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MaKey MaKey,Everyday Invention Kit - PS39.99,from An incredible introduction to circuits and controls, the MaKey MaKey is about as hands-on as inventing gets.

This gadget allows you to create computer controllers from everyday items.All you need is the kit,some crocodile clips and an assortment of objects.Any material that will conduct even a slight electrical current will work as a control surface.

Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet - PS39.99,from The Boogie Board has come a long way since its early uses as a water-going object, and has apparently branched out into the LCD Tablet game. Sleeker and more professional than its predecessors, the Boogie Board Jot Paperless LCD Tablet also boasts some excellent additions.

The stylus is now integrated for easy storage, and doubles as a stand, while the magnetised back-plate means it'll happily hang on the fridge.

Arcade Pinball for iPad - PS49.99, Transform your iPad into a virtual pinball machine with this handheld arcade dock.

Basically, you slip your iPad into the case and hold the ergonomic handles, where the spring launcher and flipper buttons are strategically positioned in a way that you might be transported back to your younger days at the local arcade.

Ego WiFi HD Action Camera - PS159.99, This is the tiniest and most advanced of all action cameras and comes packed to the lenses with all the wizardry the 21st century has to offer.

The camera records in 1080p high definition.Via the nifty builtin WiFi chip, the it creates a local wireless network so you can see what you're recording wherever you may roam.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 27, 2012
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