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Mixed fortunes for African agribusiness amid pandemic. Aug 1, 2021 1733
Tough times continue for African airlines. Jul 1, 2021 2238
Africa's ports shrug off Covid-19 and Suez crisis. May 1, 2021 1387
Private sector key to achieving the SDGs. Apr 1, 2021 1184
Tough challenges for Angolan oil. Industry overview Mar 1, 2021 1196
Mixed outlook for African mining as pandemic bites. Feb 1, 2021 1570
Shaken Egypt continues to grow. Dec 1, 2020 1571
Successful agricultural enterprises and smart policy: Eight case studies: From tomato processors in Nigeria helping to reduce the country's import bill to cooperation between governments to establish a minimum price for cocoa, Neil Ford examines some examples of cutting-edge agricultural practice from across Africa. Aug 1, 2020 2316
THE RISE OF GRID-SCALE RENEWABLES: Uptake of grid-scale renewables is uneven but they are becoming a more attractive option. Jul 1, 2020 2414
US-China deal raises hopes for African mining sector: With fears of a trade war easing and major projects such as Simandou in Guinea being rolled out, 2020 could be a good year for African mining. Feb 1, 2020 1524
Brazil remains committed to Africa: Brazilian trade with Africa collapsed after the commodity price crash of 2016, but as Neil Ford reports, a new trade agreement and increased Brazilian agricultural exports hint at a recovery. Nov 1, 2019 1240
ITEL drives smartphone boom. Report Oct 1, 2019 2354
TICAD--empowering Africa through high-level policy dialogue since 1993. Aug 1, 2019 770
Japan expands its trade and investment in Africa: Japan is seeking to diversify the range of its trade partners in Africa and encouraging SMEs and startups to invest in the continent, as Neil Ford reports. Aug 1, 2019 1485
IN SOUTHERN AFRICA, COAL REMAINS KING--FOR NOW: The region is trying to shake its addiction to fossil fuel. Jul 1, 2019 956
SOUTHERN AFRICA GETS SERIOUS ON POWER PLANNING: The task is huge, but the region's governments are increasing investment in electricity projects. Jul 1, 2019 1012
Practical solutions for export-led growth. Conference notes Jun 1, 2019 1241
Cautious optimism in mining sector. Feb 1, 2019 1039
BUA Cement: driving demand for Nigerian mining. Feb 1, 2019 1256
Powering Africa forward. Jan 1, 2019 2668
Bridging the infrastructure deficit. Nov 1, 2018 1483
Overview: African ICT focuses on internet access. Nov 1, 2018 1093
On the brink of a new telecoms Revolution. Nov 1, 2017 1068
Safaricom: vulnerable in Strength: Calls for regulation may bring Safaricom problems in its home market, but the operator is now freer to expand outside Kenya. Nov 1, 2017 993
Video on demand to drive mobile Revenues: With faster download speeds soon to be available, video is set to provide mobile operators new ways to boost revenue. Nov 1, 2017 989
'Download speeds in some African cities are among the fastest in the world'. Interview Nov 1, 2017 1029
UAE trade with Africa rockets: The UAE's ties have traditionally been with North Africa, but a number of factors are now persuading Emirati firms to look south of the Sahara. Nov 1, 2017 1075
UAE firms invest heavily in African Infrastructure: Expectations of growth are driving big investments in telecoms, aviation and logistics by UAE corporations. Nov 1, 2017 1063
Africa welcomes renewables revolution: The rapidly falling cost of wind and solar photovoltaics is making renewable energies the solution of choice on cost alone. Oct 1, 2017 1016
No major surprises despite challenging environement. Company rankings Oct 1, 2017 3096
Dominant and still growing. Company rankings Oct 1, 2017 1219
Kenyan banks brush off new regulations. Company rankings Oct 1, 2017 1146
Nigeria dominates regional table. Survey Oct 1, 2017 1177
Morocco still on top. Company rankings Oct 1, 2017 1234
Big ambitions for Ghanaian cocoa: Ghana's cocoa board is planning to boost yields in order to increase production of the crop, which provides the backbone of the rural economy. Oct 1, 2017 992
Putting the business into African agriculture: Africa has the potential to become the new global breadbasket but this will require a revolution in agribusiness. Aug 1, 2017 1092
Dangote turns to Nigerian agriculture. Aug 1, 2017 1075
A tale of two nuts: cashew shelling faces problems in Kenya but South Africa is having success with macademia processing. Aug 1, 2017 1017
A new reality for oil prices. Jul 1, 2017 1037
Shaky times for Pretoria: South Africa has entered recession, the outlook for the mining sector is uncertain and manufacturing growth has been disappointing. Jul 1, 2017 1408
Africa's pharmaceutical conundrum: the import of low-cost generic drugs benefits patients but holds back the growth of domestic production. Jul 1, 2017 916
Mixed fortunes for African aviation: accidents are decreasing and airlines are expanding, but finances are shaky and the realisation of a single aviation market is still a distant goal. Jun 1, 2017 898
East Africa's new railways lead logistics investment: Kenya's new standard gauge railway is the biggest improvement to its logistics since independence, and more is to follow in the region. Jun 1, 2017 827
Construction of ports will have ripple effects on trade: from Ghana to the Horn of Africa, massive investment is going into the expansion of container ports. Jun 1, 2017 846
250 Recovery proves elusive for Africa's major stocks: low commodity prices and devaluations have "contributed to a 4% fall in the overall value of Africa's Top 250 companies in our annual survey, but the changes have been far from uniform across the continent. Jun 1, 2017 2617
Africa's urban infrastructure challenge: Africa is struggling to cope with rapid urbanisation, but solutions are emerging to the problems of its cities. Apr 1, 2017 1125
Financing infrastructure: there is a balance to be struck between securing funding and making services affordable. Apr 1, 2017 1040
Developing policies for sustainable urbanisation: for cities to be liveable environments, it is essential that urban services are integrated. Apr 1, 2017 999
Car manufacturing returns to Kenya: VW's investments in East Africa may herald the growth of a fully-fledged automotive industry in the region. Apr 1, 2017 1049
Ghana lays out its economic vision: fulfilling election pledges while cutting expenditure will be a major challenge for the new government in Accra. Apr 1, 2017 930
Plummeting oil revenue hits Lusophone prospects: commentators are increasingly pessimistic about the Angolan and Mozambican economies. Mar 1, 2017 1040
Lower rates of growth forecast for Angola: a big jump in oil prices would fix Angola's government finances, but this looks unlikely at present. Mar 1, 2017 995
Tricky times for Mozambique: problems with loan repayments, falling gas prices and insecurity are damaging Mozambique's hopes of climbing out of poverty. Mar 1, 2017 1050
Mixed fortunes for African retail: the revenues of the region's biggest retailers continue to grow, even if lower commodity prices have slowed some developments. Mar 1, 2017 2191
Libya's recovering oil fortunes: Libyan oil production has increased sharply over the past three months but the security situation remains unstable. Feb 1, 2017 1022
Price recovery buoys African mining: a rise in demand for raw materials could herald better times for African producers. Feb 1, 2017 919
Getting mining output back on track: as mining projects revive, new railways are being built to transport output. Feb 1, 2017 1085
Commodities recovery boosts South African mining: South Africa's mining industry is benefiting from rising prices, but some firms are unhappy about black economic empowerment legislation. Feb 1, 2017 1133
Will Ghana see change under Akufo-Addo? Ghana's new president needs to control public debt if he is to achieve economic success. Feb 1, 2017 972
Can Algeria break the mould? Jan 1, 2017 1245
Hands across the Sahara; Morocco is ramping up its economic interests south of the Sahara, prompting other north African states to consider following suit. Jan 1, 2017 1392
A mature approach to African telecoms: service providers and consumers are becoming more sophisticated in the products they offer and use. Nov 1, 2016 1051
Mobile banking hits a brick wall: outside Kenya, mobile money services have struggled to penetrate the market. Nov 1, 2016 985
Going the last mile for fibre optics: it will take time for the benefits of extra bandwidth to filter through to individuals in Africa. Nov 1, 2016 987
Africa integrates into global renewables: after years of false starts, the renewable energy sector is finally taking off in Africa, buoyed by the meteoric rise of renewables worldwide. Nov 1, 2016 1064
Setting the standard for others to follow: Cape Verde and Kenya lead the way in developing approaches to renewable energy. Nov 1, 2016 937
UAE looks south of the Sahara: the United Arab Emirates are increasingly looking beyond North Africa to invest in sub-Saharan business. Nov 1, 2016 1009
Future is bright for UAE companies in Africa: UAE companies are expanding in a wide range of sectors across Africa. Nov 1, 2016 1068
Low prices cut opportunities: low oil prices have brought new challenges to African oil producers, but the old problems of insecurity and poor governance remain. Oct 1, 2016 1095
A glimmer of hope for Delta oil: a ceasefire with Niger Delta rebels could help to end the attacks on oil installations that are devastating the Nigerian economy. Oct 1, 2016 996
Overcoming barriers to insurance. Oct 1, 2016 1087
Simplifying company risk: in Africa the risks are high and the ability to pay premiums is low, but microinsurers are finding ways to cut costs and simplify systems.. Oct 1, 2016 1078
Nigeria enters recession: the Nigerian government is struggling with low oil prices, a militant insurgency and a high rate of inflation. Oct 1, 2016 984
A bad time to look beyond oil? To provide jobs the Nigerian economy needs to diversify, but the way forward is not easy. Oct 1, 2016 1088
Boom time for indo-African trade: the rapidly growing volume of trade between Africa and India is strengthening existing cultural ties across the Indian Ocean. Oct 1, 2016 1012
Delhi opts for softly, softly approach: unable to match china's economic clout, India is seeking other ways to gain influence in Africa. Oct 1, 2016 1002
Strong banks in difficult times. Oct 1, 2016 1252
A time of change for agribusiness: a combination of old and new technology has the potential to revolutionise African agribusiness at a time when rainfall patterns are becoming more uncertain. Aug 1, 2016 1469
Coping with climate change: climate change will have a greater impact on Africa than any other continent. What can be done to allay its effects? Aug 1, 2016 996
Putting technology into agriculture. Report Aug 1, 2016 983
Nairobi counts its economic blessings: despite its problems, Kenya has one of the most diversified economies in sub-Saharan Africa and looks well placed to cope with global instability. Report Aug 1, 2016 1594
Making Silicon Savannah a reality: many African countries are seeking to become hubs for ICT innovation but Kenya appears to be winning out. Industry overview Aug 1, 2016 934
Nigeria's Ajaokuta steel plant: better late than never? After decades of delay and dispute, Nigeria's Ajaokuta steel plant could finally be brought into use, providing a much-needed source of industrial production. Aug 1, 2016 1146
Getting African trade moving: Africa is experiencing a boom in logistics investment, with container and rail projects currently attracting massive investment. Jul 1, 2016 1070
Competition drives Gulf of Guinea investment: as capacity demands increase, West Africa is witnessing a surge in deepwater port development. Jul 1, 2016 1068
Soft power matters: with China dominating trade and investment headlines, Japan is adopting a more subtle approach to engagement with Africa. Jul 1, 2016 1004
Japan leverages its aid to drive investment: the development of container ports in Mozambique and Kenya reveals the direction of travel for Japanese investment on the continent. Jul 1, 2016 1010
Fragmented skies hamper African aviation: getting around Africa continues to be a huge burden on business throughout the continent. Jul 1, 2016 981
Building African champions: Ethiopian Airlines remains the standout performer in Africa while some of its peers still have a lot of work to do. Report Jul 1, 2016 1034
Cocoa: the crop is not enough. Jul 1, 2016 1027
Kuala Lumpur looks west: Malaysian companies are becoming increasingly involved in Africa, underlining the more diverse range of international interest in the continent. Jun 1, 2016 998
Oil still matters: while Malaysia is actively encouraging diversified investment on the continent, its national oil company continues to play a critical role. Jun 1, 2016 989
WEF Africa and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: the World Economic Forum on Africa in Kigali this May provided an excellent opportunity for delegates to consider the power and potential of the digital revolution. Jun 1, 2016 1072
Rwanda takes centre stage: once the epitome of Africa's perceived deficiencies, Rwanda is fast becoming a model for development. Jun 1, 2016 1022
Winners and losers in an era of cheap oil: the impact of low oil and gas prices varies from country to country but the effects are not as straightforward as might be expected. Jun 1, 2016 2038
Zambia's copper crisis. Jun 1, 2016 1911
Africa's green growth imperative. May 1, 2016 1077

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