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For the Love of Money.

For the Love of Money by Omar Tyree Simon & Schuster, August 2000 $24.00, ISBN 0-684-87291-9

A true diva, softened a bit since first introduced to readers in Tyree's '96 novel, flyy girl, Tracy Ellison Grant makes an electric and sparkling return in her creator's latest literary feat. Tyree has written a cogent and deftly constructed tale about a woman who returns to Philadelphia, to the tattered halls of her high school alma mater after achieving success as an actress, writer and educator in Hollywood. Readers will enjoy the bold narrative and perhaps even feel a twinge of sympathy for Grant as she battles demons from her past in addition to new and even more scandalous nemeses.

Through all of her man-chasing, bed-hopping and gossiping on the bumpy road to fame, Grant maintains her go-on girl attitude. Readers will likely be able to relate to Grant as well as they did in flyy girl, a bestseller which marked Tyree's arrival as an up-and-coming writer. She is a reluctant role-model to her homies and a vixen to the many men who want, but can't have her.

Tyree, 31, a self-proclaimed activist, Philly native and graduate of Howard University, has written For the Love of Money with the same zest and flair as his previous six books. His own outspokenness and savvy writing style are evident from his generally radiant dialogue, allowing the book to stand on its own, outside of the successful shadows of its predecessors. It is an entertaining book which avoids the usual pitfalls encountered in the familiar storyline of how life in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood can destroy an individual. Tyree's solid character development and candid descriptions of life from the '80s to the present, full of old friends and happy memories, are the most salient ingredients of the book. It appears he has finally solidified his place as one of the best young African American novelists on the scene today.

Glenn Townes is an award-winning writer and journalist based in New Jersey.
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Title Annotation:Review
Author:Townes, Glenn
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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