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United States Economy and Policy Forecast to 2022: Trade Wars, USMCA, and Brexit Impact. Sep 20, 2019 780
Ben's Best bats for Bernie in president push. Aug 17, 2019 157
Ukraine And Russia: A Tense Relationship. H., Christine Apr 10, 2019 765
Kenya: Jockeying for State House 2022. Collins, Thomas Apr 1, 2019 1398
Election delays hit investor confidence. Mar 1, 2019 544
Booker announces presidential run. Perry, Jessica Brief article Feb 1, 2019 275
Buhari vs Abubakar: Same difference? Raji, Rafiq Jan 1, 2019 1261
Opposition will collapse, Buhari will win presidency -Economist. Dec 6, 2018 185
Campaign Suppression, Electoral Paranoia and the Poetics of Elections in Nigeria After June 12, 1993. Osiebe, Garhe Report Dec 1, 2018 6399
BSP in most aggressive streak of rate hikes since 2000 crisis. Sep 28, 2018 555
As inflation persists, BSP unveils most aggressive rate hike streak since Erap crisis. Sep 27, 2018 563
Fitch: Mexico Election May Signal Fiscal, Energy Policy Shifts. Sep 27, 2018 650
Fitch: Colombia Election Signals Policy Continuity. Sep 11, 2018 560
Fitch: Korea Summit Eases Tensions but Does Not Eliminate Risks. Jul 25, 2018 526
Buhari: too little too late? President Buhari has announced that he will run for office again in the 2019 general election, but his record to date may hinder his chances of success. Collins, Tom Jun 1, 2018 1023
Fitch: El Salvador Election Could Set Stage for End to Gridlock. May 24, 2018 510
Management man. May 7, 2018 650
Poor Well-Being Associated With Shift to Trump in 2016. Witters, Dan; Liu, Diana Survey Apr 25, 2018 863
Fitch: El Salvador Budget Approval Reduces Near-Term Risks. Mar 22, 2018 603
Fitch: Chilean Election Offers Limited Growth, Fiscal Upside. Mar 9, 2018 529
A fascinating, exhausting and jaw-dropping first year of Trump presidency. Jan 22, 2018 689
Voters reject cliche-ridden campaign. Jan 14, 2018 986
Africa's ruling dynasties. Collins, Tom Essay Jan 1, 2018 2153
Costa Ricans' Favorite Presidential Candidate: Undecided. Rodriguez, George Dec 14, 2017 1023
Analysis: What recent election results in Texas congressional districts tell us about 2018. Dec 13, 2017 911
The pace of change In a matter of days, New Hampshire's political landscape is altered. Cook, Brad Guest commentary Oct 27, 2017 721
Election disarray as Kenya prepares for second poll: Can Kenya's discredited electoral commission be trusted to oversee a rerun of the polls? Thomas, David Oct 1, 2017 1068
Democracy and Values of the Enlightenment Under Siege. Grossman, Marc Reprint Sep 1, 2017 1263
Communication and Peace Building: The 2015 Presidential Elections in Nigeria. Obono, Koblowe; Onyechi, Ngozi Joy Report Sep 1, 2017 5148
Old enemies in new battle. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 213
A battle of the dynasties. Versi, Anver Jul 1, 2017 2383
The economic battleground. Ford, Neil Jul 1, 2017 2513
Americans' Confidence in Economy at Post-Election Low. Dugan, Andrew Survey May 16, 2017 449
France 'En Marche' but will the markets? May 9, 2017 2307
Rouhani slams 'saboteurs' of nuclear deal in debate. May 6, 2017 698
The moral imperative to support Macron. May 4, 2017 792
Lessons for planners from the 2016 campaign: business forecasters and planners can learn from the mistakes of the pollsters in the 2016 presidential election. Lapide, Larry May 1, 2017 1490
Rouhani's defeat in upcoming election to put nuclear deal at risk,CA (JMD quoted on Trend). Apr 25, 2017 249
Americans' Confidence in Economy Stable, Positive. Dugan, Andrew Survey Apr 25, 2017 687
Trump's rocky start raises hopes, questions. Apr 24, 2017 609
Opportunity scorecards measure the American dream. O'Leary, Mick Apr 1, 2017 1262
Interview with Barry Eichengreen, Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. Interview Feb 28, 2017 3570
US Job Growth Exceeds Expectations. Feb 4, 2017 400
Glenn Beck: host, "the Glenn Beck program". Lang, Brent Interview Jan 17, 2017 1081
The first 100 pays: what can the entertainment industry expect? Johnson, Ted Jan 17, 2017 1388
Michael Moore: documentarian, author. Lang, Brent Interview Jan 17, 2017 1248
Don't mourn. Fight. The threat of authoritarianism requires all hands on deck. Jeffery, Clara Column Jan 1, 2017 1591
Filtering out fake news: it all starts with media literacy. Padgett, Lauree Jan 1, 2017 737
Zuma's survival keeps south Africa on the edge: South Africa's struggling economy continues to attract the attention of ratings agencies, but the president's position looks strong for now. Thomas, David Jan 1, 2017 1085
Presidential transition shouldn't threaten EU privacy agreement. Brief article Jan 1, 2017 229
Election casts doubt on China relations: Hollywood braces for impact of Trump's policies on trade. Maddaus, Gene Dec 14, 2016 2357
How the polls missed Trump's victory. Nov 10, 2016 1338
Bermuda : Nordic American Tankers Limited Update / reminder. Nov 8, 2016 541
It's media madness on election night: with the world watching, journalists race to make the right calls. Johnson, Ted; Littleton, Cynthia; Steinberg, Brian Nov 8, 2016 1228
French Economy Minister acknowledges weaker growth in 2016. Nov 3, 2016 219
Worried about the U.S. presidential election? You're not alone. Oct 19, 2016 918
4 Events That Could Disrupt Global Markets in Q4: Russell Investments. Oct 3, 2016 658
Putin's Russia Now Is Stalinist With Super-KGB Pushing Back To Glbl Cold War Over Syria. Sep 26, 2016 972
Do presidents rush rules to avoid the Congressional Review Act? Batkins, Sam Sep 22, 2016 1210
Predicting outcomes is not our job. Willey, Keven Ann Column Sep 22, 2016 464
U.S Elections 2016: What Are Opinion Polls? Sevrens, Heather Sep 18, 2016 558
Local machines and vote brokerage in the Philippines. Aspinall, Edward; Davidson, Michael W.; Hicken, Allen; Weiss, Meredith L. Aug 1, 2016 2114
Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar Country Risk Report Q3 2016 - New Market Report. Jul 7, 2016 512
United States : 2016 Presidential Race, Market Volatility And Role Of Fiduciaries Among Chief Topics At SEI's Taft-Hartley And Public Plan Symposium. Jul 1, 2016 494
Iran: can Rouhani survive for a second term? Omidi, Ali Jul 1, 2016 1147
US Foreign Policy in the 21st Century - Driving Factors for Continuity and Change. Jun 30, 2016 3856
Why are some delegates super? In the race for the Democratic presidential nomination superdelegates play an important--and controversial--role. Smith, Patricia May 16, 2016 1976
The United States: Divided In More Ways Than One. May 5, 2016 1414
The State Of The United States. Brief article Mar 28, 2016 274
International Students Find Roles In US Presidential Campaign. Mar 22, 2016 1471
Electoral College could make Paul Ryan President. Fitrakis, Bob; Wasserman, Harvey Mar 22, 2016 969
U.S Elections 2016: A Week Of Primaries. Mar 6, 2016 479
Free Trade Under Threat. Feb 29, 2016 819
Predictions: as we start the new year, many are wondering what will happen to the global economy (think China), the stock market (think correction) or even the 2016 presidential race (think what you want here, people--because honestly, who knows?). Hewitt, Janet Reilley Feb 1, 2016 1825
See how they ran. Murphy, Tim Interview Jan 1, 2016 846
Strategic priorities for the next president. Berman, Ilan Jan 1, 2016 2385
Opposition Seeks Recount In Seychelles Election. Dec 21, 2015 360
Interesting times at the BLC: Ballot Law Commission was faced with several legal issues in determining challenges to presidential candidates. Cook, Brad Dec 11, 2015 767
Why Hillary's the best one for the job: she is a progressive candidate who has a history of accomplishments in every role she has assumed. Gross, Martin Dec 11, 2015 572
Campaign marathon. Zissou, Rebecca Nov 23, 2015 1088
NH politics, all shook up: Hassan's Senate announcement stirs speculation, maneuvering. Cook, Brad Oct 16, 2015 789
Zimbabwe: the Mugabe 'succession'. Ankomah, Baffour Aug 1, 2015 1105
Ignorance or Overload? Low turnout at the polls has officials asking whether voters have the information they need to cast smart ballots. Underhill, Wendy Jul 1, 2015 2229
Africa's "new" leaders. Cover story Apr 1, 2015 1028
Lesotho: a new era? Allison, Simon Apr 1, 2015 1116
Nigeria elections in focus: a presidential rematch. Mordi, Frederick Feb 1, 2015 1558
Vote 2015: defining a nation. Cover story Feb 1, 2015 559
Is Jonathan's good luck about to run out? Schneider, James Cover story Feb 1, 2015 653
Who will win where? Schneider, James; Akinloye, Lagun Cover story Feb 1, 2015 2354
New leader, new problems? Ntomba, Reginald Feb 1, 2015 1595
Nigeria: What next? Wambu, Onyekachi Feb 1, 2015 603
Let's save time and go with a Kasich-Rubio ticket. Moffett, Mike Dec 12, 2014 520
Colorado's Politics Are as Divided as They Get; Obama no more popular in the Centennial State than elsewhere. Saad, Lydia Sep 25, 2014 1572
Obama's "Strong Disapproval" Double His "Strong Approval"; Republicans are more likely to strongly disapprove now than in 2010. McCarthy, Justin Aug 28, 2014 1020
TURKEY - Aug 08 - Erdogan Urges Voters To 'Explode Ballot Boxes' In Turkish Polls. Ihsanoglu, Ekmeleddin Aug 9, 2014 359
Tunisians set to vote for parliament in October. Brief article Jun 26, 2014 191
Turkey's Presidency: Erdogan Will Continue To Rule This Republic In Any Scenario. May 19, 2014 1312
Egypt: One Morsi supporter killed in Cairo clashes. Brief article May 15, 2014 239
The Afghanistan elections I. Baker, Robert; Hicks, Andrew; Diaz, Francisco Apr 16, 2014 1243
Defying The Taliban, Afghans Head To The Polls. Mar 20, 2014 1473
Kikwete prepares for the end game: the writing is on the wall for Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete as he strategises the last 20 months of his tenure. But with the fate of his party, Charna Cha Mapinduzi (CCM), hanging in the balance, his recent reshuffle of cabinet speaks directly to what the defining issues will be for elections in 2015. Report. Jiwaji, Aamera Mar 1, 2014 1250
How big brother got bigger. Fischer, Raymond L. Mar 1, 2014 1701
Will one of these three be the next president? Feb 28, 2014 1337
Hillary Clinton Maintains Positive Image in U.S. American public's opinion of Vice President Joe Biden is mixed. Swift, Art Feb 21, 2014 915
What divides democrats. Meyerson, Harold Nov 1, 2013 3002
Comment. Lancaster, Pat Viewpoint essay Jul 1, 2013 393
Zimbabwe: the second coming? Jul 1, 2013 1367
Americans View GOP Less Favorably Than Democratic Party; Both parties' favorability ratings are below their historical averages. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jun 18, 2013 1081
Despite wild card candidates Iranian voters doubtful of election validity. Behbudi, Behrooz Jun 1, 2013 1053
Showdown in Iran: the Islamic Republic, battered by western-backed sanctions and armed confrontation with the United States and Israel, holds seminal presidential elections in June in the grip of a political power struggle that will determine the country's future in a region convulsed by turmoil. Blanche, Ed May 1, 2013 1619
Presidential election: performance in an empty hall. Jan 23, 2013 898
This Week @ NASA, January 18, 2013. Video file Jan 18, 2013 107
Red to purple to blue: America's electoral map has changed to the Democrats' advantage--and it's going to change a whole lot more. Bouie, Jamelle Jan 1, 2013 2438
Polls and elections: understanding persuasion and activation in presidential campaigns: the random walk and mean reversion models. Kaplan, Noah; Park, David K.; Gelman, Andrew Report Dec 1, 2012 10630
Votes up for grabs. Winters, Michael Sean Nov 8, 2012 1261
How incumbent presidents fare in newspaper endorsements. McIver, John Nov 1, 2012 748
US Catholic vote: important even if it doesn't exist. Filteau, Jerry Oct 25, 2012 591
Will 9 GOP governors put Romney in the White House? Fitrakis, Bob; Wasserman, Harvey Sep 22, 2012 1867
More 2008 Obama Voters Than McCain Voters Switching Sides; Vast majority of 2008 voters staying loyal to party in 2012. Survey Aug 6, 2012 873
A long & winding road ahead: Maria Golia reports from Cairo on the progress of Egypt's presidential elections. Golia, Maria Jul 1, 2012 1276
Mexican Drug, Gang Activity Down Ahead of Election; Confidence in government remains low. Survey Jun 29, 2012 592
Presidential Poll: Mamata Banerjee Rejects Sonia Gandhi's Choices. Jun 13, 2012 391
A Peek into the Men's Locker room from an Arab in the Middle East. Brief article May 28, 2012 241
Interesting results for a country that had revolution. Brief article May 26, 2012 190
Stay tuned ... you may get a summer break, but the news doesn't. Here are some stories to keep an eye on. Smith, Patricia May 14, 2012 759
No quick fix for Egypt: as Egypt prepares for its 'first' post-Arab Spring elections, it becomes increasingly clear that the path to true democracy is likely to be a rocky one. Maria Golia writes from Cairo. Golia, Maria May 1, 2012 1119
The Most Jewish Election. Troy, Tevi Apr 24, 2012 1077
Pain at the pump: gas prices could hit $5 a gallon this summer--a potential road block to economic recovery and President Obama's bid for re-election. Krauss, Clifford; Sommer, Jeff Apr 23, 2012 1502
Daybreak: Egypt's Presidential Race Disarrayed. Tracy, Marc Brief article Apr 16, 2012 201
Can I see some ID? What's behind all the new state voter ID laws, and what effect will they have on the 2012 election? Smith, Patricia Apr 2, 2012 1088
Tweeting the election: Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites could be a powerful force in the 2012 elections. Dorsch, Meagan Apr 1, 2012 1081
EP SEAT: PRO-STRASBOURG CAMP MOBILISES. Brief article Mar 15, 2012 144
Wall Street's third party: will Americans Elect upend the presidential election? Meyerson, Harold Cover story Mar 1, 2012 3298
ATON - 2012 Presidential Elections,Wag(e) the Dog, Feb 29, 2012. Feb 29, 2012 2054
Where the U.S. Election Stands Now; A review of key indicators that could help determine the outcome. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 6, 2012 2235
Assad Ouster Begins to Look Inevitable. Tracy, Marc Feb 2, 2012 687
Obama Faces Challenging Re-Election Climate; January indicators mostly align with losing incumbents, but there is still time for improvement. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 16, 2012 1413
Republicans Less Enthusiastic About Voting in 2012; Republicans' enthusiasm gap over Democrats narrows. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 8, 2011 759
The GOP's Pro-Israel Coming Out Party. Tracy, Marc Brief article Dec 7, 2011 327
Russia turning back the clock? It's been 20 years since the end of the cold war. Is this once-repressive country returning to its old ways? Wines, Michael Nov 21, 2011 1241
A three act play called 'Israel's Future'. Nov 21, 2011 108
12 for 2012: world leaders to watch: a dozen leaders you can expect to see in the headlines in the year ahead. Smith, Patricia Nov 14, 2011 1931
Ron Paul 2012 Goes All-In, Scraps House Re-election. Brief article Jul 12, 2011 207
When your base is nuts. Meyerson, Harold Jul 1, 2011 759
Taxes: smoothing the bumpy road for business. Zerbe, Dean; Grover, Sonny Jun 1, 2011 3725
Race, gender, and 2012. Friedman, Ann Jun 1, 2011 766
Fuzzy tax reform: with the 2012 presidential election looming, lawmakers aren't likely to make much headway on revamping corporate taxes this year. Bedell, Denise Apr 1, 2011 429
Egypt: what now? Egyptians have ousted their authoritarian President. But what kind of government will replace him - and what will it mean for the U.S.? Smith, Patricia Mar 14, 2011 1223
And the gladiators finally emerge ... following the conclusion of the party primaries in January, Africa's largest democracy is starting the countdown to its April general elections. And as Osasu Obayiuwana reports, the battle for the Nigerian presidency is set to be an intriguing contest. Obayiuwana, Osasu Feb 1, 2011 1231
Much ado about a date: several members of Nigeria's political class insist there must be no change to the 29 May 2011 date for the handover of power from the old to the new government, to be elected in April 2011. But as Osasu Obayiuwana reports, their cry is masking a far more serious threat to the country's democracy. Obayiuwana, Osasu Dec 1, 2010 1235
Election preview: 2010 has the potential to make or break the state. Williams, Brad Jan 1, 2010 565
Online campaign strategy, Web 2.0 tools, and voter preference in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Hurme, Tommi Report Dec 1, 2009 11322
Bartenders versus forecasters. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 151
Stabilising growth, fighting poverty: three SADC member-states, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique, hold elections before the end of this year. In this report, Regina Jere-Malanda and Tafadzwa Freddy Mlambo look at Mozambique's indispensable role in the region, as the country goes to the polls on 28 October, amid international exultation about the country's promising post-conflict success in both political and economic terms. Jere-Malanda, Regina; Mlambo, Tafadzwa Freddy Oct 1, 2009 1533
They said it could/couldn't be done: quoted speculation on the possibility of a black president, 1920-2008. Fikes, Robert, Jr. Quotation Sep 22, 2009 5132
Khamenei: Iran 'will not yield' over pressure. Brief article Jun 24, 2009 118
Mousavi calls for re-election in Tehran. Brief article Jun 17, 2009 242
Polls and elections: how did the primary vote forecasts fare in 2008? Steger, Wayne P. Mar 1, 2009 7129
IRAN - Feb 2 - Khatami To Mount Reformist Challenge. Feb 7, 2009 530
Obama's coming executive orders. Dec 8, 2008 367
Looking ahead: Barack Obama's and Joe Biden's own records and agendas show the direction they have in mind for the nation. McManus, John F. Cover story Dec 8, 2008 1620
Behind the Obama agenda: the team Barack Obama has begun assembling suggests that, in terms of substance, the incoming administration may not be that different from the outgoing. McManus, John F. Dec 8, 2008 2579
The realignment opportunity. Starr, Paul Dec 1, 2008 783
Gallup Daily: Obama Lead at 7-8% Among Likely Voters; No major change in structure of race. Survey Oct 25, 2008 512
Early Read on Early Voting, Could Reach 30%; Obama and McCain supporters voting early at about the same rate. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 24, 2008 733
Gallup Daily: Obama Keeps Lead Among Likely Voters; Obama lead at five to seven points among likely voters. Survey Oct 24, 2008 542
Obama, McCain Two of the Best-Liked Candidates; Favorable ratings near 60% among best for recent presidential hopefuls. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 24, 2008 563
Gallup Daily: Obama Has Modest Lead Among Likely Voters; Size of margin four or six points depending on turnout assumptions. Survey Oct 23, 2008 460
Obama Winning Over the Jewish Vote; Three-quarters of U.S. Jewish voters now plan to back Obama for president. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 23, 2008 613
Gallup's Quick Read on the Election; Updated Oct. 22, 2008. Survey Oct 22, 2008 631
Gallup Daily: Obama Holds Lead in Various Scenarios; Lead between seven and 10 points among likely voters. Survey Oct 21, 2008 461
Hispanic Voters Divided by Religion; Catholics and those who attend church less often are most supportive of Obama. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 21, 2008 571
Obama Favored in Key Muslim Countries; Saudis most likely to voice a preference; Pakistanis least likely. Survey Oct 21, 2008 668
Japanese Back Obama Over McCain; Disapproval of Bush and disappointment in domestic politics factors. Survey Oct 21, 2008 802
Europeans Perceive Stake in U.S. Election; Obama favored over McCain in many European countries. Nyiri, Zsolt; English, Cynthia Survey Oct 21, 2008 773
Few in Baltic States Voice Preferences in U.S. Election; Latvians, Lithuanians divided over whether election makes a difference. Brown, Ian T. Survey Oct 21, 2008 594
In South Asia, Few Opinions on U.S. Presidential Race; Few respondents in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan express any opinions. Naurath, Nicole Survey Oct 21, 2008 857
Despite Approval of Bush, Africans Favor Obama; But a median of just 40% think the election outcome matters to them. Rheult, Magali Survey Oct 21, 2008 768
In Latin America, Little Connection to U.S. Election; Just one-third across the region believe the outcome is relevant to their country. Survey Oct 21, 2008 740
Gallup Daily: Obamaa[euro][TM]s Lead Edges Higher; Has double-digit lead among registered voters. Survey Oct 20, 2008 540
Gallup Daily: Obama Retains Significant Lead; Race remains tighter among likely voters than registered voters. Survey Oct 19, 2008 497
Navigating the elections maze. Baxter, Jamie Oct 1, 2008 686
Five questions about the new electorate. Schaller, Thomas F. Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2008 1532
Minorities, diversity and the 2008 presidential election. Davila, Serena Oct 1, 2008 775
Important Last-Minute Reminder: It All Begins With You. Oct 1, 2008 977
President sworn in. Brief article Oct 1, 2008 205
Presidential Debates Rarely Game-Changers; But have moved voter preferences in several elections. Saad, Lydia Sep 25, 2008 1126
US foreign policy after the elections. Rachman, Gideon Essay Sep 22, 2008 1490
Memo to Obama: middle is for losers. Huffington, Arianna Sep 22, 2008 1811
Gallup Daily: Obama Leading McCain by 4 Points; Voter preferences similar to Saturday, when Obama led by 6 points. Survey Sep 21, 2008 419
Gallup Daily: Presidential Contest Remains a Dead Heat; McCain 47%, Obama 46%. Survey Sep 16, 2008 414
Ohio Dailies Team Up For Statewide Election Polling. Strupp, Joe Sep 12, 2008 423
TRAILMIX for Wednesday: John McCain as Jack Bauer, Sarah Palin Is a Real Doll. Rosenberg, Suzanne Sep 10, 2008 777
Republicans Still Face Enthusiasm Gap to Democrats; Slight increase in enthusiasm in past week. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 2, 2008 743
Future tense? We peek ahead (with your help!) at what's in store for you this year. Kopkowski, Cynthia Sep 1, 2008 3239
The audacity of his hope". McGroarty, Daniel Aug 1, 2008 1605
Can Obama escape the Kerry trap? D'Aprile, Shane Aug 1, 2008 1998
July Leader Lost in 6 of Last 9 Competitive U.S. Elections; Convention period could prove crucial in determining the winner. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 7, 2008 603
As Independents Shrink, Democrats Gain; Downward trend in independents is typical in election years. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 2, 2008 775
The presidential election. Delva, Jorge Editorial Jul 1, 2008 812
About One in Four Voters Are "Swing Voters"; Higher proportion than in 2004. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 30, 2008 718
Election Enthusiasm Dips After Primaries; Democrats maintain an edge over Republicans. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 23, 2008 901
Editorial statement. Troupe, Quincy Editorial Jun 22, 2008 1431
Americans Predict Obama Will Be Next U.S. President; A 52% majority thinks Obama Will Win, Versus 41% Choosing McCain. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 16, 2008 578
Cities can play a key role in a year of change. Dwyer-Morgan, Tricia Jun 16, 2008 828
Most Say Race Will Not Be a Factor in Their Presidential Vote; But many think the campaigns will use race as an issue this year. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 9, 2008 1168
On the record: see what the presidential front-runners' voting records say about how they may lead in the top job. Jones, Joyce; Richardson, Nicole Marie May 1, 2008 533
2008 Congress of Cities to offer tools for local officials. Dwyer-Morgan, Patricia Apr 14, 2008 458
Taking the pulse of your company: charting risk with prediction markets. Siegel, Adam Apr 1, 2008 1782
Applying professional judgment. Sharman, Paul A. Apr 1, 2008 882
Fixing Zimbabwe: What Residents Have to Say; A majority think a change in leadership is necessary to heal the economy. Rheault, Magali Survey Mar 24, 2008 401
Gallup Daily: Clinton Moves Into Lead Over Obama; McCain has edge over Democrats in general election. Survey Mar 19, 2008 428
Obama Seeks to Bridge Racial Divide Among Democrats; Fifty-three percent of Non-Hispanic whites support Clinton, while 38% prefer Obama. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 18, 2008 409
Gallup Daily: Clinton At 47%, Obama at 44%; Both Democrats run about even with McCain. Survey Mar 18, 2008 348
Russia's March 2008 presidential election: outcome and implications. Nichol, Jim Mar 1, 2008 2908
On presidents and our discontents. Editorial Feb 29, 2008 433
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on polling conducted Feb. 26-28, 2008. Survey Feb 29, 2008 333
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on polling conducted Feb. 24-26, 2008. Survey Feb 27, 2008 304
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on polling conducted Feb. 23-25, 2008. Survey Feb 26, 2008 313
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on polling conducted Feb. 22-24, 2008. Survey Feb 25, 2008 248
The marathoner's race. Pinkerton, James P. Feb 25, 2008 758
McCain Holds His Own Against Obama, Clinton; November election would be close if held today. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 12, 2008 652
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling conducted Feb. 8-10, 2008. Survey Feb 11, 2008 391
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling conducted Feb. 6-8, 2008. Survey Feb 9, 2008 444
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Feb. 3-5, 2008. Survey Feb 6, 2008 348
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Feb. 2-4, 2008. Survey Feb 5, 2008 308
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2008. Survey Feb 3, 2008 340
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Jan. 29-31, 2008. Survey Feb 1, 2008 292
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Jan. 28-30, 2008. Survey Jan 31, 2008 393
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Jan. 26-28, 2008. Survey Jan 29, 2008 363
California Poll: Clinton Leads, McCain and Romney Close; One-fifth of California voters already voted via absentee ballot. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 28, 2008 1074
New York Poll: Clinton, McCain Have Wide Leads; New York Republican vote appears very fluid, however. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 28, 2008 1127
Garry Wills in 'NYT' Opposes 'Two-Headed' Clinton Presidency. Brief article Jan 26, 2008 315
Gallup Daily: Tracking Election 2008; Based on daily polling from Jan. 22-24, 2008. Survey Jan 25, 2008 300
Americans Tuned In to the Election This Year; More have given it "quite a lot" of thought than in recent election years. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 17, 2008 484
McCain, Clinton Essentially Tied in Head-to-Head Matchup; McCain leads Obama, Huckabee trails both Clinton and Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 15, 2008 902
After N.H., What's Next for Democrats, Republicans? Bounces expected for Clinton, McCain. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 9, 2008 1000
Americans Taking Front-Loaded Primaries in Stride; Few are troubled that the contests start in January. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 4, 2008 521
'NYT' Sunday Preview: David Frum Is 'Terrified' GOP Is Heading for 'Defeat'. Brief article Jan 4, 2008 167
The Democrats' strategic challenge: if the Democrats win the election, can the next president and Congress make significant progress toward realizing liberal aspirations? Here's how--a road map for the start of a new America. Starr, Paul Cover story Jan 1, 2008 3466
Castro may return. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 202
Editorial statement. Editorial Jan 1, 2008 1319
Key Election Trends From 2007; Most candidates became better known, but not necessarily better liked. Newport, Frank; Carroll, Joseph Survey Dec 28, 2007 1337
Public: "Family Values" Important to Presidential Vote; Most often say family values relates to strong families. Survey Dec 26, 2007 791
President Huckabee? Hankins, Jeff Dec 24, 2007 694
For Whom Would Americans Vote Next November? Democrats have an edge entering 2008. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 19, 2007 875
Giuliani Leads GOP Race; Huckabee, Others Tie for Second; Candidates' standing the same as two weeks ago. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 18, 2007 1038
Public: Giuliani Has Best Chance of Defeating Clinton; Less than half say other Republicans stand chance of defeating Clinton. Carroll, Joseph Survey Nov 2, 2007 1544
A can of worms. Gunn, Robert W.; Gullickson, Betsy Raskin Nov 1, 2007 1247
Gallup Election Review: October 2007; Where the election stands. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia; Carroll, Joseph Survey Oct 23, 2007 2885
UPDATE: News Outlets Take Serious Look at Witty Colbert-for-President Campaign. Staff, E&P Brief article Oct 18, 2007 346
War whisperers: the 2008 hopefuls promised a change in foreign policy then hired the old guard. Vlahos, Kelley Beaucar Oct 8, 2007 2415
It's been making the rounds ... Brief article Sep 28, 2007 134
F&J tote board. Brief article Sep 28, 2007 236
The silly season came early and will cast a long shadow. Zirnhelt, George Sep 1, 2007 1495
Editorial comment. Ayres, Philip Jun 22, 2007 634
Our edge as a hedge. Bobo, Jack Jun 18, 2007 833
Branding the Democrats. Westen, Drew May 1, 2007 816
Democratic Race Tightens as Views of Clinton Become More Negative; Forty-five percent favorable rating one of lowest ever for Clinton. Survey Apr 18, 2007 1417
Bush 35% Approval Average in Most Recent Quarter Lowest to Date; Lowest quarterly average of his presidency. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 17, 2007 594
Political Environment Continues to Favor Democrats; By 50% to 35% margin, Americans want to see Democrats win in 2008. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 13, 2007 1377
Majority of Americans Wouldn't Like Al Gore to Run for President in 2008; Half of Americans say they have a favorable opinion of Gore. Carroll, Joseph Survey Apr 11, 2007 903
Giuliani Leads GOP Field; McCain Support Down in Latest Trial Heat; Thompson maintains third-place showing. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 10, 2007 887
Hillary Clinton Remains Dominant Front-Runner Among Democrats; Obama and Edwards close in second place. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 10, 2007 931
Wanted in Next President: Honesty, Strong Leadership; Prior Washington experience not viewed as important. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 4, 2007 1028
Republicans and Democrats Seek Similar Qualities in 44th President; Key difference concerns next president's responsiveness to public opinion. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 4, 2007 979
French Face Upcoming Elections With Marked Economic Pessimism; Majority feel current economic conditions are not good and are getting worse. Nyiri, Zsolt Survey Apr 4, 2007 440
Hillary Clinton's Gender Gap Most Evident Among Independents; Favorable opinion gap is 21 points between independent women and independent men. Newport, Frank; Carroll, Joseph Survey Apr 2, 2007 1274
The Voters Speak: Reasons Behind Support for Four Front-runners; Americans vary widely in reasons given for supporting front-runners. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 30, 2007 1481
Giuliani Lead in GOP Field Shrinks as Thompson Makes Solid Debut; Clinton maintains lead over Democratic field. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 28, 2007 1609
Hillary Clinton Has Significant Edge Among Democratic Women 18-49; Clinton's gender gap disappears among women aged 50 and older, however. Survey Mar 23, 2007 1188
A binding agreement: reforming The Electoral College with interstate compacts. Richie, Robert Mar 22, 2007 5109
Giuliani Top Choice Among Both Moderate, Conservative Republicans; Gingrich, Romney do better among conservatives than moderates. Survey Mar 20, 2007 1110
Highly Religious Republicans Less Likely to Support Giuliani; Little difference by religious intensity in support for Democratic candidates. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 15, 2007 1097
Analysis: Impact of Personal Characteristics on Candidate Support; Americans most comfortable voting for a black or female candidate. Newport, Frank; Carroll, Joseph Survey Mar 13, 2007 1445
Half of Americans Already Tuned In to 2008 Election; Most Democrats like early start to the campaign; Republicans disagree. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 8, 2007 872
Mitt Romney Still Unknown to Many Republicans; Giuliani, Obama, and McCain have most favorable images. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 8, 2007 1007
Giuliani Solidifies Lead in Republican Nomination Poll; Clinton still leads among Democrats. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 7, 2007 1251
Bush Approval Rating Remains Low; Just 33% of Americans approve. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 6, 2007 594
"E-stonians" E-Vote; But only 3 in 10 confident in honesty of elections. Survey Mar 2, 2007 563
We want answers, not smokescreens. Cohen, Burt Mar 2, 2007 585
Democrats View Hillary Clinton as Most Electable Democratic Candidate; Fewer than half think Gore will have a good chance to win. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 1, 2007 1213
Giuliani Edges Out McCain in Perceptions of Viability for Presidency; Giuliani especially strong among Republicans. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 1, 2007 814
Americans Predict Bill Clinton Would be Asset as First Spouse; Public favors an informal advisory role for the former president. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 28, 2007 1103
Giuliani Has Uniquely Broad-Based Political Appeal; Clinton's popularity concentrated with Democrats. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 26, 2007 1124
Some Americans Reluctant to Vote for Mormon, 72-Year-Old Presidential Candidates; Strong support for black, women, Catholic candidates. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 20, 2007 1386
Perceived Experience Major Asset for Clinton, McCain in 2008 Race; Giuliani hailed for performance, Obama for youth and new ideas. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 16, 2007 1346
Despite High Visibility, Little Change in Al Gore's Standing With Public; Favorable rating of 52%. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 16, 2007 768
2008 Presidential Battle Closely Contested for Now; John McCain and Rudy Giuliani nearly tie with Hillary Clinton. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 15, 2007 819

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