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For storage and light, a glass grid divider.

For storage and lights, a glass grid divider Glass panels set in a grid wall serve both as cabinet doors and a transparent room divider for a new dining room. With their beveled edges, the 11-1/2-inch-square panels complement the formality of the room's furnishings. Framed in a 3-inch-wide wood grid, the glass also has a clean, contemporary style.

The 16-foot wall, designed by San Francisco architect Roger East, is part of a former exterior wall incorporated into the dining room room addition. The new 12- by 20-foot room has a vaulted ceiling and opens onto a remodeled kitchen and living room. On the 7-foot stretch where the glass wall borders the kitchen, it admits light and views from the dining room and patio beyond. In the dining room section, the grid breaks into glass-fronted doors covering 19-inch-deep shelves and drawers. A 6-foot-long built-in sideboard makes a handy buffet surface.

A small wet bar is set in a wing wall adjoining the living room. A framed opening has a marble counter and gives guests in the living room a glimpse of the grid wal behind. Owner is Sarah Donaldson of Stanford, California.
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Date:Nov 1, 1986
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