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For the Love of Coffee Tips from Capresso for Getting the Most Out of Your Coffee Grinder.

MONTVALE, N.J., Oct. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- A coffee grinder is an essential piece of equipment for brewing the perfect cup of joe. Coffee grinders that get a daily workout need tender loving care to perform its best time after time. Here are tips from Capresso for keeping a stand-alone coffee grinder in tip-top shape:

Choose a stand-alone burr grinder with removable burrs for the highest quality and the easiest maintenance.

Clean the grinding chamber daily, especially if using dark, oily beans. It takes a few seconds, and it prevents coffee oils from collecting inside the grinding chamber and becoming rancid.

Always clean your grinder when switching between flavored and non-flavored beans.Capresso Clean Grind, a natural formula that works when processed through your grinder, will eliminate stale coffee residue and oil buildup, preventing flavor transfer from one type of bean to another.

Use Capresso Clean Grind once a month to keep your stand-alone grinder in top condition. This ensures a better tasting brew.

Periodically clean the upper and lower burrs with a brush. Check the feeder channel for coffee buildup and use a small brush to push any buildup into the coffee grounds container.

Empty the ground coffee container before it's completely full. Otherwise ground coffee can back up into the grinding chute and block the grinding mechanism.

Like wine, coffee is both an art and a science, and coffee aficionados can enjoy a lifetime of exploration and discovery in pursuit of the perfect cup. For more information, visit

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Date:Oct 14, 2015
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