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Choosing an Experience: Membership programs are just the beginning of the relationship. Tornoe, Rob Feb 1, 2020 1048
'UAE's economy on the mend and set to accelerate': Newspaper. Nov 8, 2019 506
One size: Does Not Fit All: How publishers are creating the right membership model for their readers. Mateos, Evelyn May 1, 2019 2922
Western Mail letters: Thursday, November 1, 2018; Your letters to the national newspaper of Wales. Nov 1, 2018 1435
More than 1,300 communities have lost news coverage. Smith, Todd Oct 26, 2018 1274
Keep Them Wanting More: From behavioral data to exclusive content, newspapers are creating valuable strategies to retain readers. Peck, Gretchen A. Aug 1, 2018 2466
MEMBERS ONLY: Taking cues from other digital platforms, newspapers are getting more creative with getting people to pay for news. Peck, Gretchen A. Mar 1, 2018 2682
TAPPING INTO TECH: Five digital trends to watch in 2018. Ruiz, Jeu A. Feb 1, 2018 2837
All Strategy, No Shock: Circulation and audience pros talk changing roles and facing challenges head on. Peck, Gretchen A. Oct 1, 2017 2929
What Is News? What Is the Newspaper? The Physical, Functional, and Stylistic Transformation of Print Newspapers, 1988-2013. Tanikawa, Miki Essay Sep 1, 2017 9011
How to save the dying newspaper editorial. Bunch, Will Jun 22, 2017 1161
Back in the game: now that newspapers are seeing a rise in subscriptions, how can they hold on to these new readers? Gallagher, Tim Apr 1, 2017 732
'The enemy of the American people': President Trump's media ire is fueling a news revival. Hill, Taylor Apr 1, 2017 2489
Newspaper circulation declines for second consecutive year in 2015. Table Sep 1, 2016 107
Blast from the past: the Mariposa Gazette changes its printed format back to its 19th century size. Jun 1, 2015 434
Scientific misconduct is the main reason for increased retractions in PubMed and ISI and it is increasing - Dr. Reza Malekzadeh. Jan 15, 2015 2338
Bring back relevancy, not basic. Malik, Anita Jun 1, 2014 690
Shift in china's newspaper coverage of HIV and AIDS. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 199
Newspapers provide vital link for businesses. Roche, Jim Column Jul 12, 2013 585
ON A 'BUY,' N.Y. TIMES CO. SHARES UP 8 PCT. Oct 15, 2012 497
Newsroom diversity: an online paradigm shift. Hayes, Dianne Jun 21, 2012 947
Digital threat to Africa's print media? The print media in Africa, unlike in Europe and North America is expanding and showing healthy profits. However, as in the West, new technology, particularly digital broadcasting and the ease of access on a number of personal devices, is fast approaching the continent. Is the African media prepared for the changes? Richard Seymour reports. Seymour, Richard Oct 1, 2011 2064
Time and space in the content of Estonian daily newspapers in the 20th century. Lohmus, Maarja; Kouts, Ragne; Konno, Andres; Aljas, Agnes Report Mar 1, 2011 4993
E-editions: the new 'other' circ? Fitzgerald, Mark Jun 1, 2010 1366
14 headline formulas that can help you build your business. Bly, Bob Brief article May 31, 2010 280
Timeline for newspaper mobile success. Bentley, Clyde Mar 1, 2010 409
New Study Shows Strong Newspaper Readership in Canada's Big Cities. Fitzgerald, Mark Brief article Sep 23, 2009 296
The evolution of old media. Grensing-Pophal, Lin Sep 1, 2009 2159
D-G, Morning News see decreases in circulation. Sparkman, Worth Brief article Aug 17, 2009 277
Inland Study Finds Profit Eroding Fastest in Smaller Dailies. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 210
On guard, online. Hengel, Mark Brief article Jun 1, 2009 213
Cagle Hits 'Huff Post' Over 'Arrogant Crap'. Brief article May 29, 2009 162
World Association of Newspapers President Declares Newspaper Circ Up, Globally. Strupp, Joe May 28, 2009 398
Murdoch Looks Forward to Newspapers' Digital Future. Saba, Jennifer May 28, 2009 448
Wolff at Conference Predicts 'Death of Newspapers' -- Adds It's Not So Bad. Mitchell, Greg May 7, 2009 500
Circ Hits Keep Coming. Saba, Jennifer May 1, 2009 1032
BRIEFS. Apr 13, 2009 474
FORESTWEB Report: North American Newsprint Decline Accelerates. Garcia, Debra Apr 1, 2009 947
'USA Today' Expected to Take Spring Hit in Circulation. Brief article Apr 1, 2009 120
BRIEFS. Mar 30, 2009 595
NEWHOUSE ANN ARBOR TO DIGITAL; COPLEY SELLS UNION-TRIB Ann Arbor News to shut down; equity firm buys San Diego daily. Mar 23, 2009 714
Nice to be niche. Hengel, Mark Brief article Dec 22, 2008 135
'Several Cities' Could Have No Daily Paper As Soon As 2010, Credit Rater Says. Fitzgerald, Mark Dec 3, 2008 489
Don't Redesign the Print Edition to Ensure Failure. Outing, Steve Nov 5, 2008 2006
The Argus Champion, a weekly newspaper that has covered the greater Lake Sunapee area since 1823, stopped publication at the end of July. Brief article Aug 1, 2008 90
Syndicate Exec Says Newspapers Can Overdo Local Approach. Brief article Jul 24, 2008 176
Mobile: The Future for Newspapers? Howe, Art Jun 11, 2008 791
World Congress Hears That Circ Down in U.S. -- But Up Globally. Brief article Jun 2, 2008 308
Shoptalk: Mobile -- The Future? Howe, Art Jun 1, 2008 791
Story Focuses on Scarcity of Gay Characters in Comics That Run in Daily Papers. Brief article May 21, 2008 150
E&P Interactive Conference Features Debate Over Page Views -- and 2008 Election. Staff, E&P Conference news May 14, 2008 399
Circ Slide Accelerates. Saba, Jennifer May 5, 2008 608
The future of newspapers. Hudson, Repps May 1, 2008 1270
Surprise FAS-FAX Finding: Smaller Papers Declined More Than Big Ones. Saba, Jennifer May 1, 2008 475
New FAS-FAX: Steep Decline at 'NYT' While 'WSJ' Gains. Saba, Jennifer Apr 28, 2008 555
Top 25 Sunday Newspapers in New FAS-FAX. Brief article Apr 28, 2008 293
Circ at 'Dallas Morning News' Drops, But So Does Churn. Saba, Jennifer Brief article Apr 28, 2008 156
'Times-Picayune' Circ Down Nearly 30% Over Four years. Saba, Jennifer Brief article Apr 28, 2008 184
Web Pay Wall Doesn't Lead to More Readers at 'Arkansas Democrat-Gazette'. Fitzgerald, Mark Brief article Apr 28, 2008 245
Yes! It Can Happen: Top Daily Circ Gainers in FAS-FAX. Staff, E&P Brief article Apr 28, 2008 251
New Report Offers Surprise: 'Total Readership' Stalls. Saba, Jennifer Apr 27, 2008 900
UPDATE: 'Tracy Press' Scales Back Again -- Now Twice-Weekly. Staff, E&P Brief article Feb 29, 2008 144
Forgetting why reporters choose the work they do: will journalists 'cover local news for life, with no chance of parole?'. Bunch, Will Dec 22, 2007 1304
The decline of newspapers: the local story: 'judging from our three studies, the future of America's local newspapers is dim.'. Patterson, Thomas E. Dec 22, 2007 1033
Forest Web: Newsprint Prices Firm in November. Garcia, Debra Dec 3, 2007 944
First FAS-FAX Numbers: Many Top Papers Take Big Hits. Saba, Jennifer Nov 5, 2007 965
Industry Leaders, Facing Bad Circ News in FAS-FAX, Hail New 'Audience' Measurement that Adds Online. Fitzgerald, Mark Nov 5, 2007 667
FAS-FAX: Surprises in E-Paper Circs. Fitzgerald, Mark May 1, 2007 492
DAILY CIRC DROPS 2.1% AND SUNDAY CIRC DOWN 3.1% Declines highlight end of 'Do Not Call,' bulk sales as well as Web gains. Financial report Apr 30, 2007 702
What Newspapers Need to Do -- To Survive. Rung, John Industry overview Apr 6, 2007 1026
These Editors Feel Pretty Damn Good About Newspapers. Fitzgerald, Mark Survey Mar 31, 2007 506
We're not dead yet: reports of the coming demise of newspapers are overly pessimistic. Schroth, Raymond A. Mar 2, 2007 1051
Peter Honey explains his ambivalence towards 'five ways to...' advice. Honey, Peter Column Mar 1, 2007 781
Newspapers and their quest for the Holy Grail: putting the Web first might be 'the most difficult transformation in our mindset, but we should go ahead and flip our world on its head.'. Riley, Michael Dec 22, 2006 1740
The challenge of community building: Knight Foundation asks whether the community role newspapers play can be replicated by new media and offers to support those who show it can. Kebbel, Gary Dec 22, 2006 1132
Are journalists the 21st century's buggy whip makers? Newspapers might vanish, too, if they continue to 'dream of past dominance while taking their product and trying to fit it into their competitor's terrain.'. Dietrich, William Dec 22, 2006 1607
We can adjust to changing demands, but should we? 'People can adapt to anything if the order comes from the person who signs the paychecks.'. Zelnik, Joe Dec 22, 2006 833
Evolving definitions of news: 'journalists may have thought it was necessary to set the old school aside to accommodate the new realities, but with the new realities there is no new ethic.'. Bettag, Tom Dec 22, 2006 1593
Confronting the dual challenge of print and electronic news: 'to make best use of both editions, we need to be increasingly disciplined about what goes where.'. Steiger, Paul E. Dec 22, 2006 1553
Taking the big gulp: 'the web is its own medium with its own characteristics. it is not newspapers. It is not TV news. It is not radio.'. Stevens, Jane Ellen Dec 22, 2006 2220
Newspapers have met their enemy within: 'the question is not whether the newspaper is dead, but whether it can be rescued from unreasonable demands.'. Sims, Watson Dec 22, 2006 1034
Facing the future: is your operation ready? Brown, Ann Dec 22, 2006 555
Editorial: Going Local, Not AWOL. Dec 1, 2006 463
Students Design Newspaper of the Future. Fitzgerald, Mark Dec 1, 2006 352
The New Math. Fitzgerald, Mark Dec 1, 2006 1944
Embracing change: British dailies are trying a variety of new approaches in an effort to survive and thrive in a new media landscape. Are there lessons here for U.S. papers? Sellers, Frances Stead Oct 1, 2006 2848
Self-inflicted wounds: newspapers are grappling with real--and serious--problems, but they also have contributed to their own decline. Morton, John Oct 1, 2006 814
The paperless opinion page: the best opinion pages are as diverse as their audiences. Page, Clarence Sep 22, 2006 619
Give readers what they want: a real spread on their editorial table. The best hope for the survival of newspapers is their commentary sections. Parker, Kathleen Column Sep 22, 2006 626
Fleshing out the future. Prince, Richard Sep 22, 2006 1282
Losing the news: as newspapers die a slow death, can cable, radio, and the Web really provide serious, independent news? Collum, Danny Duncan Jul 1, 2006 730
Heroes in the tough transition to digital news: a long-time newspaper journalist assesses the courage required if essential values are to be retained. Merritt, Davis Jun 22, 2006 1289
Public support wanes, some journalists press on; 'despite the low esteem in which the news media are held today, some of the best, most courageous news coverage is being produced.'. Sussman, Barry Jun 22, 2006 1392
Editorial: This Time, Get It Right. Editorial May 1, 2006 471
Another Switcheroo on Sunday. Saba, Jennifer May 1, 2006 692
Burkle left holding bag in Page Six mess. Bart, Peter May 1, 2006 814
NY Times story raises hopes. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 123
The 'better type' of reader. Stoff, Rick Mar 1, 2006 1057
Newsthinking. Brief Article Feb 1, 2006 108
Keeping the faith: newspapers are taking a beating, but don't sound the death knell yet. The work they do will remain unique--and important. Morton, John Feb 1, 2006 875
Studies: Americans are tuning out traditional news. Brown, Fred Column Dec 1, 2005 891
A win for style over substance. Guzy, M.W. Oct 1, 2005 953
A newspaper talks with readers in a Cyber Town Square: 'changes wrought by the Internet demand that newspapers innovate, and that means experimentation as we move beyond the boundaries of our known world.'. Dougherty, Patrick Sep 22, 2005 1726
The news media's 30-year hibernation: online newspapers 'are not creative. They are not interactive. They' re too much like newspapers.'. Carlson, David Sep 22, 2005 2424
More newspaper readers now prefer online. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 118
I'll be brief: in a world of tight newsholes, no-jump edicts and time-starved readers, newspapers are turning to short-form narratives in an effort to bring heightened creativity to small spaces. Stepp, Carl Sessions Aug 1, 2005 3608
Spreading the news: as circulation dwindles, newspapers turn to new products to court readers. Morton, John Aug 1, 2005 803
Push Comes to Shove. Saba, Jennifer Jun 1, 2005 3167
As the world churns: newspapers must invest more heavily in their product if they are to survive. Kunkel, Thomas Jun 1, 2005 826
Lee Enterprises Daily Newspapers. Apr 1, 2005 516
Shoptalk: A Thinning Market. Alexander, Lou Apr 1, 2005 829
Editorial: No Circ Free-for-All. Editorial Feb 1, 2005 505
Mixed news. Absher, Frank Brief Article May 1, 2004 108
Charles Portis: incarnation of state's storytelling tradition. Simpson, Ethel Mar 15, 2004 2370
Turning to teens or tacos to boost circ. Saba, Jennifer Mar 1, 2004 1126
Retaining the core while reaching out to the young: what is needed is a talented young staff, fresh ideas, and a solid business plan. Haitz, Henry B., III Dec 22, 2003 2018
HELP Wanting. Moses, Lucia Dec 8, 2003 2734
Shoptalk. Simon, Paul Nov 24, 2003 839
Jobs shrink for editorial cartoonists. Astor, Dave Oct 13, 2003 823
It's all right, M&A, we're still buying. Moses, Lucia Apr 7, 2003 318
Between Iraq and a hard place. Moses, Lucia Jan 27, 2003 850
NEWSROOM. Strupp, Joe Jan 6, 2003 770
POINTING THE WAY TO BETTER TIMES IN 2003. Fitzgerald, Mark Jan 6, 2003 1198
CAPITAL IN CONVULSIONS. Fitzgerald, Mark Jan 6, 2003 520
Take one tablet and email me in the morning: tablet PCs and e-Newspapers. (News Feature). Levack, Kinley Jan 1, 2003 812
'Cost control': Buzzphrase for the coming new year? Moses, Lucia Industry Overview Dec 16, 2002 671
ONE SINGULAR OBSESSION. Fitzgerald, Mark Nov 4, 2002 509
Competing with Cyberspace: The Key is Reliability. Kovach, Bill Mar 22, 1999 851
Ad spending to slow. Neuwirth, Robert Dec 12, 1998 508
NET TO ECLIPSE PAPERS IN FIVE YEARS? Childs, Kelvin May 9, 1998 809
Back from the future. Regan, Tom Dec 22, 1997 923
Betting on the future of newspapers. Rieder, Rem Editorial May 1, 1997 854
AAN president's views get mixed reaction. Stein, M.L. Feb 8, 1997 1217
Newspapers: are they bull or bear? Rockmore, Milt Jul 15, 1995 1434
Apple executive tells newspapers about new media. Webb, William Mar 18, 1995 786
Software wiz takes a hard look at print. Astor, David Oct 22, 1994 540
Impact of social change on newspaper examined. Giobbe, Dorothy May 28, 1994 786
Newspapers must not commit suicide. Stein, M.L. May 21, 1994 611
Become indispensable or die; ex-newspaper executive, now consultant Joseph Ungaro offers some ideas about what newspapers can do to survive. Caughey, Bernard Mar 19, 1994 1517
Envisioning the electronic newspaper: new technology seen preserving the familiar newspaper product. Fitzgerald, Mark Feb 19, 1994 924
Competing in the year 2004: database marketing executive offers some advice to newspapers. Giobbe, Dorothy Feb 19, 1994 663
Sage advice from a newspaper veteran. Giobbe, Dorothy Jan 29, 1994 1162
A newspaper future for the 1990s and beyond. Weinberg, Ronald Column Oct 24, 1992 976
A flat year expected for 1992: any profits to be made will come from cutting costs; smaller staffs, tighter news holes, higher prices to readers expected. Garneau, George Industry Overview Jan 4, 1992 5561
Fighting for our position in the 21st century. Excerpt Nov 1, 1991 902
Slow growth expected into the '90s. Garneau, George Jul 13, 1991 1487

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