, Peter J.; Seelke, Clare Ribando; Taft-Morales, Maureen; W Report Jul 1, 2014 12475
Unaccompanied alien children: an overview. Seghetti, Lisa; Siskin, Alison; Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jun 1, 2014 7447
Wales needs EU and immigration; HUW HAMPSON?JONES VIEW FROM LONDON. May 22, 2014 788
Immigration, yes--and no: a trimmer's case against open borders and closed minds. Callahan, Gene Mar 1, 2014 2821
The value of immigration. Leef, George Book review Dec 22, 2013 1630
Coming to America: the Latino impact. Izaguirre, Carmen Oct 1, 2013 808
UK Immigration Figures Could Be 35,000 Higher Than Thought, Say MPs. Jul 28, 2013 548
IRELAND'S JOBLESS FIGURES SLAMMED; Emigration not growth cutting total. May 4, 2013 362
U.S. immigration policy: chart book of key trends. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Mar 1, 2013 5246
Environmental refugees tend to stay local. Dec 1, 2012 380
High school may not be enough: an investigation of Asian students' eligibility for post-secondary education. Odo, Dennis Murphy; D'Silva, Reginald; Gunderson, Lee Report Oct 1, 2012 6907
Ping-pong poms: emotional reflexivity in contemporary return migration from Australia to the United Kingdom. Holmes, Mary; Burrows, Roger Report Sep 22, 2012 8062
Central Americans head North. Brief article May 11, 2012 162
Tide Turns On Border Crossing. Statistical data Apr 26, 2012 1099
Migrants' New Paths Reshaping Latin America. Cave, Damien Brief article Feb 6, 2012 200
The economic consequences of amnesty for unauthorized immigrants. Orrenius, Pia M.; Zavodny, Madeline Essay Jan 1, 2012 7158
Labor force. Dec 22, 2011 1202
Counting consequences: one of the nation's leading demographers points to population changes that will shape the next decade. Frey, William H. Dec 1, 2011 1783
US Falls Behind In Global Race For Talent. Stokes, Bruce Oct 17, 2011 1396
Humane and well managed migration benefits all. Swing, William Lacy Sep 1, 2011 1825
Should I stay or should I go? -Migration and remittances in the Balkans. Markiewicz-Bogov, Malgorzata Sep 1, 2011 3934
Mexico: issues for congress. Seelke, Clare Ribando Report Jun 1, 2011 19769
Do Indians Want to Leave Home? An expert on India untangles the complexities of the country's migration. Interview May 20, 2011 2354
Taiwan sees record high exit and entry figures in 2010. Li, Judy Brief article Jan 31, 2011 294
U.S. immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Dec 1, 2010 15682
Climate change may lead to mass Mexican migration. Moses, Kara Brief article Oct 1, 2010 255
Migration Could Triple Populations in Some Wealthy Nations; Some poor nations could see adult populations reduced by half. Survey Aug 20, 2010 910
Research and Markets: International Migration Outlook 2010. Aug 5, 2010 494
Freedom and international migration. Ashby, Nathan J. Jul 1, 2010 8282
Introduction: international migration and global Governance. Koser, Khalid Essay Jul 1, 2010 6814
Global Governance: migration's next frontier. Marchi, Sergio Essay Jul 1, 2010 2543
Baby boom migration tilts toward rural America. Cromartie, John; Nelson, Peter Jun 22, 2010 2665
New Report: Morocco in 2030: The Future Demographic. Brief article Jun 13, 2010 215
Net overseas migration: why is it so high? Birrell, Bob; Healy, Ernest Report Jun 1, 2010 5209
Death of the party. Buchanan, Patrick J. May 1, 2010 859
U.S. immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Apr 1, 2010 15874
Hail Cesar. Reid, Stuart Mar 1, 2010 800
Sharansky Preparing 'Red Carpet' for Jews Moving to Israel. Brief article Dec 27, 2009 86
Theology in the age of migration: seeing the image of Christ in the eyes of a stranger. Groody, Daniel G. Sep 18, 2009 1941
Vast human migrations seem inevitable. Aug 1, 2009 689
Faster, younger, richer? The fond hope and sobering reality of immigration's impact on Canada's demographic and economic future. Banerjee, Robin; Robson, William B.P. Report Jul 1, 2009 6980
A critical analysis of immigrant advocacy tropes: how popular discourse weakens solidarity and prevents broad, sustainable justice. Lara, Dulcinea; Greene, Dana; Bejarano, Cynthia Essay Jun 22, 2009 7102
Still a long way to go for the lower Mississippi Delta. Gnuschke, John E.; Hyland, Stanley; Wallace, Jeffrey; Hanson, Ryan; Smith, Stephen Statistical data Jun 22, 2009 7872
Pointing the way? Managing UK immigration in difficult times. Dobson, Janet; Salt, John Jun 1, 2009 6791
Immigration policy change and the international student industry. Birrell, Bob; Perry, Bronwen Jun 1, 2009 9680
Cuban migration to the United States: Policy and trends. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Report Jun 1, 2009 9821
When the East goes West: Romanian migrants in Italy or how to deal with mobility issues in the EU 27. Domnar, Anca Oprisor Report Mar 22, 2009 10296
The problem that refuses to leave. Thomson, James W. Jan 1, 2009 2342
'Health care workers are not for sale'. Nov 1, 2008 557
Gentrification: the new colonialism in the modern era. Wharton, Jonathan L. Jun 22, 2008 5626
Between identity and security: theological implications of migration in the context of globalization. Cruz, Gemma Tulud Essay Jun 1, 2008 8233
Methodology for the estimation of annual population stocks by citizenship group, age and sex in the EU and EFTA countries. Bijak, Jakub; Kupiszewska, Dorota Report Jun 1, 2008 10495
State and local policy outlook for 2008. Ingrao, Mark; Arnold, Rachel; Solomon, Irica; Horn, Patrick; Haislip, Scot; Cook, Shelly; Thomas, Ch Feb 1, 2008 1656
Ethnic synagogues of Mizrahi Jews in Israel: ethnicity, Orthodoxy, and Nationalism. Leon, Nissim Jan 1, 2008 8703
The contribution of immigration to prosperity can be raised further. Nov 1, 2007 21082
Making the most of globalisation. Sep 1, 2007 16837
Euro Area: investment, immigration and income per capita. Apr 1, 2007 7161
Forecasts for 2007--and beyond. Apr 1, 2007 680
Australia's new government should understand the following. Stone, John Essay Mar 22, 2007 4911
Economic freedom and migration flows between U.S. States. Ashby, Nathan J. Author abstract Jan 1, 2007 11627
The growth lobby and Australia's immigration policy. Betts, Katharine; Gilding, Michael Dec 1, 2006 7225
Borderline catastrophe: how the fight over immigration blew up Rove's big tent. Morris, Rachel Oct 1, 2006 3362
Migration in Europe. Barrell, Ray; Guillemineau, Catherine; Liadze, Iana Oct 1, 2006 2181
Watching a community changed by immigration: with African Americans being displaced by Latinos, news coverage of South Central Los Angeles is inflaming tensions, not informing people. Sloan, Lester Sep 22, 2006 2016
Observing the exodus of immigrants: 'what happens when a constantly replenishing immigrant group slows down dramatically or simply stops coming?'. Cullen, Kevin Sep 22, 2006 1575
Europe: immigration unwanted. de Wenden, Catherine Wihtol Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 2325
Britain's problems are worsened by massive immigration. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 848
The hemisphere comes to the heartland: ready or not, the next generation of movimientistas will redefine immigration politics. Lovato, Roberto Sep 1, 2006 1458
The economic impact of a general increase in skilled immigration. Giesecke, James Sep 1, 2006 6234
A place to call home: the resettlement of refugees in Serbia and Montenegro. Washenfelder, Chantelle Sep 1, 2006 1607
Linking climate and migration. Dow, Greg Sep 1, 2006 455
After the pilgrimage: every year approximately two million people enter the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage. Many thousands of these people fail to return home, creating an immigration problem unique to Saudi Arabia and an economic issue that the Saudi government wants resolved. Eamonn Gearon reports from Riyadh. Gearon, Eamonn Aug 1, 2006 1374
Congress inundated with complaints in the form of bricks. McManus, John F. Brief article Jun 26, 2006 87
Chapter hosts forum to address immigration. Jun 1, 2006 106
The ageing of the population and attitudes to immigration. Betts, Katharine Jun 1, 2006 6338
Immigration legislation and issues in the 109th Congress. Bruno, Andorra; Wasem, Ruth Ellen; Siskin, Alison; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Garcia, Michael John; Vina, Ste May 1, 2006 16617
U.S. Immigration Policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen May 1, 2006 11983
The changing demographic profile of the United States. Shrestha, Laura B. May 1, 2006 11574
Immigration concerns served up at dinner table. Schwab, Robert May 1, 2006 718
Ending restrictions to migration from the new EU member countries: sectoral trade and real wage effects. Marques, Helena; Metcalf, Hugh Apr 1, 2006 8876
Immigration related border security legislation in the 109th Congress. Nunez-Neto, Blas; Beaver, Cheryl Apr 1, 2006 10650
Immigration enforcement within the United States. Siskin, Alison; Bruno, Andorra; Nunez-Neto, Blas; Seghetti, Lisa M.; Wasem, Ruth Ellen Apr 1, 2006 33166
U.S. immigration policy on permanent admissions. Wasem, Ruth Ellen Apr 1, 2006 10490
NLC forms task force to look at immigration issues. Glazer, Melinda Brief Article Jan 2, 2006 267
Conference overview and summary of papers. Groshen, Erica L.; Topa, Giorgio Dec 1, 2005 2136
Skilled Migration: Australia. Working Paper No. 63. Shah, Chandra; Burke, Gerald Report Dec 1, 2005 237
From immigrant to citizen: most still want to become Americans. Unlike in past eras, though, our government is doing far too little to integrate them into U.S. society. Murguia, Janet; Munoz, Cecilia Nov 1, 2005 2266
Immigration has its costs. Williamsen, Kurt Oct 31, 2005 830
Introduction. Ermisch, John Oct 1, 2005 1269
Dossier: bordering on ludicrous. Oct 1, 2005 388
The end of the population movement: the challenge isn't population control. It's sustainable development, built upon the emancipation of women and economic opportunity. Werbach, Adam Oct 1, 2005 2612
The American dream. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 165
Peru grows, migration increases. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 166
Border war: the jury is still out on how Tom Tancredo's immigration crusade will impact Colorado. Peterson, Eric Jul 1, 2005 3008
International Cleveland: the nation's poorest city adds a new twist to the historic perception that immigrants displace native workers. Gupta, Charu Jun 22, 2005 2590
Borderline madness. Hoar, William P. May 16, 2005 1031
Africans in the US--second wave migrants outdo African-Americans: some 50,000 Africans, hoping to make new and better lives for themselves, enter the US every year. Ironically, they appear to be overtaking, in achievement terms, the first wave of African migration to the US during the era of the slave trade. Milan Vesely reports from Fort Worth, Texas, US. Vesely, Milan May 1, 2005 1623
236,000 enter Canada in 2004. Brief Article Mar 21, 2005 84
Echoes of the Chinese Exclusion Era in post-9/11 America. Lee, Erika Jan 1, 2005 6430
Benjamin Franklin's evolving views on race and ethnicity. Lapham, Steven S.; Saunders, Andrew Jan 1, 2005 1601
Can increased immigration be a substitute for low fertility? Kippen, Rebecca; McDonald, Peter Sep 1, 2004 5518
Labouring the point: the past five years have seen a flurry of immigration activity in the UK, as nearly a million people came to work here. Is there cause for concern? Winder, Robert Jul 1, 2004 1133
Editors' foreword. Editorial Mar 22, 2004 447
The challenge of worldwide migration. Doyle, Michael W. Mar 22, 2004 1980
Mexican hometown associations and development opportunities. Orozco, Manuel; Lapointe, Michelle Mar 22, 2004 8031
Streets of gold: immigrant Henry DeRuiter came to the U.S. with a dream and a formula for making quality paint. Today, with his grandson Brad DeRuiter as president, Pervo Paint has the drive to remain an independent paint manufacturer and is steering its future by focusing on a key niche market. Anwari, Barb Mar 1, 2004 1282
Coming to America. Illustration Feb 23, 2004 473
"Yankee, go home ... and take me with you!" imperialism and international migration in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 1961-1966 (1). Hoffnung-Garskof, Jesse Jan 1, 2004 9936
Disaggregating the Indo- and African-Caribbean migration and settlement experience in Canada. Plaza, Dwaine Jan 1, 2004 8647
Globalization, migration and global city hypothesis. Altintas, Hakan Report Oct 1, 2003 8647
Immigration, globalism, and the new American empire. Luker, Bill, Jr. Essay Oct 1, 2003 4769
Migration and integration of immigrants. Jul 1, 2003 14629
As migration grows, immigrants face greater barriers. (Environmental Intelligence). Sarin, Radhika May 1, 2003 413
US and Canadian immigration policies: marching together to different tunes. (The Border Papers). Rekai, Peter Nov 1, 2002 12466
No increase in illegal border crossings between Russia and Finland last year. Brief Article Mar 21, 2001 154
Chapter seventeen: refugees, migration and population. Jan 1, 1997 5506
Operation Sea Signal: U.S. Military support for Caribbean migration emergencies, May 1994 to February 1996. Bentley, David May 1, 1996 2488

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