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A very interesting read "Bus Timings Hopeless" where Dave Brewer comments "I am from London where traffic is just as busy, but the buses maintain the times of arrival at the bus stops on their routes."

As a regular London bus user, I must say that this statement is slightly off the mark. At every London bus stop, there is the cutdown timer (electronic screen hanging from the canopy) and yes, the cutdown is accurate and reliable, however, the timer does not correspond with the timetable.

If you notice closely, bus stops no longer have timetables with exact bus arrival times. What timetables today publish is that buses run "about every 6-10 minutes". This is an exact quote (see link below).

I used to remember London had timetables listed but due to congestion and delays, these were replaced with the above vague arrival times. The countdown simply gives an update taking into account congestion of the day. Here's a link to a timetable to show how things are done today (

So, no, buses in London do not maintain the times of arrival as no timetable is being issued. The countdown timers simply track a bus distance and gives us an estimated time. This system still works though, and I agree with you, Bahrain needs to adopt some new methods to get its transport system acceptable to users.


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