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Ford supports homosexual agenda despite boycott, losses.

Ford Motor Company announced in July unexpected second quarter losses of $123 million. However, despite these losses and plans to close 14 plants in the United States, Ford has stubbornly refused to back off its financial support for homosexual groups that has alienated many of the company's loyal customers.

In June, the Greater Texas Ford Dealers Advertising Fund, representing 78 Ford dealerships, sent a letter to Ford Company chairman Bill Ford expressing their "dismay at Ford Motor Company's approach in responding to the criticism and complaints of mainstream consumers regarding Ford's advertising in controversial media." The letter laments that consumers are boycotting and "are besieging us in person, by phone, mail and email. These consumers are disappointed and demoralized at seeing this type of advertising by Ford Motor Company, which seemingly supports the gay lifestyle." The dealers are especially upset with the company's "advertisement in The Advocate [a homosexual magazine] that placed a Ford Motor Company ad with Ford Division products on the facing page to an article on Gay polygamy."

The dealers feel betrayed because they had been retailing the company line to outraged customers that Ford does not support homosexual "marriage" and other programs of the "gay" agenda. "Once this ad came out we lost much of our defense," the dealers complain. "Needless to say our credibility with those consumers is gone." The dealers' letter ends with a plea: "We are asking Ford Motor Company, our partner, to stop this advertising strategy and place those advertising dollars in media and events that support and uphold Ford's coveted and long-held all-American image."
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Title Annotation:INSIDER REPORT
Publication:The New American
Date:Sep 4, 2006
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